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Barbarians from the East

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Few things are as amusing to European nationalists as reading American wignat takes on European politics and government. The results are often doubly amusing when the wignat takes concern Eastern European politics and government. While there are resemblances between Western Europe and North America—one grew out of the other, after all—Eastern Europe is a world apart.

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Wignats Whirr for War

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Hunter Wallace has declared war on President Trump. He’s not the only one, of course, but he’s by far the most articulate. Hunter and I have had a rocky relationship over the years, but I read his work regularly, and I know his mind is open to change, Read more …

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The Enigma of Christchurch

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I fought in the Optics Wars. I was in there, man. I was in those 504-um mega-threads alongside Ricky Vaughn, Weev, and Andrew Anglin, debating the primary issue of the day (optics) against the members of the Traditional Workers Party, their malevolent wignat allies, and the odd well-meaning “us pro-whites have to stick together no matter what” useful idiot.

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