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The One Perversion That Can’t Be Normalized

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Netflix thinks pimping preteens is a great way to market its new movie Cuties. The French film follows a dance troupe of 11-year-old girls who discover their “femininity.” Netflix advertised the film with images of the girls in suggestive outfits, which inevitably drew a public backlash. The streaming giant apologized for the advertisements but is still going ahead with the film’s planned September 9 release.

Conservative commentators see Cuties as further evidence liberal elites want to normalize pedophilia. Why else would they sexualize 11-year-olds?

Disregarding this one example, most evidence shows that pedophilia will remain a disgusting taboo in our society. Child sexual abuse is too odious to be normalized.

Our society celebrates homosexuality, transvestitism, polyamory, and plenty of other deviant behavior. But pedophilia is not likely to be next. It violates both traditional and contemporary values. It’s a gross violation of consent, it’s a twisted power dynamic, it hurts the most vulnerable in our society, and it upsets basic social standards. Pedophile normalizers — who call themselves “Minor Attracted Persons” (MAPs) — aren’t effective at appealing to the present zeitgeist. They claim that their deviance is just a sexual orientation, but that appeal finds few listeners. Most people recognize minors cannot credibly consent in this situation and they still see pedophilia as a perversion.

In many ways, there is more social revulsion for pedophilia than in earlier years. Since we’re no longer able to express disgust over homosexuality, transgenders, or other strange behaviors, it’s all directed to the one thing we can still hate without losing our jobs: pedophilia. Anti-pedophilia animates much of the social and political discourse today. Both sides regularly accuse each other of being pedophiles or pedophile enablers. QAnon, the most popular conspiracy theory since 9/11 truth, is fixated on pedophiles. The similarly-related Pizzagate also shared this fixation. The Jeffrey Epstein case reached normies and has convinced many of them that our elites are all pedophiles. Both the Right and the Left weaponized Epstein to accuse each other of being the real pederasts.

The American Right is particularly focused on this deviance. QAnon is a popular phenomenon among the Trump base, and for good reason. QAnon adherents imagine their hero Donald J. Trump is doing way more than meets the eye. He’s waging a secret crusade against the deep state and has won many victories that the media didn’t even report. This deep state is not merely composed of bad liberals who want open borders and globalized government — they’re Satanic pedophiles who devour children. Literally.

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QAnon is appealing because it gives an action thriller plot to otherwise comedic administration. It offers an apocalyptic story of good vs. evil where the very fate of the Earth hangs in the balance. It also provides a strong moral argument for Trump: he’s the only one who will stop the Satanic pedophiles.

QAnoners may believe every insane thing they read on the internet, but they do know how to pitch their message. Several QAnon-affiliated events call themselves “Save Our Children” rallies. It’s an effective slogan that forces their doubters to answer why they don’t want to save the children. It’s exactly how Black Lives Matter operates. If you say you oppose Black Lives Matter, BLM supporters will say you don’t believe black lives matter. The same can be played out with Save Our Children.

The QAnon movement largely avoids accusations of racism, anti-Semitism, and other bigotries, which hilariously makes it more acceptable than the alt-right. You can believe the world is run by satanic pedophile cannibals, so long as you don’t believe they’re Jews. QAnon attracts a surprisingly diverse crowd, as evinced by some of the rallies they’ve hosted. People really want to believe our elites are pedophiles and they’re preying on our kids.

Jeffrey Epstein solidified this notion among normies. The man who seemingly got away with child sex trafficking confirmed many people’s suspicions that those in power like to screw kids. Epstein’s mysterious death provoked widespread speculation that the powers that be snuffed out the billionaire pederast to keep him from talking. Nobody made the argument that there was nothing wrong with Epstein and his pals having sex with underage girls. There was no normalization of pedophilia in the Epstein story, nobody saying the girls were close enough to the age of consent, and no defense of Epstein’s deviance as a harmless kink. Everyone agreed what he did was wrong, with many envisioning this vile man raping eight-year-olds. (Most of Epstein’s victims were teenage girls.)

Pedophiles are the one group we can all hate and wish violence upon. You can see this in the popularity of “kill your local pedophile” memes on the Right. Saying this about any other group would get you banned from social media and possibly arrested by police. But people feel safe that they can share such a message and not offend too many people or cause the police to raid their home. It’s not a particularly edgy message — it’s equivalent to saying “exterminate cancer.” Everyone agrees pedophiles are bad and agrees the message doesn’t actually contain a real threat of violence. It’s just empty social media boasting.

Right-wingers directing their anger towards pedophiles further evinces how pedophiles are the one group worthy of hate it’s safe to hate.

The Left, which is often accused of normalizing pedophilia, still views the practice with disgust. They are also trying to create a broader definition of pedophilia that includes older men dating women in their 20s. Public figures like Zach Braff and Elon Musk are regularly described as pedophiles for dating women in their 20s. This accusation is launched primarily by older women who are angry men their age won’t date them. They create an insane argument where women in their 20s cannot give proper consent to older men and these older men are predators for doing what men have done since the dawn of time. It’s a technique for policing the sexual marketplace. If pedophilia was becoming normalized, there would be a celebration of men dating younger women and arguments that these women can make their own decisions. Instead, these younger women are imagined to be children and it’s gross to date them. Pedophile accusations still hold weight even on the side that celebrates a diverse array of sexual perversions.

The slippery slope will lead to many horrors, but the normalization of pederasty is thankfully not one of them. It’s the only thing the Right is allowed to hate, and the Left needs it to remain a deviance to support their conceptions of consent and the sexual market value of older women. The Left also doesn’t want to sully gays and other protected classes with the pedophile association. They know it’s politically stupid to support changes to age of consent laws — libertarians are a different matter, however.

Hating pedophiles is just the one thing that unites Americans.

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  1. Ghost of officer Tippit
    Posted August 27, 2020 at 11:34 am | Permalink

    Two months ago, I wouldn’t have expected a small, mostly white Wisconsin town of less than 200k people to be burning to cinders, and I certainly wouldn’t have expected myself to be sort of becoming numb to lawlessness, but here we are.

    Things can change, very very quickly. I don’t expect pedophilia to be “normalized” tomorrow. But I do expect a growing sympathetic tendency in the media, where “investigative journalism” and documentaries start to humanize these monsters, where pushes are made to soften the legal consequences, and where given enough time, let’s say 50 years, (if the system lasts that long) and given enough 3rd world shift in values, that pedophilia will be looked upon as a minor offense. Also, I do think there are growing tendencies toward affording children autonomy. For instance, the push to allow children to make the decision to cut their own sex organs off and take hormones.

    The slippery slope is real.

  2. Petronius
    Posted August 27, 2020 at 2:57 pm | Permalink

    The leftist craze about “Transgender-kids” such as Desmond is Amazing is borderline pedophilia normalisation I think.

  3. Ghost of officer Tippit
    Posted August 27, 2020 at 5:48 pm | Permalink

    This BBC piece is a good example of why this CC article, while I think it is well meaning, is wrong in the greater context.

    This documents an incident where a family, or several families, on a beach in France, complained to police about topless sunbathers (presumably young women). The concern was the children, their innocence, the right of the parents to shelter their (presumably young) children from nudity. obviously it was a public beach, not a designated nudist beach.

    The sexualization of children is not limited to pedophilia. I think a healthy society is one where families should feel reasonably safe that they can bring their innocent children to family friendly environments without having to worry about adults engaging in sexualized behavior or voyeurism.

    A healthy society is one where adults put the emotional well-being of children ahead of their own selfish wants and needs. Even young, childless adults should uphold that value.

    Leftists will go out of their way to make “safe spaces” on college campuses for grown-ass adults who shouldn’t need sheltering. But to suggest that we shelter children from behavior, concepts, or whatnot that aren’t age appropriate for them, well that makes us fascists.

    In my mind, this is all, 100%, about protecting the MOST VULNERABLE people of all, children.

    Therefore, any effort by “progressives” to normalize exposing children to sexuality at an age that isn’t appropriate is, in the big picture, a step toward normalizing pedophilia. Even if pure pedophilia is never completely normalized, the acceptance of values that defile childhood innocence is just as bad, just as sinister, and needs to be called out. That’s why this Cuties movie is horribly disgusting. It gives permission to our culture to accept this sexualization of young girls.

  4. Supranationalist
    Posted September 2, 2020 at 5:29 pm | Permalink

    In the modern West, sexual morality and legality are now defined by forces that, under traditional legal and moral systems, were both illegal and immoral. Incredibly, they were not only able to extricate themselves from the sanctions of traditional systems, they were able to abolish those systems and assume unilateral control over their replacements in modern society. Their opposition has collapsed, and they now operate effectively unopposed.

    The only reason pedophilia has not been normalized is because these social degenerates have not decided to put the full force of their power and influence behind it. That’s the only reason. Because when and if they do, there is no force within society that can stop it. The public has been prejudiced to view all efforts to stop the spread of sexual degeneracy and perversion as hateful, bigoted, backward and “Puritan,” allowing for LGBT+ to be considered the only ideology that can legitimately define sexual morality and legality for a modern society. No alternative sexual ideologies, including religions, have the ability to operate as widely and freely as LGBT+.

    This ideology, through its very existence, has proven its disdain for traditional sexual morality, and there’s no reason to assume that the new, wholly separate sexual morality they are developing will not “discover” a human right to sexual activity between children and adults.

    I suspect that they will approach the issue from the opposite direction people are expecting. Instead of talking about adult pedophiles, or “MAPs,” they will leverage the ongoing sexualization of children they are currently working on, and claim that since children can enjoy sex, they can consent to sex or sex-like activities with other children or adults. They will claim that it’s unfair and bigoted for us to assume that children cannot understand or enjoy sexual activity, and this ignorant belief is a relic of sexually-repressed eras that should no longer be continued.

    Several days after Robert Hampton’s confident article that claims pedophilia can never be normalized, we have that penalties for sexual relations with minors will be reduced if the offender is within ten years of the victim. This is allegedly to bring the effects of the law on homosexuals into harmony with the reduced penalties for non-sodomy vaginal sexual intercourse, which, of course, homosexuals can never participate in. But we can see the process of erosion of that once solid barrier between adults and children, in the interest of serving the needs of sexual deviants.

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