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White Lives Matter

3,371 words

Paul Kersey
Their Lives Matter Too
Self-published, 2019

White lives matter. Not “black lives matter.” Not “all lives matter.” Not even “blue lives matter.” White lives matter. For us, that’s it — only white lives matter. Nothing could possibly matter more. Our forefathers saddled us with an intractable curse, a race of Africans whose brief lives of total indolence and torpor are punctuated only by shocking eruptions of gruesome savagery. Slavery is indeed America’s “original sin,” as the painted buffoons of Conservatism, Inc., so love to mouth. But not because slavery itself was or is a sin, and not because blacks should or even can be “equal” to whites. No, slavery was our “original sin” because black slaves should never have been brought here. When slavery was abolished at the point of a bayonet, the early abolitionist program of colonization should have been enacted. Alas, the Republican Party needed the freedmen to subjugate their new white Southern slaves.

In any case, slavery is not our fault; we cannot today do anything about the fact that blacks were brought to our nation. What is our fault, however, is the fact that they remain. It is our fault, and ours alone, notwithstanding their status as favored Jewish pets, that we tolerate the intolerable, that we do not fight back. Ignorance is no excuse. Blacks are nothing but a menace. They hate us, even the clean, articulate Cosby blacks. Even one black is too many, increasing by a hundredfold the probability of violent crime in a community. We do our sons, daughters, and womenfolk a fatal disservice by restraining ourselves; we must have John Derbyshire’s “Talk” with our loved ones, and warn them, above all, that they should not associate with blacks any more than they possibly must, that they should avoid like the plague any location or event likely to be frequented by blacks, that they should not engage a menacing black unless absolutely necessary, that they cannot, indeed, must not, invite a black into their lives, their homes, or their beds. Their lives depend on it. If “black lives matter,” then white lives do not.

Despite an absolute blackout (pun intended) on black-on-white crime in the national media, and despite the growing reticence of even local media outlets to report on black-on-white crime, we do not have to go far for our proof. The American Renaissance black-on-white crime archive, the work of Paul Kersey and Colin Flaherty, and our own eyes and ears provide us with all that we need to conclusively know in our bones that South Africa is already here. It is open season on Whitey, as it has been for a long time now. The only “white privilege” is our privilege to be chosen for slaughter, for ritual sacrifice to our new gods upon the altar of the Synagogue of Diversity, our blood the propitiation of sin for the melanin that we must have sold for our great “privilege.” Thousands of whites are brutally raped and butchered by blacks every year, while, all the time, our Great White President blankets the airwaves with cries of “lowest black unemployment” and “criminal justice reform,” the release via the First Step Act of legions of black thugs from our prisons. There is a large movement now underway to criminalize calling our already-dwindling law enforcement when we are threatened by blacks.

There are two temptations that we must not succumb to. First, though it can be easy to fall into the trap of citing statistics on black crime, we must acknowledge that the Enemy doesn’t care about the truth. The battle lines are essentially drawn, and so any real data that we provide will simply be dismissed under a mountain of fabricated and flawed “studies” to refute our facts. After all, we are “white supremacists.” Furthermore, by focusing on numbers, we elide over our very purpose for citing those figures: to honor and memorialize our martyrs, our fallen white brethren. They are people, not statistics, and we cannot forget that. This is not an academic or intellectual discussion.

Second, many of us must sympathize with what I call the Dylan Roof Dilemma. Ignoring the hoax aspects of the incident and taking it at face value, I sympathize with Mr. Roof’s frustration and anger. It should now be clear to any intelligent observer that there are no peaceful solutions left to us within the regnant “American” political system. When men realize that their constitutional republic has been irredeemably corroded into a Judeocracy, an oligarchic, egalitarian-totalitarian “mass democracy,” that their vote no longer means anything at all, that they have no voice, they will react in the only manner left to them. As Jared Taylor put it, “It is true that some people with nationalist ideas have committed horrific murderous acts. Why? Because when people have a voice, they speak. When they are hated, silenced, and their deeply-felt values driven underground by self-righteous media censors, they may act in unspeakable ways.”

No honest, self-respecting man can sit still and remain quiet once he understands that his people are being humiliated and massacred on a daily basis. We should be enraged. We would be heartless or insane not to be angry, and we must let that anger serve as our fuel, our propellant. But we cannot allow ourselves to be consumed by it, for that plays right into the hands of the Enemy. What did Mr. Roof accomplish? Nothing. He did not save a single one of his people. His act was not even really a suitable action of revenge, for, although blacks indiscriminately murder whites, surely a more fitting act of vengeance would be to put a guilty black out of commission, no? Mr. Roof simply removed himself from future action to more truly serve his people, and brought more vitriol upon our cause. This latter failure feeds back into the hoax aspect, which, as aforementioned, I shall not discuss in this space.

As to our first temptation, the statistical trap, Paul Kersey has made a fine effort with his publication of Their Lives Matter Too, a collection of his posts regarding black-on-white crime, originally released over the years on his “Stuff Black People Don’t Like” blog. Just as John Foxe’s Book of Martyrs chronicled the horrific persecution of Christians through the sixteenth century, Their Lives Matter Too is the first real attempt at a printed martyrology for our people thus far. I only use the term “attempt” because there is so much more work to be done; this would entail a nationwide reporting program and extensive public records search so that we try not to miss a single white victim murdered for the color of his skin. These overflowing sieves of tears would fill volume after volume of lives that should never have been taken from us. Just as the final scene of The Sopranos depicts, and forgoing any discussion of faith, life just stops; there are no goodbyes, no final closures, no last kisses, no tying up loose ends, just a black screen.

The men, women, and children unfortunate enough to have been honored in Kersey’s Book of Martyrs had hopes, dreams, and aspirations that will never be consummated. They were just out to walk their dogs, pick up some milk, and eat dinner with their families. Some were peacefully sitting in their homes or slumbering in the safety of their own beds. But they all had two things in common: they were white, and “the sons and daughters of Obama” decided that they had to be punished for that skin. Never forget that “our” cities are dilapidated, war-torn ruins because of blacks. Never forget that our daughters and wives cannot ride public transit or jog alone after dark because of blacks. Never forget that our nation is one of the most violent on the planet because of blacks. I share Mr. Kersey’s dream: “May the day come when the guilt finally ebbs from our hearts and minds and we no longer feel sorry for the plight of black people nor make excuses for the criminal nature of a larger percentage of their population. It’s not our fault.”

Say their names.

Jeffrey Miller, 54, Minneapolis, Minnesota: Miller was approached inside a grocery store by a drunken black, who, unprovoked, shouted at Miller, calling him a “racist white” and “white bitch.” Miller replied like any man would, telling the black to go outside and wait for him. When Miller left the store, he was attacked and stabbed in the head, the knife puncturing his brain.

Joe Brown Weaver IV, 47, and his beloved dog, Summerville, South Carolina: Joe and his loyal dog were murdered by four blacks ransacking his home just after midnight.

John Dawson, 92, Columbus, Georgia: A veteran of World War Two, Korea, and Vietnam, John was killed while protecting his wife of 72 years from a black home invader.

Rebecca Pletnewski, 41, and her daughter, Olivia Schneider, 8, Mayfield Heights, Ohio: Rebecca and Olivia were murdered by their black neighbor, who had stalked and sexually propositioned Rebecca for months, before stabbing her to death and burning her house down, Olivia asleep in her room. Rebecca was the spokesperson of a Leftist organization called “Stand Together Against Trump,” and posted slogans such as “Stop Killing Black People” on Facebook.

Kelly Jose, 43, and his wife, Heather, 33, Shreveport, Louisiana: Kelly and Heather were murdered and incinerated in their car, perhaps while still alive, after offering a black man a ride.

Connally Klein, 52, Lake Highlands, Texas: Connally was shoved into oncoming traffic by a negress, unprovoked.

Philip Trenary, 64, Memphis, Tennessee: Trenary, the CEO of the Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce, was murdered by a black thug on the street. Trenary had devoted his career to elevating black-owned businesses. As Mr. Kersey writes, “No matter how much time, effort, and money you spend to uplift blacks, even if you dedicate your life and fortune to improving their lives, they’ll never build monuments in your memory or name buildings in your honor. You’re just another white man hoarding all the privilege, supporting the structural inequality impacting the black community.”

Wendy Martinez, 35, Washington, D.C.: While jogging near her home, Wendy was stabbed to death by a black man whom investigators said “does not like white people.” Wendy had just gotten engaged one week before her murder. At court, her fiancée said that he does “not wish for anything bad” for the killer, and her mother said that “it’s important that he hear we forgive him.”

Elvia Fragstein, 72, Conway, Arkansas: Elvia was abducted from a TJ Maxx parking lot and murdered by two black teenagers.

Anthony Mele, 35, Ventura, California: Anthony was dining with his family at a steakhouse, holding his daughter, 5, in his lap, when a black man fatally stabbed him in the neck.

Albert Loehlein, 95, Anoka, Minnesota: A World War Two veteran, Albert was beaten to death with a flashlight by a black thug who went on to pawn Albert’s clock for $22.50. In court, the murderer’s attorney, Caroline Durham, cited “white privilege” and argued that Loehlein represented all of the whites who had oppressed her client over the years.

Alice Wright, 74, Brownsburg, Indiana: Alice was murdered by her former in-home nurse aid and her boyfriend, both black.

Mikayla Norris, 18, Overland Park, Kansas: Mikayla was murdered by a black man who later posted on Facebook that “white people been . . . us up for years so just put it on the tab.”

James Dempsey, 89, Woodstock, Georgia: A World War Two veteran, James suffocated to death as a group of black nurses stood by, watched, and laughed, without once trying to render aid as he gasped for help. The “nurses” were not fired for a full ten months after the fact.

Kera Teel, 19, and her unborn daughter, Kyndal, Beaumont, Texas: After returning from an ultrasound in Galveston, the pregnant Kera was ambushed and murdered by three blacks at her apartment, orphaning her firstborn daughter, 1.

John Clements, 82, Zionsville, Indiana: John was murdered by a black brute as collateral damage in the murderer’s attack on an Indianapolis police station. Just before the shooting, the killer wrote, “Whites must die.”

Margaret Held and Paula Merrill, both 68, Durant, Mississippi: Sisters Margaret and Paula, nuns, were murdered by a black man.

Gene Emory Dacus, 85, Birmingham, Alabama: Gene, a Korean War veteran, was beaten, robbed, and burned alive by a black thug.

Melinda McCormick, 33, Pensacola, Florida: Melinda was beaten with a hammer, pipe, and crowbar by three blacks who “hate white people.” They then burned her alive.

Rebecca Wood, 32, Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Rebecca was mugged and murdered by four blacks for $20. They targeted her because she was “a white girl, she might have some [money] on her.”

Molly Macauley, 59, Baltimore, Maryland: Molly was killed by a black mugger as she walked her beloved dogs.

Savannah Walker, 4, Detroit, Michigan: Savannah was killed, along with her mother, Heidi, by Heidi’s black boyfriend, a felon with a prior conviction for child abuse. As Mr. Kersey writes, “Heidi was an adult and capable of making decisions for herself, thus, her death at the hands of a convicted black criminal should warrant no tears.” Heidi is responsible for her daughter’s murder. Burn the coal, pay the toll.

Jeremy Mardis, 6, Marksville, Louisiana: Jeremy, an autistic child, was killed by two black police officers who shot him five times in the head and chest.

Tanya Chamberlain, 43, Lee’s Summit, Missouri: Tanya was stabbed to death by two blacks, aged 13 and 14, to whom she had given a ride in her car.

Dave Stevens, 53, and his wife, Patti, 54, Dallas, Texas: While jogging at White Rock Lake, Dave was hacked to death with a machete by a black former Texas A&M football player. Two weeks later, Dave’s widow committed suicide.

Larry Eugene Brown, 74, Greensboro, North Carolina: Three blacks, aged 14, 15, and 17, beat Larry to death with a fire extinguisher for $3.

Marylyn Erb, 52, and her daughter, Kelley, 23, Westfield, Indiana: Mother and daughter Marylyn and Kelley were beaten to death by a black man. The man was a former employee who had been fired by Todd Erb, Marylyn’s husband and Kelley’s father. The killer murdered his former boss’ wife and daughter in revenge, telling a friend that he “bashed their heads in with some cement or something.”

Ed McMichael, 53, Seattle, Washington: Ed was a former tubist for the Bellevue Philharmonic and the Cascade Symphony who played tuba outside area ballparks and sporting arenas. He was known to and beloved by Seattle sports fans as “the Tuba Man.” Ed was beaten and kicked to death by a Swarm of black “juveniles,” only three of whom were punished, sentenced to only 36 to 72 weeks in juvenile detention.

John Palmer Shelley, 42, Memphis, Tennessee: J.P. was murdered by three black “teenagers” as he handed them his wallet. Shelley’s family contacted Mr. Kersey, threatening legal action to force him to remove J.P.’s photograph from his post. The family took care to point out that J.P. had friends “of all races,” to which Mr. Kersey replied, “Please let his family know [that] regardless of his non-white friends, he’s still dead. Thanks to a black person.” Shelley’s wife, Beverly, expressed sadness for his killers, saying that they “just come from such bad situations in their own family, and they just don’t know where else to turn.” Beverly and her two children went on to volunteer to assist black juvenile delinquents, just like those who murdered their husband and father. As Mr. Kersey notes, “It leaves you wondering if a large portion of the white population has accepted their role in forever uplifting the black population and providing the occasional white sacrifice to their black gods.”

Brittany Watts, 26, Atlanta, Georgia: Brittany was shot, along with two other white girls, by a black man who worked as a security guard in the building his victims worked in. Brittany was killed, while another of the girls was paralyzed. Her killer later declared that he purchased his gun to enforce what he had “learned” about whites from the anthropology department at the University of West Georgia, stating that he “was trying to prove a point that Europeans had colonized the world, and as a result. . . we see a lot of evil today. In terms of slavery, it was something that needed to be answered for. I was trying to spread the message of making white people mend.” Whites may only be “cured” of our intractable “racism” and “privilege” by death.

Dorothy Dow, 83, Grantville, Georgia: Five blacks broke into Dorothy’s home and brutally beat her before pouring gasoline on her and setting her on fire. Through indescribably excruciating pain, Dorothy remembered that she had a gallon of water that she used for her breathing machine. With broken hands, she unscrewed the gallon and poured it over her head to douse the flames, and then managed to crawl to her phone and call the police. In many cities across America, the police might not be there to answer that call. Dorothy clung to life for nearly a month before succumbing to her extensive injuries. Some of her black murderers had worked on her blueberry farm.

Amanda Blackburn, 28, and her unborn child, Indianapolis, Indiana: The pregnant mother was raped and murdered by two black home invaders as her son, 1, slept in his room. Her husband, Davey, a pastor, was out for his morning workout. When he returned home, he found Amanda partially stripped, her underwear nearby, her shirt pulled up, lying in a pool of blood. She died in the hospital, along with her unborn baby. Davey “forgave” the killers, stating that “I choose the route of forgiveness, grace, and hope. . . love, not hate,” and expressed his desire “to share the Gospel with these guys.” He added, “Jesus takes what the world says is a tragedy and makes it beautiful.” The animals who defiled and slaughtered his wife cackle at our “love, not hate.”

Reese Bowman, 8 months, Baltimore, Maryland: Baby Reese was murdered by a negress who worked at her daycare. Her killer told a friend, “Girl, I’m frustrated. . . I’m sick of this little bitch. I hate this little bitch. She makes me want to punch her in the face.” The little white baby would not sleep, and her black killer slapped her, pinned her down, pushing her harder as her legs kicked to get free, and piled blankets over her face to suffocate her to death. In court, Reese’s mother raised a pink baby book to her lips, kissing a photo of her baby on the cover. Reese’s father spoke, saying, “I will never see my girl take her first steps, hold her, kiss her, comfort her when she’s scared, hear her say, ‘I love you.’ I am devastated.” After noting that his daughter’s murder had inspired parents to hug their children tighter, and children to call their parents more frequently, he pointed at the killer and said, “Reese Annette Bowman accomplished more in her short life than this woman ever will.”

Logan Tipton, 6, Versailles, Kentucky: As he lay snug in the safety and serenity of his own bed, tucked into his cocoon by his mother, Logan was beaten and stabbed in the head numerous times by a black home invader with a large kitchen knife, a knife that, no doubt, his mother would have used to lovingly cook his dinner with. Logan was “terrified of the dark,” and his mother, Heather, often sang Silent Night to soothe her son. At the sound of his mother gently singing Silent Night, “he’d go right to sleep.” At Logan’s memorial service, hundreds of mourners sang Silent Night for Logan one last time.

Remember their names, and the tens of thousands of other names whose stories remain untold. Remember Wichita. Remember Knoxville. If we do not act now, a silent night will fall upon the West, upon our white race — an impenetrable darkness which will never again be broken by dawn’s early white light.

White lives matter. Nothing else.

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  1. Anthony Kimball
    Posted July 20, 2020 at 8:33 am | Permalink

    Excellent article. You encourage the reader to “act now”. To my mind, acting means DOING rather than merely TALKING.

  2. Some White Guy
    Posted July 20, 2020 at 8:58 am | Permalink

    Well, if that didn’t make you cry, you have a cold, cold, heart.

    Thank you for reminding all of us of the real situation, as hard as it was to read about all those terrible deaths.

  3. Jgood
    Posted July 20, 2020 at 10:29 am | Permalink

    Black on white homicide is high considering their percentage in the population, but you must know that white on white homicide is more than 5Xs as high, right?

    As I would say to the BLM people, if you really care about the victims of your race and are not merely propagandizing them, it would probably be best to focus on who is killing your people the most— yourselves.

    • Bernie
      Posted July 20, 2020 at 11:40 am | Permalink

      The point is there is close to zero of these cases in reverse.

      Most crime is intraracial because it is done by those who live closest to us.

      When it involves strangers attacking people because of their race it is almost always done by blacks.

      That is why whites try to live as far from blacks as possible.

    • Ian Smith
      Posted July 21, 2020 at 5:36 am | Permalink

      A White murdering a White is of course awful. But when a black kills, robs, assaults, or rapes a White, that is an attack on all of us.

  4. FrankC
    Posted July 20, 2020 at 10:46 am | Permalink

    The Jews have a saying: “Never forget. Never forgive.” It has served them well. It can also be made to serve us well. It can serve as a powerful antidote to all of the “white-guilt” nonsense that the anti-white crowd relies on to tame and domesticate the white majorities among whom they live.

    • Angelicus
      Posted July 20, 2020 at 4:05 pm | Permalink

      Brilliant article. The comment by FrankC is spot on. We must “thank” Christianity, that disgusting Semitic cult, as prof Revilo Oliver called it, for our guilt-complex and our self-destructive habit of “offer the other cheek”. Something that the decadent, self-hating Whites of today are very good at.

      • Ambrose Kane
        Posted July 22, 2020 at 3:32 pm | Permalink

        Whites did just fine with Christianity for centuries. Prior to the recent decades of jelly fish Christianity and their Dispensational and Charismatic Movement nonsense, Christians and their leaders had no problem with maintaining a vigorous support for our White racial ancestry and culture(s). Read some of the Reformed Presbyterian writers of the 18th and 19th centuries (e.g., Robert Dabney), including Southern Baptists, and you’ll see just how race-realist they were. They were truly red-pilled on racial matters before it was even popular to be ‘red-pilled.’ Many of them were rightly suspicious of Jews too.

        What you’re witnessing in contemporary Christianity with its adoration of all things Black and groveling for the ‘legacy of slavery,’ is nothing more than counterfeit Christianity. The rot had already set in good and hard by the time the late Revilo Oliver denounced Christianity. I like the man and I agree with much of what he has written, but his bias shows through when he treats the subject of Christianity.

        Moreover, there isn’t a line in either the Old Testament or New Testament that even hints that Whites or any racial group should abandon its identity and allow their nations to be flooded with non-assimilating foreigners. The apostle Paul had no problem with Jews and Greeks maintaining their cultural customs and unique ethnic identity so long as clear prohibitions by Jesus were not violated. In fact, in the book of Acts (17:25-26), there is a very clear passage that strongly suggests the legitimacy of boundaries among the nations.

        The commands regarding the “stranger” who wanders about mentioned in the Old Testament and who is to be given hospitality, does not refer to nations and entire peoples. It refers to periodic individuals who enter into Jewish territory and how such people as individuals are to be treated. There is not the slightest notion that entire racial groups should be permitted entrance into the land of Israel – unless, of course, one wishes to violate every rule of Biblical hermeneutics?

        Also, loving one’s neighbor and turning the other cheek is typical Jewish hyperbole (exaggeration for the sake of emphasis). Moreover, such commands are in the context of normal and neighborly human relations. They are not a strategy of war. They are not a strategy for how a nation should conduct itself with other nations, especially when it comes to immigration. They are also not to be seen as some sort of military strategy. They are in the context of how generally we should treat those in our lives, those whom we live with and work among. Such statements were relevant at the time when one considers how Jews treated gentiles, and the contemptuous view they had of every person who was not ‘chosen.’ The Gospels abound with statements from Jesus that violates the typical self-righteousness of Jews (especially their religious leaders), and their notions of superiority.

        There are large numbers of Christians who neither fall into the Christian-Zionist camp nor into the racial diversity camp. Granted, they are not as vocal, but they do exist. The insanity among so many professing Christians in our day is something that deeply angers us. Massive numbers of Christians are just as duped as unbelievers when it comes to racial realities. Christians have not been exempt for multiculturalism in large part because they attend the same public schools as non-believers.

        In my opinion, much of this confusion among BOTH contemporary Christians and critics of Christianity is the result of downright ignorance of authentic, New Testament Christianity. In almost every case, these folks simply have not seriously read the Scriptures nor understand the historical setting, context, and languages of the Bible. Few if any of them understand the rules for interpreting Scripture or ancient documents.

        Historic and biblical Christianity is not to be blamed for what now passes as Christianity.

        • GC
          Posted July 22, 2020 at 5:29 pm | Permalink

          Mr. Kane,

          This is the very topic of my forthcoming book, “The Sword of Christ.” You will love it. More information soon, but it is almost ready for publication. You are precisely correct. Nothing that passes by the name “Christian” today has anything whatsoever to with the Christian Faith. I hope to illuminate this truth for my fellow White Nationalists, whether they be Christian, pagan, or secular.


  5. Alexandra O.
    Posted July 20, 2020 at 11:25 am | Permalink

    Well, this certainly delineates the problem properly and blows it up to the right size so even the dimmest White can understand it thoroughly. In all the previous ‘blow-ups’ and temper-tantrums from the Black community that I have witnessed since the mid-’50s in Los Angeles (and read about when away for several years), which all eventually calmed down and blew away — but this one this time is way different. We must read Kersey’s book and keep it on our shelves to have the ‘names of the victims’ on hand to show anyone who contests our statements. Yes, we must begin individually collecting statistics, and ‘taking names’. We also have to find out how many of their killers are repeat-offenders (ah, poor things). And we must absolutely learn reams of information about Black Lives Matter, and begin writing our own books about it, as it is the “Central Focus of Black Retribution Against Whites”. This will not cool down and we have to be aware of their every move. I think the main impetus for their violent confidence is the arrival of millions of Hispanics during the past 30+ years, which were allowed to remain and flourish with impunity. Deportation by Homeland Security (da Po-lice) was never a threat. That finally awakened the sleeping dog over in South Central L.A. and their other hives in New York, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, etc. We haven’t been paying attention. Now we MUST!

  6. Dr. ExCathedra
    Posted July 20, 2020 at 12:55 pm | Permalink

    Is there a link to where we can purchase the book? Have I missed it?

  7. Claus Emilsson
    Posted July 20, 2020 at 2:28 pm | Permalink

    “Rebecca and Olivia were murdered by their black neighbor, who had stalked and sexually propositioned Rebecca for months…Rebecca was the spokesperson of a Leftist organization called “Stand Together Against Trump,” and posted slogans such as “Stop Killing Black People” on Facebook.”

    Wendy was stabbed to death by a black man …At court, her fiancée said that he does “not wish for anything bad” for the killer, and her mother said that “it’s important that he hear we forgive him.”

    Philip Trenary…CEO of the Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce, was murdered by a black thug…Trenary had devoted his career to elevating black-owned businesses.

    Amanda Blackburn…pregnant mother was raped and murdered by two black home invaders…Her husband, Davey, a pastor…“forgave” the killers, stating that “I choose the route of forgiveness, grace, and hope. . . love, not hate,” and expressed his desire “to share the Gospel with these guys.” He added, “Jesus takes what the world says is a tragedy and makes it beautiful.”

    These are the ones that anger and disturb me to the core. What is wrong with us? This suicidal out-group loyalty among so many of our brethren is a profound psycho- spiritual defect. How much of it is genetic and how much of it is cultural, including religious, I just don’t know.

  8. rujv
    Posted July 20, 2020 at 8:07 pm | Permalink

    There’s a saying “to forgive is divine”. We are not divine, it is not in our interest and Nature to forgive.
    Only God forgives. We don’t have to.

  9. ValhallaX
    Posted July 21, 2020 at 12:38 am | Permalink

    Stand up and fight. Now!

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