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Breivik’s “Right-Wing Salute”

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When Anders Behring Breivik was released from his handcuffs on the first day of his trial he clenched his right hand into a fist and placed it on his chest, then straightened his arm raising his fist above his head. He repeated the gesture on the following two mornings until 19th April when he desisted at the request of his lawyers.

All media reports of the trial immediately described the gesture as a “far-right salute.” I have also heard it referred to as a “Nazi salute.” Things being the way they are, it is entirely to be expected that the media will invert reality for their own ends, and that no one will notice or care. The clenched fist salute is almost exclusively a left wing, or anti-fascist, gesture, and its adoption by Breivik is entirely in keeping with his world view.

On Tuesday, the BBC even ran a confused explanation of the meaning of the salute. After a condensed history of the use of the clenched fist as a symbol of resistance to oppression and opposition to fascism encompassing Nelson Mandela, radical feminism and Carlos the Jackal, the BBC inform us that, “Breivik’s straight arm calls to mind the “Roman salute” displayed by Benito Mussolini’s fascists. Moreover, the White Power or Aryan fist has been adopted as a symbol of extremists, according to the US-based Anti-Defamation League, which monitors hate groups.”

The symbol displayed by the ADL as representative of a “White Power fist” seems to have originated with British skinheads, and is partly inspired by the Fred Perry range of sportswear, named after the last Englishman to have won Wimbledon. Needless to say, any association this might have with Breivik, or with his stylized salute, is left unwritten. The supposed similarity between the gesture and the symbol is taken as axiomatic, and with the authority of the ADL behind the claim who would dare to question its legitimacy?

In fact, the “Aryan fist” is the only link (however blatantly spurious) that the BBC can find between Breivik’s gesture and the far-right. The most famous example of the straight armed, clenched fist salute is probably that of the Black Power movement. This gesture achieved its apotheosis at the 1968 Olympics when Tommie Smith and John Carlos, both black American runners, raised gloved clenched fists on the podium. Only one of them could raise a right armed salute, as the other one had forgotten to bring his black gloves and so had to borrow the left hand glove of his friend.

As for the claim that, “Breivik’s straight arm calls to mind the ‘Roman salute,’” it might have been more candid to write that, “Breivik’s straight arm calls to mind the ‘Roman salute’ if you are a politically motivated journalist who is going to call him a Nazi no matter what his stated political beliefs are.” And there’s the rub, because Breivik is an anti-Nazi.

Any journalist who was interested in accurately reporting the meaning behind Breivik’s salute could have done what I did and spend 30 seconds finding out what it is. In his compendious manifesto, 2083, Breivik describes the correct form of salute for the Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici (PCCTS), i.e. his fantasy Knights Templar:

The military salutation of the PCCTS, Knights Templar is the clenched fist salute. The raised fist salute consists of raising the right arm with a clenched fist (preferably with a white glove). The clenched fist symbolizes strength, honour and defiance against the Marxist tyrants of Europe while the white glove symbolizes purity, duty, kinship and martyrdom. Using the right arm symbolizes the tradition of the “Right Opposition”. The salutation is in line with traditional usage, as we regard the present ruling multiculturalist elites in Western Europe as left wing fascists. Our military salutation has nothing to do with the so called “white power” salutation or the “Roman Salute” (Saluto Romano), where the palm is faced down with fingers touching, often known as the Hitler Salute used by National Socialists.

Whilst it is true that Breivik does exist on the right wing spectrum, his disavowal of White Nationalism, his obsessive anti-Islamism, and his pro-Zionism place him in a particular niche. This position is also occupied by groups like the English Defence League and politicians such as Geert Wilders. It also shares much in common with mainstream Jewish journalists such as Melanie Phillips, a well known opponent of Islam in the UK, whose writings were quoted by Breivik in 2083. Of course, such journalists refuse to accept any responsibility for influencing Breivik. Phillips has described attempts to link her to Breivik as “smears” despite the evident fact that she was an inspiration to him.

It is a happy fact for Zionists that they are never expected to take responsibility for their words. Whilst any criticism of any aspect of Israel’s racist state is immediately and widely denounced as rabid anti-Semitism and the first step to the gas chambers, Zionists are free to write any amount of rabid anti-Gentile propaganda they wish whilst actually carrying out ethnic cleansing in Palestine. When someone like Breivik takes inspiration from them they can rest assured that the media will effortlessly conceal any Zionist influence with the fig leaf of “the far-right”.

Breivik shares little in common with the radical right. His ideology is essentially conservative and reactionary. His actions in Oslo and Utoya were radically nihilistic. He is the product of a deluded mindset that has come to internalize and axiomatize the notion that a Jewish elite in Europe is a welcome protector against the hostile hordes of Islam. His manifesto is a selection of excerpts from a range of Islamophobic authors, some nationalist, some not. Many of them have good points to make but, taken as a whole, the book does not provide a coherent ideology. Breivik’s insistence on avoiding charges of Nazism looks peculiar when set against his act of mass killing. His salute is a similarly confused gesture: a symbol of defiance, yet calculated not to offend the usual suspects.


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  1. Free Man
    Posted April 24, 2012 at 12:27 am | Permalink

    Breivik is as zionist mass murderer.

  2. Posted April 24, 2012 at 5:41 am | Permalink

    Same thing in the French press and media at large, and, Alas, no one to comment upon or correct this unintentional error.

  3. Posted April 24, 2012 at 7:42 am | Permalink

    Thanks for the detailed exposition. It’s just unfortunate that the media will continue to make the nonexistent connection, regardless.

  4. Deviance
    Posted April 24, 2012 at 11:03 am | Permalink

    You may or may not approve of Breivik’s actions (the usefulness of terrorism as a tactic deserves debate), but he is the living proof a smart and focused man can do anything.

    Breivik suffered a staggering amount of setbacks (notably in his chemical experiments), but he always kept a cool and rational head, never thought he was cursed, and never abandoned. He ultimately got results, and a final success.

    Most men today are nihilistic and hedonistic sissies, ready to give up if things don’t go their way in the minute. That’s the primary indicator of a decadent civilization.

    • Franklin Ryckaert
      Posted April 24, 2012 at 5:59 pm | Permalink

      “…the usefulness of terrorism as a tactic deserves debate”.

      Perhaps even its MORALITY deserves debate. But if you see this murderer of unarmed youths as a shining example in a “decadent” civilization, you probably cannot imagine that.

      As for the “usefulness” of terrorism, consider the case of the Baader-Meinhof Gang (Red Army Fraction) in Germany of the years 1970 to 1998 with its many terrorist attacks to “fight imperialism”. How succesful was their tactic?

      Then compare that with the recent solid success of the Front National of Marine Le Pen in France (18 % of the vote) to consider which way to go.

      Breivik could have become the Le Pen of Norway, instead he chose to become its Andreas Baader, thus associating in the public mind White Nationalism with unacceptable crime, a major PR disaster.

      • Deviance
        Posted April 26, 2012 at 3:14 am | Permalink

        “Then compare that with the recent solid success of the Front National of Marine Le Pen in France (18 % of the vote) to consider which way to go.”

        I had the very privilege of voting for Marine Le Pen last Sunday as a French citizen (believe it or not).

        While pleasantly surprised by her results, I do not have the illusion that the French Nation will be saved through universal democracy. 18% is not 50%.

  5. Fourmyle of Ceres
    Posted April 24, 2012 at 3:35 pm | Permalink


    I think Tamstaafl, over at the age of treason blogspot, has been printing summaries of live tweets from the trial.

    Praise of Breivik should be moderated, if what is out there as to his testimony is true.

    Consider the success of Marine Le Pen and the NF in France – FRANCE – versus the total lack of effectiveness of Breivik.

    Listen and learn, young Padawan.

    What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

    • Posted April 25, 2012 at 7:25 am | Permalink

      One shouldn’t overestimate the success of Marine Le Pen. Considering the context – immigration, economy, social, etc… – and the most excellent campaign she has conducted, the relatively poor result of the FN is in fact a very depressing piece of news.

      • Apex
        Posted April 25, 2012 at 12:07 pm | Permalink

        Over 6 million votes for ideas that would help our people, it’s a long process, we won’t win in a night, don’t be so damn negative, its contagious. Every one with our values should be celebrating the 6 million votes of the FN. sometimes I feel this movement just attracts the most negative pessimistic people.

      • Fourmyle of Ceres
        Posted April 25, 2012 at 5:56 pm | Permalink


        Philippe Reginez in blockquote:

        One shouldn’t overestimate the success of Marine Le Pen. Considering the context – immigration, economy, social, etc… – and the most excellent campaign she has conducted, the relatively poor result of the FN is in fact a very depressing piece of news.

        Look how the winner has appropriated many policies of the NF. His policies are socialism. Look at the NF. Their policies are Nationalism.

        Combine “Nationalism” with “Socialism,” and what do you get?

        Now, combine the vote totals of our people, and see how the tide is turning, after decades of preparing the soil for the harvest.

        Now, contrast that with Breivik. Instead of engaging in metaphysical minuitae about the fine points of his salute, let’s note that Franklin Ryckaert has the best summary to date:

        Franklin Ryackert in blockquote:

        Breivik could have become the Le Pen of Norway, instead he chose to become its Andreas Baader, thus associating in the public mind White Nationalism with unacceptable crime, a major PR disaster.

        Note that several astute Commentators have noted the Norwegian government is trying to keep the trial off of Page One, as people hear Breivik’s philosophy discussing the Race War we are badly losing through immigration, and agree with his analysis.

        How much more he could have accomplished if his money had funded Marine’s summer schools for nationalist scholars, and politicians, and he had attended the same. He might even have developed a metapolitical perspective.

        What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

  6. Daniel
    Posted April 24, 2012 at 6:46 pm | Permalink

    Why is the author of this article using leftist buzzwords like “Islamophoic”? Breivik and the assorted others he quoted in his manifesto are quite justified in being worried about the aggressive Muslim colonization of Europe. In this they are no different than someone like Guillaume Faye. The Islamic threat to Europe is a real problem, and is not something invented by the Zionists. Of course the “right-wing” Zionist distort the issue to further the geopolitical interests of Israel, and one will note that someone like Melanie Philips never actually calls for ending and reversing Muslim immigration to Europe. She just wants more wars in the Middle East. That being said, European nationalists and traditionalists should recognize the problem and not secede the issue to the Zionists and neocons who have no actually desire fix the problem, but actually make it worse.

    As for Breivik, his ideology is a mix of good and bad, truth and falsehood, and as such he was driven to nihilism.

    • Free Man
      Posted April 24, 2012 at 9:03 pm | Permalink

      Well said!

  7. john
    Posted April 29, 2012 at 2:08 pm | Permalink

    According to the Guardian:

    “insisted that his goal (in the short to medium term) was to make pariahs of Europe’s nationalists – the very people with whom you might expect him to feel kinship. ’I thought I had to provoke a witchhunt of modern moderately conservative nationalists,’ he said. Then he claimed that this curious strategy had already borne fruit, citing the example of Norway’s prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg, who he said had given a speech since the attacks saying that critics of immigration were wrong. The effect of this ’witchhunt’, said Breivik, would be to increase ’censorship’ of moderately nationalist views, which would ’increase polarisation’.
    The effect of this, he said, would eventually lead to ’more radicalisation as more will lose hope and lose faith in democracy’. Ultimately, he said, these new radicals would join the war he has started to protect the ’indigenous people’ of Norway and western Europe.”

    Some of the facts coming out of the trial are pretty interesting like Breiviks trip to Liberia in 2002 and alleged contacts with a mysterious Serb.

    10.40am: Breivik says he and the Knights Templar were influenced by Serb nationalists rather than Nazis.

    10.36am: Breivik says, at their inaugral meeting, the Knights Templar, needed to distance itself from the Nazis.

    “Breivik seems in a more belligerent mood today, refusing to answer the prosecution’s questions or taking an age to do so. The way the court deals with his behaviour is especially interesting for a British journalist used to covering trials at the Old Bailey or other crown courts. Back home, barristers tend to showboat, using elaborate language in an attempt to outwit a defendant. Should the accused dare to throw a question back during cross examination, he or she is quickly told to step into line.

    But not in Norway. This morning, the prosecutors are trying to tease out from Breivik why he made a trip to Liberia in the spring of 2002. They know he went there because they have seen the genuine stamps in his passport. But they want him to explain why – he has repeatedly says he has no wish to play ball. The reason, he says, is that he does not want to say anything that could lead to anyone else’s arrest.

    Yet in 1,100 pages of police interviews, Breivik has already opened up about his Liberian adventure, and the prosecutors want him to elaborate for the benefit of the five judges, who have not read the police transcripts. “I do not wish to comment on Liberia. You’ll have to skip it,” said Breivik at one point. Inga Bejer Engh, the prosecutor leading today, held her cool, saying she couldn’t skip it and would have to read from the police transcript. “Fine,” said Breivik. “Read it, then.”

    Breivik also told berated Engh and the police for “not following up leads” relating to 8,000 Facebook contacts to whom he sent his manifesto and the Serb war criminal he claims to have met in Liberia.”

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