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In the Shadow of My Father

Friedrich Wilhelm Heine's painting The Ash Yggdrasil, 1886.

The Ash Yggdrasil. Friedrich Wilhelm Heine, 1886.

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Part of my daily routine each morning is to read a verse from the Havamal. Roughly translated as “Sayings of the High One,” the Havamal is a 13th century Icelandic poem that provides advice and wisdom in regards to personal conduct, social interactions and pragmatic living. Each morning, I contemplate the meaning behind the verse I read and think about how I can implement its teachings into my daily life. Recently, these proverbs have reminded me of my father and the many life lessons he passed onto me. Read more …

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Why I Write
Bocca della Verita

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Orwell once wrote that “intellectual honesty is a crime in any totalitarian country; but even in England it is not exactly profitable to speak and write the truth.”

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Why I Write
What Does It All Mean?

Rembrandt, Aristotle Contemplating a Bust of Homer

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I suspect that the path which led me to work with Counter-Currents is somewhat different from that of many of the other people who contribute to it. I did not naturally gravitate toward the Right at an early age, as did many of those I know who are active in it. I grew up in suburban New York, and although there were certainly experiences I had there that were to shape my later worldview, I was not conscious of them as such at the time. Read more …

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Why I Write
The Jewish Question

What could be more wholesome than a “Montana mom”?
Extortionist Tanya Gersh

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Given that my early political development was on the Left, I believe the earliest experiences exposing me to a macro view of Jewish political behavior were in debates on circumcision.

The matter seemed pretty clear cut to me for this reason: even if the proposed benefits of infant circumcision were real, they were still only even supposed to materialize in those who (a) were incapable of basic hygiene, or (b) were highly promiscuous.

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The Counter-Currents 2017 Fundraiser
Why I Write for Counter-Currents

Edward Hopper, Office in a Small City, 1953

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If I ever get doxxed, I have prepared a simple explanation for why I write for Counter-Currents which I will share with family members, friends, colleagues, employers, neighbors, and anyone else who’ll listen:

I do not want to be a minority in my own country. Read more …

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