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Interracial Marriage & White Genocide in Latin America

Elizabeth Warren shows off her non-white grandchildren

3,032 words

I was happy to see the high amount of activity on my last article on the future of the white demographic in the USA. As I had hoped, I received counter-arguments. The most common criticism of my predictions references Latin America as a contradiction of them. It is claimed that Latin American countries have been engaging in miscegenation for over 300 years, and yet there are, it is claimed, staunch and powerful white minorities in these countries still, due to resistance to intermarriage. Read more …

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Interracial Marriage & White Genocide

2,555 words

There continues to be a debate within the Right over whether miscegenation is a threat to white racial survival. There are few voices on the Right strongly promoting the thesis that amalgamation is a great threat, and there are no voices – as far as this writer is aware – that would argue that it is the greatest threat. Read more …

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Go Down, William Faulkner

William Faulkner

4,880 words

A novelist can have tremendous influence beyond his own time if he depicts major historical trends and invents characters that react in conflicting ways to these trends. If a story is vivid enough, readers might come to identify with or even emulate such characters, since the historical pressures bearing down on them bear down on the readers as well. William Faulkner accomplishes such a feat in his 1942 novel of interrelated short stories, Go Down, Moses.

Read more …

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Guide to Kulchur
Pilot Episode–Paradise: Love

30 words / 59:58

Fróði Midjord and Counter-Currents Book Editor John Morgan discuss the disturbing, if thought-provoking, film Paradise: Love, about European sex tourism in Africa, in the pilot episode of Guide to Kulchur.

Listen to “Guide to Kulchur (guest: John Morgan) – pilot, ‘Paradise: Love'” on Spreaker.

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On the Pardon of Jack Johnson

2,375 words

Last month President Trump pardoned Jack Johnson, the first Negro heavyweight boxing champion, for his 1912 violation of the Mann Act. This gesture garnered little attention outside of boxing circles, largely because Johnson and his 106-year-old crime now resides mostly among the cobwebs of public memory. Jack Johnson these days is a white pop singer and former surfer from Hawaii. Read more …

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