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Lessons from the Xhosa

The Xhosa today.

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Ethnonationalists of any stripe tend to make a lot of noise about human differences, and racial differences especially. This is all well and good, of course, but we should remember that all human beings share certain traits, traits which reach beyond mere virtue and vice and into realms of hope and fear, ecstasy and dread. How we behave in such realms can be remarkably similar, regardless of our racial, cultural, or religious differences. Some people may be more sophisticated about it than others, but the results are often the same.

Despite being separated by one and a half centuries, several civilizations’ worth of learning, and at least one standard deviation in IQ, a little-known African tribe, which effectively exterminated itself in the 1850s, has very much to do with the British today and how they are failing to appropriately respond to deadly jihadist attacks such as the ones perpetrated in May and June of this year.

After failing to resist British imperialists in their native southeast Africa, the Xhosa tribe became an English colony and underwent a process of “westernization” at the hands of the invading whites. Like any conquered people, the Xhosa chafed under such treatment, since it stripped them of their self-determination and instilled in them feelings of helplessness and inferiority. In April 1856, as if responding to this malaise, a prophet in the form of a fifteen-year-old Xhosa girl heard a voice which promised to reverse her tribe’s fortunes. All the Xhosa had to do was halt all farming, destroy their stores of food, and slaughter their cattle. Once accomplished, this would magically evict the British, resurrect the dead, restore all food and livestock, and return the Xhosa to their former glory.

This prophesy soon took hold among the Xhosa, claiming their King as its most ardent convert. Xhosa everywhere began to see shadows of the dead rising from the rivers and floating past them on the breeze. Fantastic visions became commonplace as tribe members grew desperate to find that dea ex machina which would deliver them from the humiliation inflicted upon them so summarily and so condescendingly by the British.

As geophysicist David Deming described it at Lew Rockwell’s site in 2009:

Vast amounts of grain were taken out of storage and scattered on the ground to rot. Cattle were killed so quickly and on such an immense scale that vultures could not entirely devour the rotting flesh. The ultimate number of cattle that the Xhosa slaughtered was 400,000. After killing their livestock, the Xhosa built new, larger kraals to hold the marvelous new beasts that they anticipated would rise out of the earth. The impetus of the movement became irresistible.

The Xhosa predicted that the prophesy would be fulfilled on the full moon in June 1856. When that didn’t happen, they pushed back the fulfillment date, at which point the prophesy failed again. They continued in this fashion until they realized why the prophesy kept failing. The Xhosa had not yet completely followed their prophet’s instructions! Despite what they had already done, most Xhosa had maintained some livestock and some farming in order to survive. Clearly, this had to end. Furthermore, there were a small number of Xhosa skeptics who refused to take part in the mass killing. These unbelievers became scapegoats for the prophesy’s failure, and were abused by the mainstream Xhosa.

Intent on making the prophesy work, the tribesmen then disposed of their farming equipment and slaughtered all their livestock, not just their cattle. By December, when another fulfillment did not come to pass, the Xhosa were consuming berries and bark in order to survive. By the following summer, real famine had set in.

All the food was gone. The starving population broke into stables and ate horse food. They gathered bones that had lay bleaching in the sun for years and tried to make soup. They ate grass. Maddened by hunger, some resorted to cannibalism. Weakened by starvation, family members often had to lay and watch dogs devour the corpses of their spouses and children. Those who did not die directly from hunger fell prey to disease. To the end, true believers never renounced their faith. They simply starved to death, blaming the failure of the prophecy on the doubts of non-believers.

There were 105,000 Xhosa in 1856 prior to the starvation prophesy. By the end of 1858, there were only 26,000. The rest had either starved or migrated. Of course, this made room for more white colonization in Africa, something that years of warfare and “westernization” on the part of the British could not accomplish. And for the ultimate irony, once the British moved in, they found that the surviving Xhosa made exceptionally obedient and useful servants.

This is truly an appalling chapter of history: the great blunder of imperialism leading to the greater blunders of delusion and self-extermination. What makes it even more appalling is that we see this same delusion and same self-extermination today among modern-day white people. When David Deming first introduced us to the sad story of the Xhosa in 2009, he was drawing a direct parallel to the current globalist obsession with anthropogenic global warming. In order to combat this pseudo-scientific bugaboo, Western elites have been insisting upon cutting back on the means of production, all the while making dire predictions which never come true. And instead of being deterred by such dispositive outcomes, they double down each time and vent their contempt upon skeptics who insist on having evidence and proof before drastically altering official policy.

Such a mindset is pure religion; it requires revelation rather than fact to get people to do things. It also has the tendency to seek out and expose blasphemers. This can be seen quite clearly in an interview CNN‘s Jake Tapper recently held with Senator Rand Paul concerning President Trump’s abandonment of the Paris Climate Agreement. After Senator Paul did a pretty good job of articulating the reasons to exit the Agreement, Tapper ignored them and repeatedly challenged Paul to contradict a NASA scientist who believes in anthropogenic global warming. Doing so would be tantamount to blasphemy, and Tapper would have liked nothing more than to paint Rand Paul as a blasphemer, even if it meant leaving Paul’s arguments unrefuted.

While I agree with the moral of Deming’s remarkably clean analogy, there’s a similar – and far more pressing – analogy between the Xhosa and the modern white’s suicidal adherence to political correctness (which these days is linked to the church of global warming, but isn’t quite the same thing). It seems that the more jihadist invaders target native whites for abuse, rape, sexual slavery, and death, the more our politically correct elite wish not only to appease these invaders, but to oppress those of their own kind who remain skeptical about political correctness. This is the demise of the Xhosa writ long and large. Our elites pray to a certain god which they insist will solve our current problems. And when that god repeatedly fails, they blame themselves for insufficient supplication and the skeptics for not supplicating themselves. Just like the Xhosa, they fail to blame the very thing that is so obviously killing them.

It’s one thing to root through history to find a neat analogy for what is going on in the present; it is something else entirely to prescribe a solution. Again, we should look to the Xhosa. According to Deming’s math, the Xhosa lost nearly 80,000 people in two years – with 40,000 to 50,000 starving to death and the rest migrating. I presume that the 26,000 which remained simply outlasted their suicide-cult brethren who eventually died off. Had the cultists lasted longer, this number would have ended up being smaller. From this, we can conclude that the Xhosa who stayed didn’t survive due to any virtue of their own, and, in effect, traded a life of qualified freedom for a life of unqualified dependence and servitude. Of the entire tribe, the 30,000 to 40,000 who saved themselves by simply escaping were the only winners.

This is exactly what White Nationalists and many on the Alt Right have been calling for, for years. Escape. A divorce. A formation of whites-only nations with strict immigration laws, strict anti-miscegenation laws, and walls which run both high and deep. And if we have to leave a certain number of whites behind who’d rather preside over their own extermination as minorities among the blacks and browns, so be it. Perhaps this can be viewed as the next great evolutionary bottleneck for white people, alongside the bubonic plague and the Ice Age. Perhaps, in the end, only the whites who really want to survive will survive, and our race will emerge from this multiracial mess stronger and more racially determined than ever.

In any event, our liberal, globalist elites and their allies have been in the throes of a suicide pact with the god of political correctness for so long now that there is no arguing with them anymore. They are well past the point of reason, as indicated by the way in which they refuse to change their attitudes in the face of repeated refutation and failure. Their solution to the grooming gangs in Rotherham? More political correctness. The no-go zones in Sweden? More political correctness. The riots in Paris? The rape of Cologne? The half-million killed or injured in jihadist attacks worldwide since 9/11? More political correctness. The Muslim population is Europe is growing very rapidly, more rapidly than the white population. In England, it doubles every ten years. And in the face of such demographic doom, what do our globalist elites prescribe? You guessed it. More political correctness.

Don’t believe me? There are two little snippets of ephemera from June 2017 which prove my point.

The first took place during the London Bridge attack on June 4, while people were lying on the floor of a besieged restaurant as people outside were being killed. One white Briton cried out, “Fucking Muslim cunts!” Then another rebuked him, saying, “Don’t shout that. Fucking idiot. It’s not Muslims.”

The second is a tweet from Sally Kohn:

Barbaric syntax aside, this tweet not only speaks for itself, but inspired OregonMuse to the coin the term “Kohn” as a unit of stupidity.

Clearly, the minds of our Leftist elites have become hard-wired to avoid seeing that political correctness has indeed caused of all our recent troubles with Islam, and will never solve it.

Only, it will. Political correctness will finally solve our troubles with Islam the day that all whites bend their knee to Allah or go the way of the Xhosa.

There is a third choice, however, as many of the Xhosa who escaped realized. And we should take it.


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  1. Posted June 12, 2017 at 3:25 am | Permalink

    Wrote on the Xhosa some years ago. They’re an excellent example of a holiness spiral that got out of control. I figure superstition and ideology is a way to get humans to adopt pro-social behavior that doesn’t help them in the short term but boosts social fitness. In the case of the Xhosa and in white peoples today that normally beneficial coded behavior simply malfunctions under new pressures.

    • J Dunphy
      Posted June 13, 2017 at 7:32 pm | Permalink

      Interesting. I have another theory.

      Blacks seem to be prone to wanton destructiveness as a way of coping with problems. Assuming limited travel and a constant constraint on population by a hunter gatherer lifestyle, those tribes suffering from scarcity could engage in such stupid self-destructive behavior, and once lean and mean, could regrow themselves in an environment of plenty, creating an evolutionary drive toward aggression and sexual selection, which would then create a stronger, more aggressive breed that would overflow in a few generations to neighboring tribes, conquering them, and forcing them to undergo the same process.

  2. Mike Dolphgren
    Posted June 12, 2017 at 3:33 am | Permalink

    Brilliant article, and aptly sums up what should be done with leftist whites. That is to say, nothing at all. They should not concern us. They are determined to commit suicide, and we’re better off letting them do so, preferably as quickly as possible.

    A nation can survive anything, so long as the founding stock of the population is in tact. Germany proved this after WW1, Japan did after WW2. We too can, and must, rebuild once we cut off the cancerous tumor composed of suicidal whites.

  3. Posted June 12, 2017 at 5:48 am | Permalink

    Excellent essay. I agree with Spencer Quinn 100 percent. B.T.W. does Sally Kohn believe that political correctness is the antidote to terrorism and aggression aimed at Jews? Have you ever heard any Jew ever say, “we mustn’t offend the Palestinians or the German National Socialists because everyone should be treated with equal dignity and respect?

    • Dov
      Posted June 12, 2017 at 4:11 pm | Permalink

      There are many Jews involved in pro-Palestinian organizations, such as Justice for Palestine. They virtually all identify as left-wing, and denounce Israel from the left (e.g., violating “human rights” and practicing “apartheid”, whereas attacks on Israel from the right focus on its undue influence on American policy and similar issues).

      • Rabbi High Comma
        Posted June 14, 2017 at 9:13 pm | Permalink

        Allow me to translate in goy for you Dov…

        “Many” = “a low percentage, of whom “many” are Israeli/Mossad intelligence agents, but you cattle naively assume people at least attempt to tell the truth, so here’s yet one more deception from the tribe that’s well on its way to exterminating you.”

        Spencer – why ape the slobbering ziophilic cucks over at AoS? Yes, the jews are celebrating their nearly complete hegemony over us by putting their second and third stringers into the game (Barbara Boxer, Alan Grayson, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and yes, Sally Kohn) but Kohn is merely parroting the dominant jewish mantras out loud. Some are calling for White genocide in public now. Like the first warm spring day….be grateful for the rare taste of jewish honesty. Let us resolve these “differences” soon….and make it “final”. Don’t you agree Dov?

        • Dov
          Posted June 15, 2017 at 1:12 pm | Permalink

          You’re free to characterize my post as hasbara and Jewish duplicity, if you wish, but I’m simply pointing out that there are a large number of Jews who are, in fact, fully invested in the professional victim persona. I don’t advocate philo-Semitism; to the contrary, I’ve written in previous comments that in White ethnostates (which I hope to see materialize ASAP), Jews must be considered foreign elements. The fact that many Jews scramble to side with Palestinians because they see them as yet another group of oppressed brown people doesn’t run counter to that point – in fact, it strengthens it.

          • Rabbi High Comma
            Posted June 15, 2017 at 10:53 pm | Permalink

            For the purposes of debate I will accept your premise that this phenomenon exists in excess of negligible numbers – that said, if jews are aligning/empathizing with Palestinians, it is in my mind merely a reflection of how dominant jews are – in Israel, in the USA, in the west generally, and globally. Jews exhibit the starkest in-group vs. out-group awareness in the modern world (perhaps there’s some remote Papuan tribe who chop the head off any outsider, in which case you folks may need to up your game). Thus for jews to authentically empathize with “the other”, history would indicate that these jews feel that the Talmud has been fulfilled and they can afford a bit of charity. I trust nothing a jew does or says on its face, and until duplicitous explanations have been exhausted, I remain skeptical, esp. of pretty/universalist words. I’d be more inclined to believe this is part of a strategy to manufacture awareness/sympathy for the Palestinians amongst the cattle/goyim, with the goal of driving the Palestinians out of “Greater Israel” and into the refugee flood of Europe. Those evil Germans sure have if coming! I semi-apologize for my ultimate cynicism Dov….but hey, y’all have earned it.

            I see all of this ending in 30-40 years with Israel going full Samson Plan and destroying the earth via nuclear holocaust out of spite. How bout you?

            • Dov
              Posted June 16, 2017 at 12:05 pm | Permalink

              Thus for jews to authentically empathize with “the other”, history would indicate that these jews feel that the Talmud has been fulfilled and they can afford a bit of charity…”

              The error here is in assuming that the “social justice”-driven Jews place much, if any, import on the Talmud. There’s a small segment of Orthodox Jews who agitate about racial issues, but the concentration of those who effect anti-White cultural shifts is almost entirely skewed toward those who identify as “Jewish” but are atheist or minimally religious, and certainly not respectful of the Talmud. They don’t look toward the Talmud – a religious text – as a guide.

              (I’m a bit of a deist with absolutely no positive feelings toward the Talmud.)

              “I’d be more inclined to believe this is part of a strategy to manufacture awareness/sympathy for the Palestinians amongst the cattle/goyim, with the goal of driving the Palestinians out of “Greater Israel” and into the refugee flood of Europe. Those evil Germans sure have if coming! I semi-apologize for my ultimate cynicism Dov….but hey, y’all have earned it.”

              That delves too much into the conspiratorial for my tendencies, to be honest. It’s also incongruent with my own encounters with pro-Palestinian Jews. For instance, Gilad Atzmon doesn’t side with the Palestinians because he wants to advance Jewish interests; he does so from the left, with attendant castigations of Israel’s “racism” (put in quotes because I always use quotes with that word) and ostensible violations of human rights.

              I couldn’t agree more that Jews have earned cynicism WRT their intentions.

              “I see all of this ending in 30-40 years with Israel going full Samson Plan and destroying the earth via nuclear holocaust out of spite. How bout you?”

              Hmmm, it’s difficult to confidently anticipate what any country would do if it suffered utter annihilation, with residual opportunity to take a great deal of its enemies down with it. I don’t think that Israel would nuke the whole planet, but if one of the Muslim countries were to nuke Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that Israel would turn the entire Middle East into glass as retaliation.

  4. Ken MacPhail
    Posted June 12, 2017 at 7:24 am | Permalink

    Great article. Sign me up for the ethnostate. Where do I go?

  5. the Right T and beer
    Posted June 12, 2017 at 5:01 pm | Permalink

    One of the things about Environmentalism is that it is a very serious subject- that requires serious attention from serious and honest, sincere people. Unfortunately, it has been lead by alot people who are not serious and answer to other agendas- but try to fold them into environmentalism- and they diminish the Truth of things and their solutions by thier lack of seriousness.

    So for that reason, Donald Trump made the correct call. The USA- with true heart can become the cleanest, most efficient, most environmentally sound place on the planet. The model of the all to follow- if we want.Without compromising our businesses at all. Indeed- we would create whole new ones as well. But With the best leadership.

    Like the Survival and quality of life on this planet, white nationalism, the welfare of white people and white survival and flourishing is an equally serious matter. And Unfortunately, it has been lead by alot people who are not serious- and they diminish the Truth of things and their solutions by thier lack of seriousness.

    The British Empire wasn’t a “blunder”. Anymore than the Roman Empire. The Greek Empire. The Persian Empire. The Byztazine Empire. Assyrian Empire. The Ottoman Empire. The Mongol Empire. The Franks. The Russian Empire. The Dutch empire. Islamic Empire. The Spanish Empire or the Portuguese. Or the French. Or the Germans. and so on. These empires brought about great strides in human development, innovation and organization.

    The British Empire was the best thing since sliced bread. and I never agree with anyone- least of all “whites”- especially “white nationalists” who try to take cheap pot shots at British and British Colonials for their Great Empire and unparalleled achievements. They have nothing to be ashamed of and everything to be proud of.

    And i promise- that there are many former British Subjects within thier old Empire that would gladly and dearly love to see British return to help them run some of their affairs. and live there. and they would not want anyone else- but the British. As they know and trust and like the British best of all.

    So, I am big proponent of modular- but also holistic solutions to White problems. As the problems are in fact universal to whites everywhere. Even though they differ from place to place in severity. Just as a Frenchman or a Briton or a Scot or a Dutch Guy or a German is going to get angry with a Yank when his is dicking with his head and doing faggy and tiresome Alt-Right passive aggressive psychological warfare on him.

    They require different solutions to thier particular problem. However, one of those solutions for some of them ( among many that will be taken. Not that might be taken- but is being and will be) – for all Whites is expatriation and emigration to non-white countries or to multi-ethnic countries like Russia- the EAEU, Canada and USA and forming ethnic or social or religious closed or semi-closed diasporas.

    Donbass was started by Welsh. Anaheim in California was started by Germans. If you go to certain quarters in the Middle East today – you will feel more like in USA than if you go to parts of USA. For example- in Riyadh- little American kids go trick or treating and Christmas caroling within large compounds that look like a cross between Main Street USA and Club Med. But I haven’t had a trick or treater in my neighborhood in California in over 15 years. Because it is no longer an American town- but an giant Asian diaspora.

    If i am going to be a foreigner in my own country ( or what was my country) – and live that daily heartbreak- sometimes it is easier to be a foreigner in someones’s country.

    This trend of white emigration and or white diaspora, white missions, white colonies within the USA and outside of it and the forming of closed but diverse ( in social aspect, white ethnicity and cultural differences and lifestyle choices) white societies- like Orania will continue and expand. And even get where they by- pass governments and start doing business with each other in global networks.

    and the good thing is you are not judged on your spelling and grammar ( not that much use for it) but by what you know how to do.

    • the Right T and beer
      Posted June 15, 2017 at 11:49 am | Permalink

      Unfortunately one of the problems of white diaspora- however- is things like – Canadians in the millions settled in my country and formed large, highly liberal diasporas in USA- which tends to be more conservative than Canada and they have skewed the voting in many states ( Washington and Oregon for example) because they think and vote like Mexicans and black people and Swedish and communist muslims.

      I also had to stop listening to Dennis Prager because he promoted pornography and said it was okay for married man- or any man to tell a young lady who worked in the office that she had nice breasts and legs. That it was not sexual harassment and lechery and creating a uncomfortable work place – but a mere innocent compliment. adn they she should not take it as unprofessional behavior from her male colleague. Similar to most right wing “Patriotic” jews- they are full of shit. I also stopped watching Fox news for a similar reason.

  6. nineofclubs
    Posted June 13, 2017 at 1:39 am | Permalink

    A useful article. We should be wary of magical, or religious, paths out of our predicaments.

    Among the magic promoted by the neo-liberal right, we should be especially conscious of (1) the idea that continued access to Middle East oil is essential to our economic security and (2) the notion that Empire, in any form, is good for white people.

    For those living outside of the 19th century, such ideas are poison.


  7. Invictus
    Posted June 13, 2017 at 3:42 am | Permalink

    Michener covered all this decades ago in The Covenant.

  8. Santoculto
    Posted June 16, 2017 at 9:54 am | Permalink

    Anthropogenic climate change hypothesis was a bad example. In the end what those who fervently disbelief that human activities are affecting or have potential to disturb climate from local to global scale want to mean with it??

    That the continuity of en masse nature destruction is tolerable??

    • Santoculto
      Posted June 16, 2017 at 10:04 am | Permalink

      Seems atmospheric-affected human activities can have temporary effect to disturb climate if it’s not continued while the most problematic of all seems is the human use or abuse of earth surface. What really can alter at least local climate in the long or even in permanent damage is this second anthropogenic human activity that was exemplified.

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