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2015: The Year in White Nationalism

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2015 was a very good year for White Nationalism, European ethnonationalism, and allied movements, and I have every reason to hope that 2016 will be even better. 

History is Full of Surprises

If history teaches us anything, it is that she is full of surprises. For instance, did any of us predict last year that in 2015, Donald Trump would be running for President of the United States? At the 2015 American Renaissance Conference, Peter Brimelow said that the immigration debate could be changed by a single speech, and he was right. That’s exactly what Trump did. Trump simply ignored the Republican consensus and started talking about immigration restriction, the Muslim problem, economic nationalism, and the scourge of political correctness. A significant percentage of the electorate is enthusiastic and grateful.

These issues, furthermore, are not going away, even if Trump does not win the Republican nomination or the Presidency. Like an icebreaker, Trump has plowed through the frozen crust of the artificial political consensus, smashing it to bits and releasing the turbulent populist currents beneath. It is our job to crowd into the breach, widen it, and turn every outcome in our direction.

We have the power to turn Trump to our advantage no matter what the outcome of his candidacy. If he is stymied by the cuckservatives, we can radicalize his supporters. If he is defeated by the Democrats, we can agitate and radicalize all Republican voters. If he is elected but stymied by Congress, that can also work to our benefit. And if Trump manages to break through all opposition and actually cut off immigration, we can work to move the goalposts further toward an ethnostate. For White Nationalists, the Trump candidacy is a “heads we win, tails they lose” opportunity. I like those odds.

Jan Davidsz de Heem, Still-Life with with Champagne Glass and Pipe, 1642

Jan Davidsz de Heem, Still Life with Champagne Glass and Pipe, 1642

Better is Always Better

There is a lot of good news from Europe. Here are just a few highlights.

1. In France, in the first round of the 2015 regional elections, the National Front placed first in 6 of 13 regions and got more votes than either of the major establishment parties. In Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie, Marine Le Pen won 40.6% of the vote. In Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen won 40.55% of the vote. In the runoffs, however, the Socialists and Center-Right colluded to make sure that the National Front won no seats.

The National Front did, however, win 6,018,672 votes in the first round and 6,820,147 in the second. Compare this to the 4,712,461 votes  (24.9%) the National Front won in the 2014 EU election — more than any other party — which brought them 24 of France’s 74 seats in the European Parliament. This represents real progress. And the Socialist party’s decision to send their voters to the Center-Right is a teachable moment. It shows that they are more interested in keeping the National Front out of power than in representing the interests of their constituents.

Marine Le Pen has a year-and-a-half to build a winning constituency for the 2017 Presidential elections. And given that the establishment parties are doing nothing to halt the ethnic conflicts that send more and more voters to the National Front, events will be arguing in Le Pen’s favor the whole time.

I pay close attention to France, because of all the major countries in Europe, France is the most likely to elect a nationalist government, stop immigration, and start repatriation. If France goes nationalist, other European nations will follow. Furthermore, France has an independent nuclear deterrent and the most autarkic economy in Europe. She cannot be treated like Serbia or Austria.

2. The best electoral news of 2015 comes from Poland, where the populist and euro-skeptic Law and Justice Party is now in power. Astonishingly, the Left-wing parties did not win a single seat. For more details, read Jarosław Ostrogniew’s Counter-Currents article, “The Polish Parliamentary Elections of 2015.”

3. In Hungary, Viktor Orbán has openly opposed immigration and multiculturalism and taken action to stem the invasion of refugees from the Muslim world. His defiance has encouraged nationalist and populist forces in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

4. On June 18, 2015, the nationalist/populist/immigration restrictionist Danish People’s Party won 21.155 of the votes and 37 seats in the Danish parliament, up from 12.3% and 23 seats in the 2011 election. The Danish People’s Party is now the number 2 party in the parliament, having eclipsed the Center-Right Venstre Party, which suffered a severe reversal in 2015.

5. Last year at this time I reported that the Sweden Democrats, another Right-populist, immigration restrictionist party, had won 12.9% of the vote in the 2014 general election, taking 49 seats in parliament (14% of the total). Based on an August Metro newspaper poll, the Sweden Democrats now have the support of 25.2% of voters, putting them ahead of both the ruling Social Democrats with 23.4% and the Center-Right Moderates with 21%.

Worse is Sometimes Better Too

Racial, ethnic, and religious diversity are sources of conflict when they have to coexist within the same political system. There are two ways to learn this: the easy way of reason — and the hard road of experience, that is to say: suffering. And when one learns this lesson, there are two ways to fix the problem: though peaceful ethnic separation — or violent ethnic cleansing.

Unfortunately, more people learn through suffering than reason, which is the source of the saying “Worse is Better,” which means: the worse for the system, the better for those of us offering an alternative. The system is on a collision course with ethnic reality. For White Nationalists, it can’t come fast enough, because our people are more likely to react to quick and sudden ethnic displacement than to our present slow decline into extinction.

1. In this light, 2015’s massive invasion of Europe by more than a million so-called refugees from the Middle East and Africa, most of them Muslim, has been a boon to White Nationalism. The speed and the scale of the migration — and the sight of overloaded boats and marching columns, most of them of young, fighting-age men — look to most people like an invasion, which is correct. Thus many Europeans are finally reacting appropriately. The days of the multicultural experiment are numbered. The only question is when it ends and how: through an amicable divorce or a bloody civil war? Will moderate nationalist parties be allowed to take power and fix the problems, or will the establishment block peaceful reforms until there is an explosion and Europe is cleansed with fire and blood?

2. For the same reason, the continuing Black Lives Matter agitation in American cities and on college campuses also plays into our hands. It is a delicious spectacle to see liberals and Leftists consumed by their own creatures. Because of their low average intelligence and high levels of impulsive and psychopathic personality traits, blacks act essentially like a race of dangerous, overgrown children. They need adult supervision or they will descend into Lord of the Flies levels of barbarism. They hold irrational beliefs and tender unworkable demands. A society that cannot say “No” to them will simply be destroyed, and the Leftists in academia and large cities who have been suckling these vipers will be the first to feel their teeth. In 2014, I thought that pandering to blacks might have peaked, and I predicted that in 2015, authorities would start saying “No.” I was mistaken, but I’m not broken up about it. The prospect of seeing college presidents and big city mayors roasting on figurative spits in 2016 is consolation enough.


A Prediction for 2016

I have many plans for 2016, but only one prediction: I believe that in the next year to 18 months, the first state will leave the European Union, and I hope many others will follow.

I want to wish all our readers, authors, volunteers, donors, and friends around the world a very Fashy New Year.

Greg Johnson



  1. Ulf Larsen
    Posted January 1, 2016 at 5:56 am | Permalink

    Interesting prediction, I hope it comes true. Happy New Year! Best wishes to all C-C contributors, and Greg in particular. I am a huge fan!

  2. Claude
    Posted January 1, 2016 at 11:30 am | Permalink

    Happy New Year, Greg! Many fashy returns.

  3. Walter Oleg
    Posted January 1, 2016 at 3:04 pm | Permalink

    I noticed that the Weekly Standard crowd is calling for a 3rd party if Trump wins the nomination (1). God I hope this happens. The problem is that I have no faith in the political process and believe they’ll cheat before letting Trump get the nomination. In some ways, Trump losing due to a 3rd party might be better for the alt-right than if he wins the Presidency? The GOP will collapse and the American Freedom Party can become the new right wing party for America. And if Trump, or any other wealthy individual who isn’t a liberal or Cuckservative wants to further the cause, they’ll finance a new news network similar to RT. This would be like RT but its position would be from the alt-right. The alt-right has the people who could man it. There’d be news, intellectual discussions, entertainment, documentaries, etc.

    When I watch the situation in Europe I can’t help but think there are “hidden players” who are sympathetic to us but who have contributed to the refugee flood and the ridiculous policy forcing integration. It’s radicalizing the continent. Are liberals and other assorted anti-Whites really this stupid? As far as Poland’s recent political happenings I’m a little concerned. Germany and Russia are growing closer together (2). Globalist forces will use Poland to disrupt this alliance. They’ll support Polish Nationalism and stoke historical grievances with Russia and Germany to cause difficulty in this alliance. The Poles have to be made to understand that the Anglo-American-Judeo globalist elites are not looking out of their best interests.


  4. Ike
    Posted January 1, 2016 at 4:37 pm | Permalink

    My prediction is that Germany will experience a terrorist attack on the scale of Paris and it almost happened in the current year just past in Munich. Of course, that’s a pretty easy prediction to make. I agree Greg and I’m predicting it will be Poland that leaves first. Hungary would be the more obvious choice but Poland is much larger and more powerful and Hungary, Czech Republic, and Slovakia will quickly follow suit. Cheers.

  5. Posted January 1, 2016 at 4:55 pm | Permalink

    It was in retrospect a very decent current year metapolitically, at least for myself. At this time last current year I was mostly just reading White nationalist and alt-right websites. Now I write for them. Prosit!

  6. Kudzu Bob
    Posted January 2, 2016 at 5:20 am | Permalink

    Three predictions:

    Vox Day will have two more best sellers in the coming year.

    During the debates, Trump will trigger Hillary (already described by her assistant Huma as “easily confused”) so badly that she has a devastating psychological meltdown in front of one hundred million television viewers, leading to frantic, behind-the-scenes efforts to get her to step down for what will be referred to as health reasons. This means that Trump will throw not only the Republican establishment but also the Democratic Party into chaos.

    A Black Swan event will shake people’s trust in the System. It will have something to do with the current refugee crisis. This is the prediction that I am most confident about.

  7. Leon
    Posted January 2, 2016 at 6:19 am | Permalink

    “And if Trump manages to break through all opposition and actually cut off immigration, we can work to move the goalposts further toward an ethnostate. For White Nationalists, the Trump candidacy is a “heads we win, tails they lose” opportunity. I like those odds.”

    Here’s what worries me though -what if Trump pulls a “Margaret Thatcher” on us and does nothing to stop immigration when he gets elected? Then the left will radicalize the populace against Trump, and Trump supporters will only have themselves to blame.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted January 2, 2016 at 1:09 pm | Permalink

      Then we accuse Trump of being a cuckservative and a traitor to the revolution. If that happened, I think it would be the last straw for a lot of people. They would stop clinging to the idea that the system can be fixed and become convinced that we need a new system.

      • Leon
        Posted January 2, 2016 at 4:46 pm | Permalink

        Thanks for that. I’m naturally a pessimist but reading Counter-Currents seeing the great work you and your writers are doing does tend to lift my mood. CC is particularly important to me as it was the first place that I learned you could be a White nationalist and still be a intelligent, reasonable and decent person. Otherwise I probably would have descended into political nihilism.

  8. witty tongue
    Posted January 2, 2016 at 9:18 am | Permalink

    Don’t forget it was Ann Coulter who may have sparked the rise of Donald Trump’s candidacy when she published her latest book this past May.

  9. Ryan McMahon
    Posted January 2, 2016 at 12:52 pm | Permalink

    When France goes it will be glorious. These are the people that faught under Charles Martel and Napoleon. The third world horde will be seen trying to swim across the Mediterranean to escape.

  10. Zephyr
    Posted January 2, 2016 at 2:48 pm | Permalink

    Not as portentous nor significant as would be the exit of Poland from the EU, but it’s rather safe to say the strain of migrants stagnating in the Balkans will reopen wounds and move the Continent’s tectonic plates if you will. Serbia is already dumping onto Croatia migrants, and they unto Hungary a problem that Austria or Bavaria will not admit.

  11. Nicholas Robbins
    Posted January 2, 2016 at 7:11 pm | Permalink

    With a donation to Counter Currents, and a toast to the New Year, I have nothing but high hopes for what can be achieved.

  12. R_Moreland
    Posted January 4, 2016 at 5:11 am | Permalink

    You know what I saw was a turning point in 2015? When the White Nationalist conference in Budapest got canceled.

    A tactical defeat but an opening towards strategic victory.

    The incident showed that the System is so rotted that a single meeting of White Nationalists had hostile elites trembling in their designer boot. It was a sort of Ground Zero that demonstrated the potential power of White Nationalism once it gets rolling.

    I mean, if this one conference could shake the halls of power from Brussels to the Beltway, what is going to happen when dozens of White conferences start popping up? When millions of White people take it to the streets? When a nationalist movement gains control of a European government?

    Consider another symptom: the ban in various European countries of symbols of the Third Reich (swastikas, SS runes). Again, evidence of the rot in the System, given that even the most obscure display of these symbols is feared by the powers-that-be as totems around which a White revolution might arise. And the powers-that-be really are weak. Hostile elites might control government bureaucracies, media and international finance. But they have no foundation in the people. If anything, they are cutting their own collective throats by creating multicultic states which are inherently unstable and open the way for nationalist movements to exploit the chaos.

    To give an example: the failure of NATO to counter the Russian attacks into Ukraine territory. Regardless of how one feels about Putin or the regime in Kiev, the reality is that NATO has been exposed as a paper tiger. Think any NATO country could field so much as a dozen divisions to fight for “king and country,” compared to their mobilizations in the world wars? Committing a couple of brigades to fight in the relatively low intensity counterinsurgencies of the Persian Gulf is enough to overload their political base. There’s no “country” left to fight for, and the “king” is now working against the nation. Even the Pentagon must increasingly rely on technology, drones and private military contractors. Where’s that vision of Give me Liberty or Give Me Death?

    White Nationalism can provide both the leadership and the vision of White countries.

    We live in an age of trans-national networking and information operations. There are numerous examples of globalized political activism. If the Kony 2012 movement could mobilize people worldwide over a warlord in Inner Africa, White Nationalists could do it all the better. How about a unified front of European-American-Confederate-Australian-NZ-South African nationalists?

    I expect to see great things in the upcoming year.

  13. Jaroslaw
    Posted January 4, 2016 at 2:54 pm | Permalink

    Unfortunately, all the hopes about the new Polish governement are fading away one by one.
    As it has just turned out the new Prime Minister has quietly agreed to uphold all the deals made by the previous govetnment, namely to accept ALL “refugees” that have been forced upon Poland.
    And the few nationalists that got elected to the Parliament with the populists are saying no to Muslim immigrants, but they support Christian refugees from Ethiopia or Darfur. How cucked is that?
    Generally, the new governement plays hard on the home front (law reforms, public media interventions etc.), but very easy on the foreign front: they are willing to accept anything if Poland gets the permission to have more American troops stationed on Polish soil.
    The new President has also declared that nationalism is one of the chief problems in Poland and must be combated.

    Regarding Poland leaving the EU: there are three obstacles to this move: 1. The state 2. the society 3. the church.
    The state: none of the parties present in the government want Poland to leave the EU. Only some of the populists make some allusions, but most of them wish to reform the EU at best. And the ruling party is a full-on EU-collaborator, except that they do not like gay marriage.
    The society: Polish society is one of the most pro-EU in the whole union. If there was a referendum today, the vast majority would support staying in the Union. There are many reasons for it: Polands ha a great unemployment problem, especially among the young people and the working class – without access to western labour markets over 50% of the young generation would have no jobs. Most of the small farmers get benefits from the EU, and being paid for not working the land is their main source of income. Also, many people work for the EU-funded NGOs, which would dissappear without the EU membership.
    3. The church: Roman Catholic Church in Poland speaks badly of the “rotten west” but in actions they might be “the cuckiest of them all”. The church is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the EU-membership in financial terms (as it owns lots of monuments, museums, educational organisations and charity funds – which are funded directly and indirectly by the EU). The hierarchy has openly supported joining the EU, even the late pope Jonh Paul II has openly called Poles to vote “Yes” in the EU entrance referendum. They have nothing against EU – as long as there is a bishop present who sprinkle everything with holy water.
    BTW, Polish church hierarchs have now officially called for the accepting of mass immigration because charity, love, refugees welcome, pope Francis, year of compassion, Jesus was a refugee, Poles were refugees etc.

    There were high hopes for change, but it is getting worse with every day.

  14. Odinsen
    Posted January 5, 2016 at 7:21 am | Permalink

    I don’t believe any states are going to leave the EU in 2016. Especially not a country like Poland. They get enormous amounts of free money from the EU and Poles depend on work all over the EU. It would be economic disaster for them, on a much larger scale, than it would in the western states.

    I think Britain will be first to leave, unless the commision takes to many shits on Hungary, but it might take a lot longer than 18 months.

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