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The Cold War Axis:
Soviet Anti-Zionism & the American Right, Part 3

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Part 3 of 3

Soviet Anti-Zionism, a Jewish-Communist Ploy?

Neither Madole nor Common Sense seems to have left a discernible legacy on the extreme Right with the demise of both in the late 1970s. However, with the 1967 Arab-Israeli war there was a new impetus for Soviet anti-Zionism. By this time, in Paul Lendvai’s opinion, Moscow had become the “Center and Exporter of Anti-Semitism.”[1] While the “Prague Treason Trial” of 1952 had a seminal impact upon the ideological and strategic direction of Yockey and his followers, and on other Rightists such as the National Renaissance Party and Common Sense, the events of 1968 in Czechoslovakia and Poland served as the impetus for an increase in anti-Zionist, and arguably “anti-Semitic,” propaganda from the USSR.

Lendvai writes of the perceived “Zionist plot” against Poland, where the State accused Zionists of “an open attack on the political system and its leaders” in the form of intellectual dissent and student demonstrations, which had been prompted by the State suppression of a student theatrical production. This State repression was undertaken in the name of anti-Zionism, and factory and political meetings organized by the Communist party functionaries were undertaken under the slogan “Purge the Party of Zionists.”[2] Landvai states that since 1966, there had been a “Jewish department” in the Ministry of the Interior, led by Col. Walichnowski, “author of the anti-Zionist best-seller, Israel and the Federal Republic of Germany.”[3]

In Czechoslovakia, the 1967 war instigated a new campaign of anti-Zionism. Dissident elements had begun to criticize the anti-Israel policy of the regime. The Czechoslovak Writers’ Congress of June 26–29, 1967, addressed itself to the Party leadership. The Congress’ apparently pro-Israel position was also aligned with demands for liberalization.[4] During the May Day demonstration of 1967 students carried the Israeli flag and placards demanding “Let Israel Live.” The philosophical faculty at Prague’s Charles University issued a petition demanding the resumption of diplomatic relations with Israel.[5]

To the Right in the USA the prospect of “Moscow as the center of anti-Semitism” was a theoretical impossibility. The Right, from Southern segregationists to self-declared “Nazis” like George Lincoln Rockwell and his American Nazi Party, saw Soviet anti-Zionism as nothing more than another Jewish plot to fool Gentiles in general and the Arab bloc in particular. The theory was that anti-Zionist posturing by the Jewish controlled USSR would beguile the Arabs into being aligned with the Soviet bloc, and that the Jewish cabal that controls both the Eastern and Western blocs would have driven the Arabs into the arms of Jewish communism.

This conspiratorial view was held by King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, then the senior statesman of the Arab world. In 1970 Newsweek quoted King Faisal as stating, in reply to a question on the Arab-Israeli conflict:

If the crisis is tackled as we suggest, Soviet influence and penetration will cease. But Zionism and Communism are working hand in glove to block any settlement to restore peace. It’s all part of a great plot, a grand conspiracy. Communism is a Zionist creation designed to fulfill the aims of Zionism. They are only pretending to work against each other in the Middle East. The Zionists are deceiving the U.S. into believing they are on their side. The Communists, on the other hand, are cheating the Arabs, making them believe that they are on their side. But actually they are in league with the Zionists.[6]

This quote was cited on the front page of The Thunderbolt, a newspaper of the segregationist National States Rights Party, edited by Dr. Edward R. Fields. Dr. Fields, echoing King Faisal’s theory, explained:

The most recent “showcase trials” of Jewish air hijackers in Russia is a clever joint Russian and Israeli maneuver to swing the American public opinion behind Israel. It also has the reverse effect of forcing the Arab nations into an even stronger dependency on Russia.[7]

Dr. Fields then cited examples of several Jews holding high positions in the USSR, including Politburo member Dimitri Dymschits,[8] and reprinted an article from the Canadian Jewish News stating that Brezhnev was married to a Jewess.[9] It was a line that continued to be held by other well-informed writers such as A. K. Chesterton and Ivor Benson.

William Pierce and the National Youth Alliance

After the demise of Common Sense and the NRP, there were, however, several significant factions within the Right that arose and maintained the pro-Soviet position. These factions centered around Dr. William Pierce and the National Youth Alliance and Wilmot Robertson, editor of Instauration. Pierce and the NYA drew, in the initial stages at least, from Yockey, while Robertson appears to have arrived independently at his pro-Soviet conclusions regarding Zionism.

The National Youth Alliance had emerged from the “Youth for Wallace”[10] campaign, instigated by Willis Carto. The NYA was led by Lou Byers. The significance of this of course is that it was Carto who first published Imperium as a single volume in 1962 and kept it in print.[11] Carto had visited Yockey in jail in 1960 just before his death and had written the introduction to the Noontide Press edition of Imperium. Louis T. Byers had been the founder of The Francis Parker Yockey Society, and had died in 1981, according to a dedication in the Liberty Bell edition of Yockey’s The Enemy of Europe.[12]

Pierce, who had been a physicist at Oregon State University, had briefly been associated with the conservative John Birch Society and with the American Nazi Party.[13] After seeing Byers on a TV interview he had a meeting and joined the NYA in 1970, and launched a tabloid newspaper, Attack! Pierce ran the NYA and changed the name to National Alliance in 1974 and the name of the periodical to National Vanguard in 1978.[14] The first and second issues of Attack! displayed prominent advertisements for Imperium.[15]

In 1976 Attack! carried its first major statement on the Jews and the contemporary USSR. Beginning with the familiar theme of the Jews having taking over Russia and overthrown the Czar via the Bolshevik Revolution, the article adopted the position that Stalin had overthrown Jewish control after World War II. The second half of the article states that Stalin became suspicious of Jewish loyalties during World War II when they are supposed to have fled before the German army to the Russian Far East and then undertaken black marketeering. Pierce states that Stalin concluded that if the Jews could not be trusted at a time of warfare with an anti-Semitic state (Nazi Germany) how could Jewish loyalty be trusted if another conflict involved a state with a pro-Jewish orientation? After the war Stalin began a cautious policy of eliminating Jews from positions of influence, a difficult task because of the large number of Jews in the bureaucracy. Pierce alluded to the rumor that Stalin was intending to deport the Jews to the Russian Far East, and that he was poisoned in 1953 to prevent the plan. Pierce stated that after Stalin anti-Jewish measures were relaxed, but now that “Russian communists” had achieved supremacy they would not relinquish power to Jews. It was this perceived loss of Jewish influence or control in the USSR that resulted in the Cold War and subsequent news media and diplomatic protests that that USSR was anti-Semitic.[16]

In 1979 a major article again addressed the subject of the USSR, focusing on a racial crisis that would force Russians to jettison whatever remained of Marxist dogma in favor of a Russian national consciousness that was already in evidence. Although Jews are not specified the author, Mark Weber, emphasizes that “there is no doubt that the Soviet Union is run by Russians” in government, bureaucracy, the military and the industrial-economic spheres. The situation the Russians faced was the expansion of the USSR’s Asiatic and Muslim minorities and a future threat from China.[17] One might suppose, based on the apparent good relations between Russia and China, that the analysis was flawed. But the author believed that “blood will out,” and that the ancient rivalry between Russia and China, which was intense when the two were supposedly fraternal partners in communism, will again arise.[18]

Wilmot Robertson and Instauration

Wilmot Robertson, the pen name of an erudite Rightist who established his reputation with a 500 page book, The Dispossessed Majority, in 1972, seems to have come to his conclusions about Russia and the Jews independently of Yockey or of Common Sense. However, he is likely to have been acquainted with Yockey’s works, having written for Willis Carto during the 1960s, according to Leonard Zeskind.[19] Robertson, in his chapter “The United States and Russia,” referred to the patriotic and nationalist sentiments, even Czarist-era iconography and the revival of religious sentiment, that Stalin used in rallying the Russians against the German invasion.[20] The reversal of Marxism started much earlier, however, as an outraged Trotsky had fumed.

“The rehabilitation of the Russian Majority was accompanied by the revival of anti-Semitism,” Robertson wrote. “The Russian people had never been happy about the disproportionate number of Jews in the revolution.”[21] “Anti-Semitism became an important tool” for Stalin in the control of the Communist party,[22] presumably a reference to Stalin’s purging of Trotsky and his followers and of Zinoviev, Kamenev, et al. Robertson also claims that anti-Semitism became overt after World War II, referring to the closing of synagogues and Jewish cultural associations, culminating in the so-called “Doctors’ Plot” in 1953.[23] He stated that since no Jew has been a member of the Central Committee since the ouster of Kaganovich in 1957, it could be assumed that Stalin’s anti-Semitic position had been maintained.[24]

Robertson’s position unsurprisingly drew criticism from other quarters of the Right. In 1974 Robertson followed up with a small volume answering the major criticisms The Disposessed Majority had received. Called Ventilations, the first chapter was entitled “The Kremlin and the Jews.” Robertson explained in a preamble to the chapter: “Of all the criticism heaped upon The Dispossessed Majority – and there has been considerable – the greater part has been with the book’s treatment of Christianity and what it says about the decline of Jewish power in Russia.”[25]

Robertson began by reiterating what he’d said in The Dispossessed Majority about the elimination of Trotskyists and the rehabilitation of the Russian Majority and its institutions. He stated that “it is hard for a veteran anti-communist, who is often a veteran anti-Semite, to admit suddenly that a drastic change has taken place in his ancient bugaboo.”[26] Robertson belittled the evidence that orthodox anti-Semites mustered to prove that the USSR remained under Jewish control. If there were Jews in more influential places in the USSR, Robertson believed, the Soviet leadership would highlight the fact to counter anti-Soviet propaganda regarding anti-Semitism, but the Russians could only come up with a few Jewish descended functionaries and artists.[27] Robertson, somewhat reminiscent of Farrel at Common Sense, castigated the old conservatives such as William Buckley for continually focusing on a Russian communist threat:

When the Jewish propaganda mills are cranking out anti-Russian hate articles day and night in order to involve us in a Middle East confrontation with Russia, it is somewhat confusing for the rock-ribbed anti-Semites to keep informing us that Jews and Russians are joined in a secret alliance.[28]

Robertson cited a particularly controversial book of the time published in 1969 by The Publishing House for Political Literature, entitled Caution, Zionism! By Yuri Ivanov,[29] the chief Soviet expert on Israel.[30] It is certainly a book that examines the history of the Jews in much detail, and would be a rather self-destructive ploy if it was a secret contrivance by Jews covertly running the USSR and juts out to fool the goyim. The reader is invited to read this now hard to obtain book online at:

(This writer recalls as a youngster what a furor was caused when Caution, Zionism! was exhibited at the Soviet display at the annual “Trade Fair” that was held at Wellington, New Zealand.)

Robertson published his own periodical, Instauration, explicating the themes of The Dispossessed Majority. He published items in Instauration confirming his analysis of the USSR and the Jews. One particularly interesting reference is an item citing Pionerskaya Pravda, the paper of the 10,000,000 member Young Pioneers, the October 10, 1981 issue of which carried an article that stated, “the major portion of American newspapers and television and radio companies are in Zionist hands.” Robertson stated that the article claims “Jewish bankers and billionaires” were behind the Jewish Defense League, “which terrorizes Soviet diplomats and other Soviet officials in the United States.” Pionerskaya claimed that “most of the biggest monopolies for the production of weapons are controlled by Jewish bankers. Business and blood bring them enormous profits.”[31] The themes were very similar to those expressed by Ivanov in the widely distributed Caution, Zionism! A previous issue of Instauration had referred to “a prominent Russian political analyst,” Vallery Emelyanov, submitting a paper to the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, accusing the Soviet Jews of “forming a fifth column” whose loyalties would be in doubt should there be a war, comparing the situation to that of the Volga Germans during the World Wars. The aim of Emelyanov’s paper was to call for a world anti-Zionist front.[32]


With demise of the USSR, anti-Zionist ideologues, academics, activists, and bureaucrats of the old Soviet regime entered the new dispensation. Today the Russians are surely the best-informed people in the world on Jewish matters, a legacy maintained since Soviet days. The Russian Ministry of International Affairs, for example, publishes articles on the “new world order” and the contrived “velvet revolutions” in North Africa that are only available in the Western world through dissident publications. The fight against the largely Jewish “oligarchs” who arose after the dismantling of the USSR under Gorbachev and Yeltsin, is a continuation of the struggle against Zionism and plutocracy begun under Stalin.

The destruction of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact, which were the only hindrance to US hegemony (or Chinese, for that matter), was achieved through a combination of Western based globalist NGOs and the contrivance of Mikhail Gorbachev,[33] whose eightieth birthday was recently celebrated with Hollywood “stars” and his good friend, Israeli president Shimon Peres, who said Gorby was “a good friend to the Jewish people,” for allowing many Soviet Jews to make aliyah under his rule.[34]

The same elements that spent decades trying to undermine the USSR, and eventually succeeded, are now trying to destroy any chance of Russian renewal. The rhetoric of the Cold War has returned. The globalists fear that Putin is showing “neo-Stalinist” tendencies, and they may be right, for as under Stalin, Russia is again emerging as the primary stumbling block to the implementation of globalist designs.[35]


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  1. White Republican
    Posted April 28, 2011 at 4:32 am | Permalink

    Soviet anti-Zionism was not simply for domestic consumption. It seems that Yuri Ivanov’s Caution: Zionism! was the subject of an international campaign of promotion, being translated into several languages and published in large numbers. In Le monde vu de la plus extrême droite (Perpignan: Presses Universitaires de Perpignan, 2010), Nicolas Lebourg states that half a million copies of Caution: Zionism! were printed. Interestingly, the copy of Caution: Zionism! from which the online text was copied originally belonged to a senior Australian communist, who was given a copy by his handlers when he visited Moscow.

    According to Lebourg, around 180 anti-Zionist books and several thousand anti-Zionist articles were published in the Soviet Union between 1967 and 1978. The figure of 180 books might appear less impressive when one learns that around 50 of them were university theses, which have a tiny circulation. However, this figure is eloquent in its own way, for it indicates that Soviet university students did not fear jeopardizing their career by writing anti-Zionist theses. This is not the case with university students in the West today.

    I think that Ivanov was unduly optimistic when he wrote:

    The June [1967] aggression of the Israeli ruling class has brought out of the traditional shadows the silhouette of the Zionist leaders, the organizers of international provocations, crimes and sordid intrigues, who are capable of defying and disregarding everything in their drive for profit and power. Today they are scurrying back into the shadows.

    But in vain. For everywhere there are people who do not doff their caps before the owners of bulging purses and extensive kennels and will not permit them to lurk in the shadows again, just as nations and history will not permit them to escape retribution.

    Ivanov’s reference to “the silhouette of the Zionist leaders” might well be an allusion, expressed in Aesopian language, to the crooked noses that are so common among Jews. Of course, Soviet writers could not explicitly appeal to racial anti-Semitism, and had to pay lip service to Marxist-Leninist dogma (such as by using terms such as “the class essence of Zionism”).

  2. Wandrin
    Posted April 28, 2011 at 7:43 am | Permalink

    Good article. I think the shift in Jewish power from the Soviet Union to America is very important to understand. The creation of the Jewish oligarchs by the western institutions sent to “help” Russia adapt to the free market was their attempt to regain their lost power but it only wounded and didn’t kill. The neoons have been besieging Russia ever since.

  3. Alfred Rosenberg
    Posted April 28, 2011 at 10:30 am | Permalink

    All right, I’ve read all of this and have to say that, while not knowing the details, I was able to see the situation thus forty years ago at age fifteen, just by examining the rhetoric and comparing it to policy. What I’d like to see more study of is the Jews’ pre-Wilsonian machinations in the US. I mean, if the era of fourteen points marked their major string pulling how is the Fed Act explained. It alone is something that must have taken decades, at least, to accomplish.

  4. Razvan
    Posted April 29, 2011 at 3:46 am | Permalink

    I read sometime ago “Imperium” and “Prague Treason Trial” (after some disagreements with Mr. Michael O’Meara).

    I compared those events with the similar events in my country’s history. I discovered that few people believed in a genuine de-judaization of the Romanian society. Much hated characters, hated from both the left and the right.

    The problem still persisted. And not only that the the communism is Judaic even without the Jews. Not only that some gentiles might outsmart the Jews at their own game and beat them thoroughly.
    – The Ana Pauker (Rabinsohn), Teohari Georgescu (Burach Tescovici), Vasile Luca (László Luka – Hungarian Jew) purge; all of them spared at Molotov and Beria special request – 1953.
    – A curious moment was 1959 when 6 Jews robbed a van of National Bank of Romania – the heist was about 1 million dollar – 1959 value. All of them members of the jewish communist elite. Their execution was followed by some purges in Securitate and Police.

    But things never really changed. The judaism permeated so thoroughly the communist thinking and behavior that the people were the others and the gentile leaders were some kind of chosen ones. After 20 years from the anti-communist Revolution, things are exactly the same. We have Jews or Jewdified people to torment us. Exactly the sons and the daughters of those that were tormenting us before.

    It doesn’t matter it is about Capitalism or Communism. Somehow a foreign shadow is always covering the sky. Somehow they are able to let their unholy mark on everything. They are feeding and teasing our worst appetites. When they are eliminated from the power buttons, their methods survive – which is infinitely more disheartening than anything else.

    USSR and Warsaw pact fell not because of Gorbachev or the western NGOs. It was because the milk for the working class kids was missing (because the food was exported to USSR – hundreds of trains daily) and because we had only 3 Celsius degrees in our homes during the winter (because the methane gas and crude oil were too expensive to buy from USSR – in fact few times more expensive than it worthed in USA).
    What’s the difference between being starved by jews during the great famine in the fifties (all too eager to export everything in USSR as war repayments), or killed by Russians through their politics in the eighties? Only to prepare the wholesale grab and destruction in the nineties by the same jews in American garb this time?

    Removing the Jews from the power is not the only thing that has to be done.

  5. Michael O'Meara
    Posted April 29, 2011 at 9:56 pm | Permalink

    I thought this a marvelous piece of scholarship — with an argument that could change the prevailing ideological paradigms.

  6. Razvan
    Posted April 30, 2011 at 1:23 am | Permalink

    It is. But also not enough. This is what I think now. I might be wrong, but this is my perception and I crave for clarifications.

    It might be strange, but this discussion is rather old. As I said, some fine Romanian intellectuals as the legionary poet Radu Gyr and the writer and theologian Nichifor Crainic (both survivors of the Romanian “gulag”) believed in a certain de-judaization of the Romanian society back in the sixties.

    These perception survived until the beginning of the seventies. Attracting the new Romanian intellectual elite. Like the writers Marin Preda and Paul Goma. Attracted even a Romanian nationalist billionaire – Iosif Constantin Dragan.

    All these were savagely attacked by the Jews and Romanian rightists and leftists alike.

    What I am saying is rather different. Any imperial idea has a suspicious freight. Frankly, aren’t we where we are precisely due to the imperial idea? Isn’t the globalism the direct heir of the imperial vision? Isn’t globalism using the same old tricks dating back from the Roman and Byzantine empires (only involving the entire planet and all races and peoples)?

    Some of us hope that a new all white Empire will save our race and eventually Russia will be the core of this super white Empire.

    They weren’t this white Empire in the sixties or in the seventies last century, when they could and should – one Romanian scientist probably believed it – Pyotr Kapitsa/Kapiţa. His son Serghei Kapitsa/Kapiţa still speaks Romanian, sais he’s Romanian and still believes in the Empire.

    But they weren’t. They used those old tricks and recipes until nausea. How do you think the worst Hollywood productions managed to appear as fresh, invigorating, revolutionary all over Eastern Europe? How do you think that the strange and ugly looking druggie named Mick Jagger showing his ass to the Edward Giereck became the liberation symbol in the beautiful and conservative Poland?

    How can I believe them right now? What if it is the “bait and switch” tactic they used so successfully in Moldova since the Tsarist Empire. This time will be otherwise, seems to bode the martyr Yockey.

    With all the respect, I am a bit skeptic regarding the philosophic, theological or politic argument that isn’t backed up by the historical argument.

    Last chance to save our race. This argument was used too many times in different ways only to repeat the past mistakes on different stages with different actors.

    De-judaisation is just a step. The next one should be to understand what led to their power. Which in my opinion is that they were always imperial agents to torment the occupied people. They have the smallest amount of power in homogeneous national states. That’s why they need diversity. An empire in miniature within the former national states. Yet small empires where the jews are the pilot fish for the big corporation or state shark. The shark might be gentile or jew. It doesn’t really matter. (Attention to what Alexandr Dughin has to say regarding the Jews in the new Empire).
    Really, there is no big difference between the psychology of a former state owned corporation and the new international corporation.

    A network of homogeneous national states, based on reciprocal respect and the respect of the historical truth will probably solve the problem than an unmanageable and in-comprehensible empire. Otherwise the Jew will always have a target public and a market for his babble and baubles.

  7. Michael O'Meara
    Posted April 30, 2011 at 1:44 pm | Permalink

    Globalization is a form of economic imperialism — it’s the reign of money, the opposite of the European imperial idea, whose sovereign ideal links a civilizational space with a spiritual authority.

  8. Lew
    Posted April 30, 2011 at 7:04 pm | Permalink

    The rhetoric of the Cold War has returned. The globalists fear that Putin is showing “neo-Stalinist” tendencies, and they may be right, for as under Stalin, Russia is again emerging as the primary stumbling block to the implementation of globalist designs.[35]

    The key word here is may. They may be right.

    I have read several writers with pretty substantial knowledge of Russia who claim that Vladimir Putin is basically the Russian equivalent of an American patriotard conservative. Just because he gets labeled a menacing nationalist by Western media doesn’t mean he is one.

    According to Mark Hackard (a Russian specialist), Putin doesn’t even use the phrase “the Russian people.”

    Among other things, Hackard has said this about Putin:

    While Putin may be credited for carrying out these policies, other aspects of his rule betray the ideological indifference of a technocrat and myopic opportunism.

    Putin’s liberal tendencies are first and foremost evident in his chosen successor to the presidency, Dmitry Medvedev. Medvedev might style himself a reformer in the spirit of Tsar-Liberator Alexander II, but his pretensions fall flat. The president’s worldview is shaped by the same empty liberalism that has arrested Russia’s post-Communist cultural recovery from the 1990s to today. His closest advisers are virtually indistinguishable from the official front-men of financial elites in the West—their modernization projects are intended to strengthen the primacy of the oligarchs, and they hail mass immigration from the Caucasus and Central Asia as a disposable labor resource and political dependency. In the typically bourgeois formula of Calvin Coolidge, the business of Russia Inc. is business—production, consumption and profit. For the global civilization that Russians are entreated to join, there is no value higher.

    And another Russian observer says this:

    Could one call Putin a Russophobe?

    He ought to be so called. A man who denounced as ‘idiots and provocateurs’ those who repeat the phrase of Tsar Alexander III ‘Russia for Russians!’ has clearly defined himself as a stranger to our people. He decided to interpret the thesis that ethnic Russians are the ‘state-forming people’ in a liberal manner, adding the word ‘only’: ‘only for Russians’. Of course, that was never the idea at all. But the opposite thesis seems to be the guiding principle of Putin and his followers: ‘Russia without Russians.’ And here his energy is astounding. Not only the destruction of any social action by Russians, but the colonization of the country by tens of millions of foreigners—both legal and illegal immigrants. We call this the ‘policy of replacement immigration.’ Putin doesn’t like the Russian people, so he is replacing them with another people who will be easier to control. Migrants, you know, are pleased to become slaves of the liberal bureaucracy, but the native peoples of Russia demand a welfare state and government that is accountable to them. They’re too high-maintenance.

    • Fourmyle of Ceres
      Posted May 2, 2011 at 2:57 pm | Permalink

      Putin, the very archetype of the warrior-priest, and is playing a very complex, very deep Game.

      Golitsyn argues glasnost and peristroika were useful Wordist facades, masking the controlled implosion of the USSR into its Russian Racial Core, with Ukraine and the Baltics inexorably linked to it, and a future as a raw materials warehouse for the next European century.

      Putin is the greatest man of our century.

      He has to undo a century of ruthless indoctrination, and wholesale looting, and time grows short.

      This Time, The World

      Focus Northwest

  9. Razvan
    Posted May 2, 2011 at 10:52 am | Permalink

    Michael, your words are nice.
    But, I for one need to know exactly what this means. How this future will look?
    Everything has to be very well defined. People are too tired to fight for something and receiving something totally different.
    We need to know exactly for what we are fighting for.

    Because I saw a revolution in Romania, I saw lots of nice words but lots of broken promises, and smashed hopes.
    Everybody may understand anything what fits them, but things are going in a direction never intended and in a horrible mode.

    OK, I’ll tell you a short Romanian story:
    Ion Iliescu (communist, half gypsy, KGB agent), Nicolae Militaru (general, communist, full blood gypsy, GRU agent), Petre Roman (real name Neulander, scientist, communist from a long line of communist jews, KGB agent) – the biggest players in Romania, December 24 1989.
    They called an anti-terrorist unit to defend the National Defense Minister. The unit had to be led by by a certain Colonel Gheorghe Trosca (Romanian, Securitate officer, father .
    Previously, the man documented as Russians spies all of the above in the “Ravens Dossier”. As their personnel carriers approach the Minister’s building, some heavy tanks open fire killing few soldiers, including the most important one: Col. Trosca. The order was given directly by Militaru.

    Colonel Trosca body was profanated by a gang of gypsies. The result: Trosca was decapitated, eyes teared out, and few other things, I can not reproduce.
    Attention gore:

    This script was used several times, not only by KGB, but also by AVO. Results:
    Colonel Coman Dumitru (Romanian, counter-intelligence specialist) on December 22 1989 killed by AVO agents in Odorheiu Secuiesc. This is what remained from his body.

    We were all so happy and hopeful when everything started. We all hoped something good to happen, because Gorby was enlighted.
    In only few days the reality showed entirely different than expected. And so many things were is store for us.

    Now, after reading Dughin and his mega conspiracy and a supposed KGB-GRU fight, allow me to be sad, and bitter. Even when he decries the assassination of Ceausescu couple.

    Now what civilizational space and whose spiritual authority? Where’s the real difference between what KGB/GRU did and what some Mexican drug cartel did?

    Yockey was a gifted writer, a hero and a courageous man (like Trosca in different worlds and different times). But things are never simple. Images like those seem to suggest that people would better stay separated. Even supposing they are the same race, same culture, same civilization. The jewish method is able to start a fire using anything, including water.

  10. Michael O'Meara
    Posted May 2, 2011 at 2:03 pm | Permalink

    Two facts: 1) The United States, as the architect of the prevailing world system, is the source of all evil (i.e., politically the enemy); and 2) In face of the American system which wars on all sovereignty and authority, Russia under Putin (despite his failings) has re-asserted its identity.

    In the above article and in several other pieces written in the last year, Kerry Bolton has ripped apart the delusional ideology of the American Right and its phony opposition, exposing the fraudulence of its anti-Communism and anti-Russianism.

    Conclusion: Those who resist the reigning subversion and favor the European Revolution will inevitably do so in opposition to the U.S. system and in alliance with Russia, the only sovereign power willing to stand against the Leviathan.

  11. Lew
    Posted May 9, 2011 at 5:19 pm | Permalink

    Do any Putin supporters here want to tell me what exactly is the difference between how the USA and Russia governments treat its racial nationalists?

    • Fourmyle of Ceres
      Posted May 9, 2011 at 9:38 pm | Permalink


      The difference is at the margins.

      By making examples of a couple of outliers, the vast middle can be moved in the right direction, softly, quietly.

      In Russia, the default, in practice, is socially eugenic, Russian nationalists – White nationalists.

      In America, the default, in practice, is anti-White, and socially dysgenic.

      Russian politics is still a “someone disappears in the middle of the night and no one asks questions” state of affairs.

      “What’s In YOUR Future?”

      Focus Northwest

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