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Video of the Day
Vanguardism (in Honor of the 335th Anniversary of the Battle of Vienna)


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  1. TomV
    Posted September 12, 2018 at 6:58 pm | Permalink

    Your physical warfare metaphor is totally out of place. The nature of the conflict in a culture war
    is not physical, its intellectual. Not killing bodies! Rather winning minds. The Jews have not conquered western culture with physical war. They intellectually gained control of the organs of culture (colleges, publishing, media, etc) and then they moved into government control. Surely you are not suggesting a physical war with the Jews and other SJ warriors!

    • Jordan Ellis
      Posted September 13, 2018 at 6:39 am | Permalink

      The physical warfare depicted in the video is exactly that, a metaphor. As the text at the introduction explains, “Though this conflict is often violent or political.. today it is metapolitical, a battle for cultural hegemony.”. This should be fairly obvious. The violent clips are for dramatic effect, something that would be lost if I used clips of people writing books or clicking on a computer screen.

      • TomV
        Posted September 13, 2018 at 7:21 am | Permalink

        Thank you for your polite and informed response to my comment. Of course, anyone who has suffered through Lit 101 knows how agonizing interpretations of metaphors can be especially to the hard-core empiricist (c’est moi). However, it is my opinion that the challenge to those who want to build a movement that is not physical, rather cultural, is to develop inspirational material that motivates to engage in the intellectual/cultural challenge. Speaking as one who is not engaged but, rather sensitized so to speak, I found myself asking: what is it that the producer of the video suggesting that I do? Frankly, this is like Army recruiting material. Just a thought! I did not intend to be overly critical, rather constructive criticism; dialogue if you will. It is, I should have said, a very excellent video. Clearly, you are both creative and technical. ~~~

        Also, let me thank the persons responsible for this site for the ease of making comments. The trend to “joining” and “signing in” and worst “pay walls”; to my mind is OK for those fully engaged, but tends to close out those on the cusp of a movement. “The Right Stuff”, for example, is rendering itself a clique of true believers and closed to those who could be brought “on board” if they had complete access to the material and commenting. Consider, the profound robustness of the comment section of the ‘UNZ Review” which a major source of material challenging the so called “antifa”.

        • gkruz
          Posted September 15, 2018 at 7:29 am | Permalink

          Fight with every intellectual and cultural weapon you have, and hope for the bloodless victory, but don’t fool yourself for a minute that it will never come down to actual warfare of the physical kind if that is what is necessary. Prepare for any eventuality and always remember our enemies are not gentlemen.

  2. TomV
    Posted September 16, 2018 at 6:35 am | Permalink

    Gkruz’s comment above is cogent and makes the video more relevant than I originally gave credit in my comments above. Yes! The so-called antifa is becoming increasingly physically aggressive. They have transitioned from aggressive counter demonstrations to physical confrontations (e.g. University of Berkley, Charlottesville) and most recently, military tactics such as the firebombing of a Republican candidates headquarters. Stefan Molyneux has an excellent video on the subject of antifa violence. “Leftist Violence Explodes”.

    Accordingly, those who stand against the so-called antifa must be prepared for violence. From time to time I hear alt-right podcast commentators making positive references to keeping physically fit. (Although I haven’t as yet heard anything about martial arts training and no alcohol.) To that end I appreciate this video.

    Nevertheless, one should not lose sight of the historical fact that societies change (evolve) ideologically and while physical force can suppress and impose an ideology; the results are ephemeral (e.g. Soviet Communism). For example, Soviet Communist attempted to suppress Christianity and promote atheism in Russia and Hungary for nearly a century (four or five generations) and yet today Russia is rebuilding on a grand scale the churches the Communist destroyed. And, just this week the Prime Minister of Hungary in a speech to European Parliament made repeated reference to Hungary’s “Christian heritage”, which it will defend against the immigration policies of the E.U.

    More generally, the U.S. and all of Western culture is experiencing a profound ideological rife. Note that in the early part of the 20th Century, Pope Pius X warned against the ideology of “Modernism”. More recently a Catholic Cardinal said the moral problems in society today stem from the ideology of “Secular Humanism”. More generally, scholars like Kevin MacDonald and E. Michael Jones have written voluminously about the pernicious ideologies that stem from “Cultural Marxism”, “Freudianism”, Boasian Anthropology”, etc.

    In short, yes be prepared to physically defend yourself. But, ideology is a mental state and can only be destroyed if the minds are destroyed. And, it is the destruction of the mind of Western Civilization (i.e. white folks) that has made antifa’s success and dominance possible. Antifa understands this and is masterful in its mind control techniques. Physically they cause us to destroy our minds with drugs (e.g. the opioid epidemic) and ideologically they destroy our minds with inferior education and mass media entertainment (e.g. movies, NFL, NBA, NCAA, etc). I go to the gym everyday and all the conversations I over hear are about sports. While the bodies of these men and women get stronger, then minds get weaker. The goal of the alt-right vanguard (if you will) must be to motive European Americans (white folks) to develop their minds and engage in ideological warfare

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