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Our Choice is the Holocaust or Outer Space

Activists from the “Lifeline Expedition,” where whites put on chains and yokes to atone for slavery

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“But most of the people of the United States have been brainwashed. And I do mean, literally, brainwashed. And that’s the thing you’ve got to correct. You’ve got to bring people who are actually ignorant, not just ignorant of particular things, but ignorant in their behavior towards society in general. And if we want to win this, win a recovery of the U.S. economy, you’ve got to do that.”
Lyndon LaRouche

At this point in the history of the media and education, everyone in the West has a relationship with that painful, profound, and defining event in Western history known as the Holocaust. Understanding our individual and collective relationship with it in its enormity, singularity, and aftermath is of capital importance if we wish to save the West from dissolution, precisely because, at root, it is the Holocaust which has murdered the West’s spirit, cost it its nerve, and shattered its identity.

It did this by initially shocking us with stories and images of industrialized, grotesque human depravity; by breaking our logical imagination by creating a new sacred narrative which must never be questioned in any detail save in hushed and reverential tones by faceless, anointed scholars; by instilling in us a pernicious, hereditary guilt-by-association that extends by implication to every element of traditional centers of Western power; and by sweetly eliciting in us the proud love of hating the nasty villain in said sacred horror movie. These dangerous ingredients emerged cooked together as if in a witch’s cauldron, a black-magical vessel capable of containing the universal and most potent of all solvents: the alchemical alkahest.

Alchemy was not, as vulgar corruption has it, concerned primarily with transmuting lead into gold. That imagined process was only a metaphor for the transmutation of the substance of the soul from the base to the noble, of transcending the material plane. The universal solvent was sought as a means to effect this, to melt away the spiritual dross. But the problem of what manner of container could hold such a substance was not solved until the period of 1933-45, when the black, molten pain of the Holocaust victims was cast into the shape of the cauldron.

Born of pagan human sacrifice, the Holocaustic alkahest itself is not a physical thing but a mental spectacle, an information pattern, a hungry ghost, a meaning in the brains of survivors, and the physical reality of architecture, books, pictures, and film, intended to impress upon the instincts of the peoples of the West the shock, the unquestionability, the guilt, and the siren intrigue that are all part of an iron will to “never again” allow such an atrocity to occur. Therefore, since the Second World War, this alkahest has been serving its purpose in an alchemical fashion, spurring Westerners to recognize and resist any whisper of recapitulation to the imagined drive towards a future Holocaust. It intends to turn base bigotry into noble anti-bigotry.

And that, as far as it goes, is an important lesson from history. The Jews and others who suffered in the Holocaust are right to be concerned. As Pope John Paul II once said, the Holocaust was an attempt to “kill God.” The bruised apple should be eaten out of deference to the starving. The cold steel rails leading into Auschwitz reflect the “steel-like romanticism” of Goebbels. We must be careful how we tread. But, how careful?

And that’s where it becomes a liability instead of an asset to society. The alkahest attacks the power centers: men, European lineage, heterosexuality, Christianity, everything that gave shape and vigor to the West. It gives a taste of blood to every group with a grievance, legitimate or not, particularly the Marxists and Cultural Marxists. The non-European ethnoi, the Third Worlders, the poor, the disabled, the women, the homosexuals, the transsexuals, the neo-pagans and other non-Christians, the champions of animals, and those of the ecological movement itself are all viewed, implicitly and often explicitly, as potential victims of a future, feared, looming neo-Holocaust, the perpetrators of which will be, naturally, the ethnic European, Christian heterosexual men and their allies, their dominating mentalities, and the oppressive, prejudicial, homicidal, bullying, rapine, colonialist civilization they have made. In order to avoid this horrible eventuality – this population transfer, this genocide, this slavery, this nuclear war – the only solution (the final solution) must be to marginalize and in some fashion enslave, imprison, or otherwise eliminate ethnic European, Christian heterosexual men from the Western world. They must be put in a box.

This cannot sound like an impossible flight of wild fancy to any serious observer of history. How many people foresaw the Holocaust of 1933-45? Or the Holodomor of 1932-33? Or the Cambodian genocide of 1975-79? Or the Rwandan genocide of 1995? Or any of a dozen others in the twentieth century alone? News report by incomplete news report, film by multicultural film, piece by piece of hideous art, class by Left-progressive class, election by bought election, the entertainment, official news and media narratives, and policies of modern Western nation-states move us towards eliminating European ethnoi as distinct groups. They also push us towards marginalizing, debasing, and mocking Christianity, whilst ignoring, if not celebrating, its widespread persecution around the world, and towards colonizing straight, all-male spaces with both omnipresent femininity and all manner of invented genders and sexualities.

The proximate goal is to lock men, straights, European ethnoi, and Christians into cold, ugly, isolated, propagandized cells subjected to constant oversight by women, “rainbow people,” non-European ethnoi, non-Christians (secularists, pagans, Muslims, etc.), and others deemed ideologically pure by the new commissar vanguard. At that point, one might imagine that the alkahest has done its job, but, think again: once a group is so hated, so feared, its subjugation so prized, its humiliation so delectable, the morals of its captors so degenerate, and the popular inhibitions so low, there will be a force of social inertia pressing for that group’s permanent neutralization, whether through outright slavery, microchipping, or actual extermination.

The alkahest’s ingredients are shock, guilt, illogicality, and sweetener. They form an elixir that has affected the West in a number of ways.

The West has suffered a number of profound shocks over the past century, starting with the sinking of the Titanic, the Influenza Epidemic, the Great War, the Great Depression, the Second World War (particularly the razing of Europe’s cities, the atomic holocaust in Japan, and the Nazi ethnic Holocaust), the Cold War, the detonation of the hydrogen bomb, the Cuban Missile Crisis, desegregation, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Vietnam War, the Communist holocaust, the ecological holocaust (perceived or real), the Sexual Revolution, the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and massive Third World immigration. These shocks have never been fully recovered from, leaving us in a state of disorientation and paralysis, making us insecure and vulnerable to injections of guilt and illogicality.

The West has become addicted to guilt and its accompanying self-mortification, and is terrified that if it doesn’t feed this guilt by dismantling its own culture, it will be subjected to a personal holocaust of shame or social death. Western man must realize that he is innocent of the charges, lest his children condemn him both for his sins and for the burden of the sins he has bequeathed to them.

“Discrimination” is now taboo for the West. Our own natural good will has spurred us all to agree that “discrimination” was a bad thing. So why is this a problem? It’s a problem because to “discriminate” is to “tell the difference” – which is the fundamental law of logic: A=A, the law of identity. Without being able to recognize differences racially, religiously, or culturally, we create confusion in our minds that – because we naturally seek to avoid cognitive dissonance, and because the path back toward “discriminating” has been barred by the guilt club of the alkahest – slowly drives out logic entirely and replaces it with the metaphysical equivalent of an LSD landscape: interesting, but counterproductive for our survival, both individually and socially.

How many people do you know who live by principle? How many even know of principles, or could say what a principle is? Whatever principles are, they’re certainly not central in Western society anymore. And that’s because the alkahest has largely driven logic out of the public and private spheres, into an underground state of “intuition,” which is more malleable. Without logic, principles begin to blur into frustrating patterns. Trying to pin them down without logic is like trying to shoot a bull’s-eye target whilst high on psychedelic drugs. Eventually, the “shooter” gives up and just settles down by himself (on a couch) staring into space (TV screen).

And lastly, the West has become the sweetest civilization in history. The first three components of the alkahest taste bitter, and so in order for it to be successfully administered from the loving spoon of the oligarchy, it needs to be sweetened. And how sweet it is: we live in a galaxy of distraction and hedonistic delight. We’ve got opiates, psychedelics, empathetics, stimulants, depressants, painkillers, you name it. We’ve got funny sex: twenty-three new types are developed every day. We’ve got social media to let you access all the funny sex. We’ve got advertisements salaciously selling hyperreal products as deftly as any glib-tongued Baghdad merchant. We’ve got music in such quantities, so conveniently accessible, with such fidelity, and with such quality of skilled craftsmanship (cleverly placed hooks?). We’ve got NASCAR, and perfume and haute coutoure, gewgaws and billboards and fancy automobiles. We’ve got art galleries and museums and colorful maps and unlimited options for interior decorating.

But that’s not enough. We’ve got bubblegum and comic books and the glorious silver screen and infinite varieties of multicultural cuisine. We’ve got cheap education, we’ve got roll the dice, we’ve got the death of God and the joy of jumping on his corpse, and we’ve got the luxury of summer ice. We’ve got lights in our massive cities, we’ve got cameras in our hands, we’ve got endless novelty and color and action on our small screens. We’ve got sugar and salt and fat, and we’ve got the luxury of keeping comfortably clean. We’ve got it so good, the poor people among us are the fat ones, our rich the skinny ones. Imagine what the royalty of old would have paid for a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken? Why, I once learned that a single pineapple could be had in Europe in the seventeenth century for approximately $10,000 in today’s currency. Now, imagine how much meat Westerners eat, and how many delicacies from around the world. It’s amazing, and what’s more amazing is how used to it all we’ve become. We just accept that pouring sugar – or cocaine, perhaps – on our pre-sugared cereal while popping an insulin pill to keep our blood sugar level down is normal. And we wonder why we aren’t getting more out of life. We’re too busy wondering how deep this fabulous goodie box is.

But sugar rots the teeth, and pleasure rots the soul. “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” says Jeremiah. Cheap, low-grade pleasure numbs the pain of missing the higher pleasures in life, the genuinely happiness-creating pleasures like Family, Nation, and Creativity. So, in a sense, we are a civilization addicted not to a healthy sweetness, but to a kind of artificial, oligarchal sweetener.

Dripped into the ear of Western civilization, the alkahest has steadily eaten into the social capital that is the Christian spiritual, Roman legal, and Greek intellectual heritage, supported by the European ethnoi, its faith, its families, and the masculine spirit. Thus, its final goal is to take apart the West ideologically, legally, sociologically, and territorially, like a man being quartered by horses, and to replace it with some manner of gruesome, neo-feudal empire.

What avails? Faced with a society that cannot reproduce itself any longer, biologically or culturally, we would become atomized – both isolated and morally small – and intimate with poverty of the spirit and the addictive behaviors that come with it. In the spirit of the times, even our resistance to this atomization can itself become addictive, though, like an addiction to physical fitness or appreciation for classical music, not all addictions are deleterious. Morality addicts and philosophy addicts should prove highly useful in reorganizing our culture back into a healthy molecular matrix.

The mental scum known as Political Correctness (PC, or Pawn Control) can be scattered momentarily by trashy action, but even such action on a national scale only treats symptoms rather than the disease. Sometimes the eldritch horror of what has come from the Holocaust feels like it has seeped into our bones. Hope is in short supply and many of us prefer our addictions to wrestling with taboo and principle. We can hardly be blamed for this; the innocent, trodden worm curls and writhes.

But, suppose society has a kind of patriotic dysphagia that has stopped us from fully swallowing the poison we’ve been given, even as we have been disorientated and blindfolded by our ordeal. And, suppose – just suppose – we’re not where we think we are, a thousand miles from power, but that we have in fact been wandering in our sleep and are, interestingly enough, standing in the penetralia itself, and we don’t know it. We can, however, smell it and feel it if we pay attention to principle. If we orient ourselves in the dark, feeling the sinister, bejewelled carvings and the curved, cold metallic surface of our surroundings, we might just find that, with strenuous moral and mental effort, the black cauldron can be tipped over and the noxious brew dumped out, defiling the temple of terror.

The Holocaust is the guardian of sleep. Our job as dreamers is to rally ourselves and those around us to a cause that is meaningful, principled, and proud, which offers the higher pleasures of honor, virtue, and love, and which orients us not towards the crimes of our ancestors, nor towards our supposed eternal guilt, but towards the stars, where our children’s destinies lie. For, without a Frontier, the Western spirit will wane. Organize the political economy to preserve us instead of erasing us, and we will awaken, and the alkahest will be flung away and dissipated in the infinite reaches of Outer Space, never to bother us again.



  1. Director
    Posted January 27, 2017 at 8:48 am | Permalink

    I recommend Denial, the Lawyer repping Penguin and Lipstadt is the real subject of the film.

    He was expressing anger at the thinness of the forensics and knew that Irving would demolish eyewitness “survivors”.

    I thought the film makers would have made a better case about the proof.

  2. Tim
    Posted January 27, 2017 at 9:28 am | Permalink

    Right on target. I perked up when I read “the Holocaust of 1933-45”. If the Holocaust is defined as the period of time when the Jewish star seemed to descend for the first time since 1492, then yes, the Holocaust took place from 1933. If the Holocaust is a blanket term for “the bad times,” then 1933 is the starting point. If we accept the equivocation between “mean thoughts” and genocide, then the ovens were already being warmed up in 1933. Of course, the truth is that the alleged death camps and gas chambers never existed, according to mainstream sources, prior to 1942. It really does put doubt to the claim that the Holocaust was inevitable, when chronologically, it could be seen as the death spasm of a continent, a last minute act of vengeance. The Holocaust was a response to the impending death of National Socialist Germany — this is the opposite of the claim that “we had to kill the Nazis because of the Holocaust.” Kudos to O’Talryn and C-C for approaching the topic from this angle. We can deny the Holocaust all we want, but so long as one white person thought one mean thing one time, the spectre of the “Holocaust” will remain just as potent. Our problem is not that we have been slandered with lies, but that we have accepted a perverted moral paradigm in which we are not allowed to defend ourselves and fight back.

    • P.T. O'Talryn
      Posted January 27, 2017 at 11:21 am | Permalink

      Thanks, Tim.

      “Our problem is not that we have been slandered with lies, but that we have accepted a
      perverted moral paradigm in which we are not allowed to defend ourselves and fight back.”

      Well put.

  3. Sylvie
    Posted January 28, 2017 at 8:48 am | Permalink

    The article eloquently complains about the downfall of heterosexual, white males of European ethnoi, mentioning about everything in this context – from outer space over the Cuban missile crisis, 9/11, the assasination of Kennedy, Pope John II, LSD to bubble gum, summer ice and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

    Unfortunately, comparing the holocaust ingredients to the ficticious medieval “alcahest” solvent will not convince any of its believers and it even seems that the author is one of them. He just wants to re-orient us from the “crimes of our ancestors” towards the stars and dissipate the alcahest in outer space.

    But he doesn’t give hints how to achieve that.

    It is not possible without questioning the basis and mechanisms of the holocaust religion and this can be done at three different levels. Just to mention level zero (without any knowledge of historic details):

    Why is the “holocaust” the only event in history which in nearly all western democracies gets you up to 5 years in prison when you question it in public?
    Why is “free speech” – the holiest cow in Western Democracy – sacrificed when it comes to Jewish – and only jewish – victimhood.

    This alone proves that we are subject to brainwashing and without showing that you are brainwashed it is difficult to argue with metaphores like “pre-sugared cereal”, LSD and alcahest.

    • Bobby
      Posted January 29, 2017 at 10:33 pm | Permalink

      Is there anything wrong with aiming for outer space? A famous scientist, I just cannot bring his name to mind, once said, Most complex problems cannot be cured in a simple way. We must “grow out” of them by using something larger than they are.

  4. Sandy
    Posted January 28, 2017 at 9:50 am | Permalink

    That was one of the best pieces I’ve read here, IMHO. And the author certainly hit the nail on the head with As Pope John Paul II once said, the Holocaust was an attempt to “kill God.” for we have certainly replaced the worship of Jesus Christ with the the worship of the Jews, our elder brothers.

  5. Daniel
    Posted January 28, 2017 at 12:03 pm | Permalink

    1) The Holocaust is the most terrible thing ever. In fact it’s so terrible we’re not allowed to question it. If we did it might happen again.

    2) We know the Holocaust is the most terrible thing ever even though we’re not allowed to question it.

  6. TG
    Posted January 29, 2017 at 12:48 am | Permalink


    This is perfect. This is everything. Thank you. At the time of the Rwandan genocide, my eyes were opened. And the propaganda about that, the lies, was disgraceful. And this wholesale slaughter happened in a 3 month period? Ah, the noble savages. so much superior to the hateful western man. And the Bosnian genocide in the same period? pfft. So I started thinking, why were the Germans being singled out as the worst perpetrators of genocide in the history of humanity? A race that has provided so much to everyone, possibly the smartest race ever (although they certainly have their faults, negative pride being one of them). The conclusions were not nice. Was it because they had great uniforms? Was it because they desired a father figure? Was it because they tried to make their country great again? (Yeah, I know). Was it because they picked on the “chosen” people? What exactly was it? Was it because they killed their God?

    Since then, the repercussions have been felt throughout the western world. All I know is, if the Germans go down, we all do. It will be a blow that the western world will not recover from, Europe will be doomed. They do need to recover their pride in the positive sense, not the negative one. Let’s hope it’s not too late.

  7. Posted January 29, 2017 at 8:49 am | Permalink

    It often seems like everyone on the Alt-Right and react-o-sphere either hates Christianity with a passion or insists on shoving it down everyone’s throats. Let’s just grow up already.

  8. BroncoColorado
    Posted January 29, 2017 at 12:41 pm | Permalink

    All this talk of rocket ships and outer space is another example of egregious cowardice, namely White flight. Instead of selling up and moving to a new White suburb or a less diverse State we are now thinking big and setting off for Alpha Centuri, as in Ward Kendall’s ‘Hold Back This Day’. It’s sad and defeatist. The solution is within our grasp if we honor our ancestors and start acting like White men. To quote Commander Rockwell, “White men, stand up and fight!”

  9. Bobby
    Posted January 29, 2017 at 10:13 pm | Permalink

    As a white man myself, every single time I see pictures like the one above, which in fact I’ve seen in several sources, it makes me want to puke. The stark realization hits me as to how utterly hopeless and stupid, some “whites” are…. sigh…

  10. Bobby
    Posted January 29, 2017 at 10:24 pm | Permalink

    One other comment. I must say it—-BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT PIECE.

  11. Bobby
    Posted February 10, 2017 at 12:38 am | Permalink

    I showed the above picture to my cousin some time ago and it amazed her. She even asked me if I thought those kids belonged to the adults. The other day she wanted to see it again, because she told me that it was still hard for her to believe, that there are people so totally stupid.

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