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The Counter-Currents 9/11 Symposium

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lightshowFor the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Counter-Currents published a symposium (linked below) which, sadly, still remains relevant as the organized Jewish community and various white traitors, dupes, and tools agitate for yet another war with one of Israel’s enemies based upon lies and sanctimony. These are my opening remarks.

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The anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks is approaching. Frankly, I plan to ignore the official commemorations and mainstream commentary. I felt the horror, mourned the victims, and pitied their loved ones in healthy measure, thank you very much. But that was almost ten years ago.

I want to look back at 9/11 coldly now. I want to save my emotions for the hundreds of thousands killed and wounded and the millions who have suffered because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (our people and theirs) — suffering and death that dwarf what happened on 9/11 — suffering and death that are supposedly justified by what happened on 9/11 — suffering and death that are not ten years old but that are happening to this day. We have to look back at 9/11 coldly, or the same horrors will be occurring ten years from now as well.

The narcissism, bad faith, and bad taste of America’s 9/11 commemorations have taken on an almost Jewish quality. The official line is: We were entirely innocent. We were hated for our virtues. And because we are such good and innocent people, when we are wronged, that entitles us to do anything we want to our enemies. And lest our persecuting zeal flag, well we must never forget and never forgive, for we are the true victims, the only victims who matter. Thus we must forever commemorate our victimhood, not to avoid future horrors but to make them inevitable, so that blood may flow without ceasing.

Where have we heard all that before?

Well, I just don’t have to stomach to watch it, even if they throw in an Albert Speer light show.

Instead, I have asked a number of regular Counter-Currents contributors to share their reflections on 9/11 ten years later. I will also share my thoughts in a separate piece. My single ground-rule is that these reflections be honest. Honestly angry, honestly sympathetic, honestly high-minded, honestly cold-blooded, honestly indifferent, honestly brimming with Schadenfreude — but above all honest.

I doubt we will ever have 9/11 “truth,” because we do not control access to the truth. But 9/11 honesty is completely within each individual’s power, starting right here, right now. Join us.

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  1. Ben
    Posted September 11, 2016 at 4:40 am | Permalink

    The only honesty I have is that from the beginning I thought the Iraq War was a mistake. Not saying that just to give myself a pat on the back. You have to remember: 75% of Americans wanted the war. I remember expressing my reservations about the war once to a man in a bar. He turned his back on me. That’s how badly Americans wanted a war.

    We have been like a blind, stupid giant of a country ever since.

  2. Dov
    Posted September 11, 2016 at 8:42 am | Permalink

    Do American and Israeli policies *further* inflame tensions between the West and Islam, thereby acting as catalysts for reactions such as 9/11? Of course they do. A strategic approach to saving the West would include a pulling-out (not retreat, but abandonment) of the Middle-East, Northern Africa, etc. As I like to tell people, if it’s east of Bulgaria or south of Russia, I couldn’t care less about it.

    But like catalysts of any chemical reaction, such policies serve only to hasten the natural and inevitable. If Jews and Israel didn’t exist, Muslims would still intend on making Europe part of dar-al-Islam. If Americans were slavering over their bikini-clad girls dancing on cars and enlarging their pot-bellies with beer while gaping at NFL games with neither Army nor Air Force, Islam would still have en eye for expansion from NYC to Des Moines to Kalispell to Anchorage. It’s mandated by the religion.

  3. Aiden
    Posted September 12, 2016 at 6:59 pm | Permalink

    I have mixed feelings on 911 and still do. Initially I was horrified when it occurred but a part of me in the deepest, darkest, part of my psyche had to admit this took planning , organization, and dedication, and was certainly nothing hobbled together at the last moment and I wondered why America always gets caught with her pants down? We were shocked by Pearl Harbor, which took us by surprise, as did the fall of the Soviet Union and the reunification of Germany and 911 and the rise of Radical Islam. It makes one wonder if America is really that incompetent or is it truly one of malevolence? Can American really be this incompetent as regards intelligence to keep getting burned time and time again? Usually when one investigates one finds things happening behind the scenes the system would rather you not know! I wondered if America did behind the scenes to cause this. It reminds you of America’s entry in World War I with the sinking of the Lusitania until you find out that America was shipping munitions on passenger ships to the UK unbeknownst to the innocents passengers aboard who were merely pawns in a game they neither knew about or understand.

    Never the less I have adopted a personal motto of “maintain sanity” I think conspiracy theories are the bane of the “Racialist Right” and I cannot cotton to the idea that the twin towers were brought down by the United States in a controlled demolition in order to get the Patriot Act passed. To me that is political insanity run riot! Many times have I imaged what the final moments of the passengers must have been like. Whether they felt any pain or died instantly or even knew what was going on as some reports state that first class and coach were curtained off and the people in the plane many not have known. Others have said even some of the terrorists-other than the pilots- did not know it was a suicide mission. I find myself drawn to You Tube to look up videos of that fateful day and the 911 calls from people trapped inside the buildings. I have flown several times since then and I am more alert, especially if Middle Easterners are aboard. I know Liberals will say that is racial profiling but I don’t recall many Icelanders hijacking planes. 911 took the fun right out of DB Cooper.

    Now the pilot’s cockpit is always closed. I can only hope the pilots are armed. How well do I remember flying as a child and not only was the cockpit door kept open but the pilot walked between the isles and shook the hands of passengers. As a child a stewardess asked me if I wanted to see the cockpit and she took me up and I go to sit in the pilot’s (or maybe co-pilots) seat and got a pair of silver wings. When the plane landed the crew thanked everybody for flying with whatever airliner it was, including the flight crew. America has indeed changed and not for the better. All this has diversity wrought!

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