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Are Jews White?

He wore his lucky blue tie.

He wore his lucky blue tie.

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So, at the “dark enlightenment,” we see the peanut gallery once again debating that old and boring question: “Are Jews White?” The juvenile mindset that the “movement,” and associated precincts of “race realism,” have on this question is based on the simplistic idea that: 

1) If Jews are “White” we must accept them, which we do not want to do.

2) If Jews are not “White” then we can reject them, which we do want to do.

Therefore, the anti-Jew crowd wants to prove the non-Whiteness of Jews, while the philo-Semites wish to prove the opposite.

However, for practical political purposes, this is meaningless. We all can think of many individuals who we will all agree are “White,” persons of impeccable “Aryan” bloodlines, folks of whom ancestry is not in question, and these people we would (I hope) unambiguously reject, since they are despicable traitors to their race and civilization. Think of many politicians and world leaders, businessmen and other wealthy celebrities — are they part of our ingroup? Washington DC is full of such types; they can be found in the EU, Hollywood, the US Chamber of Commerce, among our population of “White” billionaires, our financial aristocracy. We find them among celebrities who proudly race-mix. We find them among “leaders” who promote Third World immigration and other aspects of White genocide, these are scum who sell out their people for their own selfish interests, or because their minds have been infected with anti-White memes. These are the types that Pierce would have wanted to have executed in his “Day of the Rope.”

Very well. But if we can identify individuals who are “White” but who we reject, why can’t we do the same about an ethnic group that behaves in the most destructive manner of all? So, we can all agree that “Jews are White” but at the same time reject them as a “White” ethnic group that has a historical animus towards Europeans, a group that selfishly pursues their own hyper-ethnocentric interests at the expense of the rest of the “White race,” a renegade treasonous “White” ethny that makes common cause with the “rising tide of color” against White and Western interests, a “White” group actively promoting White genocide because they don’t really identify as “White” in the same sense as other “Whites” do, and because they believe that the destruction of the greater White Race ensures their own narrow group survival as an unique population group with its own special history and identity. We can state that the Jewish “White” group perceives itself as having radically different interests from Gentile “Whites,” so that the two groups are incompatible. We can point out that whenever an attempt is made to include Jews in “White” racial nationalism, they consistently promote destructive memes (e.g., a multiracial “White separatist state,” supporting the “racial status quo,” blaming our problems on “Protestants,” stating that racial preservation for its own sake is “insane,” and of course promoting the anti-White creed of HBD). We can therefore accept Jews as “White.” while at the same time also accepting them as an enemy and rejecting them from inclusion in our ingroup of the White family of peoples. After all, throughout human history, who has been more despised than the traitor? Given their behavior, one could consider that saying that Jews are “White” may actually increase, rather than decrease, the hostility of racially aware Whites toward that group.

Having said all of that, and explaining why the question of “are Jews White?” is practically unimportant to any serious racial nationalism, I’ll switch gears and say that if, for some reason, it was important to more objectively justify exclusion of Jews, then the “movement” could adopt my reasonable definition of “indigenous” and state that we consider as “White” those individuals deriving ancestry from one or more of the indigenous ethnies of Europe. Thus, Jews are no more “White” than are Roma, despite the fact that some Jews may be genetically or phenotypically close to Europeans.


Even more basic: we can follow Yockey and accept that Identity is holistic, and cannot be strictly reduced to biological reductionism (although the biological is important; it just isn’t everything). Thus, regardless of whether a Jew looks like Dolph Lundgren is immaterial; their overall Identity is non-European and non-Western. When the Jews established a modern homeland, where did they choose? Palestine, in the Middle East. That choice was not solely or even predominantly motivated by pragmatics — there were other spaces available, spaces that could have avoided the endless conflict with the Arab natives of that region. Palestine was chosen and, more importantly, as Israel holds such a fascination on Jews, because Jews in their total Identity passionately feel a close connection, at minimum historically and culturally, to the ancient Israelites; modern Jews identity with a non-Western, non-European, Middle Eastern “Magian” High Culture. We see the Jewish settlers of today invoking Biblical scripture as their basis for claiming this land in the Middle East. They view this land as theirs as their birthright as Jews, as part of Jewish history, a history rooted in the historical Middle East, not in Europe. Thus, Israel is their homeland, not Europe, and it matters not if a given Jew is genetically and/or phenotypically “White” in the European sense. They do not identify as such. They identify as Jewish, a separate and unique group, and there is genetic evidence supporting a biological link to those historical and cultural ties, even though the link has been attenuated through admixture. But again, we need not be reductionist. Jews are a People, with a strong identity, and that identity is not “White” in the same sense as is the identity of English, Germans, Italians, Czechs, Swedes, Spaniards, or French.

So, Jews may be “White,” but they do not identify as such, when push comes to shove. They may be “White” but they are not indigenous Europeans; there is no historic European nation of “Jewia.” They may be “White” but they do not belong to the High Culture of the West; instead, they identify with the “Magian” High Culture of the Middle and Near East; they may be “White” but their passionate attachment to “blood and soil” is in the Levant, not in Europe. Whether or not they are “White,” and regardless of how one wants to “crunch” the data on cephalic indices or gene frequencies, Jews are not European Westerners. They are themselves, with their own interests, which they pursue with great efficacy. Perhaps if we were equally concerned about our own identity and our own interests, rather than worrying about how to classify Jews, our own situation would be far less dire.




  1. Franklin Ryckaert
    Posted March 31, 2015 at 4:29 am | Permalink

    Translate “White” into “indigenous European” and all problems of classification disappear. Jews and Gypsies, to take the two oldest “minorities” of Europe, are not of indigenous European origin, hence they don’t belong there, no matter how much they may have been mixed with European blood in the mean time. Both groups don’t identify with Europeans, are mostly hostile to them and live as parasites among them, reason enough to repatriate them to their countries of origin. “Next year in Jerusalem!” for the Jews, “next year in India!” for the Gypsies.

  2. Greg Johnson
    Posted March 31, 2015 at 2:18 pm | Permalink

    I think that we need to distinguish between us and not us, and non-us individuals who sympathize with the white cause can be honorable, useful, even lovable people. But they are still and always not us.

    A Jew cannot become one of us, just by saying he’d like to be one of us. Simply because Jews have a long history of using deception (crypsis) to blend in with other populations and to subvert their opposition, and claiming to be a defector is exactly what any Jewish infiltrator would say. So don’t get carried away. My policy is to keep Jews at arm’s length until I can get them at ocean’s length. Sincere Jewish sympathizers should not be hurt by this. They know their people better than I ever could, so they of all people should appreciate the necessity of a cordon sanitaire.

    As for people of fractional Jewish descent: if their connection with Jewry is entirely genetic, meaning they do not think and act like Jews or associate with them, then I cannot summon the paranoia to care about that

  3. WWWM
    Posted March 31, 2015 at 9:47 pm | Permalink

    Yockey’s basic ideas are being added to the discussion more and more. A greater number of people are beginning to see where he was coming from (myself included). Interesting where this is going. Imperium.

  4. Andrew
    Posted April 1, 2015 at 2:50 am | Permalink

    I think the simple answer, which has already been alluded to here, is that Jews, Arabs, Europeans and others are “White”, with “White” (Caucasoid) being one of the 3 main categories of humans (Caucasoid, Negroid, Mongolian). But our identity is not “White”, but rather “European” (meaning indigenous Europeans as a previous commentator noted). Jews cannot become European by living in Europe for a long time any more than Boers can become Negroid simply by living for centuries in Africa. Genetic studies indicate that Jews are a biologically unique people, who have some minority European admixture (30% from what I understand) but are primarily Semitic.

    Ultimately, the question “are Jews White?” is irrelevant. Yes, they are, just like their Semitic cousins, the Arabs, are. The question should be rephrased, “are Jews European?” Then, the answer is obvious: No. Not by their DNA, not by their own identity, not by their own histories or meaningful traditions, and most importantly, as the author notes, not by the interests they pursue, which are overwhelmingly virulently anti-European.

  5. Michael Bell
    Posted April 4, 2015 at 6:13 pm | Permalink

    “What makes the Jew dangerous is not his genes (or even his bizarre cult of group self-worship) – it is his absolute, irrevocable, metaphysical hostility to the very idea of the ‘non-Jew.'”

    Who is to say that there is not some genetic component to this behavior? Seems like an unnecessary risk to allow any foreign blood into our gene pool, and the effort it would take to somehow “screen” them to determine just how much they are one of us “on the inside” would be infinitely more trouble than it is worth.

  6. Posted April 7, 2015 at 6:21 pm | Permalink

    Why do so many people have trouble with this? “White” is a description of ethnicity. Ethnicity is determined by a conflation of, identification, ancestry, genetics, language, history and culture. The parameters are, therefore, somewhat elastic, but by no means limitless, and can often be tipped in one direction or the other by the first definition cited, self-identification.

    Many Jews may be white under these criteria, however, it is undeniable that most Jews are not ethnically white using these categorical definitive criteria, and since a collective is judged by its majority traits, Jews are certainly not white.

  7. Inquisitive
    Posted April 19, 2015 at 12:26 am | Permalink

    The people who inhabit the land of Israel today are basically white. Yet there is no white tribe spoken of in the scriptures.

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