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English Defence League & “Counter-Jihad” Exposed


The EDL (English Defence League, not Erectile Dysfunction League) rallies against . . . what else? . . . anti-Semitism

725 words

Translated and annotated by Andrew Hamilton

Translator’s Note:

This article originally appeared on the website of Sweden’s National Democrats. It reveals the party’s stance toward Jewish and Zionist influences in white nationalism.

The National Democrats, a small political party, has representation in three municipalities south of Stockholm. It was founded in 2001 by a right-wing, breakaway faction of the Establishment-oriented Sweden Democrats (SD). The larger SD, which has representatives in Parliament, is routinely reviled by the press, government officials, and academics as racist, fascist, xenophobic, and extremist. In reality, there is little difference between it and the Republican Party in America on racial issues.

Åke Blomdahl recommends watching Nick Griffin’s speech criticizing the English Defence League (EDL). To clarify, I am not a Nick Griffin fan. Commenting on a written version of his EDL report, Griffin said, “Anti-Semitic cranks, who have spotted just a few of the facts I’ve uncovered and used them to attack and demonise ‘the Jews’, won’t like the fact that the blame is apportioned much more accurately and their idiotically simplistic view of the world gets the criticism it deserves.” But, unintentionally or not, he provides a valuable critique of the EDL and, by extension, other false opposition movements.

My annotations are in square brackets. The hyperlinks are also mine.

What is really happening within nationalist currents in Europe? In Sweden we have seen the Sweden Democrats get into Parliament [the Riksdag], but also rapidly modify and tone down its nationalism.

In many countries in Europe opposition to mass immigration is growing, and several nationalist parties have won spots in democratic assemblies. In many cases these so-called nationalist parties have distinguished themselves as highly critical of Muslim immigration and Islamization, while calling themselves “anti-racists” and saying they accept immigration if the migrants adapt themselves to the European host nations’ cultures. The latest development is the so-called “Counter Jihad” movement, with grassroots organizations like the English Defence League, which brings together thousands of young people in spectacular, aggressive demonstrations against Islamization.

In parallel with this, older nationalist parties are demonized and attacked through infiltration and the spreading of rumors. In many places, competing “nationalist” parties have emerged. In England, the British Freedom Party has grown at the British National Party’s expense. In Belgium, the New Flemish Alliance (NVA) has grown at the expense of the Vlaams Belang.

Common to all the new parties is cultural nationalism, aggressive anti-Islamism, and strong support for Israel’s and America’s most aggressive Zionist forces.

We are not lovers of Muslim immigration and Islamization, but there would be major problems with mass immigration even if not a single Muslim came.

What’s going on?

What forces are behind this? The evidence points to extreme Zionist groups in the United States and an extremely wealthy neoconservative elite in the United States.

The leader of the British National Party, Nick Griffin, in July 2012 gave a terribly interesting and important lecture at a meeting of the national EU group, the Alliance of European National Movements.

Watch Nick Griffin’s lecture “EDL Exposed” here.

[The video was also broadcast on Counter-Currents on August 20, 2012 with a prefatory comment by Editor Greg Johnson. Recently, in connection with the article, “The Norwegian Defence League As Trojan Horse” (the NDL is a Norwegian offshoot of the EDL; the two groups are closely affiliated), Greg Johnson commented, “I think it is obvious that Nick Griffin has sold out our people. I think it is telling that two people I know who have been involved in British nationalist politics for decades independently looked at Griffin’s excellent talk on the EDL and did not think, “What a welcome change of heart” but merely “What new scam is this?”]

The English Defence League portrays itself as a youthful mass movement with roots in the working class.

Frank Gaffney and Pamela Geller. Gaffney is one of the chief architects of the U.S. war in the Middle East. Pamela Geller is the figurehead of the Counter Jihad movement. She became world famous as leader of the resistance against the construction of a mosque at Ground Zero in New York.

Frank Gaffney and Pamela Geller. Gaffney is one of the chief architects of the U.S. war in the Middle East. Pamela Geller is the figurehead of the Counter Jihad movement. She became world famous as leader of the resistance against the construction of a mosque at Ground Zero in New York.

[Geller is Jewish; Gaffney is apparently non-Jewish.]

Satirical poster for Halliburton. The company earned many billions on wars in the Middle East.

Satirical poster for Halliburton. The company earned many billions on wars in the Middle East.

Source:”counter-jihad”-avslojat, September 27, 2012



  1. Col. Capehart, NVA
    Posted March 19, 2013 at 12:09 am | Permalink

    Frank Gaffney is being supervised and neutralized by Pamala Geller, a Jewish Hadass, a Jewish female who gets close to a powerful man and makes sure that Jewish interests are encouraged. Remember Monica Lewinsky? Everyone expected her father to shoot Bill Clinton over his daughter, but the father was proud, as she was fulfilling her role. History is filled with these Hadassah, Lenin had one, Stalin had Jewish mistresses. Khrushchev, the same. Sarah Bernhardt banged the Prince of Wales so well in the 1700’s that he was almost pro-French. Richard the Lionheart had one so notorious that while he was off during the Crusades Jews were called “King’s Persons” and all the Kings tax collectors were Jews.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted March 19, 2013 at 2:23 am | Permalink

      I was told that in the 1990s Jewish women in Atlanta paraded during Purim carrying images of Monica Lewinsky. Although the person who told me that turned out to be a shameless and pathological liar, so of course it would have to be verified.

  2. Edwin
    Posted March 25, 2013 at 6:49 pm | Permalink

    An article discussing the attacks of the anti-fascists on the NDL.

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