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The Norwegian Defence League As Trojan Horse

NDL Logo2,060 words

German translation here

Founded in 2010, the Norwegian Defence League (NDL) is widely touted as an “extreme Right” Norwegian nationalist group. Existing primarily on the Jewish-controlled social networking service Facebook, it is a fearsome bugbear to Norway’s anti-white government, academia, and media. NDL is closely affiliated with the English Defence League (EDL), a multiracial, anti-Islamic, pro-Jewish “nationalist” organization in England.

For a worthwhile debunking of the EDL, listen to British National Party leader Nick Griffin’s 49-minute talk here.

The NDL’s website states:

NDL is against the Islamic message and Islam’s world view!

NDL is a popular movement. Regardless of what political views you have, or what ethnicity you belong to [emphasis added], you are welcome to us. The only demand we make is that you, too, believe Islamization is harmful to our country and the rest of Europe.

Political views do matter: the NDL rejects white “racism” and “anti-Semitism.”

The NDL’s website contains links to the United States Defense League, the Danish Defence League, and the German Defence League.

It lists 32 NDL”Departments” for all major geographic areas of Norway, plus an additional “Jewish Division.” Jews are the only ethnic group in the multiracial organization allotted an ethnic division of their own.

PST-logoInvestigative reporters for the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet revealed in February 2013 that NDL was founded by Christian Høibø, a Communist agent of the PST (Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste, Police Security Service), Norway’s secret police agency, and two other members of SOS Rasisme (not to be confused with SOS Racisme, the extremist group in France that inspired it), an anti-white domestic terrorist organization that effectively ran the NDL for two years.

See “Spy-coup against the PST’s will: Joined those he was supposed to spy on” (Spion-kupp mot PSTs vilje: Slo seg sammen med de han egentlig skulle spionere på), Dagbladet, February 21, 2013.

In actuality, though Høibø, a member of the Communist Serve the People-dominated SOS Rasisme, Blitz (an antifa communist, anarchist, and socialist youth movement that commits violence against the Progress Party, the Fatherland Party, the Democrats in Norway, and other nationalist groups), and Internationale Socialister (IS), reported on the activities of these Left-wing groups to the PST for 10 years, he remained a key figure in the hardest Left-wing circles in Oslo.

The NDL was created by PST spy Høibø in collaboration with SOS Rasisme and Marxist-Maoist Tjen Folket (Serve the People) leaders. (Tjen Folket actually ran SOS Rasisme.)

Lorry: Downtown Oslo bar where PST informant Chris Høibø and two other members of SOS Rasisme founded the NDL in 2010

Lorry: Downtown Oslo bar where PST informant Chris Høibø and two other members of SOS Rasisme founded the NDL in 2010

The establishment of the NDL occurred at Lorry, a downtown Oslo bar, in 2010. The first meeting was initiated by Høibø. Also present were two other members of SOS Rasisme, including an anti-white official named Bård Frantzen.

Høibø regularly reported to the PST on his role in the NDL and supplied PST, SOS Rasisme, and Tjen Folket with inside information about NDL members.

Høibø quickly transformed a poorly organized NDL Facebook network of 500 members into a large, functioning professional organization that made ​​it easy for him to track people in the movement. The plan, endorsed by SOS Rasisme/Tjen Folket‘s leadership, was to establish a solid organizational structure, a workable membership register, and organize Right-wing demonstrations.

It is important to note that SOS Rasisme, despite perpetrating acts of violence against white Norwegians, and being controlled by Serve the People (Tjen Folket – Kommunistisk Forbund), a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist group, is very much an Establishment institution.

It was co-founded by Kristin Halvorsen, a female Norwegian MP (1989–2013), Minister of Finance (2005–2009), and Minister of Education and Research (2009–present).

Until 2010 SOS Rasisme was funded by the Norwegian state. Funding was withdrawn after an audit by international accounting firm KPMG revealed that the Communist-dominated group falsified its membership lists. State subsidies were based upon member numbers: the more members, the more taxpayer money. Half the names listed did not belong to the group. In some cases infants less than one year old were signed up as members by older family members.

Christian Høibø has also been interviewed by the government-run NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting) network television program Focal Point (Brennpunkt). (“Infiltrator,” February 19, 2013, viewable online in Norwegian.)

The non-white-looking Høibø, described by the press as originally from the small mountain town of Bø in Telemark, appears to have made a living as a professional Communist and anti-white racist for 10 years from PST paychecks. If not, the racist organizations themselves must have footed the bill from their own funds.

When President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo in 2009, Høibø was present as an accredited journalist equipped with false credentials from a fictitious press agency.

Høibø described the psychology of an informer to the NRK:

You have to be alarmingly good at juggling personalities in order to do this for 10 years. For me, [the roles were] anarchist, communist, “Blitzer,” or father. One has to be able to exist as and be comfortable with this. It’s deceit that’s being conducted. You simply have to have the ability to find an On-Off switch to the mask when needed. You also need a memory that prevents you making mistakes along the way in the stories you have told.

In other words, you need to be an inveterate liar.

PST officials have confirmed Høibø’s role as an agent.

Two faces of genocide: Communist Christian Høibø, R., shares a laugh with a Norwegian policeman in 2003

Two faces of genocide: Communist Christian Høibø, R., shares a laugh with a Norwegian policeman in 2003

Following the recent revelations, PST drew fire from Norwegian elites, including Supreme Court Justice Ketil Lund and Socialist Left Party (Sosialistisk Venstreparti, SV) Member of Parliament Hallgeir Langeland. (SOS Rasisme founder Kristin Halvorsen is also a Socialist Left Party member.) The critics were disturbed that the secret police were spying on violent anti-white Communist organizations that are considered integral to the ruling class.

On TV, Justice Lund expressed the opinion that PST’s job was to protect Blitz and other antifa organizations, not spy on them.

MP Langeland, deeply concerned that PST had gathered intelligence on Left-wing radical groups when it should have been focusing its resources on “the threat from Right-wing extremists,” is taking the matter before the Parliamentary Intelligence Oversight Committee to ascertain whether PST had the authority to spy on the Left—”an extremely serious matter.”

Violations of Right-wing Norwegians’ rights, of course, are taken for granted.

The PST has a long history of attacking white Norwegians. For example, it crushed the racialist organization Vigrid by intensively surveilling and harassing its youngest members.

Time magazine approvingly described PST’s operation as follows:

The agency launched a campaign to disrupt the group by sending agents to visit everyone involved except its top leaders. One day in 2004, agents from all 26 field offices paid personal visits to each of Vigrid’s members, many of whom were teenagers living with their parents. The investigators continued this tactic for several months, until about 60% of Vigrid quit the group.

It’s easy to see that PST could know who Vigrid’s members were simply by monitoring the Internet.

In addition, PST ran a comprehensive harassment campaign against Vigrid’s leader, Tore Tvedt. It engaged in extensive surveillance, house raids, arrests, and made sure he was repeatedly thrown out of rented houses.

Such methods, combined with everything else, have effectively blocked the transmission of non-genocidal views to both the present population and future generations of Norway’s rapidly-diminishing white youth.

Not a Total Surprise

A year ago, three of the five journalists who co-wrote the current Dagbladet exposé published the article, “Anti-Racists Built Extreme Right Organization” (Antirasister bygde høyreekstrem organisasjon ), Dagbladet, March 11, 2012.

Citing anonymous sources, they reported that from 2010 to early 2011 infiltrators from SOS Rasisme making up “a clear majority of the board and management of the NDL” had built, operated, and retained “full control” of the organization while reporting back to SOS Rasisme.

During the same period, the NDL was transformed from a moribund, little-known Facebook group into a nationally known “security threat.”

In February 2011, PST head Janne Kristiansen at a press conference identified the NDL for the first time as a national danger in the agency’s annual terrorist threat report.

The report specified that the largest Right-wing danger in Norway was the growing Norwegian Defence League, a subsidiary of the English Defence League (EDL). Both EDL and NDL were depicted as violent, Right-wing extremist organizations dedicated to racism, fascism, and Nazism. Any attempts to further develop NDL in Norway would be harshly suppressed.

PST and Oslo police invested considerable resources in secretly tracking white Norwegians attracted to the newly-invigorated group while Communists and PST infiltrators like Høibø and Hagen ran it.

NDL leader, SOS Rasisme member, and PST spy Jon Hagen

NDL leader, SOS Rasisme member, and PST spy Jon Hagen

Another leader of the NDL, Lena Andreassen, though not a Communist, cooperated with Oslo police to rid the organization of “unwanted persons” (“racists” and “anti-Semites”), and also maintained close contacts with PST.

One Left-wing infiltrator involved in the operation confided to Dagbladet that he had great respect for police officers who work against white Norwegians.

Breivik’s Alleged Membership In, and Radicalization By, the NDL

Communists, anti-white racists, and the Norwegian media conveyed the impression that Anders Behring Breivik was a member of the NDL and had been radicalized by it. The idea was to lay this at PST’s door. But it is a false accusation.

Breivik may have posted items to NDL’s Facebook page, and both Høibø and Lena Andreassen independently claim to have kicked him out of the group because of his racial views. Breivik, however, denies ever having been a member.

In fact, his ties, such as they were, with the EDL were much more extensive than to the NDL. After mentioning the NDL’s 2011 designation as a terrorist threat by the PST (long before the NDL’s true origins had been reported in the Norwegian press) in his 1,518-page manifesto, 2083: A European Declaration of Independence (2011)—the only reference to the NDL in the entire book—Breivik continues,

I know that the above description [by the PST] is nothing more than vile lies, a part of their psychological propaganda warfare against all cultural conservatives. I know this for a fact as I used to have more than 600 EDL members as Facebook friends and have spoken with tens of EDL members and leaders. In fact, I was one of the individuals who supplied them with processed ideological material (including rhetorical strategies) in the very beginning.

The EDL are in fact anti-racist, anti-fascist and anti-Nazi. They even have many members and leaders with non-European background (African and Asian). They have worked so hard, and continue to work hard, to keep National Socialists out of the organization, but yet they are strategically labeled as racist-fascist-Nazi-monsters by the multiculturalist authorities.

The EDL, although having noble intentions, are in fact dangerously naive. EDL and KT [Knights Templar] principles can never be reconciled as we are miles apart ideologically AND organizationally. The EDL even rejects taking a stand against multiculturalism.

KT was formed back in 2002 as a revolutionary conservative movement because we had lost hope that the democratic framework can solve Europe’s current problems. The EDL, on the other hand, IS a democratic movement. They STILL believe that the democratic system can solve Britain’s problems. This is why the EDL harshly condemns any and all revolutionary conservative movements that employ terror as a tool, such as the KT. And this is why, we, the KT, view the EDL as naive fools, wasting all their energy monkeyscreaming to deaf ears. (pp. 1435–36)

Freedom of Speech and Association Are Prerequisites for Democracy

In order for genuine democracy to function, a meaningful degree of free speech and free association must exist.

Anti-democratic systems can of course call themselves “democracies,” “people’s democracies,” and so forth, but that does not make them so.

Contemporary states in which mass media are concentrated in the hands of tiny, totalitarian minorities with no one else permitted a say in public discourse, that biologically destroy white populations in flagrant violation of laws prohibiting genocide, engage in replacement migration, recklessly assassinate, torture, and jail citizens, wantonly destroy entire nations, racially discriminate and oppress, formally designate pornography (the organized prostitution of and sexual trafficking in young white girls) “free speech” and proscribe core political and historical speech as “hate,” “racism,” “anti-Semitism,” “Holocaust denial,” and “disparaging the memory of the dead,” are not democracies.

Scorn democracy as zealously as you will, the fact is that Norway and other ex-Western countries hate it as much as you do.



  1. Greg Johnson
    Posted March 1, 2013 at 3:35 pm | Permalink

    In keeping with the “revelation of the method” meme, our review of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest points out that the movie shows a cozy relationship between the Swedish secret police, “above ground” Communist organizations, and criminal hackers, all of them pushing the Jewish agenda of anti-white genocide:

  2. Daniel
    Posted March 1, 2013 at 8:08 pm | Permalink

    In fairness to the EDL, Tommy Robinson must have presented some sort of threat to the system, as he is now languishing in prison on trumped up charges, while the likes of Anjem Choudary, who openly promotes jihad violence against the British people, remains free to walk around and collect welfare benefits.

    • Jack Laurent
      Posted March 1, 2013 at 11:40 pm | Permalink

      being in England… I have to say I don’t really like the EDL. I see it like this;

      ADL says William Pierce was a lunatic. William Pierce was not.
      ADL says David Duke wants to lynch black people. David Duke obviously does not.
      ADL says EDL are low brow football hooligans who hate all muslims. EDL *are* low brow football hooligans who hate all muslims.

      Personally, I sympathize a 1000x more with the Taliban than the EDL… the EDL have just bought into the jew point of view that all muslims are crazed and depraved, and I’ve seen a few EDL types who’re very friendly with Israeli positions. That, for me, says it all.

      I don’t disagree with people who’re angry at muslims breaking up funeral parades (that did happen at least once), but I tell them; what would you do? And then I tell them; muslims and us have a common enemy… you know who.

      But I grew up in area with a small islamic community in England, and in personal conduct some of them were better than the lumpen white kids and christians. Like it or not.

  3. Tim
    Posted March 1, 2013 at 8:52 pm | Permalink

    There is the underhanded manipulation of the public in Europe such as what is stated in this article and then there is the up front and open misdirection propagated by such websites like “Pro Europa” which I recently discovered while reading one of the Zionist anti-Islam websites. “Pro Europa” has the temerity to subtitle the website “Building Unity, Sustaining Identity”. It peddles a superficial interest in European culture while perpetually championing pluralism(multicult), diversity etc. Many articles bring attention to the “radical” islamists in Europe but affirms that islam is a part of European Identity. Thus those in Europe looking for a voice beyond the tired Euroshevik party line will be duped into thinking that this sight is a safe haven for Identitarians when in fact it is another mouth piece for Libertarian Humanistic Totalitarianism. The forces of inclusionary Racism(“anti-white”) cover all the angles it seems.

    • Bobby
      Posted March 2, 2013 at 2:35 am | Permalink

      I simply cannot “feel” for the plight of most Europeans, and even have a hard time feeling for the plight of most European-Americans. My God!! How much evidence do people in both of these groups require, before they even begin to realize there IS, an anti-white, utterly organized effort of government elite, to continue anti-white, even genocidal white policies into the foreeable future. How can anyone feel sorry for a people that willfully ignore the actions that are methodically and energetically undertaken to ensure their eventual demise? When I was a kid, I was one of those guys that was big for my age, and when picked on in school, I was often frightened of fighting back simply because I knew I could seriously hurt someone. Guess what? I doesn’t help. Even children interpret it as weakness. I wised up, and by the simple method of splitting a few lips with my fist, was with lightening speed, respected and left alone. Apparently as a group, most Europeans and European-Americans haven’t learned this lesson.

  4. Posted March 2, 2013 at 4:31 am | Permalink

    This article shows the dialectics of the black-bag-operation.

    Over the years I and others have documented (in polemical form) the so-called Australian neo-nazis with political police connections. See:

    In more recent times, Zionophile Australian groups with links to EDL, the British Freedom Party, Geert Wilders and similar, have emerged. Some of the history is at;

    While Nick Griffin’s comments cited here may be true enough about EDL, the BNP to which the Australian Zionophiles were formerly linked, carries much of the responsibility for allowing these provoacteur forces to take the place they have – and then be damaged by them in a way that the British nationlaist cause was undermined. It was, after all, Nick Griffin who told Haaretz that the “supertanker” of British nationalism had to be slowly turned around towards a Zionophile position. He now protests too much.

  5. Posted March 2, 2013 at 5:25 am | Permalink

    Remember also that Christian Høibø is convicted for possessing and distribution of child porn, something that seems to be more the rule than the excpetion for his lot:

  6. Jay
    Posted March 2, 2013 at 8:33 am | Permalink

    I have seen a very nice photo of Nick Griffin speaking whilst standing in front of a Union Jack… with a Star of David superimposed in the middle.

    The B.N.P. recently changed it’s membership policy to include members of all races, JUST LIKE the N.D.L..

    I have personally been banned from posting to all B.N.P. web sites for once vaguely mentioning some thing unfavorable to Israel. And with out a single warning, either .

    Quoting Nick Griffin as debunking some group for being a zionist Trojan Horse is like the Israeli pot calling the Jewish kettle black – the dude fairly REEKS of Judaism. Perhaps we should call him Rabbi Griffin?

    But then, the author of this clever little piece of Israeli propaganda already knows this, doesn’t he? And to think with Counter Currents I thought I’d finally found a home free of Judaic moles.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted March 2, 2013 at 1:46 pm | Permalink

      I think it is obvious that Nick Griffin has sold out our people. I think it is telling that two people I know who have been involved in British nationalist politics for decades independently looked at Griffin’s excellent talk on the EDL and did not think, “What a welcome change of heart” but merely “What new scam is this?”

      That said, I am sure that your comments were banned because you come off as a paranoid creep. That is certainly why I am banning you.

    • White Republican
      Posted March 2, 2013 at 10:49 pm | Permalink

      Good riddance to Jay. To accuse Andrew Hamilton of writing a “clever little piece of Israeli propaganda” or of being a “Judaic mole” is ignorant, idiotic, and libelous.

  7. Fynn
    Posted March 3, 2013 at 11:39 pm | Permalink

    Nick Griffin seems to think there is something to be gained by pleading that he’s not against ALL Jews – it’s only the Nazis who are like THAT, you see. Apparently Nick believes that such a stance will gain him something from powerful neocon Jews who will be inclined to clobber him with slightly less vigor. Still I think Nick’s heart is in the right place – some in the BNP apparently believe that they can point to Israel as an ethnically homogeneous state and proclaim that the British should be allowed the same, but that’s not how it works.

  8. Douglas S. Arneson
    Posted July 12, 2015 at 8:03 pm | Permalink

    In my view 911 served a patriot act pretext for all regimes within the united nations orbit. The fact that Moslems are being played for suckers like us is no reason not to repatriate them out of white Christian territory since they have their own real-estate. Furthermore the so called humanitarian pretext for what Hooton called “outbreeding” the white race should be addressed by these invaders at their home country. Incompetent people who can’t manage their own national affairs should be fighting their own corrupt politicians back where they came from. Douglas S. Arneson

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