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White Nationalist Race-Mixers

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German translation here

For the racialist, whose objective is to save our threatened people from extinction and set it upon a sound future path, the question Who belongs? is foundational. It must be examined with detachment from a variety of perspectives, regardless of any social awkwardness or interpersonal unpleasantness this may involve.

It is not about hurting people’s feelings; it’s about survival.

Because race is a biological concept, many of the most basic challenges we face are biological in nature. Of course, every biological problem has far-reaching social consequences.

Small groups, organizations, a movement, chronologically precede the establishment of a white polity, whether it be micro-nationalist, mini-nationalist, pan-national, or even the result of total reconquest. The question Who belongs?, initially applicable at the small group and movement level, therefore ultimately applies to the envisioned state as well.

Additionally, asking Who belongs? in a precise way hones the analytical faculty and clarifies the nature of the target audience, the methods needed to reach them, the actions desired from them and, in general, the goals one desires to achieve.

Intermarriage and White Survival

Intermarriage and interracial cohabitation, with or without hybrid issue (but especially with), are destructive of collective survival.

Nature required millennia to create our race, which can be destroyed almost instantly through intermixture, particularly in an environment characterized by white demographic collapse, genetic swamping, and the absence or suppression of cultural barriers to hybridization that non-dominant, non-isolated races need to survive.

“Throughout human history,” Jewish anthropologist Stanley Garn observed, “countless isolates have lost their reproductive barriers and in consequence their genetic uniqueness. . . . Today, we see numerous examples of crosses between disparate geographical races, with an increasingly larger proportion of the world’s population so formed.”

It is the “reproductive barriers,” especially social and cultural ones, which need to be consciously and explicitly reestablished and reinvented. No one has been hit harder by their legal suppression than whites. Indeed, laws prohibiting genocide criminalize the racist measures Jews and governments routinely adopt. Unfortunately, criminals pay as much heed to such prohibitions as they do to immigration laws.

It is interesting in this regard that when whites dominated, they arranged for the separate existence of races. Reservations, ghettoes, segregation, and apartheid envisioned the coexistence, rather than the destruction, of races.

Anti-white governments, in contrast, insist upon destruction. As noted, they stand self-condemned as criminals under their own laws!

Race-mixing by whites is occurring everywhere in the world. The proliferating products of such unions are effectively lost to our people, but hopefully some will eventually honor and fight for the white portion of their heritage.

In the vast majority of cases the actual whites who outmarry and sexually reproduce become irrelevant. They possess no racial pride or consciousness, and do not identify with or care about the survival of their own race.

Undoubtedly, some even welcome its disappearance. This is the default position of the System, and therefore of most people, white and nonwhite: “Who cares whether the white race survives?”

As Wilmot Robertson noted, “Strictly speaking, no one can change or trade his race. This is precluded by the physical stratum of race. But one can lose or give up his race-mindedness, his racial pride, his racism. . . . One can marry a person of a different race and have hybrid children.” By outmarrying, a white person “withdraws for all practical purposes from his own group and becomes, if not a bona fide, at least an ad hoc member of a minority.”

The Race-Mixing White Nationalist

It doesn’t take one long to notice that white racialism replicates within itself every social pathology characteristic of the surrounding society, race-mixing included. So one must attempt to be realistic about this and do the best one can in the face of it.

Paradoxically, there are intermarried whites, some with hybrid children, who nevertheless identify more strongly and sincerely with the white cause than do whites still living accidentally and unconsciously in wholly white family environments.

This is not altogether surprising. Some do not arrive at racial understanding until later in life, after the wrong path has been taken.

Furthermore, it’s the moral thing to do. One would expect even numerous individuals from nonwhite Gentile races to ultimately sympathize with our cause, since to oppose it means to endorse genocide—not in theory, but in practice. And whatever their other faults, members of these races aren’t Jews.

Two examples of intermarried individuals on the fringes of white racialism are conservative writers John Derbyshire and Fred Reed.

Derbyshire, an Englishman living in New York City who writes for National Review, is married to a Chinese woman. They have two children.

Fred Reed, an exceptionally gifted satirist and opinion writer, cohabits with a Mexican woman. I don’t recall whether they’re married or not, and don’t know whether they have children.

Reed was a guest speaker at an American Renaissance conference. That group is a conservative advocate of white interests.

What to make of this? It raises an issue that shouldn’t simply be swept under the rug.

The decision to outmarry, sexually hook up with nonwhite partners, or produce hybrid children, has major ramifications both for the individual concerned and the embryonic community as a whole.

The individual who makes such a choice cannot help but have his emotions and loyalties subtly but powerfully diluted—particularly where a spouse and children are concerned, but even otherwise. One’s racial sense is inevitably attenuated. Family ties are not easily eschewed.

The white racial community (i.e., conscious whites) is also affected. Members will refrain from speaking or even thinking certain thoughts that need to be examined and expressed in order to spare the feelings of people who are often true friends (unlike most white nitwits).

Just like society at large, the group grows accustomed to seeing and socializing on a familiar basis with nonwhites who become unconsciously identified with the in-group. The assimilation of nonwhites by white racialists into their intimate family circles as spouses, children, in-laws, cousins, and so forth, no matter how peripherally, also shifts group loyalties and blunts the ability of other members to sharply distinguish and oppose the inroads of the alien.

The same harmful process that occurs among whites in the larger society is thus replicated among explicit whites, even though they begin from a psychological point of origin more distant from, and less conformist than, that of profane society.

For these reasons, the psychological and ideological clarity provided by the radical (Pierce) approach, outlined below, cannot simply be dismissed. It at least has the virtue of throwing the problem into sharp relief.

The most intriguing aspect of the AmRen situation is that a Jewish correspondent for a major newspaper—my recollection is that it was the Washington Post—smugly reported one year that many attendees at an annual conference were accompanied by non-white spouses or partners.

This is precisely the sort of thing a Jew would immediately notice and grasp the significance of, but that whites—even racially conscious ones—would remain vague in their minds about.

We can identify two extreme responses to the proliferation within white nationalist ranks of sexual partnerships with nonwhites.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell . . . Don’t Care

AmRen’s attitude probably exemplifies a reluctance to come to grips with the problem. No doubt organizers and members would prefer in-marriage to out-marriage, but gentility prevents them from confronting the matter directly, just as “anti-Semitism” is frowned upon, Paul Fussell-fashion, as low-status.

But when the sea is pouring over the dike and the mushroom clouds billowing, it’s time to chuck gentility out the window.

This lack of focus, or excessive politeness, may be contrasted with indifference arising from non-commitment, or a perceived lack of threat from intermarriage, interracial cohabitation, and hybridization.

The latter position was expressed a decade ago by columnist Steve Sailer on the website in his essay “On Interracial Marriage.”

Sailer casually dismissed the concerns of a correspondent who wrote, “Miscegenation destroys irreversibly and utterly that which took Nature tens of thousands of years to create.”

In response, the columnist claimed that “Anyone wishing to ‘abolish the white race'” is “going to have to wait a long time,” since there are, “depending on strictness of definition from over one billion to over two billion” whites on the planet.

The truth is, there is not even an accepted definition of “white,” much less a reliable census of the members of our race worldwide. Unsurprisingly, Sailer did not cite any sources for his numbers. The range of Sailer’s prodigious Internet output is as broad as the Great Plains, but in this instance at least less than 1/256″ deep.

In 2002, the estimated population of the world was 6.3 billion. So Sailer was guessing that the white population ranged anywhere from over 16% to more than 32% (nearly 1/3) of the total. His error range alone (2 billion – 1 billion = 1 billion), equaled his total low-ball estimate and represented roughly the population of India that year (1.1 billion).

Sailer proceeded to claim that intermarriage between whites and Hispanics, and whites and blacks, was statistically insignificant. (He omitted mention of Jews and other nonwhites completely.) This wasn’t true even when he wrote, but what matters anyway is the extent of interracial mating, whether inside or outside of marriage.

The allegedly slow growth in the small number of mixed race children in white areas “will have a mild but probably beneficial effect on racial friction.”

His conclusion:

My bottom line view on marriage: you ought to marry the person you love. The alternatives—marrying a person you don’t love or not marrying at all—are worse.

I didn’t exactly come up with that idea all by myself. Over the last millennium, this has become the predominant view of Western Civilization. Increasing freedom to form love matches reflects the West’s distinctive values such as individualism, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

In other words, “Don’t worry. Be happy and racially irresponsible.”

Though Sailer is not a racialist (he has attacked even Jared Taylor’s tepid brand of white nationalism), and perhaps not even white (he has speculated that he may be part Jewish), his blasé approach is unquestionably reflected in the behavior of elements of the racialist right, as some commenters even on this website have freely admitted with respect to their own pasts.

Zero Tolerance

At the other end of the spectrum is the zero tolerance policy adopted by William Pierce, founder of the National Alliance. He expressed his absolutist approach in various ways.

In the first few pages of his novel Hunter (1989), the book’s hero had already murdered 12 people—all racially mixed couples—by gunning them down in shopping mall parking lots:

He settled on the shootings for three reasons. First, they were highly symbolic of America’s sickness and of the danger threatening his race. Everyone would understand immediately their significance and the motivation behind them. Second, they were personal and direct actions; they had more therapeutic value for him than a more impersonal blow against the System would have had. Third, and most important, they were acts that could be imitated by others. Many could shoot down a miscegenating couple on the street.

Pierce isn’t the only person to think this way.

For example, his novel is dedicated to serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin, “the Lone Hunter, who saw his duty as a White man and did what a responsible son of his race must do, to the best of his ability and without regard for the personal consequences.”

Comparable sentiments were expressed by the band Blue Eyed Devils in their song “Walk in Shame.” (In this realm, as elsewhere, distinctions must be made. Ian Stuart and Skrewdriver, and of course Swedish singer Saga, are the Wilmot Robertsons/Instaurations of skinhead bands, Blue Eyed Devils, the ersatz Romper Stomper, and others the Tom Metzgers/Turner Diaries.)

In Pierce’s fantasized “Day of the Rope” in The Turner Diaries (1978; 2d ed. 1980), numerous victims dangling from trees and lampposts after the revolution are whites who engaged in interracial sex:

There are many thousands of hanging female corpses like that in this city tonight, all wearing identical placards around their necks. They are the White women who were married to or living with Blacks, with Jews, or with other non-White males. There are also a number of men wearing the I-defiled-my-race placard, but the women easily outnumber them seven or eight to one. On the other hand, about ninety per cent of the corpses with the I-betrayed-my-race placards are men, and overall the sexes seem to be roughly balanced. Those wearing the latter placards are the politicians, the lawyers, the businessmen, the TV newscasters, the newspaper reporters and editors, the judges, the teachers, the school officials, the “civic leaders,” the bureaucrats, the preachers, and all the others who, for reasons of career or status or votes or whatever, helped promote or implement the System’s racial program. The System had already paid them their 30 pieces of silver. Today we paid them.

More soberly, anyone with “a non-White spouse (whether under civil law or common law) or a non-White dependent” was ineligible for membership in the National Alliance—whose membership was restricted to “White persons,” defined as “any non-Jewish person who appears to be [i.e., displays a phenotype] of wholly European ancestry.”

Incidentally, the maximum Amerindian ancestry permitted for NA membership, even if the candidate looked white, was a stringent 1/8 (one Indian great-grandparent to 7 white great-grandparents). For historical comparisons of restrictions on Jewish ancestry among whites in Germany, and Negro ancestry under American miscegenation statutes, see here.

In 1981 a libertarian journalist wrote a letter to National Vanguard. He said:

To tell you the truth, you make me a little nervous. In your June edition of National Vanguard, in the short article on Rabbi Meir Kahane (I rather admire his honesty and courage) and his effort to make sex illegal between Gentile men and Jewish women, you write that death would be a more appropriate punishment for that crime than the five years in prison suggested by the rabbi. I already feel the blade whistling down.

Pierce replied:

What a guillotine is required for is to cut out of the race truly diseased elements, so that they do not propagate. Taking a non-white as a mate, whether with the deliberate intent of miscegenation or simply as an act of egoistic irresponsibility, is clear evidence of disease. (I would indeed be sorry if your nervousness in response to my seconding of Rabbi Kahane’s proposal for outlawing sexual relations between Jews and Whites were based on personal guilt.)

Allies and Emissaries

It would seem that a happy medium should be struck between these two extreme positions.

At least the problem should not be ignored, as the “Don’t care” response preaches. We must care. At present, genocidal anti-white policies of state and society are utilizing one-sided or compulsory propaganda and the power of the state to insure white biological extinction through replacement migration, a collapsing white birth rate, large scale hybridization with non-whites, institutionalized racial discrimination, and the curtailment of essential liberties.

Race destruction through hybridization is thus a key pillar of the Establishment’s assault upon our people. As racialists, we cannot ignore this.

Most whites who live with non-whites are either anti-white or racially indifferent.

Still, there is a small minority of de facto race-mixers whose pro-white sincerity and integrity are beyond question. Paradoxically yet undeniably, their group loyalty and psychological identification are purer by far than anything exhibited by the vast majority of accidental whites, who more often than not are actively anti-white.

Because the process of racialists hooking up with nonwhites is not going to subside anytime soon, there is the question of how to deal with the problem. There is also the matter of racialists who have engaged in interracial sex or relationships in the past, and perhaps had children from such liaisons.

The necessity of utilizing the talents, resources, and sympathies of these people seems inescapable.

Even the purist, unyielding Dr. Pierce did so to a limited degree. A follower who was refused NA membership due to a former marriage to an Asian woman nevertheless interacted with Pierce and donated money to the Alliance—including a vehicle Pierce drove.

Though I usually adamantly refuse to point to Jews as a positive example for anything, in this instance I’ll make an exception. Thousands of out-marrying and part Jews perform invaluable, possibly indispensable, services in establishing and preserving Jewish dominance and destroying white society despite being denied membership in, or being permitted to damage, the core Jewish population.

One may study the mechanisms by which this is accomplished through personal analysis and observation, or by reading a theoretical description in Jewish author Daniel Elazar’s Community and Polity: The Organizational Dynamics of American Jewry (1976). A succinct summary of Elazar’s key points on the subject may also be found in David Duke’s My Awakening (1998), p. 458.

Nevertheless, the negative effects of race-mixing upon the embryonic white community must be kept uppermost in mind, and steps taken to insure that the mixers, in combination with the habitual negligence and laxity even of committed non-mixing whites, do not contaminate and weaken the evolving community.

It would seem that a clearly demarcated “associate” status of some sort, formal or informal, should be established for WN race-mixers (but not their nonwhite family members) whose sincerity and loyalty is otherwise beyond doubt.

The miscegenating white racialist, while contributing in various ways to our cause, may also serve as an emissary or envoy from our people to the larger non-white and anti-white world beyond, retaining the memory of his white past, a commitment to the proud heritage of his ancestors and the co-racialists he left behind . . . who will survive or perish as their collective decisions, the forces arrayed against them, and Fate, have yet to determine.

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  1. Chris
    Posted December 19, 2011 at 12:24 am | Permalink

    I’ve been married to a Turk for 5 years. She is white (like a lot of Turks in Istanbul, İzmir and other western cities in Turkey), and so are her family. Would this be considered as race-mixing?

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted December 19, 2011 at 1:00 am | Permalink

      Well, if you are white too, then I would not consider it race-mixing.

      But a common race is really not sufficient as a foundation for a common identity, and different white peoples who are concerned to maintain their distinct subracial, ethnic, and religious identities would naturally view the idea that people are suitable marriage partners simply if they are white as profoundly subversive. In the United States, where whites are increasingly of mixed European stock, such compact ethnic identities are impediments to our racial solidarity and survival.

      But in Europe, where there are still robust national and subnational identities, a merely white nationalism is subversive of their ethnic-genetic interests — although these same interests require the European nations remain at peace with one another and constitute a civilizational bloc that can counter-balance America and China, and these aims require that a sense of European common identity supervene upon more compact identities — but not to replace and undermine them.

      So if you were a German who married a white Turkish woman, I can understand your German family being upset, even though if you were a German American marrying a Turkish American, your choice would be a bit unusual, but not alarming.

      Religion is another factor. I think that Europeans are right to be concerned with preventing the spread of Islam in Europe, regardless of the racial quality of Muslims. Even if every Muslim looked like Anders Breivik, their religion/culture is profoundly alien and destructive not just of Christian Europe, but pagan and secular Europe as well. So although I am not religious myself, I would be alarmed at a marriage to a practicing Muslim, or a non-practicing Muslim whose family might join her here.

      So it’s more complicated than just race.

    • Sandy
      Posted December 19, 2011 at 9:49 am | Permalink

      Not having met you Chris or your wife, I would have to answer your question in the affirmative. I base my answer on the history of Europe and Turkey and the fact that Europeans do not want Turkey in the new developing European super-state.
      The next question is the fate of your children when everything falls apart. Well, the infamous Hitler did have many Jews (half or full?) in his military so I don’t really know. We shall just have to wait and see how cold hearted everybody becomes in this darkening world. If it was just you and a few others that had married Turks I don’t suppose it would matter too much as the Turk bit could easily be washed out but we are talking about mass miscegenation and the outburst of Emma West is the shape of things to come. While we are all hoping for a congenially separation I guess that “preparing for the worst and hoping for the best” would be the best solution although I fear that the pent up frustration of the oppressed could be pretty explosive.

    • Sandy
      Posted December 19, 2011 at 1:25 pm | Permalink

      Just a thought Chris, but although the internet is home for sweeping generalizations there is a possibility that your wife is mostly European. Ever since viking times (and possibly before) Europeans have been carried off to be sold as slaves. The Turks were notorious slavers too. So who knows? As Greg wrote it’s more complicated than just race. Hopefully it will all work out to the benefit of all races.

  2. Sandy
    Posted December 19, 2011 at 12:41 am | Permalink

    A very good piece with lots to think about. One minor point is that while Pierce may have offered three reasons for shooting interracial couples a fourth reason is the most important of all; it is ordained by God. Richard Kelly Hoskins in his 1990 Vigilantes of Christendom goes into the Phineas Priesthood in detail. Briefly in the 25th Chapter of the Book of Numbers Phineas killed the race mixing couple so that God turned his wrath away and lifted the plague that had already killed 24,000 Israelites as punishment for allowing the race mixing.
    As most of you enjoy winding up Christians you can order the book from Hoskins is in his 80’s now and has just retired. Have fun with the book, my pagan friends!

  3. Dominion
    Posted December 19, 2011 at 2:39 am | Permalink

    One thing that has been left out is the role of mixed-race children of such unions. If such a person decides to support the “cause” of European racialism, is he or she accounted for as European, especially if their ancestry is majority European? If they decide to marry, should they seek out a European as a partner? Thoughts on this will probably differ, so reply and explain your view.

    Moreover, the idea that sexual relations with non-Europeans is somehow a “defilement” seems to be wholly unjustifiable and stemming from a view of sex as somehow “impure” created in the European mind by Christianity. The viking ancestors those of us with Scandinavian heritage love to lionize would certainly have given no thought to bedding a ‘skraeling’ (re: native American) or Slavic woman they found attractive. For that matter, they seemed to have little problem taking them as wives when the opportunity arose. Regardless, a white American man who has hooked up with Latinas or Asian women in the past, yet has children with a woman of European heritage has not defiled his race in any conceivable manner.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted December 19, 2011 at 2:55 am | Permalink

      The reason why inter-racial sex is bad is because it leads to inter-racial babies. If it does not lead to offspring, and if it is in the past, not an ongoing or future behavior pattern, then I say “no harm, no foul.” I have more to say on these matters here:

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted December 19, 2011 at 3:33 am | Permalink

      There is a serious question that has to be raised about racially mixed people in the white republic. On the one hand, I completely understand racial purists and the desire to exclude anyone of any racial admixture no matter how small. With Blacks, in particular, the one drop rule should apply.

      On the other hand, I see it is politically pragmatic to accept as white people who look, think, and act white although they might have some Asian or Amerindian ancestry. I was surprised to learn that the National Alliance accepted people who were one-eighth Amerindian.

      But why not accept a person who is half-white today, knowing that in two generations, if his descendants marry only whites, they will be one eighth white? Do we really want a gene pool in which non-white genes become diluted but spread evenly throughout? Would that really be us?

      I would like to get a scientist to tell me if it is true that racial admixtures “dilute out” over time, which seems to be a bit of folk wisdom. If one can genetically determine even tiny admixtures, then obviously this cannot be true.

      In the end, I am less concerned though with the race that we have been made than the race we can become. As a racially-conscious community we should seek out phenotypically white people of the best quality, knowing that in the future, we will eventually be able to edit out undesirable DNA if that really matters to us.

      • Kennewick Man
        Posted December 19, 2011 at 9:41 pm | Permalink

        Greg said :
        “I would like to get a scientist to tell me if it is true that racial admixtures “dilute out” over time, which seems to be a bit of folk wisdom. If one can genetically determine even tiny admixtures, then obviously this cannot be true.”

        Genes are sequences of dna, and a length of dna containing many genes makes up a chromosome. A human egg or sperm has 23 chromosomes, so when they combine the resultant baby will have 23 pairs of chromosomes.
        If one parent was white and the other black, the mulatto baby will have one white and one black chromosome in each pair, with one white and one black gene for each trait.

        When gametes (reproductive cells, either egg or sperm) form in our mulattto, one cell with 23 pairs of chromosomes splits into two gametes, each of which gets one chromosome from each pair. For each gamete there is a 50% chance of getting the black version. Now it’s possible to get all 23 black chromosomes in one gamete and all the white ones in the other. But that would be like tossing a coin 23 times and getting heads every time. You have a better chance of winning the lottery. (Actually the chances are worse than this because sometimes the two chromosomes in a pair will exchange some of their material. That won’t affect our argument in the end because the average gamete will still have half black and half white genes.) Most of the time a gamete will have 11 or 12 or so black chromosomes, just like on the average 23 coin tosses will give 11.5 heads.

        If the mulatto becomes part of a breeding population of 8, where all the others are white, and if each member of the population produces two offspring in each generation, the mulatto’s two offspring get one set of white chromosomes from the other parent, and on the average gets half black and half white chromosomes from the mulatto. We now have two quadroons in our population, with about 1/4 black genes. If they marry whites, we get four octaroons in the next generation, and we expect them to have 1/8 black genes. When they marry the remaining whites, we get eight offspring who are 1/16 black, with 1/16 black genes. From this point on the genes are just reshuffled, and the average member of all future populations will have 1/16 black genes. If we had more whites we could get a lower fraction of black genes, but in a finite population, as long as the carriers of the black genes breed at a rate equal to the non-carriers, we will always have those genes

        Now if we allow our population to have a higher birth rate, and put them in conditions where not all survive to reproduce, we may eliminate some of the black genes, or the white genes, depending on the conditions. In the Korean War, white US troops suffered less from the cold than whites, and whites with lighter hair and eyes suffered less than whites with dark hair. Also surviving in a temperate climate may require planning and responsible behavior that life in the tropics does not. For this reason, I think the argument that all British, for example, are of mixed race because the Roman occupying armies contained Africans, lacks merit.

        In conclusion, until the technology to edit dna becomes available, we wouldn’t want to introduce any undesired genes into a white republic. There are things that could be done presently should it be desired to admit a person with unwanted genes. In the Third Reich, the small number of mulattos with a German parent were given the options of deportation or sterilization. A citizen who had undergone sterilization could still have children by means of a sperm or egg donor.

      • mark
        Posted December 20, 2011 at 9:41 am | Permalink

        I’d like to see something in print from the NA that the National Alliance accepted people who were one-eighth Amerindian.

      • Proofreader
        Posted December 21, 2011 at 1:20 am | Permalink

        “I’d like to see something in print from the NA that the National Alliance accepted people who were one-eighth Amerindian.”

        The rule may have been more stringent. In an item republished at the National Vanguard website, William L. Pierce wrote:

        “As a very rough rule, if a person looks White and thinks of himself as White and is the kind of person our other members wouldn’t mind their sisters marrying — and if we know that he’s no more than one-sixteenth non-White, we consider him White.”

        However, no exact reference for the quotation is given.

  4. Petronius
    Posted December 19, 2011 at 2:46 am | Permalink

    I understand the concerns, but I am mostly with Sailer on this issue. A gifted writer with an Asian woman can do more for the cause by his writing than by his breeding. In general, there should always be more tolerance for the talented (think of Moondog too, discussed on this site). Creative people work out things their own way – let them be. Also, this sort of discussion always makes me think of Pushkin, the most Russian of poets, who actually had a black great-grandfather. Such things occasionally happen, even though they are not the rule. I guess there are times in history when one can afford to be generous, and some when rather not.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted December 19, 2011 at 2:51 am | Permalink

      The trouble is that the exception has become the rule.

  5. Donar Van Holland
    Posted December 19, 2011 at 3:33 am | Permalink

    Interesting, isn’t it, that among White Nationalists there is a problem of loving other races too much! So much for the Judeo-liberal claim that White Nationalists are “a bunch of haters”…

    Personally, I find it not so easy to maintain the boundary, especially when Asian women are concerned. I do understand the seriousness of the issue, though. If we want the white race to continue, we have to make this kind of sacrifice. There is no other way, unfortunately.

    However, this point should be made clear to our people in a very concise, undramatic way. The mass killing fantasies of Pierce c.s. are NOT going to convince people. If anything, they will just provoke anger and make people leave the movement. Because it is unfair to kill someone for a choice he made out of love, even if he is wrong.

    Instead we should stress that White Nationalists have to make several sacrifices for their race, and one of the foremost is restricting their partners to other whites. I am sure that a true white person understands the value of sacrifice, especially for the white children.

    Furthermore, the following point of view has helped me to maintain the boundaries. If you look at woman just as a sexual object, it seems that race matters less. Our sexual organs have a way of just not caring about anything else except other sexual organs

    However, if you envision sex not just as a sexual gratification, but also as a kind of communion, the picture changes. How much do you really have in common with that Asian woman, even if she looks great? How easy is it to confide her not with just your body, but your intimate, vulnerable soul? What about your ancestors? Would they be happy?

    I think that in this way we can deal in a sensitive but just way with the issue. Motivation does count, and to meet out the same punishment to race mixers as to political traitors is highly unjust, and therefore not truly white. We should never forget that WE are “the good guys”.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted December 20, 2011 at 11:22 pm | Permalink

      Well thought and well said. Thank you.

  6. Jim Stark
    Posted December 19, 2011 at 4:19 am | Permalink

    I guess this article assumes that white nationalist race mixers will be helpful to the white cause, while at the same time, they will not be separated from their non-white relationship. Maybe this could be true in the short run, but not over the long run. Since total separation is pretty much the goal.

    I think a white nationalist race mixer could be helpful on a subordinate level, but not with a leadership position. White nationalist leaders should have no non-white connections for obvious reasons.

    If someone wants to renounce racial mistakes of the past, they should be allowed, but they would have to sever non-white ties to make it convincing. Once someone has non-white children, that’s almost impossible.

    I don’t think comparing the white situation with jews is entirely accurate, since whites demonstrate their non-loyalty to the white race by marrying a jew and it is a step up for jews to marry a white. Biologically, jews do not damage their “race” when they marry a white. However, I agree, that this is an issue that needs to be considered more carefully, along with who is to be considered “white.”

    Can you guess the next step in this issue? Should we let non-whites help the white race?

    These issues will probably be a lot easier to sort out as things progress.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted December 20, 2011 at 11:28 pm | Permalink

      I honestly don’t know of many people who are WNs and race-mixers. Glenn Miller is the only one who has aspired to a leadership role. I know of one fellow, long dead now, who married and had children first with a Jew then with an Asian woman, but later in his life he became a supporter of George Lincoln Rockwell and after that the National Alliance. He was a talented man who did much for the cause.

      I know of a couple of WNs today who are married to Asians but without the complicating factor of having children with them. Both came to their racialism relatively late. Both are talented, decent individuals who have done much for our cause.

      But maybe Andrew Hamilton knows something I do not. Maybe this is a bigger thing. But even if it is quite uncommon, it is important for us to get our thoughts clear.

      • Stephen
        Posted December 25, 2011 at 5:53 pm | Permalink

        Greg and Andrew,
        I first want to say to Greg that I think you have done wonderful work on this site. Second, I very much like this article of Andrew’s and Greg’s responses.
        Greg Johnson often writes about the White Republic. I have been think of this problem of race mixing that Hamilton’s article deals with for sometime and I have an idea for a solution. Obviously, all this abstract and hypothetical at this time because I don’t control governments or anything.
        Here is my idea: Why not take some portion of the West and try to create a pro-White Western multiracial system. An example of what I am suggesting would be if a Covingtonesque White ethnostate existed side by side with a multiracial allied fascist state in post-America. During the 1930s in Brazil, there was an attempt to create a fascist system that was multiracial. It was called Integralism.
        Why couldn’t a multiracial anti-semitic Integralist state be allied with a White ethnostate? The Integralist country could even teach its various inhabitent types that their common bond is the great Western Civilization they adopted from the White Man. The White Ethnostate would be for whites only and emphasize its genetic heritage while its Integralist ally could emphasize that it is an English only country and work to suppress other languages.
        This could workin other ways too. White Ethnostates throughout the World could work on quantity in the form of breeding programs to increase White numbers. Meanwhile, the Integralist state could institute a eugenics program within its borders. Anyone male, regardless of race, could be irreveribly sterilized if their IQ was under 90. The same could be done to unattractive women under 90 in IQ. Also, an integralist state could serve as a type of filtering machine for white ethnostates. Non-whites from recovered White countries could be resettled there. Also, this allows those who do misceginate yet want to contribute a place to go and function. Finally, such a place could be useful for altering countries. For instance, if Russia became a white ethnostate, an Integralist nation could serve a place to send all the Asiatic minorites and thus transform Russia, for the first time in its history, into a wholly white country.

  7. Posted December 19, 2011 at 5:51 am | Permalink

    MacDonald’s first book of his trilogy is a must read. Through the centuries Jews have been infinitely more obsessed with racial purity and the purest genealogies, especially for the rabbis, than even the strictest application of Nuremberg’s laws. If they have been so successful, those who promote the slogan “toward white Zionism” should study their methods.

    I tried to contact personally Fred Reed here in Mexico but he declined because of respect to his wife. What he does is exactly what the bachelor Spaniards did just after conquering the Aztec empire half a millennia ago.

    As to the temptation of race mixing and even miscegenate, whites are more than weak: they’re wired the wrong way. I see no way out of this dilemma except through the creation of Nuremberg-like laws in an ethnostate.

    • Trainspotter
      Posted December 25, 2011 at 11:56 pm | Permalink

      Stephen: “Why not take some portion of the West and try to create a pro-White Western multiracial system.”

      I would not aspire to such an outcome with any portion of the West, and am doubtful that many people would fight to establish a “pro-white” multiracial system.

      However, I can see something of the sort developing over time. In other words, while it is unlikely that anyone would ever fight to establish such a thing, there will be plenty of multiracial states out there by default, even if they developed more by historical accident (and mistake) than anything else. Some of those multiracial states may well, either through some cultural process or simple economic self interest, develop positive relationships with white ethnostates. Again, I would hope that such states existed in the third world as opposed to upon our ancestral lands, but that issue is moot for now.

      What’s not moot is, as you mention in your post, that we need some sort of filtration system for the white population, a catch basin if you will. The white ethnostate should, naturally, shed its detritus over time. Those who wish to miscegenate…good riddance, but they need some place to go.

      So I agree with you that a multiracial state could serve a very useful purpose by allowing us to gradually shed the kooks and freaks among whites who, even though they had the advantage of growing up in a healthy white ethnostate, still identify more with the “other” than with their own people. As the years go by and the kooks of each generation drain off, the white population should grow more and more healthy and ethnocentric in its impulses, especially assuming there is some genetic influence in play.

      While all of this appears to be fantasy far removed from reality, it makes a point that is important to grasp today: we can’t save everyone, and we shouldn’t even try. That goes to the heart of the “ethnostate versus take it all back” debate.

      Chechar: “As to the temptation of race mixing and even miscegenate, whites are more than weak: they’re wired the wrong way. I see no way out of this dilemma except through the creation of Nuremberg-like laws in an ethnostate.”

      I don’t really buy this. The vast majority of whites prefer to mate with other whites, this even after decades of the most sustained and sophisticated propaganda assault that a people has ever been subjected to. We’re not wired the wrong way. Non-whites, on the other hand, will pretty much f**k anything that moves, unless they belong to a very cohesive cultural grouping that strongly sanctions it. Though highly racially aware, they ironically seem to have much less aversion to miscegenation than we do.

      Unfortunately, we have a substantial minority of people that are either “trashy,” with all that implies, or simply susceptible to the modern propaganda assault against us. As I suggested in my reply to Stephen, these people aren’t worth saving, and it would be best to remove them from the gene pool altogther. If we had our own land, such people would be free to leave, thus gradually removing the trash/morons from our midst.

      Some of our opponents ask, “If the white women the non-whites are taking from you are trash, why do you care?” The problem with the current system is that the trash isn’t removed, but in fact is encouraged to stink up the joint. In a culture that is pro multiracial, the case for white continuity can’t even be made.

      Such is the world that we live in today, where Martin Luther King has largely supplanted the Founders in our historical narrative, where not a single civic institution will support our position, not a single office holder, and even when a tiny and ridiculous church in the backwoods bucks the system just a tad, the resistance lasts all of about five minutes, and soon the church recants and bends the knee to the one true god: multiracialism.

      In other words, a multiracial society requires different heroes, values, and myths than one based on white continuity. It requires a different narrative, changing our understanding of who we are, where we came from, and where we should be going.

      If all that was happening was that a minority of white trash was being removed from our midst, that would not be such a bad thing. But instead what is happening is that the multiracial/miscegenation society is being used to destroy the civilization itself, to turn everything it touches into a cesspool, to something that is not worth caring about or living in. It has been devastatingly effective in this, and such is the true triumph of the Left. That is why, for our enemies, miscegenation is non negotiable in a way that nothing else really is. It is the one issue that they will go absolutely nuts over; no one is allowed to question it in any way.

      But just because we live in a cesspool, we should not despair totally. The vast majority of white females, though desired by males of all races, are not falling all over themselves to bed down with the non-white hordes, though they would have no difficulty in doing so. Most aren’t wired wrong. This is a cultural and civilizational failure, where those white males best suited for leadership have utterly failed to identify the threats to our existence, much less get behind a coherent plan to solve the problem.

      And even that failure must be seen in context. While the rot has been ongoing for some time, it has only been fairly recently that the chickens have really come home to roost. Not so long ago, most Western countries were pretty nice places to live, and the idea of fighting a violent revolution to start an ethnostate would have seemed rather absurd.

      Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor do a people come to grips with a major cultural/civilizational shift overnight. People are still confused, grasping about for solutions, and inevitably going down dead end streets (for example, the Ron Paul phenomenon). Time takes time. Now, if it turns out that our alien tormentors and accompanying sycophants are in fact able to destroy us as a people without even facing significant resistance, then at that time it will be fair to say that we are wired wrong, at least concerning the threat that destroyed us. Of course, by then it will be a moot point.

      But I don’t think it’s going to play out that way. If we find it within ourselves to successfully resist, then we are wired just fine. I think that’s the case, but I admit the jury is still out.

      • daniel
        Posted December 26, 2011 at 2:04 am | Permalink

        Stephen, there isn’t much of what you say that I find appealing. Basically, congenial co-existence with race mixing societies should not be high among our concerns. This vision seems to be about making life amenable for miscegenators – that should NOT be among our interests: let the leper colonies be the punishment and a way to THEIR extinction, as they might naturally create. We need to get away from obsequious liberalism toward non-Whites and traitors.


        While you have many good things to say, you are not thinking deeply enough in some regards. You start off in your critique of Stephen:

        “If all that was happening was that a minority of white trash was being removed from our midst, that would not be such a bad thing. But instead what is happening is that the multiracial/miscegenation society is being used to destroy the civilization itself, to turn everything it touches into a cesspool, to something that is not worth caring about or living in…

        ..That is why, for our enemies, miscegenation is non negotiable in a way that nothing else really is”..

        Not too bad.

        But then these two lines jump out for me.

        1) “It has been devastatingly effective in this, and such is the true triumph of the Left.”

        2) “White males best suited for leadership have utterly failed to identify the threats to our existence, much less get behind a coherent plan to solve the problem.”

        You criticize White men for not identifying the problem while misidentifying and misdirecting the problem yourself, in calling it “the left.”

        Jews are prescribing liberalism to us, in terms of how we are to act to them and all non-White groups. Our own leftism, properly understood, would function to protect us from them.

        While I am sorry for any commitment that this sight, Alternative Right, TOO, the European New Right folks, et al., has to the term, “Right”, that is a critical mistake, from the onset. Despite having adopted this bad moniker, I hope that some will have sense enough to drop it. It is important. The matter is that Jews, while they may be leftists of sorts unto themselves and advocate leftism for other non-White groups, are applying LIBERALISM to us, NOT LEFTISM for us! They want us to be “Rightists” because it is a bad angle.

        I do not want to get bogged down with economics, since that it not central to what I mean by White leftism. It could provide a very minimal social safety net, workfare, whatever, for Whites only, and a very generous high end before capping – that is not the point. It is about us, as Whites.

        While there are some parts of this essay that I would still like to shore up, it begins to set out the basic points.

      • Posted December 26, 2011 at 9:48 am | Permalink


        Your comments always bring plain common sense over all discussions in the WN sphere. I could never understand why most people at OD didn’t side you during that surreal duel last year (were they teenagers, kids in their early or middle twenties?). Now that you mention Ron Paul, I am curious what do you think of the dozens of Peter Schiff statements in mainstream media (available at YouTube) claiming that the crash of the dollar is around the corner.

        Before I discovered nationalism I dedicated years of my life researching a scandal. In the academia pseudo-sciences such as biological psychiatry are taught in the universities. How Schiff debunks Keynesian economics, which reigns in the economy departments, reminds me very strongly my former quest on a whole pseudoscience enthroned in the medical departments throughout the West.

        The YouTube debates of Schiff vs. Keynesian economists are fascinating. When the moderators allow Schiff to reply, he seems to checkmate every single Keynesian I am aware of.

        I ask you about Paul (cf his 2006 speech before the US House of Representatives) because it looks like, if Paul and Schiff are right about the dollar, after the crash a big window of opportunity will be opened to us. This could happen in a year or two; certainly no more than five years according to Schiff: something that, we may speculate, will make thousands of whites extremely upset and start their awakening process.

        The whole affaire makes me think that the balloon is going, finally, up in the near future.

      • Stephen
        Posted December 28, 2011 at 6:57 pm | Permalink

        So is Iranian for Aryan’s wife a kook? Is Tanstaafl “white trash”? Recently, I read Robert Griffin’s piece in the Occidental Quaterly that is found here:
        Griffin was saying that inspite of his belief that whites are intitled to and need an ethnostate he was getting sick and tired of the shrill smug attitude of so many “white nationalists” towards homosexuals and those who don’t follow white nationalism into genuine hatred of non-whites. (Griffin is straight btw.) I totally understand this. Whites are abused and we probably need an ethnostate for our long term survival but I am not interested in racial purity fanaticism and quasi-Nazi proclaimations of control over over people.
        If their was a white ethnostate in North America, I would not see it attracting the overwhelming majority of White Americans as citizens. (If it was governed by people who practiced the hostility presented in your response, my family and I would never go there and, honestly, neither would anyone else I know!) Harold Covington has made the statement on his show that he considers whites to be the betters of non-whites and not their owners. Likewise, white nationalists are not the owners of non-wn whites and really shouldn’t interfere in their lives let alone harm them if they choose to live outside a white ethnostate.
        Having said this, I am tired the genuine hatred of non-whites that white nationalists express. We have every right to survive in a state of our own free of psychological, physical, and monetary deprivations, but I am not interested in a society that wants North Korean style isolationism and a permanent adversarial relationship with non-whites. I never thought I would agree with Robert Lindsey, but many white nationalists unfortunately seem to see white nationalism as blanket hatred of non-whites more then allowing whites who choose to live separate to do so (and respecting whites who tolerate a white ethnostate but choose not to live in for one reason or another).
        Mr. Hamilton’s piece seems to imply that we could use are misceginators to our advantage (the better ones at least, obviously girls who mix with underclass blacks are worthless). Israel has done this magnificently with its mischlings here. I don’t see why they couldn’t help us in the sort of guidelines I suggested. It just angers racial purity fanatics who are married to their ideology.
        I really see the shrillness and smugness of many in this movement as guarinteeing it will remain indefinately a hated powerless marginal force. RamPaul has talked about how their is a type of race purity pc in the movement he finds distasteful and I can only imagine what the average White American would think of calling the misceginators blanketly “white trash”, “freeks”, and kooks. (By the way, you complain in your response that no land should be ‘given’ in the West to a multiracial system but the white ethnostate proposal is based on accepting that so much of America is lost. It would simply be a choose of whether the land outside of the ethnostate was controlled by allies or Jews. Naturally, because you hate non-whites and wnat us permenantly at odds with them, you favor hostles running such territory I assume.)

      • Fourmyle of Ceres
        Posted December 28, 2011 at 8:51 pm | Permalink



        I read Griffin. I think I see the common thread between your thinking and his.

        It’s the parody of White Nationalism Past.

        He got caught up in one moment, which seems to have been deliberately manufactured to reduce us to feelings of impotence, thoughts of demoralization, and an outcome of ineffectiveness, both personal and political.

        That’s what I am calling the Interregnum.

        With precious few exceptions, The Interregenum was all but deliberately stage managed in keeping with Alex Linder’s Great Observation concerning us and our Enemies. Linder said, “To win, ALL they have to do is stop us from asking the right questions.”

        I define modern White Nationalism as having three Eras:

        One, Rockwell, and his Plan to work with the former Wallace Democrats to form a new national political organization, dedicated to our Racial interests.

        Two, The Interregenum – mostly, Tonight’s Entertainment, with a few exceptions, like Dr. Revilo Oliver, and, in spirit, Dr. Sam Francis.

        Three, Harold Covington, and the Northwest Republic.

        Griffin saw how oppositional defiance led to personal and political ineffectiveness, as everyone blamed nebulous, transnational Forces – “INSIDERS,” “International Bankers,’ “Jews and the Colored People,” and no one looked at how we could actually Do Something about this, as Rockwell wished so fervently for. Whether or not this is by accident is left as an exercise for the Student. Listen and Learn, young Padawan.

        The Next Step is for the issue to shift to what Yockey referred to as the Vertical Component of Race, while developing the political system that allows for the further development of the Folk of the Race. Period.

        Again, only Harold Covington figured this out. While all others bitched, moaned, and complained, no one asked the First Question: “Who are we, what should we be Doing, and Why?”

        Think of Griffin as being an expert on the Dark Ages. Think of what he would Do if he saw and accepted the idea of a Racial Homeland, a Northwest Republic, the ONLY Plan for the Race that BEGINS with an explicitly formulated Constitution that states the Purpose of the State is to preserve and defend the organic foundation of the nation, the RACE.

        With such a Mindset, and such a Framework, the worst our Enemies can do to us is a ripple on the waves of the Amazon, and we can turn their stumbling blocks into steppingstones, on the Path for our Posterity to walk Among The Stars. (HT: Kevin Alfred Strom)

        Lest you think I am too much the Dreamer, look at the Jack Donovan on White Nationalism thread here, and see what the homosexual community did in less than two generations (Culturally, the blink of an eye).

        They redefined marriage to THEIR convenience, to THEIR satisfaction.

        There are valuable lessons to be learned from that.

        If the homosexuals can define marriage to their satisfaction, breaking the definition developed from the foundation of Civilization, imagine what WE could do when we begin to define Who and What we ARE, to our satifactiom.

        Lessons Learned:

        One, don’t worry about what THEY are doing to us, so much as what we can DO, for us. Unless they are standing in front of us with guns pointed at us, move steadily forward in the only direction that mattes, the direction that ;eads to our Posterity taking their rightful place in the Universe.

        Two, stop letting THEM define YOU to THEIR satisfaction.

        Three, if every speech from a White Nationalist Leader does not end with a call to action, damn effective ACTION, then recognize it as less than you deserve.

        Think of what the homosexuals did with marriage.

        Think of what we could do with a country, for our nation.

        Send some money to counter-currents each and every month.

        Focus Northwest.

        What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

  8. Scott
    Posted December 19, 2011 at 10:15 am | Permalink

    Mr. Hamilton,

    By now I’ve read most of your articles on this website and you seem to be amongst the most vigorous of combatants for this cause, whether that is now called the “Alternative Right” or something else. I myself prefer this website as its impetus is more virile and it possesses an actual vision, I think, in contrast to the other websites of the “Alternative Right” who merely disseminate statistical data that serve to emphasize the criminality, depravity and incompetence of blacks, their rivalry with the Hispanics and the activity of various minorities in the “racial-spoils-system”.

    This is of course a good service that could displace whites out of the hyper-liberal mindset in which they’ve been coerced since at least 1945 but it does not focus on the general idiocy of what has been happening since 45 nor the depravity of the modern era. Insofar as they do so their attempts are sublimated through code like “immigration reform” and they cite economic reasons as their justification for wanting to curb non-white/European immigration. Any genuine vision, not only for things like country, culture, people, or spirit, but for the essence of life as such, beyond the security and calculation of our now global-bourgeoisie, is totally absent. Their highest aspiration is to return to a 1950’s America which, frankly, is pathetic. I’m not saying such a thing exists here but there seems to be more of a chance for it.

    Anyway, what I really wanted to know is whether or not you are published anywhere else, both within and beyond the blogosphere.

    • Andrew Hamilton
      Posted December 19, 2011 at 9:14 pm | Permalink


      Thanks for your comments–as well as the time and effort you expended reading my previous articles here. The Internet possesses some similarities to newspapers, making it something of a chore to go back and read old columns, so I appreciate the effort.

      I don’t have a blog, but have published quite a bit of Internet material on race and related topics over the years, some in tiny venues, some addressed to larger audiences. (“Larger” in the pro-white context, which isn’t, of course, large.)

      However, several of the sites I wrote for have gone under, and the material has disappeared. Our publications, websites, and organizations have the lifespan of Drosophila. I don’t blame our hardworking, dedicated, and selfless proprietors and publishers for that, but rather the larger anti-white society that refuses to obey the law, never mind adhere to gentlemanly rules of conduct.

      I have been published in print, but entirely unrelated to social, political, or racial matters.

      So the only additional material I can easily point you to are these articles published a couple of years ago:

      “Taxonomic Approaches to Race,” TOQ (Fall 2008)

      “Race and Culture,” TOQ (Summer 2009)

      Again, thanks for your observations!

  9. Jaego Scorzne
    Posted December 19, 2011 at 12:53 pm | Permalink

    The writing of Millard are good on this. To throw your seed into an alien womb is to lose it. The mixed child will not look like you nor your father and his behavoir will be idiosyncratic as well.

    The notion of concentric circles is helpful as well. Gifted people like Fred Reed are our friends and we should honor them. But they are not our deepest circle. As I have said before, other races are far more supple on these questions than we are. We either totally accept or totally reject. And if our son has a mixed child, most Whites will change their philosophy to accomodate the new reality. That’s how weak and rigid we are. We could love our son and our grandson even as we know that they are lost to us in a deep sense. It’s possible.

  10. Posted December 19, 2011 at 12:59 pm | Permalink

    See my post about acquiring reproductive technology as a “life weapon.”

    With DNA sequencing and more development of embryo selection, test tube babies, and maybe even machines that can carry an embryo to term, we need to be mass producing unmixed, DNA sequenced, tested for genetic defects, high IQ White people.

    I know that’s kind of unsentimental, but hey, why not? If I was a multi-milloinaire, I would invest into research into reproductive technology, probably in Russia or China, where there is not so much uptightness about “medical ethics.” See my article about this:

  11. daniel
    Posted December 19, 2011 at 1:34 pm | Permalink

    In my estimation, the struggle is getting bad advice to go soft on this issue, particularly miscegenation with Blacks. I’ve heard Kievsky and Parrot saying that it was “the old fashioned way” to cheer on the demise of miscegenators. I disagree. To have sympathy for them and to try to help them is the old, ineffective way. Young women in particular should be made fearful of the consequences of miscegenation.

    Educate them as best as possible not to do it before hand, yes. But for our own sake the consequences of that behavior, should they engage it, should be stymied. At a minimum, they should have to go and live in Black areas/nations, with the consequences of their behavior, separate from us. With regard to Orientals, it is basically unacceptable as well, but there may be more gray area for negotiation.

    • mark
      Posted December 20, 2011 at 9:57 am | Permalink

      daniel wrote:

      “Young women in particular should be made fearful of the consequences of miscegenation.”

      They will be made fearful in the most horrific ways.

      • Greg Johnson
        Posted December 20, 2011 at 10:13 am | Permalink

        There is already a great deal or horrific information about the consequences of white women cohabiting with blacks.

        I would encourage internet activists to come up with two websites, one to discourage black and white miscegenation, the other to discourage white and Asian miscegenation. The sites would basically compile news stories about the difficulties and negative consequences of such pairings. Also, they should publish testimonials from people who learned to regret such matches. The tone should be redemptive and conciliatory. The facts will speak for themselves.

      • Posted December 20, 2011 at 10:29 am | Permalink

        I guess Mark has this in mind.

        • Greg Johnson
          Posted December 20, 2011 at 10:37 am | Permalink

          Unfortunately, you are probably right. This sort of fantasy literature does nothing to help our cause.

      • mark
        Posted December 20, 2011 at 11:22 am | Permalink

        Hi Cesar,

        Your powers of discernment never cease to amaze me. LOL

  12. Posted December 19, 2011 at 1:46 pm | Permalink


    We shouldn’t be publicly cheering the demise of low class miscegenators. They are basically victims from the moment they were born, and we should view them as such.

    We need to regard miscegenation as a social hygiene and social reform problem, and we need to depict miscegenators as unwitting victims. We can’t come off as heartless monsters (even if we are, LOL). We want to win the hearts and minds of mothers and grandmothers of White females.

  13. daniel
    Posted December 19, 2011 at 2:19 pm | Permalink

    Kievsky, I disagree strongly. We need to voice our clear and unequivocal disapproval as loudly as possible. It has to be known how destructive this behavior is, as they subject all of society to Blacks. I am not saying that Jews are not promoting it, using psychological manipulation, that these women have not been mis-educated. But this behavior is affecting all of us, horrifically. There needs to be hard consequences. It is the wrong thing to do to normalize, as a little mistake, the destruction of our evolution. If I had a miscegenating daughter, I would disown her.

    I’ll tell you what, since we both think that we are right and are not going to change one another, we can do a little good cop bad cop thing, ok? You can be nice to the mudsharks.

    • Lew
      Posted December 20, 2011 at 10:58 pm | Permalink

      Kids and grand kids add another layer of complexity to an already very difficult problem. I had sexual relations with a Latina in the distant past when I was a confused adolescent. There were no kids as a result of this relationship, and since it was in the distant past and also because I haven’t done it since, I don’t see it as very relevant now. Still, even after I became race conscious, I can’t say the temptation for casual hook up sex with non-White women never crossed my mind while living in Miami for many years. Although I won’t say it’s a universal truth based on my own behavior, I see the willingness of White men to copulate with non-White women as a much bigger potential mixing problem than the reverse (White women / non-White men).

      Regarding my own children, although I respect other choices, I would not disown my son or daughter for creating mixed race kids out of misjudgment or even conscious choice against my will. My kids come first period until the day I croak no matter what tragic choices they may make.

      If there is a solution to these various problems other than strict separation as early as it becomes feasible, I can’t think of it.

  14. Trainspotter
    Posted December 19, 2011 at 3:00 pm | Permalink

    Greg Johnson: “The reason why inter-racial sex is bad is because it leads to inter-racial babies. If it does not lead to offspring, and if it is in the past, not an ongoing or future behavior pattern, then I say “no harm, no foul.”

    Agreed, although there are some tricky aspects to this.

    On the one hand, we need to somehow get back to the “old ways” where any racial indiscretion – especially on the part of a woman, the womb of our race as well as a major inspiration to it – is so utterly shameful and disgusting to normal whites as to be beyond the pale.

    On the other hand, we need to recognize that we have largely lived our lives in a cesspool, with cultural collapse and a disintegrating social fabric as our constant companions. There is a big difference between the white who had the advantage of growing up in a healthy society, yet chose to miscegenate anyway, and a white who perhaps did so back in high school or college in an atmosphere of cultural degradation and anything goes (except white racial consciousness, of course). As you point out, so long as non-white offspring did not result, “no harm, no foul” is probably the proper response. Still, we should not be unmindful of how far we have fallen as a race to reach a point where such a response seems reasonable. Just a couple of generations ago we were in a far better place. But, time and place being what they are, it is reasonable today.

    There are also practical considerations that support the “no harm, no foul” position. How in the world are we going to prove non-marital (there is no marriage certificate), non offspring producing relationships from ten, twenty or thirty years ago? And I’m not talking about “proving” it in the context of our modern court system, but even with flying courts martials where a single person is judge, jury and executioner, and can consider any evidence that he likes. No rules of evidence, no hearsay objections, and no hiding behind lawyers.

    To attempt such a thing would be nothing but a nightmare, would tear white families apart, and completely undermine support for the new White Republic. Can you imagine executing or exiling a white father of three white children, because alledgedly he bedded an Asian chick during his sophomore year of college, twenty years ago? Such would be madness. And again, how would one even prove such a thing, without the hard evidence of marriage licenses, birth certificates, or visible non-white children? Did someone actually see them have sex? Unlikely. “Hey, we were just friends!”

    These sorts of overly strict requirements, in the modern context, accomplish nothing more than to drive off potential supporters, who can only imagine that they will experience terrible punishment for some real or alleged indiscretion of decades past. It makes white nationalists appear like loons without any sense of reality or justice. Preserving our race is a perfectly reasonable thing. Nutty witch hunts are not.

    The same thing applies to the demand for total racial purity. For example, lots of whites have heard that they may have an injun ancestor. It’s probably not true in most cases (nobody is the descendent of a garden variety, ugly squaw, but instead always of a “princess”), but if the movement for the White Republic comes off as a bunch of wack jobs who are going to be hauling people off to concentration camps for things like that, it’s never going to get off the ground in the first place, and even if it did, support would soon crumble. We must offer justice in an unjust world, not behave in such a way as to make the current system elite of criminals and traitors appear fair and reasonable.

    And yet, I remain a purist. I long for the day when any interracial indiscretion is viewed as a horror, and when not a single non-white gene remains in the white gene pool. Not even half a non-white gene, if there is such a thing.

    But that day is not today. How then, do we get from here to there? I think the answer rests in redemption. We must be a movement of redemption, acknowledging the sorry state of our current situation, that we have all suffered from it in one way or another, and that many good whites have behaved foolishly in the past, or have family members or close friends who have done so. People that don’t deserve to be punished.

    The desire for redemption, the aspiration for that which is transcendent (or simply better), these are powerful things. From a purely practical standpoint, it solves the problem of acknowledging our current situation, of accepting exactly what it is that we have to work with, while not abandoning our most important principles in the process. I think it’s the way to go. We seek to redeem a people, but also to redeem ourselves.

    Therefore, the “no harm, no foul” rule applies, but with the understanding that the transgression took part in a sick society that we need to break away from, and that future generations of whites should have the benefit of growing up in a decent and healthy polity where they are not encouraged to make such mistakes. Our descendents deserve better, and we redeem ourselves by helping to earn that for them. We redeem ourselves by seeing to it that they will even exist at all. The 14 words offer redemption, at least of a sort. We can do so much more with that idea, though.

    As to tiny amounts of non-white admixture, I think the same general approach applies. We’re not going to get anywhere, nor will we serve justice, if some guy who looks white, has always conducted himself as white, and has not taken any of the privileges offered by the non-white gravy train (set asides for minorities, contract preferences, etc.), has to worry that he and his family are heading to the camps because he’s heard a distant ancestor was, of course, an Indian “princess.” Truth is, in the unlikely event event that he has an injun ancestor at all, she probably had a face that would scare small animals. But I digress.

    We’re going to have to live with a small amount of non-white admixture in the beginning, but there are reasonable and humane steps that we can take, upon establishment of the White Republic, to steadily reduce and ultimately eliminate non-white genes from the population. If we start out with a very small amount, getting rid of it entirely won’t be an impossible task. This will have to take place over time, and without destroying public support for the new nation.

    Of course, first we’ve got to actually get a White Republic, like the first ingredient in rabbit stew. It will take a vibrant, dedicated and redemptive movement that can accept what it currently has to work with, while striving for a better future. I maintain that art, film, literature and music offer the way forward. We need artists, which alas I am not. And we can learn a thing or two from the priest and preacher man, however much we may be uneasy about him in other respects. He knows his redemption.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted December 19, 2011 at 3:19 pm | Permalink

      True and well put. The “redemption” movement is something we need to get behind. It fits nicely with some comments I make near the end of this piece:

    • Fourmyle of Ceres
      Posted December 19, 2011 at 5:37 pm | Permalink


      What worked in the past will not work in the future.

      Trainspotter points in the direction of the Better Solution: not what’s wrong with them so much as what can we DO about it?

      When the mechanism of epigenetic inheritance was discovered, everyone spoke softly. The implications of this are being unfolded in China, where there are more DNA sequencing machines in one “industrial” park than in all of America.

      Peter Drucker said the future of industrial chemistry would be “low temperature, low pressure systems.” He was referring to biochemistry, and his work is being carried forward by the Natural Capital crowd. They believe that in nature, there is no waste. Every unwanted product of one process becomes nutrition for a lower level of development.

      What does this have to do with the topic?


      What’s done is done, genetically speaking.

      What CAN be done is just beginning to be seen, and the world of Blade Runner/Brave New World is well before us. These tools and techniques can be used for eugenics, in the highest and best meaning of the term.

      This has been happening in the Jewish community at an amazing rate; when the amniocentesis is positive for Tay-Sachs, the abortion is scheduled immediately. Tay-Sachs is being eradicated from the Jewish genome (in the West) in less than two generations. That is primitive, purposeful, and effective.

      Yockey spoke of the vertical component of Race, and it just might be that this element requires the matrix only offered by the White genome. Certainly, just as the Jews with archaic technology – i.e.; present day – can halt one element of the downward slide of their genome, perhaps we can emphasize more positive effects.

      Don’t think for a moment many people would object to this.

      If I could GUARANTEE that the genetic component of, say, Alzheimer’s (if there is one) could be turned off and removed permanently, anyone who has seen their loved ones slowly leave their living bodies while having the personae of children, ANYONE who has experienced this heartbreak, would say, “Yes. In vitro, with these genes turned off.”

      A lot of DNA is referred to as “Junk DNA,” because no one knows what it does. I suspect it is “junk” in the same way a light bulb would be “junk” to the people of a millenia ago; they had no concept of what it was, what it would do, or how it could do it. The framework for it to be purposeful was not there, yet.

      I repeat – we are just beginning to map the bare beginning of what DNA can do.

      Eugenics. We can probably erase the worst of the past, should need be. We can certainly build a better tomorrow. And THAT is at the heart of the metapolitical project.

      What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

  15. Posted December 19, 2011 at 3:08 pm | Permalink

    I think that beyond racial mixes people should seriously reconsider national or subracial mixed marriages.

    Whites as a race are the most diverse of people and the subracial physical differences as well as the social differences in religion, music and dance, are important to preserve. Too much mixture and intermarrying between those of vastly different European nationalities will result in the kind of White racial mess we presently have here in the US. Most Whites here have little to no understanding of their historical or ancestral family history and thus they have essentially lost their European heritage and that is why no many White Americans call themselves “mutt”.

    I also honestly believe that better offspring and stronger marriages are the result of marriage between couples of similar national ancestry. My husband and myself can both trace our ancestry back to the Volga River in Russia where our families migrated from Germany. This is one of the things that bonded us from the beginning, and even makes it easier for our families to understand and care for each other as part of the racial family.

    The idea that there is “only one person” or ” soulmate” for each person is a myth. One should look within their own race, within their own nationality and choose their mate from within that group. In the long run it will make for a stronger union.

    • Andrew Hamilton
      Posted December 19, 2011 at 9:55 pm | Permalink

      There’s merit to what you say. Long before I was racially conscious I was proud of my Scandinavian-American heritage (half Swedish, half Norwegian). Indeed, that has never changed. Anytime I hear anti-Nordicism spouted, I feel contempt. I view it as a replication within white nationalism of ant-white or anti-European racism in the larger society. It therefore fascinates me that most Nordics within the movement, like most whites outside it, automatically and unthinkingly knuckle under to the veiled insults and intimidation.

      At the same time, 19th century nationalism, born of liberalism and Romanticism, is outmoded, even in Europe. Its culturally divisive and even fratricidal tendencies suggest, in retrospect, that it was the wrong way to go. (Historian William H. McNeill, however, hypothesized that intra-European rivalry contributed to the dynamism of our folk. Maybe there’s something to that.)

      Today, no one comprehends the true speed of the white demographic implosion worldwide. Because racial survival is at stake, we need a new plan.

      That’s why, in a couple of articles here, I tentatively suggested a “pan-national” approach—preserving in aggregated fashion some of the particularistic values and folkways you describe, while simultaneously emphasizing the need to transcend the old nationalisms.

      • daniel
        Posted December 20, 2011 at 6:14 am | Permalink

        Anytime I hear anti-Nordicism spouted, I feel contempt.

        When do you hear anti-Nordicism expressed within the struggle? I never have. On the other hand, I have heard quite a bit of anti-Southern and Eastern European sentiments. That it is very sad when they are witnessing their treasures, European treasures, being plundered by non-Whites; when one is risking their well being fighting for European interests; when there is no need for that hard line when the traditional national lines could suffice. Instauration magazine, for example, is largely imbued with this prejudice. As opposed to denying the European evolution of everyone below the 40th parallel, Nordicism can be embraced at no loss to Nordics, and without throwing other Europeans under the bus, by advocating state integrity – Scotland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, etc. All sincere and thoughtful WN’s advocate the subcategories.

      • Posted December 20, 2011 at 6:36 pm | Permalink

        Lets just face it, the Nordics are the most beautiful of our race. I dont pretend that I am a Nordic, I am more of a Celtic variety and even my children dont have the height and grace of the true Nordic though they have blue eyes and blond hair. The Nordic is the epitome of the beauty of our race.

        I can already hear the arguments and attacks I will get for saying this. Yes the Italians and Greeks are some of the greatest builders of our time, Slavs have gifted us with music and dance, but the Nordics,,,,,they are just my favorite because if I was to imagine a God or an Angel, it would be a true Nordic man or woman.

        But we live in a world where we are encouraged to A. root for the underdog and B. not want to work for the benefit of those superior to us as individuals. Thus most WNs dont want to admit that there is a true best racial stock. Everyone wants to say that as long as we are all White we are are equal, and the egalitarianism within the White Nationalist community itself makes me sick.

        I love my family and my children, but I know that superior Whites exist and it makes me happy to know that.

      • daniel
        Posted December 21, 2011 at 2:27 am | Permalink

        “Lets just face it, the Nordics are the most beautiful of our race.”

        April, with all due respect:

        There are beautiful women of every European nationality, including German, English and Irish. Scandanavia undoubtedly has its subtle beauties. All of these countries have their uglies as well. Nevertheless, I want to be quick to add that I would not advocate eliminating or abusing people because they are not considered attractive, even by fairly objective standards.

        I think the most diplomatic way to put this is that it is a matter of percentages. Most men who have traveled will say that Germans and English have their beauties, but that you are more likely to find a beauty, if beauty of itself is your priority, among Slavic women. I believe that Slavs have the highest representation of professional models. When you do see a beauty in Western Europe, you should not be surprised to find her speaking Polish, Russian or Croatian, etc.

        It is a long standing and frustrating American (read, highly Germanic demographic) bias that blond hair, a small nose and big boobs by itself is a guarantee of beauty. The sad fact is that there are many ugly blonds, and that combination can result in a rather uninspiring appearance.

        This look was so pushed by American media, that it made me angry. I wondered why this was supposed to be the “only” or even “the best” beauty, because I did not necessarily think so.

        I hasten to note that in my family, I have brown hair, blond hair and red hair.

        I saw Italian women with another dimension of subtlety in their bodies and I had to believe that the Romans knew what they were doing when selecting women. I saw a variety of kinds of beauty in their faces and it became a personal muse. However, I came to see this in French and Greek women too. Now, there are uglies among these populations, no doubt – plenty. But there are amazing beauties as well. Amazing.

        Moreover, there is a strikingness about dark hair and very white skin that is very exciting.

        Because that kind of beauty was so excluded, it took me a while to get over my anger and aversion to the blond hair, small nose, big boobs look being so enforced as “the beauty.”

        In search of my muse, a beautiful women with dark hair, a biggish nose, very white skin and small breasts, I traveled.

        My trips to Eastern Europe and Sicily infuriated me. With regard to Sicily, I had heard so much about their being a little bit Black that I was infuriated to find it very untrue – surprising, agreed, given its proximity to Africa, but that is the case. Don’t believe me? Google Earth Catania, Sicily and look at the people on the street.

        Talk about infuriating, my trips to Eastern Europe and Russia. American media had me believing that Slavic women were ugly. The truth is, percentage wise, they are more beautiful.

        I think the insistence on blond hair and a small nose has to do with a paranoia against African DNA. It is understandble, but somewhat misguided. I think the big nose came from West Africa, while East Africans (like Somalis) had a small nose prior to coming into Europe some 40,000 years ago. Thus, there are Black prototypes of the small nose and thin lips that is not cured by a paranoid adherence to a “Germanic” look, either. There are exceptions among the German paragon of beauty, Marlene Dietrich and Steffy Graff, both have big noses, and I think they are pretty hot.

        (Babe Ruth, who was largely German…well)

        I am over my nose thing. But. I think that a paranoid focus on a particular look to the exclusion of other European looks creates a bigger difference (Americans are especially unsophisticated of a continental European look) and a bigger rebellious appeal to Africans when they possess forms of style and grace not represented in that “nordic” look. That is, we lose the already existant ecological balance and buffering in the fact that we have beautiful women with dynamic features, striking contrast of dark hair and very White skin who are not at all Black. And, their characteristics mitigate the tropic difference, the rebellion into the “exoticism” of Africans that Jewish media uses against us.

        I have seen English, Irish, Swedish and German women who cannot be beat, beauty wise. I have also seen Polish, Russian, Italian, Croatian, Belarusian, Urkainian women, etc, who cannot be beat beauty wise. That is honest.

        Now then. I have never advocated blending the European peoples. I do not think it is worth a war if a European marries outside their ethnicity, but the percentage of out-marriage with other Europeans should, somehow, be kept below 10%.

        I am doing everything that I can to fight for the survival of Scandanavians in accordance with their distinct characteristics, as with every European people, nation. There is no necessary conflict. On the contrary, it is better that we fight together. Metzger has a great metaphor – The compartmentalized ship. The European nations and ethnicities can be like distinct compartments on the European ship. Do Scandanavians need help protecting their genotype? Yes. But so do and Italians, who have had one of the lowest birthrates for decades and French, who are inundated by immigrants.

        We can help each other and should. I love all good and loyal native European women. April, while your estimation of beauty may be more subjective than you think and maybe even a bit off in some ways, you are right that European groups maintaining their distinctions is important.

        I never objected to nordic women who wanted to maintain their ethnicity – fair enough. I admire their type, why would I want to undo it? I also wanted Southern and Eastern Europeans to maintain their type. No problem with nordics being snobbish enough to maintain their type. However, I started freaking out when I began seeing them walk around in impunity with Blacks – WTF!

      • daniel
        Posted December 21, 2011 at 7:31 am | Permalink

        “With regard to Sicily, I had heard so much about their being a little bit Black that I was infuriated to find it very untrue – surprising, agreed, given its proximity to Africa, but that is the case.”

        This should not be misunderstood as meaning that I was looking in hopes of finding them to be part Black. What I was angry about was how untrue the stories were the stories of their being part Black. Besides its not being true, one infuriating aspect of it is that it recklessly relegates them as (mud) shark food, as if it doesn’t matter, as if there is hardly a difference. If one could understand the subtle European beauty that is being put at risk with this ignorance..

      • daniel
        Posted December 21, 2011 at 7:41 am | Permalink

        Was a typo in the first version, sorry. In regard to this comment

        “My trips to Eastern Europe and Sicily infuriated me. With regard to Sicily, I had heard so much about their being a little bit Black that I was infuriated to find it very untrue – surprising, agreed, given its proximity to Africa, but that is the case”

        I said, in clarification, that it should be misunderstood that I was looking for partly Black women there. What infuritated me was how untrue were the stories told of their being part Black. And how tragic it was for some really exquisite and subtle beauties to be put at risk to Africanization inasmuch as they are rejected as Europeans.

      • daniel
        Posted December 21, 2011 at 7:45 am | Permalink

        oh my god, sorry guys, I must be nervous. I have to try this clarifying comment a third time.

        My trips to Eastern Europe and Sicily infuriated me. With regard to Sicily, I had heard so much about their being a little bit Black that I was infuriated to find it very untrue – surprising, agreed, given its proximity to Africa, but that is the case.

        In clarification, it should NOT be misunderstood that I was looking for partly Black women there. What infuriated me was how untrue were the stories told of their being part Black. And how tragic it was for some really exquisite and subtle beauties to be put at risk to Africanization inasmuch as they are rejected as Europeans.

      • flavia
        Posted December 21, 2011 at 6:10 pm | Permalink

        The reason you find Slav/Russian women so attractive is because there is a high degree of neonate in the features, especially a round head with a slightly bulbous forehead, wide set eyes, round apple face and full lips.

        April, your comment was so wonderful- you remind me of the Geneology of Morality. I do think that camaraderie between us WNs can sometimes be perverted into egalitarianism.

        This is kind of silly, but did you know that out of the main 3 alien species that people report seeing, one of the three is the Nordics (the other are reptile-like. Maybe Jews?).

        Anyway, I really see your point about the beauty of the Nordic. Maybe my vanity pushes back about that, but I can surely agree that they are unequivocally, absolutely the most unique and special of all people. BLUE EYES and yellow hair. It’s really just incredible.

      • daniel
        Posted December 22, 2011 at 3:36 am | Permalink

        Flavia said, “The reason you”..

        Whether you are giving a shot in the arm of beleaguered blond Nordics, or promoting your tastes, well and good.

        However, I hasten to add that I like the beauty of all European (I include Russians as European derived) Women, not only Slavics.

        Speaking for myself, I do not think neoteny is the reason that I find Slavic women attractive. Actually, I tend to like a mature look: “an official” look, a somewhat intimidating look, the long face and nose, serious, not to be trifled with, as opposed to “cutsy.”

        Of the features you describe as characteristic among Slavs, I personally do not value full lips, have not seen much of that, am not sure how full you mean, but am not overly familiar with Russian variants. *

        Neither is symmetry (as you indicate in another place as favorable?) attractive to me (perhaps it is a gender difference). On the contrary, it is one of the revolting features of Blacks. I’ll talk more about that in an essay, later.

        The eye thing – when a woman has one eye going slightly (slightly) outward…ooh, that is intriguing.

        I believe the technical distinction of these differing aesthetics is between the imitative theory of beauty (Classic Greece) and the affective theory of beauty (Romantic). The imitative theory values “perfection.” I imagine symmetry would correspond to that. The Romantic theory values quirks – that is more to my tastes.

        April also mentions “tall” as an appealing feature in women. Well, tall men maybe, but I do not think height adds to the beauty of women. Rather, it can make them ungainly. Perhaps that is nature’s penalty for women over-valuing tall men – they start becoming big, too. Though I am far from an expert on how sexual differentiation evolves in genetics.

        Again, better, not necessarily better, whatever, it is not necessarily the point as to why we as good Europeans want to preserve the Nordic, blond type.

        We want to preserve them absolutely and unequivocally.

        But it should not be mutually exclusive to the survival of other native Europeans as well, in their distinctions as well.

        * I think Kievsky’s characterization of Slavics as mongolized may apply more to Russian women …though even there, I was surprised to find them way more western and normal (to me) looking, less Asiatic, than I had been prepared for by western media back in the day.

        Poor Kievsky probably thinks that I am picking on him/do not understand his sneaky mind weapon project. I do understand his mind weapons project but am inarticulate as yet as to how we coordinate overt operations (where tact is more a matter of keen honesty and taste) and covert operations, such as his.

      • daniel
        Posted December 22, 2011 at 4:06 am | Permalink

        P.S., I like Emma West’s looks. And I regret that there are so many Polish women there, not only for some English women who may be losing out, but also for Polish men who may be losing their women to this E.U. monstrosity..

      • daniel
        Posted December 22, 2011 at 4:39 am | Permalink

        * losing their

      • flavia
        Posted December 22, 2011 at 6:51 am | Permalink

        My your tastes are specific. This is what I meant btw:,1262652450,10/stock-photo-cute-calm-symmetrical-face-of-young-slavic-woman-isolated-43853062.jpg

        I am interested in your theory of blacks and symmetry.

      • daniel
        Posted December 22, 2011 at 10:23 am | Permalink

        Aha. Great. Stay tuned. Your ideas are interesting too. Nice to meet you.

  16. Logan
    Posted December 19, 2011 at 3:13 pm | Permalink

    I believe most male race-mixers do so because white females are less available than before or they have difficulty acquiring a white female spouse. In the past white females were expected to get married young and stay married and thus there were more young white females available for white men to marry. That is less the case today.

    The sex drive, especially in males, is very powerful, so this is probably why they turn to non-whites when white females are unavailable to them. Even when there is considerable tribal feeling or loyalty, or dislike or even hatred of non-whites, the male sex drive can overpower and overwhelm such sentiments. This probably explains the WN race-mixers. They have tribal feeling and or dislike non-whites, but are unable to obtain a white female spouse and unable to contain their sex drives.

    Are there any possible strategies to deal with this and contain or divert these sex drives? Celibacy (which was promoted as an ideal in the past) and homosexuality (a private, healthy kind that does not attack or undermine traditional marriage or heterosexuality) could be promoted. In the past there were priests and monasteries who aided the wider community or segregated itself from it and lived independently as celibate communities, and perhaps analogous institutions could be formed today with male WN activist groups or communities that aid the wider WN cause but live independently together and support each other if they are unable to marry white females, so that they’re not tempted to race-mix.

    • Posted December 19, 2011 at 7:02 pm | Permalink

      “I believe most male race-mixers do so because white females are less available than before or they have difficulty acquiring a white female spouse. In the past white females were expected to get married young and stay married and thus there were more young white females available for white men to marry. That is less the case today. The sex drive, especially in males, is very powerful, so this is probably why they turn to non-whites when white females are unavailable to them.”

      Exactly. That’s why we need stoic ethics for bachelor nationalists during the interregnum to prevent the temptation to misegenate (ask me, who have rejected a couple of marriage proposals from mestizo women), and the forced reversal to a sort of Jane Austen marital mores for white women after the present system collapses (cf. the Constitution of the new ethnostate in Covington’s novels).

  17. Posted December 19, 2011 at 3:57 pm | Permalink


    I too would disown a miscegenating daughter. I’m not advocating being nice to the mudsharks. You completely mischaracterize my position.

    There is an old Roman saying, “Of the dead, speak only good.” When a mudshark gets murdered, it makes more sense to say, “She was a victim of race-mixing propaganda” rather than dance a hora on her grave.

    It’s simply bad form to celebrate anyone’s violent death. Celebrating destroys what could have been a “teachable moment.”

    I’m not saying that I sincerely mourn a dead mudshark. I’m saying that we shouldn’t do things that will alienate White mothers and grandmothers, and celebrating the death of a child, even a miscegenating one, will turn mothers and grandmothers against us.

    The way to communicate ot mothers and grandmothers is to say, “It’s a terrible thing that this misguided girl made bad choices and ended up with a knife sticking out of her eye. We need to teach our surviving White females to avoid the terrible fate of this poor creature.”

    I don’t care about or mourn murdered mudsharks; I care about effective messaging. I know a lot of White mothers and grandmothers and I understand a thing or two about effectively messaging them. You don’t, Daniel.

    • Jaego Scorzne
      Posted December 19, 2011 at 10:11 pm | Permalink

      Indeed. Accentuate the positve to the wider community. Keep private and harsher counsels to closer, more intimate circles. As the great Tai Chi Master Cheng Man Ching said to his White American Students, You’re all poor card players. You let everyone see everything.

      Rome was not built in a day. Neither will our Republic. Let us make haste slowly. Let’s see, any other old chestnuts I can throw in? Our Vikings Ancestors were known for their cunning – which they greatly valued. We have lost this but our Enemies have not. We desperately need to relearn the arts of deception and quickly. Modern Euro-Americans shrink from this. Let them be reminded that it is for the highest purpose imaginable.

  18. daniel
    Posted December 19, 2011 at 10:55 pm | Permalink

    Kievsky, I don’t mischaracterize what you say. However, you might be mis-characterizing what I say. It is likely that we are talking about different things. Of course there are matters of taste and judgment according to circumstance. It is true that I am geared more toward an audience of young White men – they need to know that their contempt for these women is not exactly wrong. All they hear is that these women and blacks are good and that they are bad. The reasons for this level of contempt among White men might be articulated to a more rational effect as well. Where I object is that you are saying that it is always wrong and old fashioned to hate these women. It is not. It is brand new, a revelation to hear from other people, that what these women do is seriously wrong. All we ever hear is sympathetic arguments. And future mudsharks will be counting on sympathy – it tells them it’s not so bad. Mudsharks want to hear, “no harm no foul.”

    Speaking of potential mischaracterizations, Trainspotter is going into a long thing about how we cannot interrogate people for what happened 20 year ago.

    • Trainspotter
      Posted December 21, 2011 at 12:46 am | Permalink

      Daniel: “Speaking of potential mischaracterizations, Trainspotter is going into a long thing about how we cannot interrogate people for what happened 20 year ago.”

      I didn’t say that we “can’t” do it, just that it would be idiotic to do so. I pointed out that it would create a horrendous mess and, for a whole host of reasons, would likely do far more harm than good.

      The goal is to get from where we are, a cesspool, to a healthy White Republic. That’s a tall order and the odds are long, to put it mildly. I’m interested in the positions, tone, and general approach that a successful white movement will need to get from here to there. While I don’t believe that we will get our own land peacefully, clearly a solid movement has to exist before other options open up.

      The simple reality is that if our message is, “If we win, we’re going to be interrogating/hanging/punishing people over alleged transgressions from the distant past, even though no offspring were produced, and there is no marriage certificate to examine, and nobody actually saw these people having sex” – we’re never getting anywhere. That’s a total fail message, and it’s no accident that the enemy propaganda machine loves to portray us as itching to put ordinary people into concentration camps. To play into their hands is moronic. Who among us doesn’t know at least one person who has been led astray by our corrupt society, but has since managed to recover?

      Most of us know more than one. Going after such people would alienate all of their family and friends, and all for no gain. The White Republic would be strangled in the crib.

      At a certain point, we hope, this thing is going to go big time. Once the rubber hits the road, and it’s obvious to everyone that the fight is on, we will have entered a different phase. A successful white movement and an eventual White Republic will have more than their share of obvious, malevolent and destructive enemies. Why borrow trouble? Why borrow enemies? There will be no shortage of justice to deliver, and the same behavior that might be forgivable today may well be treated quite harshly if practiced during that time.

      After the Germans were driven out of France, many French women who consorted with German soldiers were humiliated and punished. But, to my knowledge, none were punished for having consorted with Germans decades earlier. But once the war was truly on, that changed the context in which the behavior took place, and it changes our sense of justice. There is a big difference between a dallience with a German in 1924 versus bedding down with the occupiers in 1944. So it will be with us. (of course, the same French who punished those women were probably fine with the white daughters of France bedding down with negroes, so to hell with them, but the point still stands)

      It is a shame that we’ve fallen so far, so fast, as a people. It’s a shame that we are so badly in need of redemption, at so many levels. But it has happened, and pretending otherwise is not helpful. But you don’t give up on an ancient people just because two or three generations have behaved badly, and fallen under the Jewish spell. We owe better to our ancestors.

      As I suggested near the beginning of my earlier post, it is important to remember that the ultimate goal is to achieve a white society where such transgressions would be viewed as shocking and horrible. If a person has the benefit of growing up in a healthy society, and still chooses to behave in such a fashion, then I think they can and should be regarded as beyond the pale. They should be exiled, and viewed as no longer fit to walk in white society. Their very presence should offend.

      But today? I think it is in fact more accurate to view such people as victims, at least on a certain level. This is not to say that they are entirely blameless; I don’t think they are. But they have been deprived of a healthy culture and civilization. They have been deprived of traditional knowledge and wisdom. Every civic institution and media outlet constantly beats the drum in favor of race mixing; on our side only a few blogs cry out in the wilderness . Young people are hit with this anti-white messaging before they have the benefit of maturity or wisdom, or even fully developed brains. Even if we think they are trash, should we alienate all of their family and friends?

      Surely all of this must be taken into account. This doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice our principles, and in fact my first post was somewhat of the “yes, I agree, but….” variety. In fact, I’ve made it clear that I remain a purist. But we’ve got a certain set of circumstances to work with, and we’ve got to face up to that. I think a redemptive movement has more potential, and is more in tune with filling the spiritual vacuum that is clearly opening up in our society. As the social fabric frays, opportunities open up. It seems obvious to me that a large percentage of people are not getting their spiritual/emotional needs met. A successful white movement will be able to meet at least some of that, for at least a certain percentage of whites. What percentage? Enough to form a land of our own, we hope.

      A redemptive movement, backed by art, could put us on the march again, and for the first time in generations feel as if the wind is at our backs. It’s a potential way forward, and after years of consideration, I think the best.

      • daniel
        Posted December 21, 2011 at 2:55 am | Permalink

        Before I read your essay to its end, I need to say that my point has not been understood. I am not talking about interrogating people. My point was that you were jumping the gun a bit in making that a concern.

      • daniel
        Posted December 21, 2011 at 4:09 am | Permalink

        Having now read your essay to its conclusion, I would say this:

        That with regard to the forgiving and redemptive posiition that you, Johnson and perhaps Kievsky and Parrot advocate, that you are to some extent jumping the gun there as well. In sales, you can always lower the price. You are giving away a bargaining chip looked at from my perspective.

        However, there is another, deeper matter, which I think is taking for granted the NW front as the only homeland for Whites.

        This is endogenous, i.e. backward, thinking. To begin, our Nation must be our DNA, particularly the DNA of those who are loyal. Then we can attach the DNA to sacrosanct lands, coordinated in cooperation among native Europeans in many places in the world. There are White countries still. The NW is not the only hope. I wish it well, however – to become one among coordinated White States.

        I believe the desperation of taking this endogenous (outside in, viz. focusing on the traitors first), is what is making for an overly forgiving program.

        We can agree, there is another extreme, but again, that is to endogenously jump the gun. However, expulsion is not the most harsh threat.

        If I were the enemy, I would be worried about our capacity for separatism. Can you imagine saying to us whom we must live with and accept forever? We have a tremendous advantage in not needing anything from Jews and other non-Whites.

        Again, I was not thinking in terms of interrogating people for their activities 20 years ago. But for those who say that I would not disown my daughter, try me. I’d prefer not to have this daughter.

  19. K R Bolton
    Posted December 20, 2011 at 12:52 am | Permalink

    Does all this mean that Lawrence Dennis was a no-account nigra?

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted December 20, 2011 at 9:32 am | Permalink

      Dennis was a truly fascinating character. He was a fascist, but not a racial nationalist, for obvious reasons. I plan to run a piece on him soon.

      • White Republican
        Posted December 21, 2011 at 1:53 am | Permalink

        I’d like to see Andrew Hamilton write about the Sedition Trial, of which Lawrence Dennis was a defendant, or other episodes of pseudo-legal terrorism. We can expect to see more of such things in the future.

  20. Petronius
    Posted December 20, 2011 at 5:28 am | Permalink

    One point that comes to my mind: Whites are probably the only race that is really vulnerable to miscegenation due to recessive genes. Therefore they have a reason to be more cautious than other races. A huge number of US-Blacks today are actually mulattos, but it doesn’t seem to harm their sense of identity at all. Obama with his snow white mother might worry he aint black enough, but black he is to everyone. White genes seem to dilute more easily, while non-white genes stick far longer. For us it is almost always a lose-lose game, for them often a way to improve their gene pool. Also consider the fact that white women are almost universally considered to be the most attractive in the world. Black women are rarely objects of white male desires, but white women very much so for black men. (This can be compared to the perennial appeal of certain asian types to many white men.)

  21. flavia
    Posted December 20, 2011 at 8:05 am | Permalink

    This is very interesting to me. My husband was not interested in white women, as he felt that feminism had turned them both masculine and promiscuous. However, he was never attracted to women outside his race- I think he was hoping for a life of solitude and study, but I ruined his plans.

    I think that for North American and European bachelors… they do have hope in Eastern Europe and among white Hispanics (such as myself). The women of the north have truly been corrupted. For the record my husband is Northern European and I am Eastern European and northern Mediterranean, with about 12% “unknown” (Southern Spain or Arab, I believe)- so I am not sure if some WN’s would even accept our union. However, I do agree that too stringent a policy will do nothing but alienate and insult people, especially those of us that hold the cause very dear and near to our hearts.

    European women are the most beautiful in the world, and European men the absolutely most attractive. I say that having traveled the world. We are a special people and it is important we uphold that heritage. Other women won’t know your soul-or even have one.

    • Jim
      Posted December 20, 2011 at 3:01 pm | Permalink

      Are you the same Flavia who ran “Modernity Sucks” ? If so I enjoyed your blog and mourn its apparent demise.

      • flavia
        Posted December 20, 2011 at 5:57 pm | Permalink

        Oh wow! Hi Jim. Yes, I moved to a totalitarian country that would behead me for such thoughtcrime so alas, the blog had to perish. I am happy you enjoyed it.

        Edit to previous post: I meant 6% miscellaneous.

        Answer to Yellow Fever dude: Disclaimer- I think North American women are narcissistic unfeminine shrews and I agree it is best to avoid them for greener pastures (EASTERN EUROPE and Latin America but watch for goldiggers). However, I do feel that most white men that “prefer” Asians fall into the same category as those zaftig white females that “prefer” black men.

        They are the only ones that pay attention to you, or you are able to find a more attractive partner outside of your race. I can understand the attraction, but we should have a little self respect. I assume I could have married some low level black sports player (or have taken up the offer of an Arab in who was interested in purchasing me…..)…however, my recessive genes and my white soul are too precious to give up for a more symmetrical face or a bigger bank account. Plus, have you actually spoken to anyone married to an Asian woman? Their culture is quite different from the way it’s made out to be. Europeans are the only people capable of romantic love- you won’t find it outside your race.

  22. Posted December 20, 2011 at 8:33 am | Permalink

    I agree with this article, and think it should go further. The question isn’t white, but what type of white you are, not only in nationality but in caste.

    Germans should not marry Russians.

    Higher caste individuals should not marry lower-caste ones.

    Smart men should not marry stupid women (and vice-versa).

    One problem with “white nationalism” is that it is an apocalyptic and binary ideology, an attribute which tends to cause people to either fully pursue it or go screaming the other way. In particular, it tends to “flip” in people who have crises of faith.

    A better approach is regular conservatism, which includes nationalism. Germans marry Germans! And from common sense, as well as “Bell Curve” studies, caste marries within caste.

    This article makes a great point which is that people of any race who marry outside of that race are showing poor judgment and should be handled with care. I still enjoy articles written by these people, but am skeptical of some of their life choices.

    • mark
      Posted December 20, 2011 at 9:52 am | Permalink

      Conservatism is a weak ideology. It is not strong enough to defeat the Jews.

      The Jews have been controlling the conservatives and running circles around them for decades.

      Only a radical scorched-earth policy is going to get the job done.

      Modern conservatism does not include nationalism.

    • Posted December 20, 2011 at 6:43 pm | Permalink


      One of the things that has angered me for a long time is the idea that all Whites ( or WNs)are equal and that even their activities are somehow equal. Like when potbellied morons in faux WWII uniforms a march though a nonWhite neighborhood protected by police and say ” at least we were out there doing something” comparing their ” contribution” to a book or a speech or an article written by a truly gifted WN leader.

      I would hate the idea that I was the best of the White race….that would be so depressing. I love that I know I have superiors and I love to have the chance to work for their advancement even over my own.

      • Posted December 21, 2011 at 9:46 am | Permalink

        I am also hoping that future generations will dwarf all past ones. Always forward, always upward.

    • Arno
      Posted December 21, 2011 at 1:04 am | Permalink

      I agree that sub-racial and national differences should be preserved as well. Though the major issue in this regard is not so much Germans marrying Russians, since both groups are quite recessive, but the differences between Northern Europeans and Southern Europeans, since N. Euros are more recessive and S. Euros less so, and there are some Mideastern and sub-Saharan African genes in S. Euro populations that we would want contained and not dispersed further.

      • Posted December 21, 2011 at 9:49 am | Permalink

        Though the major issue in this regard is not so much Germans marrying Russians, since both groups are quite recessive, but the differences between Northern Europeans and Southern Europeans, since N. Euros are more recessive and S. Euros less so, and there are some Mideastern and sub-Saharan African genes in S. Euro populations that we would want contained and not dispersed further.

        There are substantial differences between Western, Eastern and Southern Europeans. Southern Europe has more of a Semitic influence but eastern has a Semitic and Asiatic influence. The question is not purity of each group but distinctiveness. If you breed Germans into Eastern or Southern Europeans, you no longer have Germans and so forth.

  23. ipsofacto
    Posted December 20, 2011 at 8:40 am | Permalink

    What happens to a soldier who fraternizes with the enemy? Isn’t it still called treason?

    OK, suppose they can’t be shot. They should at least expect to have to sit the game out. If our survival cannot be accomplished without some, even minor, form of inclusion, then we are a sorry and prideless lot.

    Also – Excellent commentary from April, as always.

  24. mark
    Posted December 20, 2011 at 9:42 am | Permalink

    “Even William Pierce haggled with the Jews, when there was money in it.”

    What specifically are you talking about?

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted December 20, 2011 at 9:45 am | Permalink

      I believe he is referring to the edition of The Turner Diaries that was supposed to appear with a Jewish-owned publishing outfit.

  25. Kievsky
    Posted December 20, 2011 at 9:45 am | Permalink


    Well then you should message White men to have nothing but contempt for mudsharks, which most of them do anyway.

    Who influences young White women? Their mothers and grandmothers.

    The liberals always say, “well, there’s that older generation that’s racist. They’ll die off, and then there will be no more racists.” Grandmothers are notorious for being very racist.

    Ha! A lot of those older ladies actually weren’t as “racist” as they are now. Age and experience, not growing up in the 1950’s, is what makes a “racist.”

    You need to have multiple messages to multiple audiences. My therapeutic version of anti-miscegenation is designed for mothers and grandmothers, because I want them to be very strong in influencing their younger white relatives. If I celebrate the death of a child, no mothers or grandmothers will listen to me.

    Here’s a story I experienced first hand:

    I knew Yoko. She graphically described the murder of her daughter to me. I wish I had gotten someone like Craig Bodeker to interview her. She would have spilled her guts on the horrors of black males praying on white and asian females (her daughter was a asian-white mix).

    I want to recruit whtie mothers and/or grandmothers to tell their horror stories of race-mixing by their murdered/maimed daughters and grand-daughters to the Internet, to youtube. I would be the White nationalist Oprah If I could.! LOL. We’d influence so many people this way.

    • daniel
      Posted December 20, 2011 at 10:44 am | Permalink


      Obviously our ultimate aims are the same. You are my brother in this most important struggle. We are talking about different things to some extent. I am not about celebrating the death of mudsharks before their mothers and grandmothers. There are some in the struggle who can be quite so vulgar. However, I do believe there is a conflict of method; that our approaches to the issue may interfere with the projects of one another. Thus, it is a concern. You seem to think there is a lot of support for White men’s disdain for these women. I do not think that is the case. On the contrary, on a certain level, there is torrents of support and sympathy for these women.

      White guys who hate mudsharks need support, confirmation and to become more articulate of their grammar of motives so that they may act in a more effective way. White women need to become more articulate as to why it is offensive as well.

      I admit that I am personally not into the mudshark mommy and grandma project. But go ahead.

      To me, you and Parrot are like two very smart, logical guys in bow ties, wanting to be nice nerdy Christians with apes and women who want to ***** them.

      You are saying that we have to get away from that “stereotype” of those who use the N word, curse, and have mean attitudes toward race traitors….not realizing, that the nerdy, sniveling, obsequious White guy, is as much a stereotype as anything.

      One dominant view in the movement seems to be that the N word will turn women off, but Hitler and Himmler, the Third Reich that will get their juices flowing, their grandmother’s will join in too!


      Speaking of that, there are a number of reasons to use those words…but that is another matter…

      The dominant issue is how to effect separatism. How to persuade potential race traitors is secondary.

  26. Crowley
    Posted December 20, 2011 at 5:41 pm | Permalink

    Ward, then doesn’t this make you a collaborator of a Jew collaborator?

  27. Speaks the truth
    Posted December 20, 2011 at 6:46 pm | Permalink

    Dont be too quick to jump on Harold’s bandwagon. He talks the talk but vary rarely walks the walk. For instance the former activities of his radio co host…..

    • Fourmyle of Ceres
      Posted December 21, 2011 at 12:34 am | Permalink


      Speaks the truth in blockquote:

      Dont be too quick to jump on Harold’s bandwagon. He talks the talk but vary rarely walks the walk.

      If you can find a better bandwagon than the Northwest Republic, jump on it and let us know how it works. The wall of ad hominem attacks on Harold Covington resemble nothing so much as the kids who couldn’t pass the test, in their trite, Childish jealousy of those who could.

      I ask one and all of his critics to define something better, more deeply and clearly thought out, for our Race than a Racial Homeland, in the Northwest Republic, created from the substance of our lives, starting where we are.

      I even made this test a simple as possible, asking people to write the first pages of a diary describing their lives in 2050, starting with what is outside their bedroom windows when they wake up in the morning. Only TWO have even barely tried.

      Contrast that to Covington’s Northwest Novels. “Walking the walk” meets “talking the talk,” as Covington has succeeded, brilliantly, where every self-identified White Nationalist “Leader” since Rockwell has failed – he laid out the ONLY viable solution for the Race. Period.

      He has also removed all of the excuses the self-identified White Nationalists “Leaders” came up with for why nothing was happening, other than the impotence of blaming our Enemies for we let happen, and thanking them for listening – good, solid, do-nothing, passive behavior, that.

      Covington looks what the settlers at Plymouth Rock, and the Mormons in the desert of the Great Salk Lake Valley did in centuries. We can do that in decades, if we so choose, AND we can do much more, AND we can do so in an “apple-pie, strictly legal, sort of way.” (HT: Jim Giles)

      For instance the former activities of his radio co host…..

      Now, that is a comment unworthy of one and all.

      I guess we have constructive criticism, and destructive critique. We seem to even have an entire culture of critique, somewhere, probably some place real close to you, and all of the rest of us.

      More’s the pity.

      Covington is actually getting busy with the Northwest Republic, because more and more people SEE that the center CAN NOT HOLD. The transformation of America from what it is to what it is becoming should inspire all of the feelings of horror. Some people are choosing, intuitively, almost as if answering a Call, to Take The Gap WHILE THEY AND THEIR FAMILIES CAN.

      Too many people are are seeing for themselves what America’s future will look like – Mexico, with snow, in the South, and Detroit, at night, in the Deindustrial North. Collapsing water tables make the former Midwest rather problematic. So, their choice is to go where there is plenty of clean energy, good water, and a virtually non-existent crime rate.

      There are too many families who are living in their cars tonight, people with nothing, and nothing to lose. SHOW THEM what it could look like outside their bedroom windows in 2050, and they will only ask for the money to get there.

      They know, all too well, what lies outside their “bedroom” windows tonight, and they know it is not going to get any better. Not where they are, anyway, and not in the foreseeable future.

      Under such circumstances, race mixing is the least of our concerns.

      Taking The Gap, joining the National Front, and building the Northwest Republic.

      THAT is a more appropriate focus.

      What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

  28. Michael (Germany)
    Posted December 20, 2011 at 7:08 pm | Permalink

    Talk about cunning:

    Adolf Hitler had to devise the Roehm Putsch in order to get rid of lunatics such as yourself, who were a threat to the survival of the national socialist movement.

  29. Arno
    Posted December 20, 2011 at 7:09 pm | Permalink

    Ward Kendall,

    Relax. You sound hysterical. I think you misunderstand and misrepresent Greg Johnson’s position.

    • Trainspotter
      Posted December 21, 2011 at 2:08 am | Permalink

      “Relax. You sound hysterical. I think you misunderstand and misrepresent Greg Johnson’s position.”


      Kendall, I don’t think anyone on this thread remotely condones miscegenation. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that, were it not for our opposition to it, most wouldn’t be interested in white nationalism at all.

      I’m not at all certain that I would bother if it were not for the existential threat, and general repugnance, of miscegenation. It, more than anything, made me a white nationalist.

      The question is simply how to get from here to where we want to go. I’m not interested in fail messages that only play into the hands of our enemies, thus guaranteeing that the horror show will continue indefinitely.

      I also think there are some distinctions to be made, and a recogniztion that one size does not fit all:

      1. The person who had an interracial dallience at some time in the past (oft distant), but without issue or marriage. The person has since gone on to marry white and have white children.
      2. The person who, at whatever age, married and divorced a non-white, but no children were produced. The person has since gone on to marry white and have white children.
      3. The person who is currently involved in an interracial relationship, with or without children or marriage, yet is active in the white nationalist movement or associated groups. They claim to be white nationalist, but continue with the relationship.
      4. The person who, once the movement (we hope) becomes big time and the lines are drawn – the fight is on, whether figuratively or literally – actively engages in interracial relationships, with or without children and with or without marriage.

      Of course, these are only a few of many possible categories, but they address the more common concerns. If someone can’t make a distinction between the person who did something stupid at age 15, with the entire system goading her on, versus a grown man who insists upon showing up at AmRen conferences with an Asian bride and hapa kids in tow, then what can I say? I can make such distinctions, and will do so.

      I think categories 1 and 2 are worthy of redemption, and even if they aren’t, it would do far more harm than good to go after them in a vindictive manner. Obviously such behavior can’t be tolerated going forward, but that’s not the same thing as going on a skeleton/witch hunt.

      I think category 3 types are kooks, if they in fact claim to be WN. For guys like Fred Reed, who make no such claim, it just makes them not one of us. Maybe they have something interesting to say, maybe they can offer an insight or two. Groovy. But they aren’t “us.”

      For the category 4’s, that’s where you will get your opportunity to make an example, or simply to get revenge. Those that carry on in such a fashion when the fight is really on will be making a clear statement, with full knowledge of what they are doing, and full knowledge of what that means. If someone says, “But Trainspotter, the fight is on now!” then you don’t understand what I’m talking about.

      These are hard issues. You may think that one size fits all, but there are others that disagree. I’ll go so far as to admit that, the first time I read it, I quite enjoyed Pierce’s Day of the Rope. Ditto with Covington’s section on The Cleanup. The desire for revenge is strong, and in the eyes of many I probably qualify as a sociopath for admitting such a thing. They would be wrong about that. I’m just a white man who wants to see a little justice in this world.

      Yet it is precisely when my sense of justice truly kicked in, as well as my sense of strategy, that I appreciated how disastrous this message was for our cause. No distinctions, just slaughter all of the categories. Come on.

      I want the White Republic more than I want the pleasure of revenge, as tempting as the latter might be. I won’t sacrifice the former to the latter, if a choice is required. That’s not to say that no examples will need to be made, or no revenge dished out. It’s just to say that it must be done with justice, and it’s got to make sense – it must not offend our reason to the point where it damages us more than it does the enemy. When otherwise intelligent people refuse to make even the most obvious of distinctions, justice and plain good sense are not likely to result.

      • Posted December 21, 2011 at 11:03 am | Permalink

        @ “Yet it is precisely when my sense of justice truly kicked in, as well as my sense of strategy, that I appreciated how disastrous this message was for our cause. No distinctions, just slaughter all of the categories. Come on.”

        In both novels the impression I got was to punish recent mixing crimes, especially women who used black beasts of pleasure. I see nothing wrong with that as fiction. But the real thing was only proposed in another of Pierce’s novels.

        Instead of quoting what I said elsewhere, way above I limited myself to link it. I didn’t copy and paste it here because of the profanity involved. So here we go using asterisks:

        To my mind, the fact that no white has found inspiration in Pierce’s Hunter, by actually doing vigilante work in a big western city, speaks volumes. A lone wolf would not even need a concerted effort to start targeting mixed couples—and in Europe he would not even face death penalty if caught. And even if caught our hypothetical hero could inspire copycats. But let’s face it: whites, including white nationalists, behave like pussycats, not like tigers. Will the ZOG c**t be ever f****d with that tiny, pussycat pec**r?

        I believe that Pierce, who lived in the darkest decades for the nationalist cause, was a genius. With Hunter he actually gave us a unique way to fight back during the long interregnum (1945-2012, since the dollar will crash soon). You can imagine what would have happened if dozens upon dozens of copycat hunters cropped-up throughout the West since Pierce’s times.

        But it didn’t happen. While Muslim terrorists have received literally millions of dollars from coreligionists, the potential hunters have received zero.

        I am writing this post at the same time I’m listening to the audio version of Duke’s My Awakening, which mentions how Jewish millionaires helped the Bolsheviks because, in spite of the fact that they were über-capitalists, they understood perfectly well that communism was an ethnic Jewish war waged against the ethnic Russians. This moves me to repeat what I said above: MacDonald’s A People That Shall Dwell Alone explains why Semites are wired the right way, so to speak.

        From such study I deduce that whites are wired the wrong way, and I believe that Svigor has put it succinctly with his slogan “Toward White Zionism.” Even if the interregnum is almost over, fantasies like Hunter are IMO the starting point of wiring our heads correctly.

  30. nigel
    Posted December 20, 2011 at 8:09 pm | Permalink

    Well, this has to be the most DIVISIVE thread I’ve read on this blog what gives?

  31. rdub
    Posted December 20, 2011 at 9:47 pm | Permalink

    You know, you hear all the time that WNs will never accomplish anything because of all the infighting, unchecked egos, and ideological nitpicking associated with the movement.
    I always dismissed such talk as pessimistic cynicism, but here we go.

    We’re better than this.

    Let’s settle how we deal with race-mixing once we’ve WON.
    Until then, we’re all on the same side, provided our efforts serve just fourteen little words.

  32. Lew
    Posted December 20, 2011 at 11:37 pm | Permalink

    This position is so extreme and unreasonable I would judge it anti-racist parody trying to make nationalists look bad if I didn’t know better. I briefly miscegenated over 20 years ago, so what? How does that possibly matter now? Certainly there are many other White folks out there with a similar history. If you have kids, I also seriously doubt you would disown them for race mixing whatever you might say to the contrary about the contempt the act deserves.

    • Fourmyle of Ceres
      Posted December 21, 2011 at 12:59 am | Permalink


      Lew in blockquote:

      This position is so extreme and unreasonable I would judge it anti-racist parody trying to make nationalists look bad if I didn’t know better. I briefly miscegenated over 20 years ago, so what?

      Preach it, Brother! Preach it!

      It sounds like s Twelve Step Program, doesn’t it?

      I can see it now:

      “Yes, all of us here tonight have made a searching moral inventory of ourselves, and agree we have been powerless in the face of Evil. Brother Lew bore his testimony last night, and a powerful testimony it was! Brother Lew, come up here and accept your One Day Chip with pride. You’ve EARNED it, Brother. Now tell us, thanks to the miracles of the Internet, have you discovered anything about that woman you ‘briefly miscegenated with over 20 years ago?”

      Lew: “Yes. Yes. I have found out something about my little slope-headed honey. I called her Sulu after the guy in Star Trek even though she was Korean.”

      Preacher: “Tell the truth. What sort of life of horrific desperation did she fall in to? Go ahead. Tell it all.”

      Lew: “Well, the top university in South Korea just named her to head up their state of the art genetics engineering labs, and she is being mentioned for a Nobel Prize, and a bunch of science awards, over something called ‘Application of Reimann Manifolds to N-Dimensional Chromosomal Manipulation’. That’s what she did ten years ago, that the Nobel Committee is giving her the award for.”

      Silence. Then, from a voice in the back:

      “Go, Go, Tiger Mamas!”

      What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

    • Lew
      Posted December 21, 2011 at 3:58 am | Permalink

      You have a talent for entertaining rhetoric, but that particular vignette doesn’t tell me why transient miscegenation based on error and that is not ongoing matters. Even if Ward Kendall is specifically referring to ongoing, present day race mixing by Whites properly educated on the consequences of race mixing who nevertheless continue to race mix, his position is still unhinged due to its inflexibility and the violence implied in the round them up formation. Those people might be useful allies in some cases. If he is advocating this approach for anyone who has ever engaged in acts of sex with a non-White ever regardless of time and circumstances, then insane is the better label IMO.

    • Fourmyle of Ceres
      Posted December 21, 2011 at 2:48 pm | Permalink



      A thoughtful reply deserves a thoughtful reply.

      “Transient miscegenation” is, frankly, damn near the least of our concerns at the present time. Even Covington’s Northwest Republic deals with such issues decades after the Republic has been safely established.

      My larger issue deals with DNA transformation – the deep foundation of true transhumanism. That takes care of the issue, once and for all, and, believe me, the Rulers of China are moving full speed ahead on this issue. The counteranalysis is that apes, given this technology, would create better apes, and not man. The response is obvious. The potentialities to what separates Man from anthropoids are just beginning to be researched.

      Just a we could not explain Reimann manifolds to anthropoids, much less why they matter, I suspect the experiments – LOTS of experiments, as life is very cheap in China – will produce many misfires, and enough “slightly betters” to advance the curve of Mankind’s development up. They have the Long View of things, and the resources to make it happen. Think of the power of the principle of compound interest, and apply it to “intelligence.” Run that out over a century of two, with really, really smart people, armed with blank checks only a government can write, and see what happens. THAT is my larger focus, a good part of what Yockey calls ‘the VERTICAL component of race.”

      I can see this in microcosm with social eugenics in Singapore. Read Lee’s books, and realize what he did operating at a RACIAL level of thinking, focusing on the VERTICAL components of social eugenics. The Malaysian people struggle to feed themselves, while Singapore, which needs to import WATER, continue to move forward, dramatically, an Island of Civilization, in an sea of mud.

      THAT is a feasible goal for the Northwest Republic. An economic system based on ecological economics, with cooperatives replacing corporations, and credit unions replacing banks, easily build hydropower displacing fossil fuels, passivehouse desgin models for residential areas and office centers, the list goes on of what could be done for very little investment, compared to the massive malinvestment that leads to the financialization of the economy, the irreversible downard spiral of crippling debt, and the financial collapse as the precedessor event to the economic collapse.

      Singapore for the Arctopolis, until we get the genetic issue straightened out. THAT lays the foundation for all further Racial development.

      What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

  33. Sandy
    Posted December 21, 2011 at 12:08 am | Permalink

    Is there not a wee bit confusion here arising from the assumption that all WNs adhere to the philosophy of the North American New Right? Perhaps Ward has stumbled onto something in that North American New Rightists should perhaps have some kind of membership although that also could be a mistake as that allows the wrong sort to slip through the net and give us all a bad name. Ward is the novelist so I’ll let him write a book on how to sort that one out!!!!
    On the bright side I am delighted to see that Ward has the same problems as myself at putting together an off the cuff comment together in a coherent fashion. But fear not Ward, I’ll continue buying your superb novels.
    PS. By the way I once heard that Don Black’s wife was once married to another prominent WN who also is on his second wife? While we are slinging mud around is there any truth to that? I am just curious as to whether my source was as involved as I am supposed to believe.
    Merry Christmas everyone and aren’t we reacting just like your typical very modern family. I look forward to dining with you all again. Loving it. Cheers.

  34. Jaego Scorzne
    Posted December 21, 2011 at 12:12 am | Permalink

    The best way Would be to go to Mars. We need our own planet since we can’t seem to agree on these issues nor have the guts to do the hard things that must be done. But since nobody is going to fund our way to Mars we better learn to get along alot better.

    That book “Race and the American Prospect” has an article or two about how Jews use their half breeds and sceptics as a buffer between themselves and the World – and as attack dogs. They serve the Main Body just as men like Fred Reed are willing to serve us. Should we spit in his face then for their lack of purity? We would be frightfully unwise to treat our would be allies like this. Is our Correctness and Ideological Purity more important than winning? More important than our Race feeling itself? Shades of what got us into this mess in the first place.

    Let’s learn to cooperate and honor each other first. And then learn to use our allies who are outside the Ring wisely. Once these are accomplished, and we know we are and whose inside and whose outside the Ring, then many of the hard deeds can be avoided. Your son likes a Latina? He knows that will put him outside forever. You may not disown him completely – up to you. But he’s outside and his children will be strangers to the rest of the family. If he wants to honor his heritage and show his mestizo kids that part of their heritage he can go to an Amren Conference – they’re Outside too. He wont be invited to the Odinist Ritual that he had gone to as a boy with you. That’s inside and he’s not anymore. Likewise we can go to the Amren Conference and give them the word from Inside. And look for people who are qualified to come In.

    • Trainspotter
      Posted December 21, 2011 at 2:21 am | Permalink

      Interesting and insightful post, Jaego. You bring up some points that are worth considering, but typically aren’t.

      Once we can clearly define what it means to be Inside, then perhaps we can utilize some of those who are Outside. As you point out, the Jews are masters at this. But white nationalism just keeps spinning its wheels, unable to clearly define exactly who we are and where we want to go.

  35. Posted December 21, 2011 at 4:53 am | Permalink

    April wrote:

    Lets just face it, the Nordics are the most beautiful of our race. I dont pretend that I am a Nordic, I am more of a Celtic variety and even my children dont have the height and grace of the true Nordic though they have blue eyes and blond hair. The Nordic is the epitome of the beauty of our race.

    I can already hear the arguments and attacks I will get for saying this. Yes the Italians and Greeks are some of the greatest builders of our time, Slavs have gifted us with music and dance, but the Nordics,,,,,they are just my favorite because if I was to imagine a God or an Angel, it would be a true Nordic man or woman.

    But we live in a world where we are encouraged to A. root for the underdog and B. not want to work for the benefit of those superior to us as individuals. Thus most WNs dont want to admit that there is a true best racial stock. Everyone wants to say that as long as we are all White we are are equal, and the egalitarianism within the White Nationalist community itself makes me sick.

    I love my family and my children, but I know that superior Whites exist and it makes me happy to know that.

    I second what April wrote, and I’m certainly no pure Nordic. I have 1/8 Swede and I’m very happy about that, but otherwise I’m Celtic and French. My features are not as fine as that of a Nordic. Here’s a very good web site about white subraces and the ethics of racial preservation:

    I made a decision in my teens to move to Russia and not come back, because I hated the mass media dominance and political correctness. I didn’t end up moving to Russia permanently, though Russia did move to me. I quite purposely intended always to marry a Slavic woman, because I found that Slavs are less susceptible to political correctness than Western Europeans. And yes, I believe that Slavs are less susceptible to Pee Cee because they are part Asiatic — part Mongol because of invasion and mass rapes 800 or so years ago, and these Genghis Khan genes confers some immunity to political correctness.

    I have a new idea about “corruption,” too. So-called “corruption” in a country preserves it from non-whites coming in. Some skinheasds in Russia beat up the foreigners, and the “corrupt” militsioneri lose the evidence, or if the skinheads are convicted, the “corrupt” judge only gives them 7 years, whereas here in the USA we’d get 30 years for the same thing.

    Corruption means that you look after your own, and don’t hire or accomodate outsiders, especially racial outsiders. Corruption is a natural racial protection.

    An “open society” like George Soros wants, may be “less corrupt” (initially, until it’s overwhelmed with a mud flood), but that just means it’s more efficient at importing non-whites and giving them positions over us.

    I decided I’d rather marry someone with a hint of an epicanthic fold around her eyes whose heart only bleeds for her own kith and kin, who came from a society with a “corrupt” government, than marry a fine featured Nordic woman from an “open society” whose heart bleeds for African babies.

    That said, I believe in preserving the Nordic genotype, and that is one of my goals in life, if I have any power to do so. I also believe that we should experiment with genetic modification of humans to breed beautiful, high IQ children with no genetic defects whose hearts only bleed for thier kith and kin.

    • daniel
      Posted December 21, 2011 at 10:58 am | Permalink

      It is not either/or.

      No good person wants to destroy Northern European peoples. All good people aspire for their countries/territories to be inhabited by their native own, certainly well beyond 90% – yes, we can understand the greater urgency for their more delicate genome.

      Nevertheless, good people would wish the same for all European peoples, nations.

      I can be more than satisfied with non-North Western women. Thank you very much. But it would be great fun to help clear the mud out of those places.

      • flavia
        Posted December 21, 2011 at 11:54 am | Permalink

        LOL. Clear out the mud. Finally a little humor around here.

        I suppose much like anything we cannot let perfect be the enemy of good. My Slav heritage is pretty much dead in the water, but the whiteness lives on, and for that I celebrate.

        With some шљивовица!!!

      • daniel
        Posted December 21, 2011 at 2:01 pm | Permalink

        You sound like a nice lady

  36. flavia
    Posted December 21, 2011 at 11:57 am | Permalink

    You sound annoying. Who cares? It’s a comments section from an internet article.

    I don’t think the guys at CC believe in egalitarian free speech, hence the moderation.

  37. Trainspotter
    Posted December 21, 2011 at 12:47 pm | Permalink

    Chechar: “In both novels the impression I got was to punish recent mixing crimes, especially women who used black beasts of pleasure. I see nothing wrong with that as fiction.”

    I’m a fan of Covington’s northwest books, and highly recommend them. They are fantastic as fiction, and loaded with insights that could have application in the real world as well. Cogington has done more than anyone in recent years to fire the imagination, to create a vision of what could be. Without an inspiring vision, we’re not getting anywhere.

    However, he does in fact go out of his way to make clear that the ultimate punishment is meted out for even distant transgressions. In Hill of the Ravens, which is set several decades after the establishment of the Republic, the main character relates the following story:

    “It all comes out eventually. Some of those wretched women stayed on after Longview, God knows why. Did they think people would just forget? Someone always remembers and eventually someone always tells. Just last week a fifty-nine year-old grandmother was hanged in Pullman. Her own son found some old photos in the family attic his mom had been stupid enough to keep, photos of her canoodling with her Chinese boyfriend from high school. The man was NS and he denounced his mother. He did absolutely right, and I think God that I am not he.”

    Perhaps Covington has changed his mind over the years, perhaps not. Point is this sort of thing is a non-starter as a message.

    As for Pierce, keep in mind that Turner Diaries was written several decades ago. Miscegenation was still quite rare, political correctness had not progressed nearly as far as it later would, and most ordinary whites were not shy about expressing their disapproval of race mixing on that level. Those relatively few people who were engaging in it tended to shock and offend most normal whites.

    In other words, at that point in our history, an argument could be made for dealing sharply with the relatively small number of transgressors, thus excising them from the body politic in one fell swoop.

    We’re long past that, more’s the pity. As another example of how much the world has changed since The Turner Diaries, California was mostly white then. In the novel, a mostly white California was the first state to be taken over by white nationalists. How times change.

    • Posted December 21, 2011 at 3:40 pm | Permalink


      Now I get your point. I had forgotten that passage of The Hill of The Ravens which was, chronologically, uncle Harold’s first book of his quintet. I guess he has changed his mind.

      But The Hill of The Ravens was not in my mind, nor The Turner Diaries, but William Pierce’s 1989 novel Hunter. In my blog I’ve just written this intro about a magnificent 2004 article by William Ventvogel:

      An ongoing discussion at Counter-Currents moves me to reproduce the following article, “The Future of White Women: A Speculation” written by Ventvogel eight years ago. However radical they may appear to conservatives, present-day white nationalists are still trapped in the non-lycanthropic, bourgeoisie box, and unlike Ventvogel very few are willing to think outside it. Fortunately, the dollar is going to crash in the near future. You better be prepared psychologically to receive our unwelcome bite and turn yourself into a wolf with regard to the forthcoming treatment of women once the interregnum is, finally, over.

      Read it all!

    • flavia
      Posted December 21, 2011 at 4:29 pm | Permalink

      “It all comes out eventually. Some of those wretched women stayed on after Longview, God knows why. Did they think people would just forget? Someone always remembers and eventually someone always tells. Just last week a fifty-nine year-old grandmother was hanged in Pullman. Her own son found some old photos in the family attic his mom had been stupid enough to keep, photos of her canoodling with her Chinese boyfriend from high school. The man was NS and he denounced his mother. He did absolutely right, and I think God that I am not he.”

      I think the biggest transgression in the passage was the use of the word canoodling.

  38. Petronius
    Posted December 21, 2011 at 3:39 pm | Permalink

    >If Sailor is a race-mixer (?) he is not fighting for “our cause”.

    I never said that. I was thinking of Fred Reed and similar cases. They advance the cause more by their writing than by their breeding. That being said, Sailer is no Neocon at all, and has done a lot of valuable work and research to set reasonable foundations for race realism.

    I find your fanaticism on the other hand really scary, and I would not want to live in a world run by people like you. The world you and Covington imagine is just as repellant, grotesque and totalitarian narrow as the one enivisioned by the multiculturalists. I generally distrust people deeply who fantasize all the time about “methodically hunting down” everyone that doesn’t fit their frame so that everybody can live happily ever after.

  39. flavia
    Posted December 21, 2011 at 3:58 pm | Permalink

    Your argumentation is really sound, lol. You are too awesome so Greg Johnson or whoever cannot let you be unleashed.

    I gave it to the Yellow Fever dudes unthread. They’re basically the male version of fat white mudshark chicks. I think we’re pretty much in agreement.

    Further, it is immoral of us as a race to rob the best of the men and women from other races. Their beautiful women and successful men are for them to enjoy.

    • flavia
      Posted December 21, 2011 at 3:59 pm | Permalink


  40. flavia
    Posted December 21, 2011 at 4:04 pm | Permalink

    I don’t speak for all of us, but whoever said that can suck it. We are most certainly a white people. We have the best hair and our hooded eyes are the cutest!! Look at Tom Sunic!!!

    • Sandy
      Posted December 21, 2011 at 5:05 pm | Permalink

      I am from that wee once insular island off the coast of Europe and even at our imperial best Slavs were always considered White. Ridiculous to think otherwise.

  41. flavia
    Posted December 21, 2011 at 4:09 pm | Permalink

    Yeah, but Jews are a unique people. Fiercely ethnocentric and seeking out to destroy the host culture/population. I think, as with blacks, there needs to be more stringent requirements…

    I am wondering why Hamilton thinks that people with black admixture should be excluded all together. I do agree, but I think my reasons are different than his perhaps (I think their traits are too dominant- and they are exceptionally dumb and violent in a way that your average mud is not).

  42. flavia
    Posted December 21, 2011 at 6:36 pm | Permalink

    Since Fred Reed was mentioned I have been creeping on his site trying to find a picture of his wife. Just because she’s Mexican doesn’t mean she’s wholly, or even a bit Indian. I am South American with nary a hint of Da Mud.

    I came across this interesting article by him .

    Sorry fellas, it’s in Spanish. The title is “The Monstrous Cracker (Gringa) and the Mexican woman.” It is basically a puff peace (maybe to win points with the wife?) about the wonderfulness of Mexican and other brown women and the hell that marriage to a white woman is. Yes, I know that North American women have fallen prey to a culture of narcissism and self indulgece, but any man that goes around throwing his own race under the bus to praise a bunch of barrel chested hill people is not a friend to me. Swim in the mud all you want, buddy, but don’t go asking others to join you. Mexicans. Ew.

    Here’s just one quote: La verdad es que la mexicana (y la filipina, y la tailandesa) es naturalmente una dama, y la gringa, una tarántula con menos piernas.

    Translation: The truth is that the Mexican (and the Filipina and the Thai- Flavia here: Note it’s all brown countries) is naturally a lady, and the female cracker (gringa) is nothing but a tarantula with less legs.

    Fuck this guy.

  43. mark
    Posted December 21, 2011 at 7:32 pm | Permalink

    There is a very good article on César Tort’s website entitled, The Future of White Women—A Speculation.

    The article was written by William Ventvogel. César wrote a lead-in which is at the link below. Ventvogel’s article follows.

  44. Hrolf
    Posted December 21, 2011 at 8:21 pm | Permalink

    This has probably been one of the most philosophically important articles and resultant discussions that Counter Currents has ever run, and it deserves some sort of reprise. I for one have no physical attraction for members of other races, ie blacks or Asians. I could lay naked next to any of these sorts and feel no more arousal than one would feel towards an inanimate object. Hispanics or Jews are attractive to me to the proportion which the individual has European features. Race mixing therefore would never even be a consideration for me–I would have no difficulty staying celebite before marrying a black or Asian. I wonder, is it different for other people? Do some whites feel attraction to other races, or are these cross racial marriages really acts of social desperation, as I suspect? I am unable to detect any particular factor in my upbringing that would account for my unusual good sense on this matter. Am I genetically more ethnocentric, race loyal than most?

    • Fourmyle of Ceres
      Posted December 21, 2011 at 10:18 pm | Permalink


      Hrolf in blockquote:

      This has probably been one of the most philosophically important articles and resultant discussions that Counter Currents has ever run, and it deserves some sort of reprise.

      Good point, because this article, in a rather forthright and abrupt manner, deals with one of the issues of the development of Race, and does so in the context of a White Racial Homeland. As a supporter of Harold Covington’s Northwest Republic, both as an analytical model to be applied today, and as a White “Zion,” if you will, for my Posterity to develop.

      Ward Kendall stated forthrightly the foundational issues before us. His comments are worthy of analysis, as, at the very least, he represents an important school of thought in what White Nationalism is becoming, and could, in large part, become.

      Ward Kendall in blockquote:

      Mr. Petronius, the fact that what I speak of sounds distasteful and scary to you is a good sign, because there are many in the American Neo-Nazi movement to which such words and ideas do not.

      There aren’t “many,” at all, in the “American Neo-Nazi movement.” There are, what, about eight people, none of whom matter in the sense of making a positive difference for our Race. Now, if you meant the self-identified White Nationalists, we have room for intelligent discussion.

      Again, as I watched the morbidly obese, alcoholic, ununiform uniform wearing types, I could only feel dismay, as these failed nihilists simply acted out with the impotence of what Greg Johnson described as those who are already defeated. For example, rather than wearing more appropriate garb, that fitted halfway well, and spoke (nonverbally) of Leadership, all in an “apple pie, strictly legal, sort of way.” (HT: Jim Giles), they wore the garb that is guaranteed to remove all political legitimacy in America. Further, they wore sloppy, poor-fitting, mismatched (!), ununiform uniforms, guaranteeing their nonverbal message of low self-esteem and lack of personal pride was a message seen by all. Nobody wanted to join them. Easy to see why.

      For proof of that, just review some of William Pierce’s collection of “hate-core” CDs, filled with some of the most blood-thirsty and murderous calls for violence imaginable.

      HOLD that singularly important thought. The strongest advocates of the undisciplined use of force were the target for “hate-core” CD’s, and these were the most ineffective people on the face of the Earth. Their overwhelming support of what could not be called “music” was support for the Idea that somehow, in some magical way, they could force revenge on those who lived better, more effective lives.

      Pierce’s National Alliance willfully selling CD’s that appeal to hopeless, nihilistic, disorganized losers? Doesn’t that really say something about the National Alliance, and it’s *ahem* “Leadership?” Is that something we should look at a bit more closely? Might there be a reason for this? Might a potential “Vanguard,” as imagined by Rockwell, be singularly repulsed by such actions?

      Might that be the idea?

      Such unrestrained lust for death and destruction is why The National Alliance never grew beyond a certain point – once it had sopped up all the psychopathic personalities in the WN movement. Likewise can be said for The Aryan Nations and The World Church of the Creator, among others.

      Ward, that is a simply brilliant analysis.

      WHY this was the case is left as an exercise for the Student. Listen and Learn, young Padawan.

      Now, contrary to what you may believe, I have been the foremost advocate of a new approach to white nationalism, which neither champions quasi-Nazism in any way, shape, or form, nor does it, on the other hand, promote Pattycake-Pattycake-Fake-Republican-Man politics, as if we’d be fooling anyone that we are anything other than racists-in-sheep’s-clothing.

      This is a singularly important point. Blindly adopting the Forms of the NSDAP Cultural Moment, without the depth of cultural and intellectual analysis from which it arose, is the height of folly. Further, the idea that we can “sneak up” on the Republican Party and change their policies is the height of wishful thinking. Both “Plans” simply plan for gracious failure. Do you suppose this is by accident?

      Instead, I believe in transparency. Because I do, the issue of racemixing and racemixers must be dealt with in a clear-cut, upfront manner.

      Transparency is the foundation of the next successful political system, call it what you will.

      What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

      • Greg Johnson
        Posted December 22, 2011 at 2:46 am | Permalink

        What did I say about William Pierce? The man has been dead for nearly a decade.

      • Fourmyle of Ceres
        Posted December 23, 2011 at 12:12 pm | Permalink


        Greg Johnson in blockquote:

        What did I say about William Pierce? The man has been dead for nearly a decade.

        I was responding to Ward’s comment, which defined issues I hadn’t really considered before.

        It’s your rule that we not mention Pierce “for a year,” and that’s your choice.

        How we can discuss WN “organization” without mentioning him is one thing.

        Would it be more appropriate to simply mention the name of his “national” organization, while discussing its – and, implicitly, our – many shortcomings and failures?

        By doing so, we help the Northwest Republic to succeed. If there is a better manifestation of the Fourteen Words, I can not imagine it.

        And if we can not mention the fame – and infamy – of a dead man’s deeds, then that is where our organizational weakness will be found, and will grow, undermining our efforts on behalf of our Posterity.

        Rockwell’s plan for a National Youth Alliance seems to have ended rather ignobly, with a recording company in Hillsboro, West Virginia, producing bands like “Vaginal Jesus” and “Anal Cunt.”

        Looks like something went seriously wrong, somewhere – and THAT is our learning opportunity.

        What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

    • Stronza
      Posted December 21, 2011 at 10:25 pm | Permalink

      Emanuel McLittle (Negro psychologist) wrote an article against racemixing, considering it a way for suffering people to ‘disappear’ themselves.

      “I have counseled many mixed couples who falsely believed the races carry no psychological/spiritual differences. I have rarely spoken to such a couple who see marital troubles were not compounded by an undiscovered motive to escape the psychological environment that formed them as children. None could ever explain why they would choose a partner of a different race if indeed there were no “differences.” If similarity was what they really searched for, as they often claimed, a better choice would obviously be someone that was like unto their parents. Interracial marriage is often born of a disdain for oneself and an unconscious drive to erase oneself via the next generation. I would venture a guess that many of those who engage in race mixing are running on the legs of buried anger and frustration, from a helpless, painful childhood where their first mates, their parents, failed them. Growing up with a fractured identity of their own, they are often driven by a false notion that they can leave behind one ugly world by merging into another. The hard lesson such a person will have to learn is that no one, not one single person, can ever escape from him or herself or the forces that spawned them; not even by marrying where they see no reminders of an earlier, more painful time.”

  45. George Peterson
    Posted December 21, 2011 at 10:16 pm | Permalink

    I identify more as a counter-revolutionary/integralist than as white nationalist, as wn seems to place too much importance on biology and think only in terms of white/non-white; that being said, it is quite incredible that wn race-mixing is even an issue, as even radical leftists of a century ago would look down on it. Children of these unions are very unfortunate, and most have horrible psychological and emotional problems if their white parent teaches them to be nationalists and raises them exclusively in the western tradition. As I said to a friend of mine who was interested in dating orientals because of the disgusting behavior of contemporary western women (and I’ve since convinced him), “if oriental genes are just as good as european genes, then you should not be worried about the demographic situation at all.”

    If we ever do have a turn to true nationalism, it will be interesting what will happen to westernized non-whites and hybrids, especially those without non-white appearance. They will likely have to construct a new identity and ethnicity for themselves that will, over time and shared traditions and historical experience, become something more substantial.

    As for the issue of hierarchy within the white race, while I see the arguments for placing true nordics on a higher level, this could possibly undermine our movement, because once you start talking about a spectrum of whiteness, then there isn’t really any good reason to stop at the traditional boundaries 0f Europe/Christendom, as there is gradual biological change from the near east and africa into southern Europe and on northward. It’s a bit of a conundrum, as many wn reject Christianity, and yet historical Christendom is still the main criterion for which groups are considered white (I recall the NA using this as part of their definition, although I might be mistaken).

  46. Yule Tide
    Posted December 21, 2011 at 11:26 pm | Permalink

    Ward Kendall: “I am going to do my best to work with law enforcement from this point on to put every Neo-Nazi, KKKer, and Skinhead behind bars, in order to give our Race a clearer pathway to success.”

    You have posted a lot on the web, but that struck my eye. I suspect you were just posturing as most of your posts seem to be talk without the walk, but even suggesting that you will help law enforcement imprison our youth is disgusting.

    • Sutton Who?
      Posted December 22, 2011 at 2:32 am | Permalink

      Ward Kendall apparently wishes to construct a version of White Nationalism that:

      1. Alienates and divides all existing White Nationalists by stigmatizing whole groups and keeping alive old feuds and personal hatreds.

      2. Repulses everybody who isn’t a White Nationalist by embracing repugnant race-war and mass-murder fantasies.

      3. Impeaches himself with his hysterical tone and self-contradictory positions (can’t be Nazis — wouldn’t be prudent; but let’s embrace the “Day of the Rope” — which is more repugnant than anything that the Nazis actually did — but let’s also attack William Pierce, saving ONLY the worst features of his work).

      Every instinct this man displays is wrong and therefore destructive. So I have to ask Greg Johnson: Is publishing Ward Kendall’s commentary really the most CONSTRUCTIVE use of this site?

      This guy is obviously a nut who is in the grip of some self-destructive personality disorder. White Nationalism is about saving our race from physical extinction. How are we going to do that, Dr. Johnson, with the contributions of a mentally-ill person with a self-destructive streak?

      Counter-Currents should be about constructing a winning platform for changing the real world. Ward Kendall is strictly for the internet. He is merely engaged in online psychodrama. There is a whole internet out there where he can rave.

      Why are you letting him turn this oasis of sanity, reason, and enlightenment into a smelly hamster cage?

      I pity you for getting into a business relationship with him (“Where’s my check, you fucking idiot?”). I am sure other publishers out there are taking note and putting a thick black mark next to his name. Is publishing his commentary after he pitched a fit merely a “share the misery” gesture in this season of good cheer?

      You really have dropped the ball on this one.

      • Greg Johnson
        Posted December 22, 2011 at 2:44 am | Permalink

        I am on vacation, so I am being a little more lenient with comments (which is the only reason your comment got through too). I will clean up the hamster cage when I get back home.

  47. Posted December 22, 2011 at 4:41 am | Permalink

    I think Kievsky’s characterization of Slavics as mongolized may apply more to Russian women …though even there, I was surprised to find them way more western and normal (to me) looking, less Asiatic, than I had been prepared for by western media back in the day.

    Poor Kievsky probably thinks that I am picking on him/do not understand his sneaky mind weapon project. I do understand his mind weapons project but am inarticulate as yet as to how we coordinate overt operations (where tact is more a matter of keen honesty and taste) and covert operations, such as his.


    I think Slavs are part Mongolian because of 2 things — physical appearance, and the way they run their society (corrupt in an Asian way). I used to think it was “bad” to have society like that, and Russians themselves certainly complain about it; but I have begun to rethink the idea that corruption is bad, as I said.

    In evolution, genetic diversity protects a species when the environment changes. Well, we see an example of that. The environment changed in a way that it is (temporarily) ruled by a Jewish Empire, who are very adept at creating a subtle but genocidal environment for Whites. They kill us without firing a shot, at least not by their own index fingers.

    The Slavs have been immune to Jewish poison, perhaps because of their centuries long history with them. As Solzhenitsyn called it, “Two Hundred Years Together.” We’ve only had them for 100. Notice, after the first hundred years together, the Jews overthrew the Russians. We have had a hundred years of Jews, and they overthrew us too.

    Arguably, we are going through something similar (albeit more disgusting) than what the Russians went through with the Jews after 1917 — a sort of neo-Bolshevism, which will run its course as it very efficiently cannibalizes its own power base and creates a counter-movement, a counter Mindweapon movement.

    Back to the Russians. I sensed as a teenager that they weren’t going along with political correctness, and I wanted to emigrate to Russia permnaently. They still aren’t going along with it. The Jews haven’t made an inch of progress over there. And it’s the corruption that is protecting them, the genetically determined Asiatic corruption.

    I think American WN’s should do a PLE in Russia. Just as April’s ancestors migrated from Germany, to the Volga, to the US, perhaps it is time for us to “go East, young man.” We would need to occupy a particular niche. What niche would that be? Something the Russians don’t do well for themselves, that we could do better. What is different about us? Anglo-Saxon and Celtic people are more honest, less corrupt. So that’s a start. We can benefit them with businesses that are more transparent, and their protective Asiatic corruption will remain intact (that much can be assured). Anyway, think about it adn if you get any ideas about an Anglo-Saxon niche in Russia, comment on my blog which is linked above.

    • daniel
      Posted December 22, 2011 at 10:15 am | Permalink

      It makes a lot of sense. Already having significant experience among the corrupt Slavs (though not Russians), I cannot be too defensive about it. Not only that, I believe that I can attest to your theory of its protective function.

      However, I had meant to discuss the drawbacks of the kind of communalism that you advocate, at least in this situation. I have tried that with these folks, anyway; the gossip and corruption could kill anyone attempting such a thing. Typically, it would be seen as pathetically naiive in the post communist mentality; a mentality that also entails a large measure of individual competence and competitiveness to go along with that corruption; a mentality that severely hinders cooperation as a day to day value.

      Nevertheless, cooperating with them is not exactly what you are saying. I like your thinking on the matter, toward a separate niche of western thinking amongst that by contrast. It is a good idea. I am open to suggestions, though this is perhaps not the place to discuss it.

    • George Peterson
      Posted December 22, 2011 at 10:20 am | Permalink

      The idea of ple in Russia is interesting, especially in certain areas in the Russian far east which are, as far as I know, rather white areas, as the native oriental population was never very high, since they lived at a tribal subsistence level.

      As for Slavs being part Mongol, I don’t know if we can treat all nations that speak slavic languages the same way. Did the Mongols penetrate to Slovenia, for example? Are Russians and Czechs likely to have the same degree of mixture? I’m certain that you are right in general about there being some mixture; being part Slavic myself, I’m sure I have some Tartar or Sarmatian ancestors (and by the same logic, any German who has a single Slavic ancestor from the last 700 years likely has a drop of Mongol as well).

      By the way, the name Kievsky sounds very Slavic, what is its origin?

    • Jaego Scorzne
      Posted December 22, 2011 at 10:42 am | Permalink

      Perhaps someday the White Remnants of America will migrate across the Bering Strait and settle in Siberia – becoming the sword arm of Russia against the Chinese in the East as the Cossacks have always been against the Muslims in the South West. Might be a little easier to create a White Republic in the Northwest though. Not to say that will be easy – all the easy roads are gone. We are at the blood stage now as opposed to tears or merely sweat.

    • daniel
      Posted December 22, 2011 at 3:38 pm | Permalink

      re: Kievsky’s acquaintance whose daughter was murdered

      Interestingly, I was in North Hampton, Mass. at that time.

      It was just before dawn on a frigid January morning in 1993 when Yoko Kato was awakened by a knock on her front door.

      Two Northampton police detectives gently broke the news that Kato’s daughter, Sherry Morton, 23, and her grandson, Cedric, 18 months old, were dead, brutally murdered by Cedric’s father.

      Read more: Powerful story for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Wayland, MA – Wicked Local Wayland

    • daniel
      Posted December 22, 2011 at 4:07 pm | Permalink

      Re. Kievsky’s and Johnson’s tactic of mudshark testimony

      Recently, I was called over to a table at a bar that I frequent by two ladies and a guy. In what has become strangely predictable for me, negroes were a topic of discussion in this first meeting. Specifically, one of the ladies mentioned that she had previously had a Black boyfriend. It is a sign of the times that she expected that to be fairly unproblematic subject matter. Well, having come to anticipate it, I did use a somewhat different tact. I listened to her to try to find some things out. Whether she had been mislead by the media and so forth.

      In fact, she had been at very least blocked from the truth. Coming from an all White place, the media had disinformed her about the nature of Blacks. However, she very much wanted to believe this was a matter of her having been in love and she would not hear my suggestions that this decision was influenced by Jewish media.

      At any rate, it did turn out that her parents were very traditional and her father, in particular, was devastated.

      The story, as she tells it, was that her father tried to put his foot down and forbid it absolutely. Her mother used a soft approach, figuring that she’d eventually see the light.

      As it turns out, she began noticing the negro’s volatility. Ultimately, she would up having to call the police to keep him away.

      Her account was that her mother’s approach was correct. Had she not been that way, she would have been all the more determined to stay with the negro.

      Finally, she said that now, when she sees a Black on the street, she sees a Black and feels revulsion.

      Moreover, she claims that from now on she would tell any White woman not to date a Black.

      Thus, I concede that there can be a strategy of creating a platform for such testimonials, as Johnson and Kievsky suggest.

      I would say that it is a good idea

      Of course, I would still not accept her or trust her. It could be subtle way of getting away with things; but I think Kievsky understands that.

      The deepest issue, of course, is still separatism. But in addition to that, these sorts of testimonials, the circulating and deepening narrative of our profound difference, can help prevent race-mixing in the first place.


      • Posted December 22, 2011 at 6:25 pm | Permalink


        Thank you for that data point on the psychology of women as regards negroes. As for a father “putting his foot down” what can he do nowadays? Disinherit her?

        What I am finding is that you need to emphasize the natural fact of human inequality, with a moderate sprinkling of telling a story about a mudshark dying of natural causes now and then, especially when it’s local. But I focus on “classism,” and “racism” follows, as the night the day.

        So you were in Northampton in January 1993? That place is ten times crazier now. My wife and I went to an Ingrid Michaelson concert there last summer and the college girls seemed to have a need to show off how lesbian they were. I wasn’t overly disturbed, but it seemed fake and forced. Ingrid put on a great performance though.

      • daniel
        Posted December 23, 2011 at 2:49 am | Permalink


        I don’t know what the father should do now. I can tell you this, I do not want his daughter.

        Regarding tactics, I think you are in the ball park. I have gone into long discussions of how I believe paradigmatic difference should be an even better angle than inequality.

        Yes, I would have been in North Hampton in January of 1993. With Smith and Mount Holyoke there, it has always had a large percentage of lesbians – more than anywhere else in The U.S. – one in seven women, at the time.

        That is opening a can of worms that requires a long essay, having little to do with this thread.

        Although there are natural and nurtural components (as manipulated by Jewish PC, it becomes even more relevant to the struggle), and for a number of reasons, people should be able to be critical, I can agree that it is very out of register, as a concern, in comparison to White genocide.

        Provisionally, I might say, so long as they are discreet enough and not otherwise particularly bad, I would take a woman who has had a few lesbian flings over a mudshark any day. As for male homosexuals, well, provided that they are not otherwise very bad, I might say of them, more women for me!

        Would you rather have a discreet queer bar in your town, full of effeminate men who were not interested in bothering anybody? Or a bar full of ultra masculine negoes? Which is going to be the more destructive? There is little question. And so long as homosexuality is a naturally occurring phenomenon, or worse, encouraged by Jews, we’d be better off erring in that direction, where forgiveness and redemption is concerned.

        There are a few queer bars in my town. I am not comfortable with male homosexuals, in particular, and lesbians are not interested in me, so I do not go there. Nobody could make me go there and nobody is trying.

        I will say this however. Again, the matter is not so simple. I visited a lesbian bar once in North Hampton and was surprised to find that perhaps most of the women were homely, probably hurt and abused – arguing for more of a “nurture” argument than I had anticipated. How much Jewish PC is manipulating the North Hampton lesbians does require critique

      • daniel
        Posted December 23, 2011 at 2:51 am | Permalink

        Oh, bye the way, there is a fairly recent story of a woman from my town going to Ireland, marrying an African, having a baby with him, getting killed by him….the parents are adopting this negro baby and raising it. It makes me sick.

  48. Arno
    Posted December 22, 2011 at 7:41 am | Permalink

    Ward Kendall,

    “Caucasoid” is a broad grouping that includes various groups such as Northern Europeans, Southern Europeans, Arabs, Jews, North Africans, West Asians, some Central and South Asians. There are genetic differences among these groups, varying rates of admixture across these groups (e.g. some % of Arab admixture in Southern Euros), and varying rates of admixture from non-Caucasoid groups.

    If we look at sub-Saharan African (i.e. Negroid) admixture, these different Caucasoid groups have different rates of admixture:

    “We analyze genome-wide polymorphism data from about 40 West Eurasian groups to show that almost all Southern Europeans have inherited 1%–3% African ancestry with an average mixture date of around 55 generations ago, consistent with North African gene flow at the end of the Roman Empire and subsequent Arab migrations. Levantine groups harbor 4%–15% African ancestry with an average mixture date of about 32 generations ago, consistent with close political, economic, and cultural links with Egypt in the late middle ages. We also detect 3%–5% sub-Saharan African ancestry in all eight of the diverse Jewish populations that we analyzed. For the Jewish admixture, we obtain an average estimated date of about 72 generations. This may reflect descent of these groups from a common ancestral population that already had some African ancestry prior to the Jewish Diasporas.”

    There would be different rates for “East Eurasian” (i.e. Mongoloid) admixture, with Northern Europeans, especially Finns and Northeastern Europeans, tending to exhibit it more than the other Caucasoid groups. At the same time the Northern Europeans Caucasoids would have lower to basically nil Negroid admixture than the rates listed above for the other Caucasoid groups.

    • daniel
      Posted December 23, 2011 at 4:04 am | Permalink

      I do not find the study that Arno presents to be particularly problematic. I am happy to see that Southern Europeans are only 1-3% African – not very much. Moreover, that Jews have more African admixture than that, sometimes significantly more. It corroborates non-scientific evidence.

      The only problematic aspect, as I see it, is in saying that Nordics can have zero percent African ancestry. That is a bit like denying the out of Africa theory, as if to say that they descended from the constellation Orion or something.

      I would imagine it is a matter of when, and you are focusing on admixture within the 40,000 year time frame. Nordics would have been unadulterated by Africans for a longer time within the time span of that differentiation. Nevertheless, in some respects, in terms of evolution, they would be 100% African.

      Please do not misunderstand this to mean that I am arguing like a naiive scientist that therefore the differences are “trivial”, a few genetic markers. The differentiation in this 40,000 years of evolution is far from trivial, it is profound – the most important thing in the world to me and I am sure to most everyone on this thread. Because many scientists have been making absurd arguments about the differences being trivial, I would like to facilitate refinement in argumentative resource by getting us into stronger position – to begin with, by dealing with reality as opposed to Orion’s belt stars.

      • Arno
        Posted December 23, 2011 at 10:20 am | Permalink

        This has nothing to do with the Out of Africa theory, which is a complicated topic itself and not some simplistic fact that is set in stone.

        This has to do with recent admixture events, long after the various population groups, from larger groupings such as Caucasoids, Negroids to smaller groupings such as Arabs, N. Euros, etc., were formed.

        The more north you go, anywhere on the planet, the less African admixture you find. Europe is no exception to this. This has been shown in many studies. The study I linked to suggests this, even though it is not the focus of the study:

        “The * in Switzerland indicates that the three populations available from this country have variable estimates: Swiss-Germans show no evidence of African mixture, Swiss-French 0.5±0.2% and Swiss-Italians 1.6±0.2%. The ‘+’ sign in Italy indicates that multiple samples were available but all show evidence of African mixture.”

        If you go back far in enough, many of these population groups haven’t formed yet, so it makes no sense to say that admixture events back are instances of currently existing population groups undergoing admixture with other currently existing population groups.

      • daniel
        Posted December 24, 2011 at 1:36 am | Permalink

        I don’t see where I have disagreed with anything that you have said in either post.

      • daniel
        Posted December 24, 2011 at 2:43 am | Permalink

        I would also add this comment, granting that I am not a geneticist and thus propose untested hypotheses:

        Is it possible that the 1-3% of African admixture that Southern Europeans have acts as in the manner of a cow-pox inoculation against small pox?

        Genetics are complicated and it certainly does not always work out that way, but, I think that it might function that way on some significant interfaces.

        There is some evidence that at least in some cases and in some ways, it might make them more prejudice against Blacks, and more against race mixing, not less.

        Southern Europeans might perform a buffering function in some ways.

        Conversely, the cleaner northern Europeans might be a bit more vulnerable, in some ways. Perhaps one effect being that they are taking for granted their difference a bit too much; have a bit too much attraction/revulsion to Black difference – revulsion to the extent of over reaction, elitism to the extent that it is poor rhetoric…didactically creating sympathy for their antagonists..

        …there can be many implications, and let me concede before hand that it does probably does not always work that way – that southerners have a better balance of prejudice while northerners tend to have too little or too much?

        Again, too much in the sense of overplaying their hand.

  49. Posted December 22, 2011 at 12:58 pm | Permalink

    Love turns to a new God (white fiction)
    by William Ventvogel (February 10, 2003)

    • Posted December 22, 2011 at 4:15 pm | Permalink

      From the corruption of women all evils follow

      (by William Ventvogel, originally published in 2003)

      • Trainspotter
        Posted December 23, 2011 at 2:56 pm | Permalink

        Chechar, thanks for the links.

        I think that part of the problem illustrated in this thread is that people are talking past one another, or comparing apples to oranges.

        If we were a bit more clear headed about fundamentals, I think a lot of the internecine sturm and drang could be avoided.

        The movement must fit the strategy, and the strategy must fit the goal. If the goal is a White Republic, then we need a strategy that can actually achieve it, and a movement capable of executing the strategy.

        Without advocating anything, I have stated on prior occasions that I don’t believe we can achieve a White Republic through entirely peaceful means. We’re going to need the tough guy fanatic type.

        On the other hand, the White Republic will not be achieved by force alone. Without a broader base, the tough guys are going to be just like The Order, a handful of guys enjoying no public support whatsoever, scurrying about in the woods until law enforcement inevitably hunts them down. They will be completely ineffective. Mao understood this generations ago, but certain WNs simply can’t wrap their heads around it. They will achieve nothing, except perhaps to justify more police powers for the state.

        So, in a sense, white nationalism will need two movements (though they can’t be hostile to one another) – one geared toward the fanatics who may be willing to act, and another geared toward the broader white population. That’s why I can recommend Covington’s novels as brilliant, while at the same time criticizing certain aspects of them as pretty mindnumbingly stupid. That’s not a contradiction on my part, it’s just a recognition that no particular approach, by itself, can be successful. Covington’s novels are geared to a particular sort of person who, I believe, will be necessary. But it’s also necessary to have a level of broader support, and Covington’s nazi uniform fetish and advocacy of slaughter without meaningful distinction simply doesn’t get you there.

        The broader movement must build the intellectual, artistic and popular foundation for a white nation. Even within that wing, there are people who have stirred up enormous shite claiming that the intellectual component is worthless, or the artistic part is a joke, or whatever. One wonders whether such people are outright enemies, or just dysfunctional morons.

        Only a holistic approach can work. This approach must cover all of the bases: intellectual, artistic, economic, spiritual/emotional, popular, and so forth, as well as some other things which are impolitic to discuss, but are wonderfully illustrated in fiction.

        I’m tired of the “keyboard commando” and “those damn intellectuals” criticisms, just as it is ridiculous to think we’re going to nice guy our way out of this thing by condemning “fanatic psychos” and being fair. Standing alone and going no further, the intellectual component can be nothing more than a coffee shop debating society. Standing alone, the tough guy fanatic component can be nothing more than a bunch of people the public views as freaks being completely ineffective at anything other than getting themselves killed or locked up. And so too with artistic endeavors, popular propaganda, afficianodos of crime stats and IQ charts, etc. None of it stands alone. None of it can work in and of itself.

        Successful radical movements are holistic, they cover a lot of bases. Most WNs just can’t grasp this, which is why the movement spins its wheels. Again, are such supposed WNs intentional enemies in disguise, or are they simply ignorant and silly?

        So again, we’ve got be clear on exactly what our goal is, realistic about the strategy necessary for achieving the goal, and work toward a movement that has the ingredients to carry out the strategy. Until we can sideline the morons/moles who love to ride their particular hobby horse and attack all other aspects of the struggle, we’re not getting anywhere. Such people are at best ignorant kooks, and should be treated as such.

      • Posted December 23, 2011 at 6:10 pm | Permalink

        Then we are in complete agreement. The French had their Voltaire, and also their Robespierre. Without Voltaire and the other intellectuals and philosophers, no revolution would have been possible (I cannot imagine why HW rejected something so obvious). We need both meta-politics and, eventually, politics.

        Covington’s nazi uniform fetish and advocacy of slaughter without meaningful distinction simply doesn’t get you there

        I am not sure if he advocates this. See e.g., these excerpts that I selected recently from his best novel, where Covington wrote. “In practice, your job will not be to run around slaughtering blacks and Mexicans en masse. Your task is to drive them out, if you see the difference.”

    • Jaego Scorzne
      Posted December 23, 2011 at 10:38 am | Permalink

      How do you feel about the ethos being put forward in this novel? Is murder going to get us where we want to go? It’s not murder but war? Against all non Whites to the point of genocide as put forward in “The Turner Diaries”? Any such effort would destroy us spiritually even if we could pull it off.

      Covington admires the Arabs – particularly the Palestinians. Savitri Devi admited that although we were the highest, there were other noble races. The Nazis named the Japanese as honorary Aryans.

  50. Eric
    Posted December 22, 2011 at 4:14 pm | Permalink

    Good article. It’s pretty telling, how white people have been so brainwashed with the message that “interracial sex is good and normal” that many people – even in pro-white circles – don’t pay much attention to race-mixing.

    Of course, there’s differences between race-mixers, as has been said before. Someone who did something stupid in high-school when she was 15 hasn’t committed the same offense as a grown woman addicted to sex with negroids and parading around her mulatto babies. If this hypothetical White Republic happens, it would just be stupid and counter-productive to execute white persons who have white families, for an one-time offense they committed very long ago.

    • Eric
      Posted December 22, 2011 at 4:26 pm | Permalink

      Also, people like Fred Reed trying to pose as “pro-white” are utterly sad. He’s a race-mixer, end of story. I live in a Midwestern town, where almost all whites are married to whites. Even the lefties and anti-racists are married to whites. If you’re a “White Nationalist” and more of a race-mixer than most lefties I know, then you’re pretty pathetic.

  51. Posted December 23, 2011 at 4:36 am | Permalink

    Oh, bye the way, there is a fairly recent story of a woman from my town going to Ireland, marrying an African, having a baby with him, getting killed by him….the parents are adopting this negro baby and raising it. It makes me sick.


    Got a link? By the way, my remark about the lesboz was a passing remark. I just found it bizarre how they felt the need to really flaunt it, far more than heteros do, lots of making out and feeling each other up right in front of everyone. Just kinda weird. My wife was more shocked than I was.

    Northampton is a good SWPL center though. I’d love to live near there, as there is stuff like tai chi classes, yoga, adult education classes — that sort of thing. I’d much rather live in Boston, but even NoHo would beat the cultural desert I live in now.

    • daniel
      Posted December 23, 2011 at 6:28 am | Permalink

      Here is the link to the story of the woman murdered by her African husband ..and her parents who will take care of the thing she gave birth to.

      As for North Hampton and vicinity, having lived in that area for 4 years, personally, it made me crazy.

      I could deal with the lesbians but seeing the kind of fine women that I did, walking around with Negroes, no, I couldn’t stand it…

      My initial idea, in addition to getting further education there, was that it could be a good place to critique feminism and Black advocacy, that I might get a hearing, ultimately…it turned out that the area was simply overwhelming in its PC bias, always willing to drown out and bludgeon such a perspective. It would be masochistic for a WN to live there..

      • Kievsky
        Posted December 23, 2011 at 10:44 am | Permalink

        they’re going to take that mixed monster baby back to Poland? That’s even worse! I thought they were bringing it back here to the US, which is already a racial sewer.

      • daniel
        Posted December 24, 2011 at 1:43 am | Permalink

        Yes, they are going to raise and pay for this abomination, bring it to live in what is as yet an unbelievably White city. Her paretns extended sincere condolences to the parents of the ape who strangled their daughter to death. His filthy DNA is extended into our White world, while the White woman who gave birth to his filth is finished. The implications go on and on..

  52. Lew
    Posted December 23, 2011 at 1:42 pm | Permalink

    Ward, I still can’t tell if you’re serious or writing parody. Either way, and I do mean this sincerely, thanks, truly, for the chuckle. Your comment was good for a nice belly laugh.
    Frankly, not only have I never mentioned it, it hasn’t crossed my mind in over two decades. If I ever did mention it, it wouldn’t be in the tone you suggest. I don’t think that way. I only mentioned it here because the topic is WNism, race mixing, and ideas on handling various race mixing scenarios in the future. Let me ask you this though. Suppose that you or someone who thinks like you decides one day I should be shipped out with the niggers, mudsharks, Jews and other undesirables. What about my White wife? What is to be done with her? How about my two blond-haired, blue eyed kids who are both Nordic prototypes? Does the fact that I had sex with a half Spanish / half Venezuelan girl a few times over 20 years ago taint them too? I don’t anticipate a reason to mention it again, but I’m not embarrassed about it or ashamed of it either given the circumstances. If there is a reason to mention it after the revolution, I would do it again.

  53. Posted December 23, 2011 at 5:50 pm | Permalink

    @ “Chechar commenting on Ward Kendall…”

    Nope. It wasn’t me.

  54. Fourmyle of Ceres
    Posted December 23, 2011 at 10:14 pm | Permalink


    Ward Kendall just made a fascinating observation.

    Ward Kendall in blockquote, cites in italics:
    Here’s a telling passage from Harold Covington’s The Brigade, a novel that gives us a glimpse of a victorious WN revolution:

    Ted was given a brevet rank of major and a new uniform; a heavy khaki shirt, dark green trousers, and jackboots with the Alpine-style ski cap as headgear. “I look like a Nazi Stormtrooper,” he grumbled. “Especially with this thing.” He thumbed the eagle and Swastika patch sewn over his right shirt pocket.

    “I think that’s kind of the idea”, said Hatfield. “I’d say of all the movement’s various factions and tendencies, OVER HALF OF US ARE NATIONALIST SOCIALIST (Nazis) to some degree or other.” (The Brigade – pg 708)

    Though this is a work of fiction, many read Covington’s story as an accurate reflection of the WN movement as we know it today. If so, Covington has already taken a de facto posture that over half of us are Neo-Nazis.

    I contend this is wishful thinking, or just a surreptitious way of saying: “If we Neo-Nazis keep saying it’s so, those WN’s who aren’t in our camp will believe we already run the show!”

    What I THINK Covington is saying is not too far removed from what I call “High Intensity Evola,” where “walking the walk” and “talking the talk” are one and the same, as you has committed the very essence of one’s Being to a transcendent purpose, for this lifetime.

    Now, that is New Traditionalism!

    It’s important that we WN’s know which path we are taking. And we need to know now. That is why I have long said: there is a serioius ideological schism in our movement – one between WN’s and Neo-Nazi WN’s. It can possibly be resolved if NNWN’s will openly acknowledge that they are subordinate to WN’s – that our ideological views prevail over theirs.

    This is a compelling point. Most NNWN’s are really simply acting out psychological compensation by adopting the Forms of the NSDAP Cultural Moment, without accepting and transforming the Substance of the NSDAP Cultural Moment, transforming their lives so something more effective can be manifested, and the appropriate policies and practice implemented.

    The complicating issue is, they really do not have an ideology at all, other than an atavistic response to the self-selected impotence of nihilism as a REACTION to a system that does not want them, rather than as a positive expression – in ACTION – of embodying the transcendental in the temporal.

    One commentary on Uncle Adolf was he tried to do a hundred years worth of cultural transformation in ten, and a thousand years worth, in twenty.

    If not…mark my words: somewhere down the road, there will be blood.

    There IS blood being spilled, already.

    The problem is, most of it is ours, and it being spilled foolishly.

    Dealing with this, in an “apple pie, strictly legal, sort of way” (HT: Jim Giles) will require a lot of work, done first and foremost by the best among us. In time, if only out of necessity, the rest will follow.

    Again, as always, I emphasize that Covington’s works of fiction do NOT, and never HAVE, supported even the injudicious use of force, must less the illegal use of force, much less deadly force. This is smart.

    After all, the most effective colonization forces of the West to date are Judaism, and the Roman Catholic Church; smart men, with better Ideas, linked to their own metapolitical project, linked to a transcendent purpose.

    We really can learn from this, and Do Better.

    What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

  55. Trainspotter
    Posted December 24, 2011 at 2:04 am | Permalink

    Chechar: “Then we are in complete agreement. The French had their Voltaire, and also their Robespierre.”

    Absolutely, and nicely put.

    Chechar: “I am not sure if he (Covington) advocates this.”

    Well, in his fictional universe, the Northwest government uses Nazi symbols and even German names for its military branches – kriegsmarine, luftwaffe, etc. And then there is the excerpt I discussed earlier about the hanging of the grandmother, decades after evidence of an interracial trist was discovered. This a woman who had produced good children by Covington’s own standard: white and national socialist. Yet hang she did.

    I think that’s enough to qualify for a Nazi fetish, and some rather indiscriminate slaughter as well. That’s not to deny that he isn’t spot on about many things, including the driving out of non-whites by denying them habitat as opposed to trying to just slaughter them all, which even he acknowledges is unworkable.

    I’ve learned to “edit through ignoring” the sillier aspects of the novels, much as it has been said that fans are able to overlook and ignore some of the sillier scenes in an otherwise truly great movie like The Searchers. So it is with Covington.

    As I’ve said, I recommend that people read all of the Northwest novels. Lots of gems and insights in there, but there is also gratuitous crap that serves no productive purpose at all. Covington strikes me as a guy who has quite a mind, and is capable of some rather fascinating observations. He also strikes me as a guy who is a bit spotty and unsteady, prone to taking the occasional really stupid position. His sense of humor often borders on the juvenile and genuinely unfunny, and his blog is terrible – it’s not interesting, funny, inspiring, or really anything of value at all. Yet his podcasts are good to excellent (generally speaking, with some lapses into the stupid), and his Northwest fiction is, on the whole, fascinating and worthwhile. At the very least he will leave behind a valuable body of work, which is more than most of us can say.

    Most of us have known people like that, who may be quite intelligent and interesting in some respects, but occasionally say something so off kilter that one can only say, “WTF?!” Maybe a touch of aspergers? Who knows.

    • Posted December 24, 2011 at 4:34 pm | Permalink

      @ “Well, in his fictional universe, the Northwest government uses Nazi symbols and even German names for its military branches – kriegsmarine, luftwaffe, etc. And then there is the excerpt I discussed earlier about the hanging of the grandmother…”

      I agree with you about The Hill of The Ravens, pages 148ff. In fact, on November 28, 2010 I wrote in Spanish as a footnote of those pages (here translated to English):

      “In this I disagree with the Republic: A son denouncing her mother for an old love affair with a Chinese and hanged…! It should have been obvious to forgive her, especially for being his mother.”

      On the other hand, what’s wrong with National Socialism? To me, how Anglo-Saxons sided the Jewish press during and after World War II is the biggest sin that westerners have committed against themselves since the fall of the Roman Empire. Curiously, the only reasonable critique I’ve heard of NS Germany has been Linder’s. But it’s a critique from the extreme right. I find nauseating all criticism of NS from the left. However, since elsewhere in this thread this topic is being discussed emotionally, perhaps we should save it for another thread?

      Although I am not a Christian, and though I am a victim of Christianity (here and here), I must say Merry Christmas to all of you.

    • Formyle of Ceres
      Posted December 24, 2011 at 7:09 pm | Permalink


      Trainspotter commented on some issues in Covington’s novels, and Covington’s further discussions. These are substantial, and deserve substantial analysis.

      Trainspotter in blockquote:

      Well, in his fictional universe, the Northwest government uses Nazi symbols and even German names for its military branches – kriegsmarine, luftwaffe, etc.

      Covington mentions the absolute importance of reading the Appendix to “1984,” where the power of NewSpeak is addressed even in 1948. The use of language to control has advanced magnitudes since them.

      In that time, we had the War Department. Now, we have the “Defense Department,” which seems to be making war in the name of “defense.”

      Covington used military names to describe military organizations, doing military work. “Nation building” is left to others, except for the building of our own nation, our own Racial Homeland.

      Yet, these terms may be used informally, within the military themselves, as terms of pride. Remember, in our own Desert Storm, many of our troopers called themselves Stormtroopers, with little sense of irony, or, perhaps, a cunning sense of history, and certainly, a great deal of pride..

      And, symbols that have a greater purpose, and application, than the NSDAP Cultural Moment may be usefully used by those who seek to further the Race in the framework of Western Civilization. We could, for instance, take the ends off the NSDAP swastika, and call it, I don’t know, a Cross of Iron, or something like that.

      And then there is the excerpt I discussed earlier about the hanging of the grandmother, decades after evidence of an interracial trist was discovered. This a woman who had produced good children by Covington’s own standard: white and national socialist. Yet hang she did.

      An exception, used to prove a Rule. I suspect, in practice, a childhood dalliance in the Old Order might be overlooked. A pattern of such issues, on the other hand, would grant one second class citizenship. at best. And for many, that would be enough.

      I think that’s enough to qualify for a Nazi fetish, and some rather indiscriminate slaughter as well. That’s not to deny that he isn’t spot on about many things, including the driving out of non-whites by denying them habitat as opposed to trying to just slaughter them all, which even he acknowledges is unworkable.

      I’m not aware of “indiscriminate slaughter” in Covington works of fiction. I am aware of targeted acts of force in rare circumstances, which grew rare still as the Northwest Republic stabilized. What a contrast between Covington’s fictitious depiction of the use of force as a (pretty) silent, swift sword, and White Nationalist writers whose idea of the use for force was driving around at night capping mudsharks and their paramours, or thinking the US Army will unite with the WNists and use atomic weapons in the fulfillment of WN purposes.

      In CALIFORNIA, no less!

      Game, set, match, Covington.

      I’ve learned to “edit through ignoring” the sillier aspects of the novels, much as it has been said that fans are able to overlook and ignore some of the sillier scenes in an otherwise truly great movie like The Searchers. So it is with Covington.

      Good point. It is wise to accept what you can accept, and work with the best you have available to you.

      As I’ve said, I recommend that people read all of the Northwest novels. Lots of gems and insights in there, but there is also gratuitous crap that serves no productive purpose at all. Covington strikes me as a guy who has quite a mind, and is capable of some rather fascinating observations.

      I agree.

      He also strikes me as a guy who is a bit spotty and unsteady, prone to taking the occasional really stupid position. His sense of humor often borders on the juvenile and genuinely unfunny, and his blog is terrible – it’s not interesting, funny, inspiring, or really anything of value at all. Yet his podcasts are good to excellent (generally speaking, with some lapses into the stupid), and his Northwest fiction is, on the whole, fascinating and worthwhile. At the very least he will leave behind a valuable body of work, which is more than most of us can say.

      I suspect the “occasional really stupid position” is done as much for light humor as anything else. His blog is basically there as a pointer to his writings, and the NF website. It’s more like a lighthouse, that points to the library. Search engine hits for one can lead to the other. After that, self-selection takes over.

      And, the only “stupid” lapse in his podcast was the parody of “Hey, Jude.” What works for musical interludes is inspiring stuff – Celtic Rock type stuff, for instance. We must mock the Opposition, while being admirable in all ways. Light touches with the rapier score points, and demonstrate our qualities. Heavy-handed smashes with the maul make us look like w are compensating for something.

      Most of us have known people like that, who may be quite intelligent and interesting in some respects, but occasionally say something so off kilter that one can only say, “WTF?!” Maybe a touch of aspergers? Who knows.

      Maybe, but that simply offers us an opportunity to Do Better ourselves.

      First, we could each purchase a copy of the White book, and lay out personal Action Plans as to how you could lay the foundation in your own life for achieving some of the goals and milestones needed to found the new nation.

      Second, and no less important, sending money to counter-currents each and every month this New Year would be an excellent place to start. Even ten dollars is deeply appreciated. Of course, with more, more can be done.

      What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

      • Trainspotter
        Posted December 24, 2011 at 10:34 pm | Permalink

        Formyle, I don’t disagree with your general approach, but I’ll offer a few points of clarification.

        Formyle: “Yet, these terms may be used informally, within the military themselves, as terms of pride. Remember, in our own Desert Storm, many of our troopers called themselves Stormtroopers, with little sense of irony, or, perhaps, a cunning sense of history, and certainly, a great deal of pride..”

        True enough, but I was pointing out that in Covington’s fictional universe the formal name for the navy is indeed the Kriegsmarine, and the formal name for the air force is the Luftwaffe. To me, that sort of thing (and there are many, many more examples in the novels) qualifies as a Nazi fetish.

        Formyle: “An exception, used to prove a Rule. I suspect, in practice, a childhood dalliance in the Old Order might be overlooked. A pattern of such issues, on the other hand, would grant one second class citizenship. at best.”

        It’s not an exception to prove a rule. In Covington’s vision, executing that grandmother was simply a matter of national policy, very straightforward. There is no getting around it. This is Exhibit A of Covington being brilliant on the one hand, and off kilter on the other. As it happens, his insights dramatically outnumber his “WTF?!” lapses, but still. Some of the lapses in good judgment are real doozies.

        Formyle: “I’m not aware of “indiscriminate slaughter” in Covington works of fiction.”

        Executing the grandmother decades later, and thousands of other women like her during the initial cleanup, qualifies as indiscriminate slaughter in my book. It shows a failure of discernment, a lack of discrimination as to who truly deserves the ultimate punishment and who does not.

        Formyle: “In CALIFORNIA, no less! Game, set, match, Covington.”

        I agree that Covington’s fiction is far superior to Pierce’s, as much as I admire Pierce. The Turner Diaries have a lot of weaknesses, which I believe Pierce admitted. As to the California thing, as I’ve mentioned before, it was mostly white when Pierce wrote the novel back in the late seventies. Probably as white as the Northwest is now, or almost. One thing is for sure: both areas are a lot less white today than they were not so long ago. Things are moving fast, and Covington is the only one pointing to a tangible solution.

        Formyle: “His blog is basically there as a pointer to his writings, and the NF website.”

        It’s a crummy blog, standing in stark contrast to the high quality of his podcasts and fiction. Kind of a weird disconnect, really. There is no point in pretending otherwise. When recommending his work, I essentially say, “Crummy blog, good to really good podcasts, awesome novels.”

        Formyle: “And, the only “stupid” lapse in his podcast was the parody of “Hey, Jude.”

        Tastes vary, but I think there have been more lapses than that. It’s not worth quibbling over, because his podcasts run from the good to excellent. I recommend his podcasts as well as his fiction, and I don’t want to detract from that.

        The bottom line is that Covington’s work has real value. It would be a good thing, and I’m sure that you agree, for more people to read his Northwest fiction. While I’m sorry that he laced it with a few poison pills that a lot of people are going to choke on, it’s so loaded with insight and inspiration that I still highly recommend it (though I give people a warning, trying to soften the blow of the inevitable WTF Moment).

        I tell them that they’ll have to overlook a few kooky spots, and instead enjoy the whole. That’s a shame, because sans completely unnecessary poison pills, it could reach a wider audience. Further, the poison pills play into the enemy propaganda machine and reinforce negative system stereotypes of our cause. Needless to say, I don’t like that. But the rest is so damn good that it’s possible to forgive, though not quite forget, if you take my meaning.

      • Fourmyle of Ceres
        Posted December 26, 2011 at 7:07 am | Permalink



        Thank you for your considered, strongly reasoned, and cogently argued analysis.

        I think the point where we disagree is inspired more by my enthusiasm that someone FINALLY put The Big Picture together that I am willing to overlook materials that certainly can be forgiven, if not altogether forgotten.

        Remember, Covington is trying to transform a subculture into the foundation of the New Civilization. This, in part, is what others find so terrifying about him; he reduces their childhood fantasies to the folly they are, and offers a truly Adult alternative, that offers them glory in the fulfillment of greatness.

        That is why he sometimes goes overboard to make a point. What he is proposing resembles the America that is, and will be come, like a plasma torch resembles an ember from a cigarette.

        His “indiscriminate” use of force, which is purely fictional and used for defensive purposes only, focuses on the use of force with a surgeon’s skill, using the targeted assassination techniques that have worked elsewhere, and certain actions involving crowds that are remarkable homogeneous in one aspect – they are nothing but the worst of bad people, all doing bad things. Remember, the horribly disorganized, horribly amateurish IRA fought the British Empire to a standstill, and today, Adams is in Stormont. Bloody Sunday had its counterpoints, and I think that is an apt metaphor for the few uses of force against crowds we see in Covington’s novels.

        You made one observation I can only cheer on:

        Things are moving fast, and Covington is the only one pointing to a tangible solution.

        That is the painful truth, as everyone else seems trapped in trying to bring back – what? 1950’s America? The NSDAP Cultural Moment? The Confederate States of America? The original Constitution? Plymouth Rock? What?

        Only Covington shows them the ONLY, highest and best way forward. This Vision requires Adult thinking, a Patriarch’s perspective, and the ability to bind yourself to a future you can only dimly imagine. For far too many, seeking refuge in a safe, warm, and totally fictitious past, is good enough for them. Implicitly, of course, they doom their Posterity.

        And, as for the (current) limits of Covington’s blog, well, that just makes all the more opportunity for counter-currents!

        Speaking of counter-currents, sending money regularly – monthly would be fine – is almost more important than the amount you send. Can you think of a better Cause?

        What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

  56. daniel
    Posted December 24, 2011 at 4:11 am | Permalink

    I want to wish a Merry Christmas to all on this thread (if I may be permitted to do so, being secular), I am really impressed by the quality of people here – good people!

    A White Christmas to you all!

  57. Fourmyle of Ceres
    Posted December 24, 2011 at 11:09 pm | Permalink


    Sutton quote in blockquote:

    White Nationalism is about saving our race from physical extinction.

    This is one of the most breath-taking statements I have seen on counter-currents.

    White Nationalism is about much more – SO much more – than mere physical survival.

    It’s about manifesting greatness in the face of adversity, and carrying FORWARD the system and process of Civilization until we again walk Among The Stars (HT: Kevin Alfred Strom).

    That is the problem with the people who ignore the vertical component of Race, which was of critical importance to Yockey. Given those who only seek “survival,” then one possible solution might be seen in the original “Planet of the Apes.” where are are locked in cages and placed on display.

    My Plans are much more than mere “survival.” “Survival,” to paraphrase Covington, means the wheels of history have STOPPED. Covington, and all reasonable White Nationalists, wants the damn wheels of history to MOVE again, to MOVE because WE tell them to, and to move where WE want them to go.

    If you will recall the ending of Mr. Harold A. Covington’s book, “A Distant Thunder,” he speaks of his email to our colony on Mars, with “three hundred thousand of us on Mars, two hundred million of us in the Homeland on our home world, and the fifty thousand on Luna and the pioneers on Ganymede…” (Getting pretty close to “2001: A Space Odyssey” there, on the way to Jack London’s “The Star Rover.” Just saying.)

    “Survival” is the lowest level of social organization, and Western Civilization (but I repeat myself) is the only social system that can work with Leibnizian social models, and make them work.

    The NSDAP Cultural Moment is a common touchstone for many, because it reveals what we can do when we decide to play by our Rules, for the best interests of our Family, and our extended Family, our Race. Faced with FIFTY percent unemployment, and literal starvation, one man saw how to remove the detritus of the Past, and allow the creative powers of the German people full reign. The first result was the incredibly successful 1936 Olympics. That was for openers.

    Sometimes, watch “Olympia” – the full-length version, and see what happened when the German people shook off the definitions of themselves enforced on them by Others, and chose to define themselves, on THEIR terms. Hell, watch Rammstein’s video of “Stripped” done to a backdrop of scenes from “Olympia,” if you are rushed for time.

    What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted December 25, 2011 at 10:11 am | Permalink

      He did not say that WN is “entirely” or “exclusively” about avoiding physical extinction, so you are attacking a straw man here. Moreover, if we don’t avoid physical extinction, none of the rest will be possible either.

  58. Kievsky
    Posted December 26, 2011 at 5:35 am | Permalink

    I think we can form scientific and technical solutions now that bypass a direct confrontation with ZOG, and put in place the resources to then take a White ethnostate. I think you are putting the cart before the horse in:

    1. ????
    2. Wage successful conflict
    3. Get White ethnostate.

    We need to use science and engineering, to win without them even realizing what we are doing until its too late. For example, we need to develop an automated embryo machines to mass produce babies. This can be done. And of course a bit of tweaking to make the babies IQ of 145 or so, some a bit more, some a bit less. The place to do this would be Russia or Siberia — among the Russians as among fish in the ocean. Heck, the Russkies might go for it, or a faction of them.

    The willingness of Mexican and Muslim women to have lots of babies is literally a “life weapon.” Look at how liberals smirk at the fertility of brown women. “Soon you’ll be a minority, tee hee!”

    So why shouldn’t we develop a life weapon that is even more efficient than Fatima and Consuella and Nkumbwa. We need to gestate babies in factories, and take back the demography weapon.

    Who is going to object to a population increase of intelligent White people? They will create positive externalities, and somewhere like Russia White fertility is not considered a sin of overpopulation, but the Russian state officially encourages Russian fertility, even now.

    The Russians are probably already doing this. But anyway, I wanted to throw the idea of techno-fertility out there. It’s something the liberals would object to like crazy. And we will laugh at them, having countered their demography weapon.

    The liberals demographic weapon is very costly, and they create negative externalities. THat’s a lot of welfare money. What happens when they can’t pay it any more?

    Our version of the demographic weapon, along with home schooling that emphasizes math and science and practical technical/technological/engineering/medical skills, can give us a wellspring of a White intelligentsia that we lost because of the mass media mind meld. We are among the few who escaped.

    I think I became a WN because of quitting mass media when I was 15, when I went to live in a basement apartment at a summer cottage with my divorced father, leaving the warm cocoon of the family home, where I had watched TV as a social event with others.

    By myself, I had no use for the thing whatsoever. I despised it. And I noticed how classmates at school would talk and laugh in the same rhythems of TV, even providing their own mini laugh-track.

    People under the influence of mass media are living in a sort of voluntary Confined Animal Feeding Operation, like a veal calf. It’s that sinister, and being free of mass media is such a blessing.

    It’s really the first step to waking up, and the second step is for the diligent non-TV watcheres to organize in meatspace (that is, in real life) and start working toward greater degrees of freedom, such as beating the debt system (the debt system may beat itself soon enough).

    It is a technical solution to our problems. I think it’s more feasible than a Turner Diaries scenario. We just take it back without firing a shot, by putting out a million babies with 140 IQ’s and home educating them, adn sending them out to take the reigns of power. That’s the plan, Stan.

  59. Stronza
    Posted December 26, 2011 at 11:56 am | Permalink

    For example, we need to develop an automated embryo machines to mass produce babies. This can be done. And of course a bit of tweaking to make the babies IQ of 145 or so, some a bit more, some a bit less. The place to do this would be Russia or Siberia — among the Russians as among fish in the ocean. Heck, the Russkies might go for it, or a faction of them.

    I hear this kind of suggestion all too often. What is this fixation with high IQs? High IQs guarantee nothing, absolutely nothing. As a matter of fact, they tend to go hand in hand with physical degeneration and overall lack of balance. We need to be overall-smart, healthy and normal, as the vast majority of us once were.

    Oops, I just realized you were making a little joke to see who’d be the first to respond to it. Dummies like me are always so darn slow to get it!

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