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Video of the Day
This is Terrorism:
Millennial Woes & Frodi Midjord on the Antifa

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The antifa turned up at the Scandza Forum conference that was held in Copenhagen last Saturday and attempted to disrupt the proceedings throughout the day. While the conference went ahead as planned, a number of the attendees were prevented from entering the venue because the antifa blocked the entrance and assaulted guests who tried to pass, tactics which were reinforced by the police’s unwillingness to disperse the aggressive mob. Afterwards, Millennial Woes, who was one of the speakers, talked to Frodi Midjord about how the Copenhagen police were complicit in the antifa’s attempt to shut the event down through terrorist tactics.


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  1. Exile
    Posted October 15, 2019 at 4:55 am | Permalink

    To recap what I commented post-conference on Z-Man’s site (see Travelogue Sandza post for details), I will give Danish police some credit in how they protected the group I left with post-conference, but their failure to estalish a reasonable perimeter around the venue is what put us at risk in the first place. I’ll repeat my compliments to my group in how we handled ourselves – without their courage in facing down the anarchists in the first place, we could have been in serious trouble before the police arrived. They also showed the discipline to avoid giving the police a pretext to turn on us. For what it’s worth, the officers who rear-guarded us once they showed up acted respectfully towards us and did their jobs. There may have been a leadership change from pre to post-conference or some other shift in priorities – I have no way to know but to evaluate what I saw.

    Compliments as well to Frodi (more detailed in my comments to Z’s subsequent “Return Home” post). It was a very difficult situation and he handled things with level-headedness and positivity. The group I was with have all expressed interest in going to Oslo’s event, for which I’m already booked and based on what they’ve related about Frodi and these events in general, I have every confidence this event will be even better.

    Compliments as well to the speakers – Mark, Woes & Tom. Despite the cowardly chaos-worshippers, ideas were exchanged and new bonds were formed.

    We’re winning, in no small part due to excellent organization and leadership. Thanks again, Frodi.

  2. Exile
    Posted October 15, 2019 at 9:48 pm | Permalink

    Substantial private security forces cost money and providing our own security gives the media a perfect pretext to brand us as “militant brownshirts.”

    While we’re speaking of “the way things are,” Antifa have optics leverage b/c media, cucks etc… We’re the ones fighting uphill to establish our legitimacy, and getting into

    The police may be unreliable but they’re not completely hostile to us (at least not those I saw Saturday). Relying on them is a better option than casting ourselves as the villains in the Zio-media minstrel show by following the Charlottesville/Proud Boys approach that has kneecapped the American movement for the last two-plus years.

    We have every right to complain about the double standards and need to do so to climb the optics ladder, appealing to basic White standards of morality and fairness. The group I was with could have handled our business personally if need be – there’s no lack of martial courage or ability involved, but to do so would have damaged the overall cause.

    We’ve moved from the fringes into the light in White Nationalism 2.0 largely because we’ve learned to operate in this new space under new rules. There’s a place for private parties with private security and I’ve made no secret in other comments here that I don’t care for punching right on the older school, but when it comes to 2.0 style events, Frodi’s steering the right course. There’s room for both and a need for both.

  3. JC
    Posted October 17, 2019 at 10:18 am | Permalink

    The event and the disruptive protests were mentioned in the news. Not surprisingly the MSM labeled the Scandza event “nationalist socialist”, to make sure the nazi associations were in place.
    The media claims that the KFUM, who rented out the rooms in Amager Copenhagen, planned on suing the Scandza forum, due to not being informed of the forums ideological affiliations. Which on the face of it sounds ludicrous.
    The police apparently prevented Rasmus Paludan from attending the event, due to threats to his life.
    I suspect that the threat from the Antifa is very real. And calling it terror is actually not an exaggeration.

  4. Samantha
    Posted October 17, 2019 at 7:43 pm | Permalink

    Why would you not demand the right to organize a private conference in peace? Every responsible citizen has a civic duty to hold government services (like the police) accountable. (Not to mention, you pay dearly for them with your taxes.)

    If you submit to the heckler’s veto, you’ve already lost.

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