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Another Fake Victim
“Cyntoia” Brown

“Cyntoia” Brown trying to look like an innocent little girl rather than a sociopathic killer

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The subject of this discussion was sentenced to 51 years in jail 16 years ago.

So why are you just now hearing about it? Well, because—for whatever reason—Rihanna, Kim Kardashian West, LeBron James, and Snoop Dogg have all just now decided to take up the cause with posts on social media, re-igniting the discussion. Excited yet? 

The headlines claim that this is a story about a “Sex trafficking victim . . . sentenced to life after killing man who bought her.” Other headlines describe her as being “Jailed As A Teen For Killing Her Rapist.” The image shared by Snoop Dogg describes her as “gaining the courage to kill the pedophile she was sold to.”

These summaries all paint a black-and-white-picture of a girl trafficked against her will to rapist after rapist, fighting simply to make her way to freedom—and then being imprisoned for it. As usual, almost every single point of this narrative is wrong.

Johnny Allen, a 43-year old real estate agent, met the 16-year old Cyntoia Brown in a Sonic Drive-Through on the night of August 5, 2004 and agreed to take her home and have sex with her for $150. Cross-investigation confirmed that the two did not know each other before that day, and in video recorded statements at the time of her arrest, Cyntoia admitted to lying to Allen about her age. Allen did not even know that Cyntoia was underage. There is no evidence he had any prior history of pedophilia, and by definition he did not “rape” her. The two met and mutually agreed to an exchange of sex for money.

Most of the popular articles about this case repeat the claim that a man named “Cut-throat,” her pimp, forced her to take to the streets to prostitute herself that night because she wasn’t bringing him enough money. While “Cut-throat” did “force” Cyntoia to do cocaine and have her “leav[e] with other men,” a statement whose meaning isn’t altogether clear, Cyntoia willingly returned back home to him even after she killed Johnny Allen. If “Cut-throat” was her real abuser, and she was walking around with her own firearm and willing to kill Johnny Allen, it doesn’t make much sense why she wouldn’t kill “Cut-throat” first—much less why she would return straight home to him afterwards.

In reality, she described “Cut-throat” as her boyfriend. The court documents tell us that in 2004, when police arrived at Cyntoia’s apartment, the man she called “Cut”—Gary McGlothen—opened the door. When policemen pulled him out, Cyntoia ran out shouting that “Cut had nothing to do with this! I’ll tell you all everything!” Nonetheless, McGlothen was arrested at the motel—and he was later released because the defendant did not “implicate him in any kind of way in this incident.”

So much for the claims of sex trafficking. For all the media hoopla portraying rebellion against sex trafficking as the center of this story, you might be surprised to learn that this is it. But this really is it. She dated a man who she swore had nothing to do with any of it, who was arrested and released only after it turned out there was still nothing at all to link him to the event. And she met a man who was technically a pedophile by virtue of the fact that he negotiated to pay the 16-year-old Cyntoia for sex (the age of consent in Tennessee is 18) but who had no known prior record of pedophilia, and was lied to by Cyntoia about her age and therefore did not know she was underage anyway.
This is everything that these grand claims about sex trafficking were supposed to have hinged upon. And it all falls apart under the slightest whiff of a real investigation. The most damning thing here is that Cyntoia chose to stay with a drug-addled, degenerate excuse for a boyfriend. But the second she thought the police might arrest him, she rushed out to defend him. That’s some behavior to see from someone who has just proven capable of shooting a man point blank in the back of the head, if she were really some innocent victim of his behavior. Again, why didn’t she shoot and kill him?

And why did Cyntoia shoot Johnny Allen?

Well, her original claim was that at a certain point, he seemed to be reaching under the bed for something. Given his bragging about his marksmanship earlier in the evening, she thought he might be reaching for a gun, so she pre-emptively shot him in panic. However, she later admitted on a note passed across a hole in the wall to her cell-mate Shayla Bryant that this was a lie. And the forensic evidence proved that Allen died face-down, with his hands clasped together under his head.

Note also that Cyntoia shot Allen with a .40 caliber weapon she had stored in her handbag on the nightstand right next to her. Some of the other fake news reports claim that she used one of the victim’s weapons against him, and this is entirely false. In reality, she entered Allen’s home already packing her own heat. And then she shot him point blank in the back of the head during his sleep.

Afterwards, Cyntoia took off with Allen’s guns and $173. She later got a ride to Walmart from a man named Richard Reed, after knocking on his apartment door and telling him that she had stored a car key taken from Allen’s home in his car through his broken back window. Reed testified that Cyntoia told him she had just “shot somebody in the head for fifty thousand dollars and some guns.” She found Allen’s car and opened it, but was apparently was unable to start it, as she asked Reed if he had any jumper cables. Reed had no jumper cables, so she took Allen’s phone from his car and returned home to “Cut.”

Nine days after the killing, while being held in the Western Mental Health Institute on August 14, Cyntoia asked if she could use the phone. A nurse, Kathy Franz, told her that she wasn’t allowed to. Cyntoia grabbed Franz by the hair and face, and said “I’m going to do you like I did him, but I’m not going to shoot you once in the back of the head. I’m going to shoot you three times and listen while your blood splatters on the wall.” It took multiple employees to intervene and physically restrain Cyntoia. One of these employees, Sheila Campbell, testified at trial to corroborate Kathy Franz’ account.

Shayla Bryant, the previously mentioned cell-mate to whom Cyntoia admitted that her claims about thinking Allen was reaching under the bed for a gun were a fabricated lie, testified that she overheard discussion between Cyntoia and another inmate in which Cyntoia “basically said this guy that she was talking to used to send her out to prostitute . . . and the man tried to rape her, so she shot him.” Bryant told Cyntoia that she did not believe this account because the story “just seemed too perfect.” In response to this, Cyntoia “started laughing.” Through notes passed through the hole between their cell, Bryant claims Cyntoia “basically said she shot the man just to see how it feel[s] to kill somebody.”

Even if the documentary about her case doesn’t dispute the concrete facts I’ve listed here, they still place the emphasis on asking: “Who is responsible when family and society so fail a promising child that she turns to prostitution and murder in her teens?”

Know who else had a difficult childhood that almost certainly involved extensive sexual abuse?

Charles Manson.

Stefan Molyneux’s recent video details just how shockingly brutal and horrific it really was. But Charles Manson was a white male with a swastika carved into his forehead, so a difficult childhood doesn’t give him a get out of jail free card among the liberal crowd. And it shouldn’t.

But the difference is that you aren’t going to see high-profile white male celebrities publicizing documentaries that talk about how rough Charles Manson’s life was to argue for setting him free.

In sum, what we have here is just another case of Black Woman Privilege. Thanks to the “women are wonderful” effect, we have a built-in tendency to see women as victims even when they’re shoving metal rods up mens’ assholes (as an accomplice of Donna Hylton, a leader of the Women’s March on Washington, did to the man they worked together to kidnap for ransom) or killing men they’ve just agreed to fuck for money “just to see how it feels” before returning home to their cocaine-rattled degenerate boyfriends.

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  1. Ironsides
    Posted November 28, 2017 at 5:20 am | Permalink

    Morals of the story:

    Avoid the groid.

    Around blacks, never relax.

  2. Grace P
    Posted November 28, 2017 at 8:14 am | Permalink

    This sounds like it was written by a man who has an issue with women or a man who buys prostitutes regularly. Did you notice how in the beginning of the article the author made it sound like men buying prostitutes wasnt a big deal? She was 16 you idiot. 16 is too young. Whether she lied about her age or not. Oh well. He must have been an excellent upstanding citizen to pick up a girl at a sonic right ????Normal 16 year old girls dont do the things she has done…. so obviously she was disturbed and needed help instead of this trash that I was unfortunate enough to read… the author here (who i will not address by name because he is unworthy and disgusting) undoubtedly supports prostitution. Cheers

    • Huntley Haverstock
      Posted November 28, 2017 at 10:30 am | Permalink

      I don’t have a problem with women.

      I have a problem with murderers, regardless of their race and gender. I also have a problem with a society that excuses and makes apologies for murderers because of their race and gender.

      And Cyntoia Brown was a murderer. That’s the conclusion that multiple judges and juries composed of both men and women have repeatedly come to over the last sixteen years. It isn’t just me saying she deserves to be in jail for her actions, it’s the entire U.S. criminal justice system.

      “Normal 16 year old girls dont do the things she has done…,” but normal anyone of any age doesn’t do the things she has done.

      “Normal” 40-year old men don’t kill 20-year old women over beer pong, so should Ronald McNeil go free for killing Lacie LaRose?

      As far as the insinuation that I must support prostitution, notice that I dwelled on neither Allen’s act of soliciting a prostitute, nor on Cyntoia’s act of willingly selling herself as a prostitute.

      The two of them both participated in the act of prostitution equally.

    • WynnLloyd
      Posted November 28, 2017 at 2:42 pm | Permalink

      Take it elsewhere. Everything the man wrote made perfect sense.

      16 is sexually an adult. It’s retarded to act like she is a child. A hundred years ago she’d be pregnant with her second child at that age.
      Note that that doesn’t mean that it’s acceptable to be with a sixteen year old, but that man was far from a sexual deviant.
      You and the rest of the idiots, really, really need to quit with the, “this child of so much promise needed help.”
      She had zero promise. She was likely genetically doomed. She certainly was doomed by the age of 16.

      Picking up a teenage girl at a Sonic is shady but it isn’t worthy of a death sentence. This negress must continue to rot in prison. The rest of us shouldn’t have to suffer the effects of her waking around.

    • WynnLloyd
      Posted November 28, 2017 at 2:43 pm | Permalink

      And men buying prostitutes isn’t a big deal in most of the world. It’s not a big deal to me and many other men, either.
      Women want to keep the price of vag artificially high, because it benefits them to do so. It has nothing to do with morals.

    • jatayu
      Posted December 3, 2017 at 4:18 am | Permalink


      Paying a woman for sexual services is not a deed which deserves a bullet in the head, you idiot, and she claimed to be 18. A girl who cold-bloodedly shoots a sleeping man in the head should be helped, locked away far from others.

    • Shane
      Posted December 5, 2017 at 8:48 am | Permalink

      Sounds like you surport people who murder people. Obviously they were both in the wrong and obviously regardless of your gender or color you have to pay the consequences of your actions.

  3. K
    Posted November 28, 2017 at 7:42 pm | Permalink

    you know even with the media’s disgusting spin on this story, it gives me some confidence that our justice system still works and has put this sociopath in jail. As with the michael brown and trayvon martin cases, are justice system can work quite well even with total nonsense spotted by media.

  4. Brook
    Posted December 21, 2017 at 1:06 pm | Permalink

    When I first heard about the documentary, I decide to watch. I felt sorry for her at first until I read the trial online that include Police testimonies, witness statements, and etc. She is very manipulating. She admitted that the guy posed no threat to her, she admitted the guy was asleep, she admitted that the guy never wanted any sex from her, and she admitted to taking off his clothes to stage a rape scene. She been lying to the boyfriend “cut throat” about her age the entire time, and lied to the police about her age as well. She been lying about hopping from hotel room to hotel room when it was her hotel room, and was very known to the Police. She refused to get a job because she didn’t want to work. When the Officers first arrived to the hotel, she ranned to the door screaming’he had nothing to do with it”. she failed to tell the public that the guy she called was just one of her friends, and he testified against her claiming that she called him to pick her up from Walmart. She knew the man had a girlfriend, and she testified as well. The hotel was searched, no drugs, or guns was found in the room. The hotel was in her name and she stayed in that area frequently the Police was familiar with that place because she would run away from home to the motel. The inmate she wrote the letter of confession to also testified against her while awaiting a murder trial and received a reduced sentence. The boyfriend of hers cut off contact with her long ago, and have moved on. Cyntoia stated on the trial stand that the guy offered to let her stay the night because he got tired of seeing her out in the cold. She even didn’t report the 911 hangup reporting his murder to the public. The psychiatrist diagnosed her with a personality disorder. Cyntoia is doing what most people do when their cases are national attention, and shes playing like a puppy, but her lawyers didn’t grant clemency until celebrities said something. She is not a victim of sex trafficking and etc. She shot that man so much at a close range that there was a bullet hole in the next wall. She is currently still acting a clown in the prison is what you don’t hear. People are hearing what cyntoia is putting out there, not the true story. She only fabricated these allegations to get out of prison just like OJ Simpson did. Throughout the trial when referring to his killing, she was laughing. The homegroup testified stating that Cyntoia is very manipulating and when she doesn’t get her way she throw chairs at people trying to hurt them.I don’t think the Governor is going to release her because she showed no signs of improvement in any areas as honesty or taking responsibility in her involvement in the crime. She want the world to feel sympathy for her, thats why nothing was done until a celebrity got her in the spot light again. I am from Texas and she can’t bring that over here. She is getting her degree in prison, and etc. If her case wasn’t national attention and not one sided, she would still be throwing chairs at people like she did one prison guard. She is where she belongs. These kids get out and come back with another murder charge like many of them have that live in these States with these new laws. An inmate will do whatever it takes to be released because they are locked down.

  5. Posted November 3, 2019 at 3:03 am | Permalink

    I am so sorry to have to be this guy, but this desperately NEEDS to be addressed. Cyntoia is NOT BLACK! And I have NO IDEA where everyone in general is getting this notion that she is! Every time I turn around, some individual who is clearly a watered-down mix-breed is somehow deemed as “Black”! I mean this just irks the hell out of me when people so lazily call someone (or something for that matter) Black when it is obviously not, exactly where are you people getting black from? What is it about Cyntoia, or the like in this particular instance, that makes you all so readily conclude that she is negro? If anything, she looks Polynesian – then again maybe she is not but she for sure IS NOT A BLACK CHIC! Furthermore, I completely understand where you (the Author) are coming from regarding the unfairness of this situation specifically and so much of society in general and I solidly agree! But you are grossly inaccurate in referring to Cyntoia as Black as you symbolize her as an example for the supposed “Black Woman Privilege” theory! Moreover, you want to talk about racially disparity when it comes to prison time (rather the lack thereof) for murder?…How about you take a look at murderer Amber Guyger and her victim Botham Jean?! Something that boldly challenges your theory on Black Female privilege! So before you go there, do more research. Look, the bottom line is a person is not Black simply just because he/she happens to be anything darker than White, so be more accurate with your identification of people and the next time you feel like condemning a Black person for committing a crime – checking one’s Black privilege – MAKE SURE IN THE FIRST PLACE THAT THE PERSON IS ACTUALLY BLACK! SO, FOR THE LAST TIME…..CYNTOIA IS NOT BLACK!!! Just thought I’d give my 2 cents.

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