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Starting a Fight They Cannot Finish

Brown&Proud1,300 words

One of the golden rules is don’t start a fight you cannot finish, something the Anti-Trump left and their tribally motivated allies should be bearing in mind now, after a spate of cowardly skirmishes with some of the nice White people who attend Trump rallies. 

So, you can egg a woman, sucker punch some guy, rip a T-shirt, seize a placard, burn an American flag, and draw some blood, but where is all that going to get you?

It seems likely that before this campaign is over people are going to die. But once again, where is the Left hoping to go with this?

Do they think that by resorting to mob violence against a lone woman or skinny youth is going to demonstrate to the mass of the voters how passionate they are and then make those voters think, “Wow, these people really feel strongly about Donald Trump, strong enough to bang somebody in the back of the head with a bag of rocks. I guess we shouldn’t vote for him”?

Or maybe they think that doing a Mexican version of Taharrush on a single White woman in front of the media will simply scare all the Trump supporters away. Perhaps they imagine Trump supporters thinking, “Wow, we better not provoke the underclass anymore by supporting this reality TV star, or they’ll attack our womenfolk.”


When the candidacy of Trump started to emerge last year, my only doubt about what Trump was selling was that he might be ahead of his time. So, what is he selling? Ostensibly there are three main parts:

(1) A robust brand of civic nationalism, explicitly non-racial but that implicitly respects the core population of the United States (a.k.a. White people)

(2) A mild yet sensible form of economic nationalism that involves a step away from globalism (a.k.a. importing Asian unemployment in exchange for American debt)

(3) Geopolitical pragmatism (a.k.a. discarding Neoconservatism and its debris, something that neither the GOP or Democrats seem capable of doing on their own despite its obvious failure — leading to suspicions of undue Jewish influence)


All of these policy directions make sense for America, viewed both as a democracy of individuals voting in their perceived best interests and in a suprahuman sense of America as a depersonalized entity, too complex to be consciously steered by any one group, but nevertheless ‘blindly’ seeking out a direction that would strengthen or at least sustain it.

For these reasons, Trump seemed to be in a strong position, despite the inevitable opposition of some of those elite groups who have aspired to steer the country down a particular globalist or neocon path for their own personal and group interests (apply parentheses where you think appropriate).

The broad strength of Trump’s position, cutting across the narrow interests of elite groups, also explains the repeated pattern of shrill opposition quickly followed by one elite insider after another being effortlessly dispatched by Trump, and the constant attempts to rally round the next even more hopeless standard-bearer. Trump is being metapolitical; they were being infrapolitical.

The one big danger to Trump was not that his policies did not make sense or that that he didn’t really have any (an early canard based on lies), nor that he was opposed by powerful elites (he certainly was and is, but these elites, by being radically out of step with most of what is going on — infrapolitical — have much less power than they realize). No, the real danger to Trump has always been the lumpen, conservative mass of the American voters, with their fogeyish, fuddy-duddy attitudes about what a President should be, behave, and look like.

This is the reason that crapulous candidates like Romney, Biden, and Jeb Bush even exist — or those “lizard people” like the Clintons, Obama, George W., or McCain, who can stay within the parameters of the “acceptable image.”

The median voter is a person of limited intelligence, who, as a consequence, puts a lot of weight on the “accepted forms.” Because of this, he is highly susceptible to the media who have a lot of power to signal if someone is “in” or not. The Presidential template, honed by this interface of corrupt, elite-run media and normie ballast-thinking is a candidate who is a vague mix: partly aspirational, softly Christian, reasonably polite, somewhat warm-hearted, but with a hint of boring manager (and a not always verified backstory that could serve as material for a tasty sermon or an uplifting self-help book).


Needless to say, Trump is somewhat out of left-field in this sense. If his opponents had been more aware of this basic formula, on which their system runs, they would have been able to mount a much more effective opposition, and they still could if things weren’t now changing so rapidly. To use Robert Graves’ immortal phrase from I, Claudius, too many poisons have hatched out of the mud.

The game being played is no longer the one the normies are familiar with. A lot of this is thanks to the likes of those anti-Trump demonstrators and the Black Lives Matter crowd.

In normal times, Trump’s brash, assertive brand of interpersonal communication — as straight (and briskly refreshing) as a Hebridean wind — would probably ruffle too many normie feathers over the long haul to actually win, and the nascent revolution he represents would have to skip a generation.

But with constant scenes of violence by thuggish leftists and non-Whites against people who look exactly like the American median voter, the brusque edges of Trump’s persona catch the light in an altogether different way, emitting instead a halo of invincibility.

The normie voter generally just wants things to tick along nicely — so that the banal business of shopping, family growing, and mildly nauseating job can take place without too many interruptions. But, for a long time, there has been a growing sense of unease and disquiet in this usually bovine mass that things have not been going well. There have been constant signs — little things like grown men demanding entrance to their daughters’ restrooms as a right, and bigger things like rapid demographic change all around them. But, despite all this, they have slogged on, pushing one thing out of their minds after another. They have always subscribed to the view that ignoring things makes them go away.

It is easy to be contemptuous of the masses and their slow, timid ways, but their instincts and nature have a certain utility, namely to avoid low-return conflicts and focus on banal goods. Treated in the right way these tendencies can have a lot of social virtue. It is a sign of how diseased our present society has become that they no longer do.

But while normies, as a rule, veer away from dangers and challenges, and err on the side of unctuous smarm and disingenuous civility when it comes to choosing Presidential candidates, they are by no means attached to a single unvarying course of action. They are also capable of more animated responses when it becomes apparent that this is the necessary course.

We see this already with many Trump supporters, most of whom are just semi-redpilled normies, and we will see it with more conservatives, Christians, or people of the “middling sort” who initially “didn’t quite care” for Donald Trump’s tone, as they see Mexican mobs egging White women and Black Lives Matter activists trying to cripple police horses.

The often repeated analogy with 1968, when Black and Leftist violence contributed to the Nixon landslide, is a good one. Once again, a fight started by leftists will finish at the ballot boxes in their utter defeat. Let us hope that this time the defeat runs even deeper, to the very roots of the Left. It is part of the work of the Alt Right to ensure that it does.


  1. Athena Thoughtcrimes
    Posted June 6, 2016 at 2:31 am | Permalink

    You have a way with words, Colin Liddell!

  2. melonhead
    Posted June 6, 2016 at 3:03 am | Permalink

    This is the most complete, detailed video compilation I’ve seen yet, with some POVs of the ‘protestors’. Watch only if you haven’t been triggered enough yet:

  3. Walter
    Posted June 6, 2016 at 12:19 pm | Permalink

    This is a great analysis. People of the right have an insight into the human psyche leftists constitutionally cannot have. They are the eternally clueless wandering about with their political bibles and slogans of the day, living essentially a theoretical life.
    Perhaps it would have been better not to present these thoughts, however, and therefore not give a pointer to the clueless about a strategy with a remnant of intelligence behind it.

  4. LBF
    Posted June 6, 2016 at 1:02 pm | Permalink

    Awesome piece. To ensure the Left’s defeat runs deep, we’re going to have to start compiling lists of our adversaries, and, eventually, start acting on them. Never forget.

    • Consan Guine
      Posted June 6, 2016 at 3:14 pm | Permalink

      “….we’re going to have to start..”Sure. Maybe, after ‘someone has got to do something about it’.
      So, where is your list? Who? – What? – Where? – When? = Why? = How?
      Can anyone compare notes, and add to it?
      It’s a start, at least, and can be done during TV ads.
      The obvious ones are obvious. The snakes in your local council need a cleft stick..

  5. R_Moreland
    Posted June 6, 2016 at 8:30 pm | Permalink

    There is an opportunity here for the AltRight, no doubt about it. The question is, how to exploit it? Is it a matter of sending cadres into the Trump organization to recruit selected individuals? More websites to bring in disaffected “normies?” Forming a street fighting organization to confront leftists/third worlders in the streets?

    Something I have seen is that the Left can dish it out but not take it. Sometimes all it takes is a few flyers plastered on a university campus to throw them into hysteria. Be interesting to see what the various activists over at Trad Youth have to say on this topic.

    The normie voter generally just wants things to tick along nicely — so that the banal business of shopping, family growing, and mildly nauseating job can take place without too many interruptions. But, for a long time, there has been a growing sense of unease and disquiet in this usually bovine mass that things have not been going well.

    True. Perhaps the System has become overconfident. The hostile elites believe that since they have gotten away with everything in the past, they can continue to do so in the future. You can see this with the mass migration of “refugees” into Europa. The ensuing sexual assaults, terrorism and welfare overload have woken up a lot of people. And there is a reaction with the rise of various national parties, and even paramilitaries (such as the Azov Regiment over in Ukraine).

    There is a much slower reaction here in the USA Homeland. This is in part, I believe, because Americans are locked into the duality of the two-party system, and in part because there is a belief in the American Dream which can be extended to everyone in the world.

    One other thing to look at is the rise and fall of the Militia Movement from the 1990s. This was a reaction, in part, to various government abuses (such as Waco). There was an element in there of nationalism versus the emerging global world order. The dilemma was that the Militia Movement was never particularly politically sophisticated. But it was a movement whose mere existence was sufficient to throw the System into hysterics.

    The often repeated analogy with 1968, when Black and Leftist violence contributed to the Nixon landslide, is a good one. Once again, a fight started by leftists will finish at the ballot boxes in their utter defeat. Let us hope that this time the defeat runs even deeper, to the very roots of the Left. It is part of the work of the Alt Right to ensure that it does.

    That is the dilemma. A victory at the ballot box will mean little if there is a not a victory in the streets. What the Left does is create an alternative infrastructure of media, activist groups and campus fronts which can undermine the policies of rightist politicians. So the AltRight has to get out and organize. This election cycle may provide the social disruption that allows this organization.

  6. Joe
    Posted June 6, 2016 at 8:58 pm | Permalink

    This is good, but Liddel has also written that a Clinton victory would mean the unconditional surrender of the proud American white male. I can’t recall the name of the article, but it was on and it’s fairly recent. I hope trump wins, but it’s not a slam dunk he will. If Clinton does indeed win, it truly will be the triumph of the fringes, of minority rule.

  7. Victor Stamp
    Posted June 7, 2016 at 9:59 pm | Permalink

    This is an awesome piece of writing. This is worth the price of admission alone –

    The normie voter generally just wants things to tick along nicely — so that the banal business of shopping, family growing, and mildly nauseating job can take place without too many interruptions.

    Gregory Hood and Colin Liddell – best writers on the alt right.

  8. Colin Liddell
    Posted June 8, 2016 at 11:48 am | Permalink

    Thanks for all the flattering comments.

  9. Augustine
    Posted June 8, 2016 at 8:57 pm | Permalink

    “Let us hope that this time the defeat runs even deeper, to the very roots of the Left. It is part of the work of the Alt Right to ensure that it does.”

    Agreed. Although giving them a strong talking to and doing a victory dance just might not cut the mustard this time around. Don’t expect mass conversions either.

    If anything the recent past has shown us that they will simply escalate.

    After all, George Bush Jr. was a shill, but that didn’t stop the left from literally dominating the narrative from day one (with a brief pause for breath after 9/11 when the “patriotic” demographic went into over-drive producing fairly comical re-cuts of WWII posters telling liberals to “stfu! or gtfo!”, while the troops went off to the sand box).

    As we all no doubt remember that pause didn’t last too long.

    Now, I’m sure that the pause was also due to a mixture of shock (at the response) and some form of latent self-preservation rather than any kind of respect that the left may have had for the troops, for the dead or for Americans as a whole.

    Remember all that crap about a “stolen election” (twice) and all those books by Michael Moore? Didn’t scum like Clooney and that woman from MSNBC cut their teeth on that presidency.

    No, judging by their behaviour when dealing with controlled opposition, like Bush, it will be four years of very literal pandemonium if they don’t get their candidate and nothing is done to put the muzzle on them (at the very least) and this time you can’t even count on the support from the usual suspects at neo-con inc., since Mr. Trump is (probably) not “their man” either.

    The Obama White House has set the scene. Obama and co made an absolute hash of everything and anyone who actually wants to get the country back on track has to reverse literally everything that mercenary and his cohorts have done. This means depriving the under-class that was created in the interim of its very sustenance. Of course, it is all “Whitey’s” fault! (YAWN!)

    With that in mind it is safe to say that a simple election victory followed by business as usual will result in a situation as bad as the Nixon years, if not worse.

    Not going to be too much support for a robust America abroad either, what with Europe firmly in the grip of the multi-cult (vielen Dank nochmal, Angela & Co!)

    Therefore, perhaps laying off the demagogues in “education” (higher and lower) while drawing up a new curriculum, shutting down the vitriol at the source (old media and its footholds within the new media) and otherwise generally defunding the left might be a good start.

    An altogether even better start would be, if the voting public understood that the paradigm has shifted to such a degree that the game isn’t over when your guy is in the White House.

    Make no mistake, it will be four years of seat-of-your-pants type conditions if a candidate gets in who actually is “for the people” (providing he doesn’t just make a deal).

    Are white Americans aware of that, at all?

    Visible attacks (they simply must be high profile) by the legion of imported and home-grown underclass-types (who are, of course, all State sponsored, if not de facto State mercs) coupled with the implication that the victims deserve it (that is in effect what the media are saying), might wake a few more people up.

    One thing is clear. The left have two armed camps – the thugs and the Gewaltmonopol of the State (which may therefore also disobey a leader who does not belong to the usual suspects).

    What, if anything, do we have?

    If we do actually have an ace up our sleeves, then it might be a good idea to communicate that to the other side while, at the same time impressing upon them in as simple a manner as possible (a lot of them are basically high-functional retards) that there is in fact also a great willingness on our part to utilise said ace (liberally), so that everyone knows where they stand before it is too late and the other side (egged on by the self-evident wimpyness of our behaviour until now) decides to push it to its logical conclusion (Straw Dogs).

  10. Augustine
    Posted June 8, 2016 at 9:22 pm | Permalink

    Worst case scenario:

    The powder keg that is brown inner-city USA goes off almost immediately after the left (and therefore by extension their ethnic foot-soldiers and clients) don’t get what they want and maybe after some additional election induced economic trouble (because “muh-dialectic”) leading to waves of anti-white (anti local State too) violence (because we are really being set up for this a la Ruanda).

    This is followed by local (no doubt robust, but still ultimately premature) responses by the Right (excluding those living in gated communities), which then ultimately leads to a general & total crack-down by the unfettered State (due to the emergency) on all “extremists” (all the “sacrificial lambs” on the Left and everyone on the Right).

    Hell, they might even pull a “Govt of National Unity” out of the bag!

    Let’s hope that this is just the stuff of a really good FPS rather than reality.

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