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Curing Crank Cuckoldry

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“Crank Cuckoldry” is the single greatest obstacle to getting any authentically tribal and traditional opposition to multiculturalism and modernity off the ground. I’m not talking about the “cranks” who merely make us look bad, scaring off new recruits and hobbling advocacy. That may be a problem, but that’s a rounding error compared to the less obvious and more insidious ways the more virulent cranks paralyze our work and impede all attempts to unify against our enemies. 

After all, every chapel, every Rotary Club, and certainly every ideological movement has its members who are socially maladroit, irritating, repetitive, addled, and egotistical. That’s just part of the human condition. If anything, I think we try too hard to seem “normal,” landing in the uncanny valley. We’re passionate, focused, and committed to a radical alternative to the prevailing order: we’re all cranks, in that sense; and that’s fine.

But the virulent cranks I’m referring to who are paralyzing our cause are the cranks who aren’t cranks about White Nationalism: They’re cranks about something else. White Nationalists just happen to be the only people willing to give them an audience.

We give them an audience because we’re stuck. They claim to have the big answers to the big questions we need in order to become a serious and effective political force. These temporal false prophets have desperately sought audiences to indulge their need for attention and relevance, but no other group would listen. One by one, they realize that if they retrofit some racial and traditional baubles onto their shtick, that their shtick then enjoys an audience.

Perhaps the most bizarre–and certainly most adorable–example of this is a woman who was a fervent animal rights activist. She accidentally stumbled into the template, having alienated her cowardly college liberal colleagues with a bold protest against cruel Jewish rituals. She would have been ideologically homeless, but she found an audience with the edgy National Anarchist wing of the White Nationalist movement.

She sort of endorsed the National Anarchist message for a while. And while she did so, she was a celebrity in our circles. I helped record shows of her, people got excited about the momentum, she delivered her animal rights message in an anarchy-friendly frame which National Anarchists could clap along with. The whole thing was a lot of fun.

But it was all a big lie. She wasn’t one of us, at all, not even close. Within months, she did eventually realize what was going on and took the high road: disavowing racism and going back to promoting her message by itself. She lost a large and eager audience, one willing to throw money, attention, and support at her.

I don’t call “disavowing racism” the high road because I endorse disavowing racism. I don’t. I call it the high road because there’s a low road she passed up on, that of continuing to play along in order to keep promoting her animal rights message.

Had she carried on, one of our most photogenic and energetic advocates would have been no advocate for our interests at all. She would have said and done the bare minimum to keep us on the wagon, while steering the wagon ever closer to her pet issue.

I don’t have any issue with fighting animal cruelty, and I admire a lot of her work. The woman has passion and she has integrity, but she’s certainly not one of us. The cranks I’m going to highlight didn’t stumble into it by accident as she did, and they’re not going to go away on their own like she did.

The only way they’re going to go away is if enough people wake up to their modus operandi and stop following them around in circles. Each angle is a bit different, but all of the actors have an established history of trying to ride the hobby horse by itself, and they all insist that embracing our heritage and identity must ride sidesaddle to the hobby horse.

Sebastian E. Ronin

Sebastian E. Ronin

Even sincere nationalists can be competitive and ego-driven, turning against one another from time to time. But the poseur nationalist can’t help but attack other nationalists. Merlin Miller (anti-Zionist hobby horse) runs on the A3P platform, but openly rails against White Nationalism as “morally reprehensible.” Sebastian Ronin (Peak Oil hobby horse) brings together nationalists who are concerned about South African genocide, then uses that platform to peddle his pet theory and cough up more attacks on other nationalists.

Whenever there’s an opportunity to get away with undermining nationalism or nationalists, they’ll take it. In their articles, radio interviews, and private conversations, the topic is only identity long enough to acquire the audience’s attention, and is always a launch pad to a boring diatribe on their shtick.

I hesitated to delve into this topic publicly for a long time, with the conviction that I should focus on doing solid positive work instead of “infighting.” Sebastian Ronin has been attacking me for years, and I’ve been dealing with it in low-level tit-for-tat since he started. Lately, he’s expanded his campaign against me to target people who are associated with me.

I feel it’s necessary and appropriate to “street fight” (his words, not mine) with him directly, since it’s me he’s after. I’ll comprehensively lay out my position on him, his party, and his message, and will welcome a vigorous debate about it. Several months ago, I tried to cut through his constant back-biting and offered him an open invitation to hash out our differences on a platform of his choice, an invitation he declined.

I tried the whole “buckle down and do good work” thing for a long time, and I still have this crank nipping at not only my own heels, but at the heels of everybody around me. I tried to distance myself from his associates, tried to pretend he doesn’t exist, and it’s not working. Some people will be disappointed in me for “infighting,” but it’s not a decision I made lightly.

Besides, as I’ll explain, there’s really no “infighting” going on here at all. Men like Sebastian Ronin don’t have the welfare of our folk at heart and aren’t merely alternative actors in a common struggle. They’re opponents, and we should begin treating them as such.



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  1. rhondda
    Posted June 28, 2013 at 9:04 pm | Permalink

    Thank you Matt for this. The fact that this man is a Canadian just makes me want to puke. He ran for the Green Party in Canada and that party is the biggest joke going. That woman Elizabeth May is so embarrassing. I do not know how anyone can think that just because she finally got to be an MP( by trying in just about every province in the country) that means the Queen is going to answer her letters. ( she is an American, so …)
    Yes, we have nutters in Canada too. You are spot on with this one. I had never heard of him until I read some WN’s were listening to him. Just one look at his website told me everything I needed to know. Oh, one of those. Derail, derail derail. Peak oil? Well I guess we will just have to bring back horses.

  2. Izak
    Posted June 29, 2013 at 12:19 pm | Permalink

    “And while she did so, she was a celebrity in our circles.”

    I think I know who you’re talking about. But is this actually true? She was a celebrity? And she managed to retard progress somehow? I remember she did one interview where she basically was like, “Yeah I don’t know much of anything about the new right, but I’d like to learn, and I’m more concerned about animal rights than anything else.” I thought to myself, “She seems like a cool enough chick, at least she’s willing to approach different angles” and that was that. Never heard from her again. If anyone can elaborate on the “celebrity status,” I’d love to hear it.

  3. Jaego
    Posted June 29, 2013 at 7:38 pm | Permalink

    Did you or anyone give her Savitri Devi’s “Impeachment of Man”? The Devi loved animals more than most people too, yet is still a bright and burning Light for our Cause. Perhaps only the full teaching of National Socialism can contain and allow for such contrasts. White Nationalism as such is still just a pale imitation.

    • Sandy
      Posted June 30, 2013 at 2:30 am | Permalink

      Come to think of it Jaego wasn’t Hitler a non-smoking, vegetarian animal lover? Come to think about it there is something “nazi” in those anti-smokers. Time for a cigar?

      • Jaego
        Posted June 30, 2013 at 3:11 pm | Permalink

        In one of his essays, Orwell describes the reaction of the other passengers as two health food “nutters” got off the bus: one of amused contempt. One of the passenger pointed out excitedly that they were wearing shorts. Yet apparently Conservatives began the health food movement and it was a long time before the Liberals and Left got involved. So it probably wasn’t the diet per se that elicited disgust from the average Englishman, but rather the overall crankishness that so often accompanied it. This aspect carried the day ultimately. Healthy eating got associated with all kinds of idealisms such as Socialism and World Peace thru World Government. Savitri Devi had a fanaticism equal to the PETA folks, but would have been disgusted by their politics – which leaves Man out of the equation all entirely leading to a profound nihilism. Many of the PETAS obviously want the extinction of the human race, and I’m sure all of them want White extinction.

      • Jack Laurence
        Posted July 1, 2013 at 1:29 pm | Permalink

        it probably wasn’t the diet per se that elicited disgust from the average Englishman, but rather the overall crankishness that so often accompanied it.

        So you’re basically a very fashion conscious individual; merits and flaws of any given subject aside, if somebody were to use a denigrating term to label a subject as having an unpopular “outsider status” then it’s doomed? I mean, that’s the fashion consciousness that you seem to be endorsing.

        I’m mindful that while sometimes accurate, the act of labeling a concept or person as “a crank” isn’t really a helpful terminology that we should be using. The prime reason being that as, for example, we roll our eyes at the “crankishness” of some trendy moron dressed like harem boy promoting pseudo-liberalism on TV, we ourselves are labeled as cranks and in most social occasions we’re in a minority, as fans of pseudo-liberalism will quickly point out. So the terminology is rather self defeating. Of course the difference between an unthinking veneer of trendy liberalism and the tried and tested enlightened attitudes of ancient to relatively modern man is a difference that CAN be pointed out in the above social occasion, but I don’t think it’s one that many people would be inclined to listen to because, if they did understand it, they would recognize that’s it’s far too unfashionable for them to agree with.

        In short, the terminology isn’t helpful… and weighting the worth of an idea in terms of current fashionable appeal (especially in this strange day and age when the fashion is based on fiction) such as demonstrated in that Orwell quote (which was written to denigrate the values of the common man ((i.e values that were not based so much on fiction)) in the first place), is anathema; the lemming mentality is what got modern man into the predicament he’s in.

  4. Jack Laurence
    Posted July 1, 2013 at 2:00 pm | Permalink

    I don’t think anybody was endorsing Tia Foster for the purpose of casting her in bronze and making a statue in the park, rather that it was her perspective that was being endorsed. She’s not a white nationalist, but she is somebody who has a brain and is at odds with the modern world, like many of us are, and that’s not exactly enough to bind people together but it is common ground. I took her interview to be highlighting the value of that common ground and to go that far and intelligently not to go a step further.

    Something I’ve recognized in the anarchist and leftist mindset (and I was completely anti-state when I was growing up, so I speak from experience) is that there’s a kind of block going on in their heads which prevents them from doing anything and shifts their focus to what happens “after the revolution”, i.e. after someone has done the hard part for them. I think it’s a utopian trap, meaning for all practical purposes that they aren’t concerned with exactly how one goes about carrying out such a revolution, or how one goes about organizing a group or an individual. It means that because they’re so enamored with utopia they fail to actually do anything or work with people who they do have common ground with because of superficial ideological differences which aren’t always set in stone and can easily be brought together.

    I’ve learned since that to my dismay The Right has a similar concept of “after the revolution”, called “after the balloon goes up” which is essentially the same damn thing.

    People today are far from perfect (revolutions in the past have happened for a hell of a lot less than we suffer today) and we aren’t going to conjure up a hundred thousand stormtroopers overnight to tip the balance of power so we have to approach people from the perspective of common ground, pass along what we can give them, make them aware of the causes of so many of the ills of the world and so many of the causes of what’s wrong with them themselves (which cannot help but look to the role of jews in cultural marxism and political correctness, that’s a fundamental box that must be ticked in all prominent people who are allegedly on our team), and look to inspire them.

    Tia Foster isn’t a white nationalist, but we identify with more people than it may be apparent because of our shared experiences. Don’t forget that politically speaking even people on the polar opposite ends of the spectrum have more in common with each other than they do with the teeming mass of landless peasants who could care less about anything.

    And I… think that’s important.

  5. Jaego
    Posted July 1, 2013 at 2:34 pm | Permalink

    “I’m a very fashion conscious individual”? Why take this tack? I have nothing against health food. The Movement was taken over by our Enemies, that’s all. What is unclear about that?

    • Jack Laurence
      Posted July 1, 2013 at 4:57 pm | Permalink

      You seemed to be emphasizing that the fashion or opinion of peers was somehow the deciding factor, I took that from your Orwell quote in any case. I was really responding to the main article about the use of terminology anyway… I explained this better in my other post which didn’t get approved (yet) by the admin.

      I don’t really see anything “movement” about health food people that is even possible to be hijacked, it’s (even though I’m vegetarian myself) basically a fad that’s marketed to charge £4 for a carrot. What moral worth there may be in health food and animal rights is moral worth centered upon its revulsion at exploitation in modern industry, and that isn’t something that nationalism or old world values support, and what benefit does it give White Nationalists to suddenly declare themselves in opposition to animal rights or vegetarianism? None whatsoever. We can recognize it as a pet issue that’s safe and “trendy” to have and which is based upon outrage upon the same things that we ourselves are outraged at. Common ground, no?

  6. harvey
    Posted October 16, 2015 at 3:51 pm | Permalink

    Yes, Ronin is a crank. The green party is a crank. A distressingly symptomatic population of Canadians are cranks. This article helped me understand what was happening during an encounter with his embarrassing lecture at the London Forum. I made it about half way through, hoping their might be a sober voice in the larger discussion from Canada. Tough break for a young and creative nation. We really did have a nation going here, made from scratch. Please don’t abandon the sound minds and honor of Canadian nationalists. Later, we can find chores for cranks to busy themselves.

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