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Some Thoughts on Irmin Vinson

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I bought a new book last weekend. While I have not yet finished it, what I have read so far is absolutely wonderful — a clear, sensible examination of topics that many White advocates consider difficult or imprudent to discuss.

The book is Irmin Vinson’s Some Thoughts on Hitler & Other Essays. The promotional blurb reads:

Why are we subjected to more anti-Hitler propaganda today than during World War II?

Why are white nations blanketed with Holocaust memorials, even countries where the Holocaust did not take place?

Why do most people know how many Jews died during World War II but have no idea how many non-Jews died?

Irmin Vinson’s Some Thoughts on Hitler and Other Essays is a book about propaganda. Vinson explains how the organized Jewish community uses the memory of Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust as weapons to stigmatize the patriotism and ethnic pride not just of Germans, but of all whites, including those who fought against Hitler.

Vinson explains how this spurious white guilt and self-hatred has been used to break down white resistance to multiculturalism, miscegenation, affirmative action, and the invasion and colonization of white homelands by non-white immigrants—trends which, if not reversed, will lead to white extinction.

In these clear, rational, and highly readable essays, Irmin Vinson exposes and demolishes this insidious propaganda, clearing the way for the reemergence of white pride and patriotism. Some Thoughts on Hitler will change more than your view of the past; it will also change your understanding of the present—and of our destiny.

See also Kevin MacDonald’s Foreword.

Vinson’s long essay titled “Holocaust Commemoration” forms the core of the book. I do not recall reading this essay previously, but passages like this one made me wonder if I must have:

The public discourse of the Jewish Holocaust is incoherent: it speaks in the universalist language of tolerance and inclusion, while justifying Jewish particularism in Israel; it claims to find in stories of Jewish wartime suffering distinctively Jewish humanitarian lessons, applicable to everyone everywhere, while borrowing them from the historical religion of the West; it teaches human brotherhood, while elevating the suffering of Jews far above all other suffering; it commemorates Jewish powerlessness, while demonstrating Jewish power. But beneath all its deceptions and contradictions lies the message of broad Western responsibility for German mistreatment of Jews, a special culpability which Rabbi Eliezer Berkovits, a self-styled Holocaust theologian, has called “the measureless Christian guilt toward the Jewish people.”

Institutionalized Holocaust commemoration in the United States presupposes that White Americans are notably deficient in the various moral qualities that Holocaust remembering purportedly inculcates, whereas Jews, owing to their group experience of nazi persecution, are the appropriate teachers of necessary lessons in racial tolerance. Those peculiar meanings did not, needless to say, arise unaided from stories of German atrocities against European Jewry. The truth of our collective guilt required an aggressive reinterpretation of the Second World War, an assault on the moral legitimacy of the Western nations that fought and won it. Through a remarkable transformation, the Allied victors have become co-agents in the crimes and alleged crimes of the regime they defeated, and the war itself has been reimagined as a Judeocentric moral test, which all of us conspicuously failed. Our measureless guilt, together with the entire edifice of Holocaust commemoration erected upon it, is a doctrine of moral equivalence projected back into the past in order to shape the present.

Vinson fleshes out and hammers home the points I only tersely outlined in “A White Guide to the Jewish Narrative.” Beside jewish morality and the holocaust narrative, touched on above, Vinson identifies an early example of the generalization of the jewish narrative to “minorities” and the racial aggression behind it:

An Early Holocaust Lesson

In 1944, as the war in Europe was drawing to a close, Jewish playwright Arthur Miller, then in his late twenties, sat down to write Focus, his first and only novel. [7] It would be a critical moral fable about his fellow Americans, for Miller did not share the heroic self-image and traditional patriotism that characterized most other Americans during the war years. Focus, published in 1945, would be an imaginative elaboration of a very simple thesis: being a Jew in Roosevelt’s America was like being a Jew in Hitler’s Germany. In their irrational hatred of the Jewish Other, White Americans, the same White Americans who were then fighting fascism in Europe and the Far East, were no different from nazis.

Lawrence Newman, the novel’s WASP protagonist, is a corporate personnel manager whose quiet bourgeois world is permanently disrupted after he begins to wear eyeglasses, which strangely make him look Jewish, a dangerous liability in the America of Miller’s fertile imagination. Without glasses Newman is a gray-flanneled Episcopalian, a normal White American, despite his ethnically ambiguous surname; with glasses he is perceived and treated as a despised Jew, persecuted and even attacked by other normal White Americans, all of whom are racist and anti-Semitic, as Newman had been before he gained his factitious Jewishness. The novel’s organizing narrative conceit, that eyeglasses can turn an anti-Semitic Gentile into a Jew, conveys an obvious Judeocentric meaning: Lawrence Newman, in his culpable blindness to the intolerance that surrounds him, must first be seen as a Jew in order to see clearly. Thus in his new role as a reluctant Jew, now seeing and experiencing the world through the Jewish lenses conferred by his racial marginalization, Newman gradually discovers that his homogenous New York neighborhood, which had once seemed a benign social environment of communal amity, is in reality, beneath its placid surface, a seething caldron of xenophobia and hate, at least for anyone with the misfortune to be different, or in his case merely to appear different. “Behind these snug, flat-roofed houses,” Newman now perceives, “a sharp-tipped and murderous monster was nightly being formed, and its eyes were upon him.”

The novel’s historical context is central to its subject. In Focus the European war, depicted in our propaganda as a titanic struggle of good against evil, seems little more than a distant contest between two rival groups of pogromists, each nurturing its own “murderous monster” of racial hatred. In Europe German nazis conduct mass hangings of Jews, while at home angry anti-Semites, organized into the Christian Front, part of a large network of patriotic organizations spread across the country, beat Jews and rape Puerto Ricans as they await the return of the American military, who will then assume the lethal role of storm troops in driving Jews from America, beginning first in New York, the center of Jew-hatred. White America’s cleansing war against Jewry will begin, as an activist neighbor informs Newman, “when the boys come home,” since American combatants in the European war are at one with their German enemies in their implacable anti-Semitism.

In the political environment we now all inhabit, nothing in Focus is startling, nothing would be out of place in a sensitivity workshop or an anti-racialist educational exercise. The novel’s vision of a virulently racist America would have appeared radical in 1945; now it is commonplace, especially for young Whites immersed in a rigorous program of multicultural miseducation. Miller, alarmed by the failure of non-Jews to comprehend “the threatening existence of Nazism,” and unimpressed by the fact that many men of his age cohort were then dying in Europe fighting Germans, took it upon himself to teach an early version of what would eventually become the most insidious of the Jewish Holocaust’s numerous lessons, namely that pathological (“nazi”) hatreds lurk behind the West’s superficially civilized exterior. Whereas American wartime propaganda had, naturally enough, presented NS Germany as the moral antonym of the United States in particular and of the democratic West in general, Miller substituted a much different contrastive structure, placing innocent Jews on one side and lethally malevolent Whites on the other, with racial minorities like Blacks and Puerto Ricans in ancillary roles as occasional victims of White intolerance. This structure, which Miller may have been the first to discover, conflated Germans and their enemies in order to nazify White Gentiles as a whole. Focus was a thorough defamation of Euro-America for its endemic anti-Semitism and racial hatred, the purpose of which was to efface any significant moral distinction between ourselves and the propaganda image of the Nazi. Miller’s nazification required the Nazi as the acknowledged representation of evil, but his concrete targets were White Americans, who had not yet seen their own visible racial pathologies.

From this Vinson boldly infers:

An imaginative Jew writing before the liberation of the German concentration camps could arrive at nazifying Holocaust propaganda without the Holocaust, which suggests that the Holocaust does not represent events during the Second World War but rather reveals Jewish attitudes toward their benefactors. The Holocaust, as an idea, was latent Jewish racial aggression awaiting both a symbol and an opportunity to express itself.

Yes indeed. Likewise for the Six Million Holocausts phenomena.



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  1. phil
    Posted March 5, 2012 at 5:32 pm | Permalink

    “Why do most people know how many Jews died during World War II but have no idea how many non-Jews died?”

    I had heard of the tactic of asking how many Jews died in WWII as opposed to Americans. It’s an excellent one.
    If you use this argument it’s probably a good idea to first ask them how many Americans died. That way if it’s a liberal wise acre and he knows the figures 256,330 (“Life’s Picture History of World War II, 1950) or 405,399 ( 2004)
    you won’t be embarrassed as if you’d ask for the Jewish total first and he got both “right.”
    The best version I heard was to ask how many Americans died, usual reply “Duuuuh??”
    (But if he gets it roughly right just find a graceful way to end the question.)
    Then get the knee jerk “Six million.”
    Then you ask the sheep “So who’s more important to American media? American war dead or Jewish war dead?

    You also might wonder why the war dead total increased 56% between 1950 and 2004.
    Here’s a possible explanation. Also at the back of “Life’s History” it says General Marshal gave “an early estimate” of 295,000 U.S. dead.

    It should be remembered that there were scores of millions of Americans who had opposed going to war in Europe. 800,000 had joined the America First committee.
    To have the war result in a huge number of American dead would have strengthened the argument that the war shouldn’t have been fought. That would have been damaging to the developing “WWII legend”.
    So by 1950 American media could have been expected to play down the figures.
    However by 2000 with the America First people all dead and gone and a push to build a WWII memorial in D.C. it was better to inflate the figures to show how important and sacrosanct WWII was.
    Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    • Luke
      Posted March 9, 2012 at 5:42 am | Permalink

      Phil? I used to know a White female who is married to a jewish guy, and we had what I thought was a pretty good (strictly platonic) friendship. That friendship is now ended and I care not to renew it. Here’s why.

      As we all know, Israel and their fifth column of treasonous “neo-cons” have been working day and night to try to agitate for the United States military to launch an unprovoked, illegal, and criminal, OFFENSIVE attack on Iran, exactly as these jews managed to lie and manipulate the not so bright or jew-savvy American couch potatoes into thinking we needed to attack Afghanistan and Iraq – based on the rather transparent false flag attack on the USA on 9-11-01, which was clearly engineered by Israel, with the connivance and complicity of treasonous elements (sayanim) positioned inside the US Govt and US military – not all of whom were jewish.

      Well, having watched the 9-11 Missing Links documentary by Mike Delaney, and after spending endless hours of research into the massive holes in the official pile of steaming baloney – I am no longer a member of the ‘Stupid White American Nose Picking Gullible’ fraternity, and I’m wise to what has been pulled over on both America and the rest of the World – and so, I vehemently oppose starting any more wars that the criminal, terrorist nation of Israel is screaming for the USA to fight and fund for their diabolically evil agenda of World Conquest. I want every one of these wars ended and I’d love to see Israel punished for their complicity in 9-11, which started all of this mayhem and murder.

      Anyway, back to this former White female friend who has a jewish husband. She appears to be totally unmoved or unaffected by the substantial amount of material that I’ve shared with her that fingers Israel for 9-11. 3,000 dead USA gentiles evidently are, in her book, not worth a single jewish fingernail. Neither are the over 1 million dead and totally innocent Iraqi gentiles, or the unknown number of dead Afghannies, Pakistanis, Libyans, or the MOSSAD murdered Iranian scientists. Nor do the 5 or 6 thousand (and I think these numbers are far too low) dead US Soldiers, or the 30-40 thousand US Soldiers who are wounded and maimed for life seem to cause this woman one ounce of concern. What finally caused the light bulb over my head to click on, with regards to this former friend of mine – is that she is foaming at the mouth for the US to attack Iran – despite the massive and easily proven evidence of the lies that began it all – because the psychopaths and blood thirsty criminals who run that nation DEMAND it of the US.

      Remember the arrogant Rabbi Ovadio Yoself who said that ‘gentiles only exist to serve jews’? If you need a refresher, here is the Youtube video link:

      To conclude, it finally dawned on me that this white female – who isn’t jewish herself, at least not that I am aware of – has consumed the jewish supremacist kool-aid and has become just as narcissistic and conceited as the rest of these neo-con jews like Mike The Savage Weiner, Joe Lieberman, or William Kristol, and she doesn’t give two hoots about the massive amount of death, misery, and destruction – or the collapse of the entire world’s economy due to skyrocketing oil prices, the mass starvation that will result when food shortages arrive and the cost of the existing food explodes beyond the reach of average income earners. Neither does the poisoning of our environment as a result of insanely dropping bombs on active nuclear power facilities and the subsequent release of massive and deadly amounts of radiation into the atmosphere. None of any of these very valid arguments against a war matter, a war which could even turn nuclear if Russia and China decide it’s time to send the criminal gang of neo-cons inside the D.C. beltway to Hell, to be reunited with their Father, Satan.

      So, Phil. It’s a case of jewish racial supremacism and a level of self-centered narcissism that no reasonable thinking non-jew can fathom or understand. Only jewish lives and jewish demands matter. Gentile lives are expendable. I’ve begun to see jews the way an adult will see an extremely spoiled and pampered child – who will scream and whine and stomp their feet every time they don’t get what they demand.

      Let’s see what the French philosopher Voltaire said on this subject:

      “They are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.” (Lettres de Memmius a Ciceron, 1771)

      Voltaire was right on the money, Phil. The whole planet now has a major league ‘jewish problem’. And, the sooner the entire non-jewish population of this planet realizes that it is either them or us – the mass murder and death, misery, carnage and destruction will continue as long as jews and jew-thinking gentiles are in control of events.

  2. Fibbles
    Posted March 6, 2012 at 7:08 am | Permalink

    I had never heard of the novel “Focus” before, but I had in general been struck by the incredible ethnocentrism of Arthur Miller’s work. Take for example the ubiquitous play “The Crucible”, which at least one troup is playing in any major American city at virtually all times. Miller wrote this play as a satire against McCarthyism and the Hollywood blacklists against communists, a predominantly Jewish group, as any informed person knows. Miller is trying to portray the red hysteria as of a piece with the WASP tradition of witch-hunting. Chaim Potock, in his novel “The Chosen”, reveals that during the 17th century, Jews had their own tradition of superstition and witch-hunting, exactly coeval with that in the wider gentile society.

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