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“One White Man’s Scream Out Across the Internet” 
Why I Write

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I write because I can’t stand what’s happening to whites.

It’s personal and it’s political. It’s as small as the chicken bones strewn in the gutter of the Grand Concourse in the Bronx, and it’s as big as the future of the United States and the rest of the West. It’s about the kind of world my white children will grow up in. It’s everywhere I look, so it’s no use trying to avert my eyes. I hate what I see, and I have to scream.

If we as whites are lobsters in a slow-boiling kettle, I’m sensing the heat.

I am a 36-year-old married father of two who toils in the salt mines of non-prestige American legal work, having graduated from a state university in flyover country. I know well that by the snarky standards of my favorite media target, the New York Times, I am an unqualified nobody. Few know who I really am, or care.

In other words, I’m powerless. I hold no political position, traditional media platform, or academic post. I am not invited to TV roundtables or chatted up warmly by NPR’s Robert Siegel.

Yet as I see it, these worlds of power are either openly hostile to — or completely ignore — the most important issue I see: the dispossession and disintegration of whites.

So if nothing else, I can write.

The endless yammering about health care, guns, abortion, celebrities and the environment is, as they say, rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Does Al Gore realize that a non-white world will probably care as much about carbon footprints as, well, the non-white parts of the world currently? Never mind green — the best thing you can do for a nice environment is to go white.

I want action. I want to see throngs of whites in the streets, chanting and demanding change. I want a complete and lasting re-assertion of white strength, whether it’s accompanied by a geographic separation or not.

Short of that, I want to see the end of affirmative action, non-white immigration, and the endless anti-white poison stream that is American media. I want us, as National Alliance figures used to say, to be in charge of our own destiny. A group right of self-determination.

There shouldn’t be anything scary or weird about that. It’s only our mental conditioning that makes it so.

These throngs and changes, however, have yet to materialize. But my hope is that I can call for the muster with my words. The change that needs to happen first is in the white mind. And that’s my project. Light the brushfires of freedom in men’s minds.

In college I wanted to be the next George Will. Then the Internet happened, and the next George Will was . . . Instapundit. Given the Jewish choke hold on traditional media, that’s probably a good thing for whites. Now you can read Slate, or VNN.

Good for us. If the world of writing is democratized, that’s as good for whites as the centralization of money control is for Jews. It’s power, and we should grab on.

I am, and I can’t seem to let go.

TOQ Online, September 22, 2009

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