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Nations, Not Projects:
A Response to Keith Woods

3,488 words

Imagine drinking beer with your neighbor. Imagine your families having a barbecue. Imagine helping your neighbor fix his vehicle, which is notorious for breaking down at inopportune moments. Imagine your neighbor picking your kids up from school because you can’t get out of work.

Then imagine that the next day, you’re shooting your neighbor, burning his house down, killing his sons, and raping his daughters. Oh, and you appropriate his car for your use afterward. Read more …

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Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

2,050 words

Imagine that your house catches fire. You run out, family and pets in tow, to try your darndest to put out the fire. Imagine your neighbor looking on, saying “well, it’s not my house.” What’s wrong with that situation? Well, fire has a tendency to spread. Pretty soon, if your house is on fire, your neighbors’ houses will likewise catch fire. Read more …

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Lessingovo ideálne konzervatívne slobodomurárstvo

Gotthold_Ephraim_Lessing_Kunstsammlung_Uni_Leipzig2,544 words

English original here

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (1729–1781) bol nemecký filozof, dramatik a esejista. A bol tiež slobodomurár. Dňa 14. októbra 1771 bol zasvätený do slobodomurárstva v lóži Troch zlatých ruží v Hamburgu. Lessing mal očividne veľké nádeje v slobodomurárstvo, ale pomerne rýchlo ich stratil. V rokoch 1776-77 napísal dielo Ernst a Falk: Rozhovory pre slobodomurárov, ktoré bolo venované vojvodovi Ferdinandovi z Brunswicku, jednému z najvýznamnejších slobodomurárov.  Read more …

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Charles Maurras & Grand-Pappy’s Nationalism

510 words

MaurrasTranslated by Guillaume Durocher

Translator’s Note:

Perhaps the greatest threat to the Right is our elites’ ability to have our people “rally-round-the-flag” against those who are not our primary enemies in the name of parochial chauvinism and state loyalty. This was arguably true in both World Wars and largely sums up the entire counter-jihadi movement. Let us take Carl Schmitt to heart and not be Israel’s useful idiots . . .  Read more …

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La franc-maçonnerie conservatrice idéale de Lessing

3,397 words

Gotthold_Ephraim_Lessing_Kunstsammlung_Uni_LeipzigEnglish original here

Note de l’auteur :

Le texte suivant est la base d’un discours prononcé à New York le 5 Avril 2015 et à nouveau au Forum de Londres le 11 Avril 2015. Comme l’enregistrement le montrera, au Forum de Londres, je me suis rapidement écarté du texte et je l’ai condensé spectaculairement pour avoir plus de temps pour les Q&A [Questions & Answers]. Read more …

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La masonería conservadora ideal de Lessing

3,332 words

Gotthold_Ephraim_Lessing_Kunstsammlung_Uni_LeipzigEnglish original here

Nota del autor:

El siguiente texto está basado en una lección dada el 5 de abril de 2015 en Nueva York y nuevamente en El Foro de Londres el 11 de abril del mismo año. Como la grabación mostrará, en Londres, rápidamente me separé del texto y lo condensé dramáticamente para dejar lugar a preguntas y respuestas. Publicaré el audio entero cuando lo reciba y tenga la posibilidad de editarlo.  Read more …

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Lessing’s Ideal Conservative Freemasonry

3,073 words

Gotthold_Ephraim_Lessing_Kunstsammlung_Uni_LeipzigTranslation: French, SlovakSpanish

Author’s Note:

The following text is the basis of a lecture delivered in New York City on April 5, 2015 and again at The London Forum on April 11, 2015. As the recording will show, at The London Forum, I rapidly departed from the text and condensed it dramatically to leave time for Q&A. The audio is available on the London Forum’s YouTube channel.

Read more …

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The Extension of Patriotism

Patrick MacDowell, “Europe,” Albert Memorial, Kensington Gardens, London

1,538 words

Translation: French, German

We were divided and we are conquered. That is the tragic epitaph of two war generations. Those words alone should adorn the grave of the youth of Europe. That was the fate of my generation in 1914, and that was the doom of a new generation of young soldiers in 1939. Read more …

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