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If White Privileges Were Real

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If White Privileges were real
In our hearts and in our homes
Our good-byes would be hellos
And whispers would be bellows
As thoughts distort and form against
the glare of august fellows
Who contemplate ethnology
And sociobiology
From dog-eared, ink-smeared pages
Of unforbidden tomes.
This would all defy surreal
If White Privileges were real.

If White Privileges were real
In our counties and our towns
Narcotic spates of death
From oxy-c and meth
Would feed our smartly bobbing heads
The perfect shibboleth
For fretting the calamity
Which ruptured all our amity
Unmooring us from nations like
A fisherman who drowns.
This is what we would reveal
If White Privileges were real.

If White Privileges were real
With our oligarchs and lords
On Main and Elm and Second
Our children gently reckoned
Would swap and share wax-papered treats
Arriving home unbeckoned
Safe from man’s misrule-ty
And calculated cruelty
With hearts of love protecting them
Like razor-sharpened swords.
Ambivalence we would repeal
If White Privileges were real.

If White Privileges were real
To the zealots hocking news
Their forthright tone un-goading
Would disregard decoding
And issue who’s and where’s and why’s
To counteract foreboding
And cancel the selective grip
Of sneering tribal censorship
Subverting cryptic motives of
Sardonic tales which ooze.
This loaded deck we would un-deal
If White Privileges were real.

If White Privileges were real
From the mountains to the shore
Acquainted faces freely
Would speak almost ideally
Of uniform pursuits but not
In Bantu or Swahili
Against oblique authorities
Which instigate minorities
To permeate their trusting host
Like army ants at war.
Our hearts we would equip with steel
If White Privileges were real.

If White Privileges were real
To our enemies who reign
Borders soon erected
And differences respected
Would ratify an ethnostate
A nation unaffected
With care for its posterity
And lineal prosperity
And guns and ships and planes and tanks
In peace we will restrain.
But to survive we must appeal
For White Privilege to be real.

To survive we must appeal
For White Privilege to be real.

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  1. Vehmgericht
    Posted January 25, 2021 at 5:26 am | Permalink

    White privilege is real, unearned and we all believe in it.

    It is not, as the verse notes, an occult force generated by white men to punish minorities. It is simply the condition of being born with the temperament and talents needed to flourish in, and contribute to, the relatively orderly and advanced societies of Europe, North America and the rest of the Anglosphere. Those lacking the correct thumos (as we call it round here) to behave themselves in our nations will struggle and end in poverty, if not prison.

    What is governed by genetics cannot be fixed by the wishful thinking of the Left, no matter how rigorously they enforce their doctrine. The only positive courses within reach are separation from the incorrigible and the removal of dysgenic influences that are ‘levelling down’. How to apply these remedies humanely, obviating bloodshed and minimising upheaval will soon become the focus of our movement.

    • Anthony Kimball
      Posted January 25, 2021 at 7:51 am | Permalink

      Certainly it would be preferable to apply your stated remedies “humanely”, but I’m not too sure we will have that option. When it comes to the survival of my people, I am unwilling to forsake stern measures sternly applied if that is my only availible choice other than abject surrender. During wartime, and I doubt you would deny that we are currently in a war, we can’t be overly concerned whether or not our tactics and strategies are “fair” or “humane”. In war, the only thing that counts is defeating your enemy by any possible means.

  2. Some White Guy
    Posted January 25, 2021 at 7:32 am | Permalink

    Excellent poetry! A sadly lost form of art and communication in our present day.

  3. Beverly Schoborg
    Posted January 31, 2021 at 4:15 pm | Permalink

    For Spencer J. Quinn:
    Your article on Black Supremacy was so encompassing of my thoughts and the best written one I’ve read so far. You have a very good way of expressing your beliefs and the truth.
    This past summer of 2020 was revealing on the way corporate America responds to violence from BLM. They are afraid their own companies will be burnt to the ground so they grovel to the Blacks.
    I remember one scene in particular in Portland I think, a crowd of Blacks going through neighborhoods yelling with foul words to the people inside their homes, you are in our homes and we are going to take them. They want what others have and don’t want to work to get it. Thank you again for a great article.

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