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On Indulgence

CantSayNo1,221 words

In the world of mixed martial arts, something big happened very recently. The state of New York finally decided to legalize professional cage fighting. MMA organizations like the UFC have been lobbying for the legalization of their sport in New York for years now. And by a vote of 113 to 25 in the New York State Assembly, the ayes finally had their way.

This is all well and good if you like MMA, and it more or less belongs under the radar for everybody else. But something truly interesting was revealed when a website called published footage of the highs points and low points of the New York assemblymen debating the bill. Aside from some truly bizarre argumentation (one openly gay congressman objected to the sport by calling it “gay porn with a different ending”), a black assemblyman by the name of the Honorable Charles Barron from Kings County stood up and revealed his ignorance and stupidity thusly:

Firstly, as an African-American, we’ve been in cages fighting on the plantations and other places, and people let . . . bite off each other’s ears and do all kinds of things until they regulated that and made it something different. But throwing two human beings in a cage, and you know how we used to say in our neighborhoods, you should have a fair fight? Even when the man is knocked down, when I grew up, you’re supposed to step back, let him get up and let’s start over again. This one, you can pounce on them, beat his or her brains out while on the floor, choke him – you know how we feel about the choke hold in New York City – put him in a choke hold, and then the ref has to be determining whether he got choked enough. It’s not something we should legalize or regulate. It should be banned.

Of course, this statement is ridiculous on so many levels. This issue has nothing to do with race, and here we have a black lawmaker using convoluted logic and a fuzzy understanding of history to make it about race. He also somehow absurdly equated choking techniques in MMA to how the NYPD choked Eric Garner in July 2014, as if one might influence the other.

It occurred to me after listening to this that black people just can’t help themselves, can they? For them, or at least for the ones with the will to power, everything has to be about race. Their race and no other. This is how it is everywhere. All the time. This is their way of achieving equality with whitey and exerting influence over him. Whites may have nimbler minds and greater wealth and success, but blacks have two things whites don’t have: blackness and slavery. And they wield both with all the subtlety of a Louisville Slugger upon whites to get what they want.

That they are willing to inappropriately insert their race into any topic like kleptomaniacs before an unattended candy counter reveals a serious pathology, but not so much among the blacks, who really don’t know any better and, frankly, can’t be blamed too much for resorting to a fruitful tactic. No, the pathology exists among the whites who let them get away with it.

Uppity black imbeciles express their disapproval of hangdog Jewish enabler

Uppity black imbeciles upstage hangdog Jewish enabler

In essence, whites indulge their minorities, especially the black ones. For example, if a white New York assemblyman were to stand up and say, “Well, as a white person whose ancestors abolished slavery in New York in 1799 and fought and died for the Union during the Civil War, I’m offended that the honorable gentleman representing the 60th District besmirches my people by likening current MMA fighters to slave owners,” he would be roundly booed and ridiculed of making such off-topic statements. He’d also be called a racist and would have a hard time finding donors who’d want to be associated with him during his next reelection campaign.

UppityCrop1Meanwhile, when black lawmakers say things that are even more off-topic, whites just sit there and nod solemnly like chastened children at Sunday school. That is indulging. It is the practice of applying much, much lower standards (moral, intellectual, and otherwise) to one group of people than to another.

We all know this, of course, but if we can zoom out a bit, we can see where this indulgence is taking us in the grand scheme of things. We can draw a straight line from the kind of seemingly benevolent leniency exhibited in the New York Assembly to what recently happened in Brussels.

Did you hear that last year Turkey handed over Ibrahim el Bakraoui, one of the suicide bombers who struck Brussels this week, to Belgian authorities and warned them about the man’s terrorist ties? The Belgians let him go free anyway.


Did you hear about how the mayor of Cologne was advising German women to alter their behavior to be more modest around Arab men so as not to get raped?


Did you hear about how British authorities, afraid of being called racists, ignored for years the fact that Pakistani men were raping white girls in Rotherdam?


How about how black crime rates in this country are under-reported both by the police and the media? How about how the Obama administration pressured the FBI to not call the San Bernardino mass shootings an act of terrorism? For that matter, how about how Bill Clinton had the opportunity to capture Osama bin Laden in the 1990s and didn’t?


There is real pain being inflicted on real people in very large numbers. Yet we continue to indulge.

Whites hold themselves to a much higher standard than they hold almost everybody else. And this didn’t start with rape, crime, and terror. Once upon a time, whites had zero patience for that sort of thing, and if justice couldn’t be served in the legal way, they would resort to the extralegality of a rope and a tree to get the job done (and this happened to whites over a quarter of the time). Remember also how swiftly whites responded in 1898 to the presumed terrorist attack on the Maine?

No, this nonsense started in calmer, more peaceful settings, like in the New York Assembly where whites simply cede the field to blacks and other nonwhites when it comes to important issues of the day. (Why, yes, of course we should ban mixed martial arts because your ancestors bit each other’s ears off in fictitious cages on plantations in the antebellum South! What were we thinking bringing up this racist bill to begin with?)

It’s as if whites have no answer to the race card, and whenever it is played they simply fold and watch as their enormous wealth gets stolen from them bit by bit. When they do this, the blacks and other minorities smell weakness and continue the vicious farce. And they will never, ever, stop.

Until we stop them.

Whites have to stop being weak. Whites have to stop indulging blacks and other nonwhites. We have to start saying no to these people. And by doing so in peaceful settings, for instance in places like the New York Assembly, we will be more prepared to say no to them in the future when things aren’t so peaceful.

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  1. Peter Quint
    Posted March 28, 2016 at 10:15 am | Permalink

    I think there is going to be a big debate and escalating strife someday between jews and blacks over who is the biggest victim. The jews don’t like anybody that horns in on their territory.

    • c
      Posted March 29, 2016 at 7:54 am | Permalink

      Interesting point. African Americans have polled as having more anti-Jewish attitudes than European Americans. This is put down to their ‘lack of education’, an explanation that becomes more amusing the longer one ponders it.

      • Peter Quint
        Posted March 30, 2016 at 10:49 am | Permalink

        The reason blacks have more anti-jewish attitudes is because their instincts and intuition have not been corrupted by thousands of years of chrisitianity. The jews became so over-bearing in the NAACP and black’s civil rights movement that blacks had to run them out. Blacks eventually figured out they were just being used, and that all jews cared about was complaining about their own suffering, and pursuing their own agenda. Blacks can read a person and work-up a psychological profile in about five minutes, so the jews were an easy read. I forget which book I read it in, but in the sixties blacks were carrying signs in their protests that stated, “Hitler was right about the jews, he should have wiped them all out.”

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