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England’s Dreaming

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Much of the analysis and commentary concerning the recent English riots has been concerned with whether or not race is a relevant, or even a determining, factor.

The historian David Starkey, describing what he regards as the pernicious influence of Jamaican “gangsta” culture on white youths, stated frankly, “the whites have become black.” According to Starkey, rap music, black gangs, and an inelegant form of pidgin English have conspired to create a nihilistic and violent culture which, “militates against education.” He even quotes approvingly from Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech, although with the qualification that it is black culture, rather than the black man, which has the whip hand over the white.[1]

That a well respected and famous personality in Britain has gone as far as this is, in itself, quite remarkable, but his analysis is not sufficient to explain the behavior of English people engaged in destroying their own communities. Admittedly, the majority of those rioting were not ethnically English, but this fact does not obviate the need to explain why the minority of rioters who were English chose to behave as they did. In a sense, we understand the motivations of others who riot and loot because they do not see themselves as belonging to our country. But for English people to behave in such a wanton fashion appears perverse. If Starkey is right, and the whites have now become black, it will not do to simply try to wean them off the dire culture they have adopted. Whatever the shortcomings of black ‘gangsta’ culture, and they are considerable, the English will only be vulnerable to them in the absence of a pre-existing, and more suitable, native culture; and it is here that the problem lies.

Since the passing of the Race Relations (Amendment) Act (RRAA) in 2000 it has been a legal requirement for local authorities to demonstrate that they are taking measures to ensure equality of opportunity for ethnic minorities. What this means in practice can be seen from a government report, “Race Equality in Education.”[2] The main recommendations made by the report all involve giving additional resources, additional support, more intensive teaching, more mentoring and closer monitoring of ethnic minority pupils in order to improve their standards. The promotion of racial equality to pupils across the curriculum and in all aspects of teaching and learning is also recommended. This piece of legislation is, of course, only the latest in an ongoing series of legal and cultural maneuvers designed to mask the obvious flaws in the multicultural project of mass immigration. But the speed of this project’s success is increasing.

The effectiveness of a decade of post-RRAA education can be seen in the fact that a slew of reports have found that white pupils, particularly boys, are consistently underperforming.[3] Literacy among white boys from poor backgrounds is worse than in any other group apart from gypsies.[4] And a recent government report found that Christian and atheist children are less likely to obtain a place at university than Hindus, Sikhs, or Muslims.[5]

Behind the adjectives “white,” “Christian,” and “atheist” lies the reality that it is English children who are almost always being referred to here. It is English pupils who are being handicapped en masse by withholding resources, fostering resentment by others, imposing guilt where there should be pride, and the too often accurate perception that all the future holds for them is a life on benefits, just like their parents. Consider also the fact that English students, from next year, will be paying the highest tuition fees for their courses in the world. Most English universities have declared their intention to increase their tuition fees to £9,000 a year, making a total cost of £27,000 for a typical three year undergraduate degree. The Welsh Assembly (devolved parliament) has agreed to subsidize Welsh students for the rise in tuition fees, and in Scotland there are no tuition fees at all. English graduates face a £27,000 penalty for being English.

While it would be ludicrous to suggest that discrimination against English graduates might have had anything to do with the rioting, it is perfectly clear that the English are facing a unique form of disenfranchisement. On the one hand, our Welsh and Scottish neighbors have their own forms of devolved parliaments that are specifically established for them, whilst the English have only the United Kingdom parliament. In 2004, the UK parliament was only able to pass the bill allowing higher tuition fees in England with the votes of Scottish MPs, whose constituents were exempt from it.[6] On the other, the overwhelming majority of immigrants to the UK are located in England,[7] necessitating the full implementation of the “equality” measures outlined above, and the consequent debilitation of our English youth.

The English are systematically denied their own unique identity by a cultural cabal who denigrate the indigenous people as post-colonial fools who are getting their just desserts. The English underclass is routinely depicted as stupid, promiscuous, and justly deserving of their jobless future in a way that would be denounced as racist if it were applied in the same way to any other group. And, when viewed from this perspective, what sort of a way out is there for these youngsters who do not even have the residue of a cultural identity to cling to?

Roger Scruton wrote, regarding immigration, “Disenchantment of the homeland is experienced as a loss of control. England, the English believe, is no longer ‘ours.’ In such circumstances hospitality (which implies ownership) becomes impossible. It is not we but they who are inviting these newcomers to stay. Resentment follows as a matter of course.”[8] For some of our younger people the experience is not even one of a loss of control because they have never had any sense of being a part of England. And, theirs is not a resentment towards immigrants, but, rather, a latent well of casual violence stemming from the fact that their existence is defined by purely material things. When existential meaning derives purely from shopping, then looting becomes a form of elevation.

Needless to say, when Scruton writes of ownership of the land he is thinking of a form of stewardship, of caretaking. For those whites who have become black there is no possibility of such quasi-mystical notions. Ownership relates to material things and nothing more, and possessing them is all that counts.

Many looters have been quoted in the media as saying that they will continue looting until they are caught, as though they have nothing else to do. Quite simply, it is fun, lucrative, and exciting. There is not even a whisper of an inner conscience that might question the wisdom, morality, or long-term consequences of what they are doing. Such an inner voice would represent the voice of the ancestors whose accumulated wisdom is handed down organically in the form of codes, stigmas, and taboos, the breaching of which is experienced as shame.  For a people without identity there is no shame.

Wyrd moves in mysterious ways, and so it was that on August 6, 2011, the day that England burned, the seed of a new England was also planted. On that day a unique event was held in rural Wiltshire. The Great English Folcmoot was an event designed to celebrate English culture, history, and identity. Amongst the craft stalls and falconry displays were several stalls selling Anglo Saxon-themed clothing and artwork. There was even a Wodenic (heathen) wedding in the evening.

It was all financed by the Steadfast Trust, a charity which is, “the first and only registered charity which undertakes work specifically for the ethnic English community. It exists to promote the education, legal rights, welfare, and overall interests of the community within England.”[9] What was on the surface a family-orientated summer fête was also the product of years of frustration at the maligning and suppression of English identity.

As the Steadfast website points out, “There are many thousands of charities and other organisations that exist to benefit every other conceivable ethnic group. . . Funding for these organisations amounts to hundreds of millions of pounds.”[10] By focusing on the ethnic English the Steadfast Trust is able to engage the English community in terms that resonate at a deep level rather than concerning itself with more abstract notions of nationality or citizenship. It is carrying out an important task in reawakening a sense of English identity.

If we are to prevent more of our young people from becoming black we must ensure that they are firstly presented with a clear sense of their ethnic English identity. This means that they must understand something of their history which is rooted in their Anglo Saxon heritage. They should also be given a clear sense of their responsibility as a link in a chain stretching back into the far past. This sense of English identity should be used to encourage them to see that there is a continuity of ancestral ownership of their homeland, as opposed to the blatant lies concerning immigration spewed out by all media and educational outlets.

It is necessary that this work should take place outside of official channels, as the political class in England is endemically ashamed of Englishness. As the English Folcmoot has demonstrated, such small-scale projects, outside of conventional politics, are the way forward. The English have been dreaming for far too long. Recent events might even be sufficient to deliver an overdue alarm call. England awake!


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  1. HomeRuleforEngland
    Posted August 22, 2011 at 8:38 am | Permalink

    How do you know that any of the rioters were ethnically English? Their parents or grandparents etc. might have been Polish or French or Scottish Welsh Irish etc. etc.

  2. Shane
    Posted August 22, 2011 at 10:51 am | Permalink

    What Are Britain’s New Social Evils?

    Political Correctness, Multiculturalism, Ethnic Diversity, Rampant Miscegenation, Ken Livingstone, George Galloway, The left wing woolly hat brigade, Liberal Judges, Guardian Readers, CCTV, Speed Cameras, Permit Parking (where there are no shops or stations), Little idiots telling us not to Drink, Smoke, Talk, Think!! The Labour Party, The Liberal Party, The Tory Party, Uncontrolled Immigration, Socialists, The sick note society (so the main stream parties can hide the truth there is about 5+ million unemployed), Stealth Tax’s, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown of the past, Nick Clegg & David Cameron of the present and all the other Cronyism yet to come, Islamic Clerics, Muslim Religious Zealots!!

    And, I’m afraid; this is likely to be a long-running series. The moral cowardice that is settling over the U.K. is profoundly disturbing, and those of us who aren’t in a position to do anything about it are obliged to at least call attention to it while hoping that Britannia or more to the point ENGLAND will come to its senses and some how survive, probably as a shadow of what it once was…….SIGH!!!

  3. Posted August 22, 2011 at 6:00 pm | Permalink

    In this video, an anti-white apologist for the rioters in Britain claims that the UK is on the precipice of ‘civil war’. He says the street gangs are competing for bragging rights as to who will be first to kill a police officer. Notice how he voices the thinly veiled demographic threat to the indigenous Britons:

    “Those who have the children are going to have the future. The government doesn’t have the loyalty of our (non-European) children, so its future is far from guaranteed.”

    In his writings Kevin MacDonald repeatedly warns that things can get much worse for whites when they comprise a demographic majority. Many people assume that present-day minorities will not use their demographic heft to enact retribution against whites. Clearly that is not what the subject of this interview believes. He is making thinly veiled threats that whites will lose control of their country and that there may be reprisals when it happens.

    The reporter blithely ignores his thinly veiled threats about what will happen when whites are a minority and steers the conversation back to the the more banal question of how the government should have responded to the riots.

    It’s a shame she didn’t bother to get him to elaborate and clarify his warnings.

  4. Fourmyle of Ceres
    Posted August 22, 2011 at 8:07 pm | Permalink

    Shane in blockquote:

    ….The moral cowardice that is settling over the U.K. is profoundly disturbing, and those of us who aren’t in a position to do anything about it are obliged to at least call attention to it while hoping that Britannia or more to the point ENGLAND will come to its senses and some how survive, probably as a shadow of what it once was…….SIGH!!!

    As an advocate of the Northwest Republic, might I suggest that the “England” you speak of is, like the Old South, “Gone With The Wind.” A handful of enclaves remain for the grooming of the Elite, but the foundation makes the competitiveness of such institutions highly unlikely. Is there anyone who doubts the transformation to a Constitutional Monarchy will be a fact in our lifetimes?

    What MADE them great, what compelled the Angles and the Saxons to form what became Great Britain, and is now all but an island off the coast of Europe, with New Londonistan as its de facto future capital, is the correct focus of the Steadfast Trust. That the NF didn’t spin off into the action arm of the BNP, with the Steadfast Trust acting as the cultural transformation arm of the BNP. speaks volumes as to how one opportunity after another has been squnadered in the pursuit of the approval of those who support the genocide, I repeat, the genocide, of the white Race.

    At least, the Steadfast Trust is an excellent place to begin the formation of a parallel nation within the country, one devoted to creating parallel Institutions, such as home schooling organized around churches, and online homeschooling to accelerate the effectiveness of study time.

    A useful area for the Steadfast Trust to focus on is the development of masculine institutions, to counterbalance and conquer the damage done to our young men by the geldings of Whitehall. For instance, they could work with the Pagans – the Druids are pretty straightforward – to transform the Christian Institutions, replacing the men who wear dresses at the front of the Church with men who are MEN, leading from the front. For example, they could form a new version of the Scouts, called, say, the English Scouts, as a Masculine version of the Boy Scouts, who know What they believe, and Why they believe it.

    There are enough former SAS types available to act as scoutmasters, with enough time on their hands to make excellent father figures, the Dutch uncles these young men really need to help steer them through the reefs and shoals of masculine adolescence.

    Options for further community development readily present themselves.

    Not that something like this hasn’t been considered for the Northwest Republic, of course!

    What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

  5. Joe Neunzig
    Posted August 23, 2011 at 1:01 am | Permalink

    Hardly surprising that English youths want to appear black, when blacks are granted special status through PC and Race Relation laws. Despite contributing nothing positive to England, blacks are granted immunity from the consequences of their criminal behaviour. Blacks are promoted at every level: from the media (where every black is a ‘magic nigger’: a judge or a scientist, never a criminal; where black presence is omnipresent; where it has become almost fashionable to be black) to education (or what passes for it in the UK) where slavery and white guilt are endlessly emphasised. No doubt Starkey’s comment is accurate as English youths perceive the advantage of acting black to offset the disadvantage of being White.

  6. WG
    Posted August 23, 2011 at 5:43 am | Permalink

    We can–I repeat–we CAN take it back, ALL of it.

    Don’t be a defeatist.

    Dream. Use your imagination.

    Dare to think the unthinkable.

    The reconquest will involve actions the likes of which few of us can comprehend at the moment.

    But things are going to turn on a dime.

  7. AnalogMan
    Posted August 23, 2011 at 10:48 pm | Permalink

    WG 5:43am: Thank you, inspiring comment. And you are correct.

  8. De Maistre
    Posted August 24, 2011 at 4:17 pm | Permalink

    The cultural dispossession and humiliation of the underclass Whites in Britain is beyond anything. What has happened is a crime against humanity, if there ever was one.

    The punishment for creating and systematically degrading and humiliating these poor people should be off the scale in severity.

    Remember, if they can do it to the underclass, they will do it to the grand children and children of the current middle class. Indeed, the taxation will increase and their childrens career opportunities will affirmative auctioned out and their grand children will end up in this underclass.

    • Fourmyle of Ceres
      Posted August 24, 2011 at 7:22 pm | Permalink

      Yet, that this evil HAS been done, and is being compounded unto the furthest generations, forces us to ask, “How was this done?”

      The power of demoralization, the foundation of Cultural abandonment and dispossession, can not be underestimated. At all points, the parents of the Skinheads were negated following the end of their usefulness to The Owners following World War II. Both Orwell and Powell’s Visions have been fulfilled, and England’s Choice – mindless hedonism over focused Masculine achievement – has been relentlessly compounded as students have been dumbed down in the name of “equality,” and the Union Jack discouraged from public display on the grounds it would “offend” someone.

      Your concern is that, if it can be done to the underclass, it will be done to the middle class. My response: “WHAT middle class? What ‘rights’ do they have that anyone is bound to respect? What powers remain that they can exercise in a substantial, effective, manner?” It HAS been done to what is left of the middle class. The Skinheads became Onslow, and went back to sleep. They are more concerned about Man United versus Liverpool than the Hell on Earth their posterity will face, being hunted down as common prey by a predatory class that has all but formal State sanction for their attacks. This Is Not By Accident.

      Within the lifetime of many of us, Britain will have transformed itself into a Constitutional Monarchy. Who do you think will end up on the right side of the power curve following this event?

      Yet, we fall into the trap set for us by The Owners, who welcome our fatalism, an expected outcome of the process of demoralization forced on us by the media, and the school systems. This leads to, as Greg Johnson was the first to describe, a sense of nihilism, as they have ALREADY been defeated; more precisely, they have already accepted The Owner’s Terms and Definitions, and have already been defeated before they took to the field of battle.

      What have the Skinheads done, but become Onslow? Who is Onslow, but Charlie Brown, in council housing? And what is to be done, to remoralize the demoralized, and help the gelded find their balls, and put them to work? How can they realize and accept what we know in our hearts, “We’re Going To WIN!”

      The situation they face, even now, is much better than that faced by the defeated people of a defeated Germany in 1933. Things changed, then, and things can change, now. All they have to do is change their Minds.

      What’s In YOUR Future? Focus Northwest!

  9. barbara
    Posted August 27, 2011 at 5:33 am | Permalink

    We desperately need a cable channel dedicated to uplifting our people around the world. We also need movie and tv production companies.

    Is there anyone out there who knows Maya animation – I have a script that I would like to get made for the internet.

  10. Barney
    Posted August 30, 2011 at 2:45 pm | Permalink

    I haven’t read the entire article. The claim that some of the rioters were “English” or “ethnically English” was one lie too many for me.

    These people are NOT English and have only contempt for the White Race, who created this country. Some may have been born here, but that doesn’t make them English. Why? Because they don’t WANT to be English. Whatever their (or their parents, grandparents etc) country of origin, they REJECT the English way of life, English standards, English culture, and instead nurture a consuming HATRED of all things English.

    I know this from personal experience, so don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’ve lived among immigrants, and while a lot of them are perfectly ordinary, decent people, not even these will accept our ways, and then there are those who want nothing more than to cause trouble.

    I used to ask “If they hate the English that much, why do they choose to come here?”

    If any White people had tried to get involved in the violence, they would have been seen as “the enemy”, a symbol of everything the immigrants were rioting against, and would almost certainly have been MURDERED.

    Against the wishes of the indigenous population, the government floods the country with immigrants from all over the world at a time when there aren’t enough jobs to go round, and when some of these unwanted and un-needed imports prove they can’t behave in a civilised manner, suddenly it’s OUR fault!

    Perhaps when there are no more Africans or Indians left in their own countries, we law-abiding English people can move there and start again.

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