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Why We Can’t Wait

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As much as Wilmot Robertson did for the white survival movement — and his work was impressive and considerable — his one major mistake was insisting that “nothing could be done” by whites to take back their civilization until an unspecified period of “education” made conditions right for action. He launched a magazine, Instauration, in 1975 to help in that education effort.

Sad to say, by the middle 1970s most of our “leaders” had already decided to do nothing out of hopelessness, laziness, or sheer cowardice. Robertson was the first of which I am aware to posit a period of inactivity as a strategy toward eventual action of some kind.

Today, the “do nothing” attitude seems to have infected nearly all reasonable white activist organizations. With the best of our people sitting in self-imposed exile from the public arena, the media are free to paint the foolish and violent actions of the stupidest and most irresponsible among us as the “mainstream” of the “white supremacy” movement — scaring away any potential recruits whose hearts are in the right place, but do not want to be associated with lunatics and criminals. Our refusal to act publicly in a reasoned and nonviolent way must certainly keep many talented and sincere people from ever finding us and joining our virtually immobile “movement.”

The unchallenged straw man of violent “white supremacy” is also a godsend for the enemy’s fundraising efforts, and appears to justify the endless agitation for increased repression not just of white action, but of our history, our speech, and our very ideas. All of this, of course, makes it ever less likely that Robertson’s day of deliverance will someday arrive.

One can only laugh at the thought of Lenin and Mao, Hitler and Mussolini, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, and leaders of the more recent homosexual and handicapped revolutions urging their followers to sit around and twiddle their thumbs until some celestial alarm clock informs the official astrologers that the “time is right” for a revolt guaranteed to be both painless and unstoppable. Yet that is precisely where most of us sit, year after year, while our race’s plight becomes more and more desperate and our options fewer and more bleak.

In the same way, many responsible couples will postpone having children for a decade or more, until their careers are on track, their finances are in place, and the “time is right.” Yes, this is responsible behavior, but it forfeits their ability to have numerous offspring before age makes that a prohibitively dangerous or impossible prospect. Too often, such couples grow to enjoy their solitude, or the indulgences they can afford on their own, and they eventually decide not to be inconvenienced by children, or feel that they are too old to take on such a challenge.

Look at the other side, at the teeming masses of nonwhites spewing forth progeny while they themselves are still children. Yes, it is irresponsible behavior — they cannot possibly feed, clothe, shelter, and nurture these children. But so what?

Which side is winning — the responsible or the irresponsible? Where does the future lie — with a relative handful of high-quality whites or with the overwhelming masses of low-quality nonwhites? Which side is supporting the other through confiscatory taxation? Which side is so weak that it cannot even effectively protest — much less stop — a massive alien invasion of its own homeland?

Ask yourself: what would possibly constitute a “right time” for action?

When Negroes began agitating for “equal rights” in the 1950s, the South was rigidly segregated and virtually all of its federal, state, and local politicians were fervently dedicated to upholding that policy. Through their legendary political longevity, Southern members of Congress controlled most key committees and wielded incredible power. Was that the “right time” to begin a fight for civil rights?

When homosexuals held their first demonstration for equal rights in 1965, same-sex sodomy was illegal in every state, and virtually every social, political, cultural, governmental, religious, and business institution considered them anathema. Could that possibly have been the “right time” to demand equality?

How could 1776, when the British Empire ruled not only the seas, but a huge proportion of the entire globe, have been the “right time” for a small band of upstart colonists to challenge the might of John Bull?

Face it: NOW is always the “right time” for assertion of our group and individual rights.

As Klansman Daniel Carver used to observe on the Howard Stern radio show: “If we’re gonna have a race war, we need to get on with it, while whites still have a chance to win.”

By sitting on our hands for the past four decades, we have only made our task infinitely harder. Instead of standing up on our hind legs then, like men, and stopping the anti-white juggernaut before it became supreme in every aspect of American life, we waited for the “right time” — that fantasy date when we would somehow be able to just ride up (most likely on a unicorn) and reclaim our lost rights without any resistance, without any cost, without any sacrifice or inconvenience at all.

Well, here’s a dirty little secret: That day is never, ever, ever going to come.

With literally every hour that passes our numbers are smaller, our prospects are dimmer, our rights are fewer, and our chances of survival–let alone a return to power — move closer to absolute zero.

Remember that tired old cliché about the Holocaust: “When they came for the Jews, I didn’t protest, because I wasn’t a Jew . . . .”

Well . . . when “they” raised our taxes to pay for legions of new black and brown parasites, we didn’t protest, because it would have been “selfish.”

When “they” made white males second-class citizens by giving special “protected” status to every other group, we didn’t protest because it would have been “intolerant.”

When “they” excluded our children from colleges and jobs for being white, we didn’t protest, because it would have been “racist.”

When “they” facilitated a massive Third World invasion of the United States, we didn’t protest because it would have been “xenophobic.”

When “they” criminalized words, attitudes, and even thoughts, we didn’t protest because, by then, we were just too damn scared.

The tragedy is that “they” are really “us” — white male politicians steered by our racial and ethnic enemies, politicians we could have cajoled and coerced into seeing things our way. When they started betraying us, we could have punished them, replaced them our own stalwarts, and gotten things back on track.

But we didn’t. We waited for someone else to do it — and nobody did. We waited for it to be easy–and only made it harder.

Once more: NOW is always the “right time” for assertion of our group and individual rights.

Only Jared Taylor, of all our number, seems to have realized this and taken it to heart. Rather than simply curse the darkies, Jared lit a candle and called it American Renaissance. For years he been our lone public voice in the wilderness, writing and speaking responsibly but uncompromisingly for our side, representing us on television and radio talk shows, subjecting himself to potentially horrendous mental and physical abuse — but unfailingly offering a polite, calm, reasoned, nonviolent alternative to the primitive “rednecks,” sheeted nitwits, and hopeless “nigger”-shouters that the media have epitomized as the public face of white rights in America.

Taking a leaf from the early days of the black “civil rights” movement, Jared insists on proper decorum at all times, even to coats and ties at his conferences. He will speak to anyone, debate any opponent, virtually anywhere at any time. He never raises his voice, is never impolite, and never surrenders an inch of rhetorical territory.

If we had had 100 Jared Taylors fighting for us in 1964, it is inconceivable that our race could be in the situation it faces today. If we had 10,000 Jared Taylors fighting for us today, it would be too few — but a damned good start.

NOW is always the “right time” for assertion of our group and individual rights.

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  1. Lutabet
    Posted January 2, 2011 at 3:32 pm | Permalink

    Has it been made public yet who Robertson really is, or was? Where is he living, or buried?

    • White Republican
      Posted January 3, 2011 at 6:39 pm | Permalink

      Apparently Wilmot Robertson was the pen name of Humphrey Ireland. He died on 8 July 2005. There’s an obituary for him at:

      • Posted January 4, 2011 at 1:23 pm | Permalink

        White Republican: “Apparently Wilmot Robertson was the pen name of Humphrey Ireland. He died on 8 July 2005.

        I don’t know about the Humphrey part but I know Wilmot answered to John Ireland. He didn’t live in Cape Canaveral, FL — the address for Instauration — but in the mountains of western NC. Imagine the logistical nightmare WR went through each month for all those years, pre-Internet, in receiving his snail mail in Florida, forwarded to NC, then the finished product back to FL for mailing to subscribers. He was paranoid like that, wouldn’t even allow me to take his picture with Dr. Pierce for the historical record.

        I once had the great privilege of sitting between Robertson and Dr. Pierce on a sofa for seven hours as they swapped fascinating war stories and probed each other’s mind about the prospects of our race’s future. Robertson was doing most of the asking.

        Robert Mathews made Dr. Pierce and John Ireland co-beneficiaries of a whole life policy he took out on himself before he was murdered by JOG 12/8/84. That’s what the authors of The Silent Brotherhood, a fairly objective account of the exploits of Mathews’ outfit, The Order, reported on page 181.

        Jared Taylor has indeed done a yeoman’s job of addressing the race issue in America for the past 20 years, but he certainly has not been the only pro-White spokesman and author who has not been sitting on his hands for the past 40 years. There have been many.

        • Lutabet
          Posted January 4, 2011 at 5:33 pm | Permalink

          Anybody know where Ireland is buried?

          I like it that he chose “Wilmot,” but don’t know why he added “Robertson”.

          The Wilmot Proviso would have allowed free Whites more access to land in Texas. Wilmot was trying to help all our Southern fathers out of our weakness for believing that cultured civilization requires surrounding our families with Africans so our sons can study Aristotle.

          Yankees have always had a more realistic understanding of the negro than Southerners have. Yankees try to avoid negroes, while pushing federal policies upon us down here to make sure we can’t.

          Occasionally, the negroes break through up North and we get to enjoy stories of poetic justice born of the Diversity Curse, which is pretty much Diversity in general.

          All those White Yankee soldiers came down here to “Save the Union and Defend Liberty” so Sambo could help their 5th great White granddaughters make truly American mongrel babies.

  2. Martin Hatch
    Posted January 2, 2011 at 4:51 pm | Permalink

    I have certain reservations about Jared Taylor as he is reticent on Jewish politics, ethnic activism, and Jewish media control which he seems to either not notice or not care about.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted January 2, 2011 at 6:38 pm | Permalink

      Yes, American Renaissance makes a point of focusing on race and immigration, not on the Jewish question. Yet the AR people do good work in their area, and they do not spend their time attacking people to their right.

    • Lutabet
      Posted January 4, 2011 at 5:34 pm | Permalink

      Taylor says that Jews are some of the best race realists, which is true, but why doesn’t he hold them accountable to the universality of race realism, i.e., if it’s good for the jews, it’s admirable in us, too?

  3. Posted January 3, 2011 at 1:32 pm | Permalink

    In my opinion it is very difficult but not impossible, to criticize Jews- as Jews- without appearing to be ridiculous. The effects of Jewish nationalism, Zionism, or actions made by Israel however on the other hand are justifiable.

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