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Ruuben Kaalep on the Intermarium

Ruuben Kaalep

2,928 words

At the end of summer, Ruuben Kaalep came to Hungary at the invitation of the Hungarian nationalist party Mi Hazánk (Our Homeland). Ruuben Kaalep is one of the main advocates for the Intermarium project, a political and geostrategic plan aiming to regroup the Baltic countries, the Visegrád 4, Ukraine, Croatia, Slovenia, Belarus, Moldova, and Romania, forming a kind of a triangle between the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea, and the Adriatic Sea. Read more …

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Jobbik: A Brief History of a Political 180

Gábor Vona, the former President of Jobbik, in 2015. Beginning in 2013, Jobbik began to soften its earlier militant image, in what was known in the Hungarian media as the “candy campaign.” These efforts to appear more centrist gradually altered the party’s rhetoric beyond recognition. Source: Facebook.

4,685 words

Translated by Guillaume Durocher

Long considered the most radical parliamentary party in Europe, over the course of only a few years, Jobbik has morphed into a centrist and pro-European Union party, completely abandoning its former radical rhetoric opposing the EU, NATO, the LGBT movement, and gypsy crime. Today, in fact, Jobbik is trying to ally with the liberal and progressive Left in order to topple Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his party, Fidesz. Thus, this article is a brief history of a political 180.

Read more …

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Hungary & Poland United Against Brussels:
The March 15 National Day Speeches in Budapest

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during his speech in Budapest on March 15.

2,315 words

Every March 15, Hungary celebrates her 1848-49 struggle for freedom, which was a fight against the Habsburg Empire led by – among others – Hungarian republicans who were supported by Poland, most notably General Bem, the last general still standing at the end of the uprising.

On this day, Hungarians wear a cockade with national colors and celebrate the unity of the Nation. On this occasion, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán invited his Polish counterpart, Mateusz Morawiecki, to Budapest in order to celebrate the Poles’ support for this Hungarian struggle with them. Read more …

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Denouncing the EU’s Blackmail

Viktor Orbán

1,151 words

Today (Wednesday), the Council of the European Union voted – for the first time ever in its history – to censure Hungary for a “systematic breach of European values,” by a two-thirds majority. On Tuesday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was at the European Parliament in Strasbourg to take part in the debates on the Sargentini report – named after its primary editor, Judith Sargentini, who is an MEP for the GreenLeft – denouncing the alleged decline of the “rule of law” in Hungary. Read more …

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Kulturkampf in Hungary:
Goodbye “Gender Studies” – & It’s Only the Beginning

Viktor Orbán with a copy of Douglas Murray’s anti-immigration book, The Strange Death of Europe.

793 words

The teaching of “gender studies” is no longer allowed in Hungary. This is part of an important cultural and ideological war that is redrawing the political, cultural, and intellectual landscape of the country.

It happened in the middle of August: Students who have begun a course in “gender studies” at a Hungarian institution will be able to finish it, but no new courses will henceforth be permitted to start. Read more …

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Goodbye Pistol Pista, Goodbye Mr. István Lovas!

1,869 words

“Lovas is dead”

“Lovas is dead.” Those were the three terrible words to which I awakened on Tuesday, June 12, 2018. How could I believe that it was possible when, only two weeks before, I had spent an evening with, among others, István Lovas – a distinguished author and journalist in Hungary – and he was full of energy, drinking, laughing, and speaking like a young man despite his 72 years? And still . . . Read more …

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Steve Bannon in Budapest:
Defiance & Disappointment

623 words

The following note was published by Ferenc Almássy, the Editor-in-Chief of the Visegrád Post, a site specializing in news from Central Europe from a Rightist perspective, today in response to Steve Bannon’s lecture at “The Future of Europe” conference in Budapest yesterday. Read more …

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George Soros’ Foundation is Leaving Budapest

453 words

According to the leading Austrian newspaper Die Presse, Patrick Gaspard, President of the Open Society Foundations (OSF), which was created and is led by George Soros, said the OSF would leave Budapest to move to Berlin. (UPDATE: The OSF announced on Friday that it is not going to make a decision about leaving Hungary until after the government passes its new law about taxing NGOs that favor migration.) Read more …

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