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A Different Perspective

3,822 wordsTheatrical release poster for the film Midway.

It was with mixed feelings that I finished reading the highly articulate and skillfully presented review of the film Midway by Robert Hampton. I had similar feelings about the article by Anton.

On the one hand, I heartily agree with their sensible views on the film’s refreshing depictions of American soldiers fighting for a White country, the comparison between Midway and The Patriot, and the rightful place and role of women with White Nationalist and traditionalist overtones. Read more …

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“I’ll go make you a sandwich.”
Celebrating the Trad Wife in Emmerich’s Midway

1,012 words

The best present I’ve given myself over this holiday season was the two hours and thirteen minutes I sat in a mostly empty theater on a rainy afternoon watching Midway (2019) the latest epic film by the great Roland Emmerich. Read more …

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Fighting for a White Country

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It’s shocking Hollywood produced a film like Midway.

The heroes are upstanding white men who fight for their country and not abstract ideals. The good guys are all white, the bad guys are not. There is no question that the good guys are us and the bad guys are the enemy.The women are loyal wives and mothers who uphold traditional gender roles. Courage and patriotism are extolled, not undermined. Read more …

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