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The Massachusetts Flag
& New England’s Indian Wars

4,951 words

After the Saintly Sub-Saharan George Floyd (may perpetual light shine upon his blessed soul) died while being arrested, a loud social movement developed to bring down symbols of America’s cultural past — especially America’s white cultural past. The controversy over the Confederate flag is well known, but another controversy exists Read more …

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S. C. Gwynne’s Empire of the Summer Moon

3,288 words

S.C. Gwynne’s magnificent Empire of the Summer Moon hits as hard as literature can hit and offers history as a form of sublime entertainment. I believe the author wouldn’t take all the credit for his book’s success, since the subject matter — which is, as the subtitle tells us, the rise and fall of the nineteenth-century Comanche nation — is so fascinating, so packed with action, so rife with contradictions, so laden with heart-wrenching drama, and so existential in its meaning, the story pretty much writes itself. Read more …

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How a Pennsylvania Race War Gave Birth to White America

1,540 words

Peter Silver
Our Savage Neighbors: How Indian War Transformed Early America
New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 2008

The colony of Pennsylvania was unique. In was developed as a socio-religious scheme by a British Lord named William Penn to provide a place of religious toleration for all comers, run by Quakers. On the surface, a society founded on religious liberty will lead to social peace. But it did not. Read more …

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Chivington Did Nothing Wrong:
The Sand Creek Massacre—An Honest Victory

Colonel John Chivington

Colonel John Chivington

4,062 words

At sunrise on November 29, 1864 Colonel John Chivington (1821–1894) gave the order to his Colorado Cavalry troopers to attack. With that order, four cannons opened up on a Cheyenne Indian village, and the troopers advanced. At the end of the battle, Indian warriors, women, and children were dead, and the American whites held the field in victory.

In a time when the uniquely American and uniquely white historical figures such as Thomas Jefferson are routinely vilified for violating the social Taboos of the current Dark Age, Read more …

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