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Courtesy to Women

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If a great and powerful ruler is riding his horse, and he comes upon a woman crossing the road, should he continue riding, or should he stop? If he continues riding, his horse may knock her over. If he stops, he will be acknowledging that she has rights that he is obliged to respect, despite his power.

The answer to this question in European societies is that the powerful ruler should stop. The answer in traditional Muslim societies appears to have been that he should continue riding.  Read more …

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The “Love of the Distant”

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fri_wandTranslated by G. A. Malvicini

In the domain of inner reactions and characterology, two basic forms may be distinguished. They can be designated, respectively, with the expressions “love of the close” and “love of the distant” (Nietzsche’s “Liebe der Ferne”). In the former case, one is attracted to that which is close to one, in the second, to what is distant. The former is related to “democracy” in the broadest, and especially the existential sense; the second is related to a higher human type, found mostly in the world of Tradition.  Read more …

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Jewish Character Traits in Israel

2,720 words


A day in the life: Jews harass Palestinian woman

Editor’s Note:

Harold Covington once memorably described Israel as “a vast, open-air madhouse.” The following essay gives some support to this claim. It was excerpted by Irminsul’s Racial Nationalist Library from When Victims Rule, formerly online at Jewish Tribal Review. Read more …

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Outbursts of Everett True

True1812 words

A. D. Condo and J. W. Raper
Outbursts of Everett True
Introduction by Trevor Blake
Baltimore: Underworld Amusements, 2015

There are many things about Chicago of which I am not proud: our glum acceptance of the ten percent sales tax; liberal North Siders’ wheedling attempts to be “down” with the South Side (while avoiding that part of Chiraq out of pure self-preservation); or our continual reelection of machine politicians, Read more …

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Accommodate This!
Bruce Jenner & the Hermetic Rebis

3,080 words

Caitlyn-Jenner-Will-Keep-Bruce-Jenner-s-Gold-Medals-International-Olympic-Committee-Says-483465-2“Never let a good crisis go to waste” — Winston S. Churchill (supposedly)

“You don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste; it’s an opportunity to do important things that you would otherwise avoid.” — Rahm Emanuel, 2008

“Never waste a good crisis . . . Don’t waste it when it can have a very positive impact on climate change and energy security.” — Hillary Clinton, 2009  Read more …

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Mad Manspreading?

21MANSPREADING3-articleLarge2,616 words

“Keep it up, and even if you do get my job you’ll never run this place. You’ll die in that corner office, a midlevel executive with a little bit of hair who women go home with out of pity. Want to know why? Because no one will like you.”[1]

The poohbahs of the manosphere often put me in mind of the Stalinist shop steward played by Peter Sellers in I’m All Right, JackRead more …

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