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The Only Honest Person in the Room

Donald Trump and Linda Lee Tarver

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During the ongoing proceedings stemming from the fraudulent 2020 US presidential election, most of the actors involved have eschewed the topic of race. This is both good and bad. It’s good because if one side avers that race has been a decisive factor in this controversy, the other side would go ballistic and distract from the cases President Trump and his allies are bringing before the courts, the legislatures, and the American public. Read more …

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Sorry, Bernie Bros; Joe Biden Is Your Nominee

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Former Vice President Joe Biden is now all but assured the Democratic nomination. His campaign appeared dead just a few days ago, and Bernie Sanders was thought unstoppable. Now only an unexpected disaster can stop Uncle Joe.

Biden won ten of the contests Tuesday night, exceeding even the most optimistic predictions. The only big race he lost was California, but he made up for it by winning Texas and multiple states that were supposed to go for Bernie. Sanders only won four states. Read more …

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What Will Liberals Do When Trump is Re-Elected?

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If you enjoyed the salty taste of liberal tears as much as I did in 2016, get ready for 2020. All signs point to a Trump win. (Don’t take my word for it. See here, here, here, here, and here.) But it is what happens next that really interests me. Read more …

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Last week was deliciously bad for the Democrats. Utterly humiliated and reduced to impotent rage, they have been slammed with one major loss or crisis after another. Are we witnessing the self-destruction of a political party? Are the Democrats coming apart at the seams? Yes to both.

The results of the Iowa caucus are still in doubt Read more …

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