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Once Upon a Time in London, Nassau, New Orleans, & Elsewhere:
Making the World Safe for Satan & Veggie Burgers

5,945 words

Sympathy For The Devil: The True Story of The Process Church of the Final Judgment
Director: Neil Edwards
Appearing: Malachi McCormick, Timothy Wyllie, and other former members, along with George Clinton, Lucien Greaves, John Waters, Genesis P-Orridge, and others.
1 hour, 46 minutes; 2015

“What about the Process?” I said. “Don’t they have a place here? Maybe a delicatessen or something? With a few tables in the back? Read more …

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The Birds
Or: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Coronavirus (But Were Afraid to Ask Hitchcock & Heidegger), Part Five

6,056 words

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

In the last installment, I began to explore the possibility that The Birds can be understood as an “existentialist” parable. I argued that the film depicts what Heidegger calls das Ereignis (the event): a sudden and fundamental transformation of the meaning of everything. Read more …

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The Silver Lining in the Apocalypse Museum

Albrecht Dürer, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, 1497-98.

1,541 words

Albrecht Dürer died on April 6th, 1528. He was a highly influential painter and artist of the German Renaissance. Dürer was one of the first major artists to produce high-quality woodcuts and engravings that eventually spread throughout Europe, influencing future generations in various mediums and styles. While I grew up seeing Dürer’s artwork on many of my favorite heavy metal albums, I never knew his name until I went with an ex-girlfriend to a Christmas market in Vienna last December. Discovering his woodcuts was the highlight of the day and it taught me to find the silver lining in the most challenging of times, including the current COVID-19 pandemic.  Read more …

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The Purgative Fantasy

Albertus Pictor, Death Playing Chess, 1480-90.

2,823 words

There is something sinister in the springtime this year. Rather than a serving as a yearly reminder of rebirth and natural beauty, the blooming trees and emergent grasses wear the face of some ancient enemy, awoken from its long slumber. The spreading pestilence makes one long for the dormancy and stasis of winter.

This atmosphere of dread has infected every dimension of our lives. Read more …

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The Relevance of the Revelator:
Sheltering in Place with Brother Stair

2,807 words

“It shall come to pass, saith God, throughout all the world there will be chaos, there will be floods, and famines, and earthquakes, and fires, and plagues on every side, even before [March 2001] is past.” (Brother Stair, 2001 Prophecy) [1] Read more …

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