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True Muslims, True Scotsmen

The Adana Massacre of 1909, in which Muslim Turks massacred tens of thousands of Armenian Christians – an example of True Islam?

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Earlier this month, Counter-Currents published an interview in which Greg Johnson made some negative comments regarding Islam. He described Islam as an “inherently political” religion and a “memetic virus” which cannot be permitted in white societies since it will “destroy white societies and create societies that are foreign to, and unpleasant for, white people.”

In response, Alexander Wolfheze offered a qualified defense of Islam in which he concedes that “what many Westerners have experienced as ‘Islam’ is negative.” Read more …

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A Note on the “Islamic Question”

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Recently, Counter-Currents posted the transcript of an important interview with Dr. Johnson entitled “Conversation with a Philosopher: Greg Johnson Interviewed About the New Right.” As always, it is a pleasure to read Johnson’s incisive insights. Already, his exact and thorough metapolitical analyses provide fundamental building blocks of the New Right. In the case of this interview, one – somewhat marginal – note should be allowed: a note regarding “Islam.”

Read more …

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Blue is the Warmest Color:
Art House-Style Culture Pathology

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Voilà le portrait sans retouche
De l’homme auquel j’appartiens
— Edith Piaf

Some years ago, the European “cultural elite” was shaken up by a – somewhat insincere and artificial – “controversy” surrounding the latest blockbuster by one of its most politically-correct figureheads: Tunisian-French film director Abdellatif Kechiche. Read more …

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Swamp & Snake:
Media Pathology & the Establishment’s Inquisition

The Dutch Party for Freedom candidate Géza Hegedüs

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American media strategies: the Knavs case

From the very outset, President Trump’s brave attempt at draining the bureaucratic-kleptocratic “Washington swamp” of establishment politics brought out the poisonous snakes of the American mainstream media. Headed by the spin doctors and “fake news” masters of CNN, President Trump has come under sustained attack: vicious attempts at character assassination, with backbiting scandal-mongering and deep-state political intrigue being amplified coast-to-coast, along with round-the-clock journalistic mockery and taunting of the most infantile and malicious kind. Read more …

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History through the Traditionalist Lens:
Alexander Wolfheze’s The Sunset of Tradition & the Origin of The Great War

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Alexander Wolfheze
The Sunset of Tradition and The Great War
Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars, 2018
£67.99 (sale price £33.99 until December 1)

Of the major (and even several of the minor) European languages, the Traditionalist school of philosophy – that articulated by René Guénon and Julius Evola and their offshoots – was a latecomer in the Anglophone world. Read more …

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