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The Silver Lining in the Apocalypse Museum

Albrecht Dürer, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, 1497-98.

1,541 words

Albrecht Dürer died on April 6th, 1528. He was a highly influential painter and artist of the German Renaissance. Dürer was one of the first major artists to produce high-quality woodcuts and engravings that eventually spread throughout Europe, influencing future generations in various mediums and styles. While I grew up seeing Dürer’s artwork on many of my favorite heavy metal albums, I never knew his name until I went with an ex-girlfriend to a Christmas market in Vienna last December. Discovering his woodcuts was the highlight of the day and it taught me to find the silver lining in the most challenging of times, including the current COVID-19 pandemic.  Read more …

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Pocta Dominique Vennerovi

VennerMemorial1,100 words

English version here

Důvody k životu i smrti jsou nezřídka totožné. Rozhodně tomu tak bylo v případě Dominique Vennera, jenž svým činem uvedl svůj život a smrt do hlubokého souznění. Dle svých slov se rozhodl zemřít způsobem nejčestnějším za daných okolností – tedy když slova nemůžou popsat ani vyjádřit pocity. Dominique Venner nakonec zemřel tak, jak žil – se stejnou vůlí a jasností. Read more …

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Φόρος Τιμής στον Dominique Venner

VennerMemorial1,488 words

μετάφραση Δημήτρης Παπαγεωργίου

English version here

Οι λόγοι για να ζει κανείς και οι λόγοι για να πεθάνει, είναι συχνά οι ίδιοι. Αυτή ήταν σίγουρα η περίπτωση για τον Dominique Venner, του οποίου η χειρονομία σκόπευε στο να φέρει την ζωή και τον θάνατό του σε απόλυτη αρμονία. Είπε ότι επέλεξε να πεθάνει κατά τον τρόπο που ήταν ο πιο έντιμος στις συγκεκριμένες συνθήκες, ειδικά όταν οι λέξεις είναι πια αδύνατον να περιγράψουν, να εκφράσουν το τι νοιώθουμε.

Read more …

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Tribute to Dominique Venner

VennerMemorial1,429 words

Translated by Greg Johnson

Translations: CzechGreek

The reasons for living and the reasons for dying are often the same. This was definitely the case for Dominique Venner, whose gesture aimed at bringing his life and death into deep accord. He said he chose to die in the way that was the most honorable in certain circumstances, particularly when words become powerless to describe, to express what we feel. Read more …

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