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“Multiculturalism is a Marriage Made in Hell”
On the Baltimore Riots

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Writing something on the Baltimore riots would simply be repeating myself, so rather than doing that, I decided to literally repeat two earlier pieces into a microphone, creating two audio essays that are apropos of the events in Baltimore. Please spread them far and wide. 

“Irreconcilable Differences: The Case for Racial Divorce”:

Original text here

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“‘Burn this Bitch Down’: Ferguson, Garner, and the End of Gentrification”:

Original text here

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  1. Edith Crowther
    Posted May 2, 2015 at 12:18 pm | Permalink

    Both the earlier articles are excellent. Repetition is important in learning. So they need continuous re-posting at intervals. I believe such articles are an important (and rare) step on the way towards admitting failure.

    Denial of failure is a human failing, but Americans are particularly prone to deny failure – the “sweet smell of success” is burned into their consciousness as an absolute necessity, probably in the womb and certainly from birth onwards. This is hopeless. One of the main strengths of humanity as a species is its graceful ability to admit failure when necessary – i.e. after having tried and tried and tried again, not in a lily-livered manner.

    America will soon be majority non-European. The moment this happens, it becomes not brave but stupid to carry on. Furthermore, Europe has not yet reached this point – and could benefit from loud American voices and a sturdy and numerous American physical presence to help avert what has happened to the USA.

    Even if you take the “bleeding heart” view of the problem, the result remains the same – it is insoluble. For instance there was a major riot in Baltimore in April 1968 – triggered by the killing of Martin Luther King, but the problem probably started centuries before, with the importation of slaves in the first place. More recently, between World War II and 1968, Baltimore had changed demographically. The total population remained constant, but the black population had grown and the white population shrunk (both by about 200,000). The whites had left the city in favour of Baltimore County. Black communities had sub-par housing, high rates of infant mortality, and more crime. They also suffered disproportionately from the decline in Baltimore’s manufacturing sector. Black unemployment was more than double the national rate, and even higher in especially poor communities. Etc. etc. etc. – the usual litany. When are people going to stop looking for solutions and admit there are none?

    This problem is never going to be solved. Furthermore, immigration to the USA from Africa has been rocketing since 1980 according to PEW – so the situation is getting worse all the time. There are nearly a million recent migrants from Africa already, most of them highly educated. Wiki notes that “The influx of African immigrants began in latter part of the 20th century and is often referred to as the fourth great migration. This trend began after decolonization, as many Africans came to the United States seeking an education, and has risen steadily over time. Originally, these immigrants came with the sole purpose of advancing themselves before returning to their respective countries. However, in recent years there has been an increase in the number of African immigrants interested in gaining permanent residence in the United States. This has led to a severe brain drain on the economies of African countries due to many highly skilled professionals leaving Africa to seek their economic fortunes in the United States and elsewhere.”

    The USA is finished for Whites, and Americans of European extraction need to admit this and move back to Europe. I suggest simply tracing their roots back to where the first ancestor lived – for instance, descendants of Henry James would come up with County Cavan in Ulster, Northern Ireland but then going back farther would come up with Scotland, not Ireland – and Scotland is a good place to be at the moment, it has plenty of room and is about to become independent.

    James was a Europhile ahead of his time – he was perhaps prescient, with antennae more powerful than most. Now however, imminent disaster is sharpening the antennae of all but the most thick-skinned. Europe suddenly seems larger than the USA – echoing the parting remark of American ex-pat Eugenia in James’s “The Europeans” as she returns to Europe after a trip to America – “Europe seems to me much larger than America”. In fact it probably is larger in actuality now – James was not including Eastern Europe, clearly, and probably not Scandinavia either. Although both are stunning places, with glorious culture, architecture, art, and history.

    The population of modern Europe is about 750 million. [However thousands are pouring in every month from Africa and the Middle East.] The population of the USA is about 320 million – but only 60 per cent are now of European extraction (provided Mexicans are not counted as Spanish!) – and this is predicted to drop below 50 per cent quite soon. Anyway, say 180 million are of White non-Hispanic origin – that number will A) fit into Europe with its declining White population, B) block a certain amount of access to Europe by non-Europeans by sheer occupation of sparsely populated areas with no jobs (I sense that Americans are better at living off the land, they have the pioneer spirit), and C) give a lot of moral support just as American Jews inject massive moral verve into Israel by settling in a pioneer manner (I don’t condone this, but it could be admirable in the right place).

    I am going to keep banging on about this (not here, don’t worry) – it was not my idea, but the conclusion of someone with an extreme head for both figures and strategy – a rare type of mind, almost laser-like in its precision and quite unable to explain the whys and wherefores of its unerringly accurate conclusions. With these types of brain, most people blink and think “Golly, can this be right?” – and I do too initially – but after a while, when time after time after time the laser has proved accurate despite being more than a little “outside the box”, you begin to pay more attention.

  2. Joe Owens
    Posted May 12, 2015 at 6:57 pm | Permalink

    Will George Lincolns Rockwell’s’ “Nightmare” come true, or will “whitey” reclaim America? My self personally, I believe the latter. But it all depends on how the final show ends. Will it be a slow colonisation of every house, street, neighbourhood, town, city, and eventual USA conquest or, a race war, in the true sense of the word? Only the latter will save America…

    • Edith Crowther
      Posted May 13, 2015 at 2:53 am | Permalink

      Dear Joe Owens – you are plucky like most Americans (your name points to Welsh extraction, and the Welsh are also very plucky indeed). But you have to face the facts. Some of them are only just coming to light. For instance Unicef’s recent Generation 2030 Africa Report reveals that on current trends, almost 2 billion babies will be born in Africa in the next 35 years – a staggering and SUDDEN rise from 1950 when only 11 million African babies were born.

      This means the continent will be home to 41% of all the world’s births. In 1950, African women of reproductive age (15-49) numbered 54 million; by next year they will be 280 million, and 407 million in 2030. The population of the whole of Africa is now about 1 billion – by the end of the 21st century it is predicted to be 4 billion, i.e. it is set to quadruple.

      Already the surplus is overflowing into Europe and, I have recently discovered, into the USA. This trickle (a large trickle) is going to become a flood. I think Europe needs help from the physical presence of North Americans – this time in very large numbers, though obviously their military power would also help. But I guess I am being over optimistic when I imagine Americans would even consider this. We live in hope, all of us – but some hopes are more achievable than others!

      There is already trouble within Africa itself, with migration from one African country to another – South Africa is the main example, but there are others. The South African government is now literally throwing migrants from other African countries back across the border, and they are quite shameless about it since they cannot be accused of racism.

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