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This Sunday’s Featured Author 
Michael Bell

Gino Severini, 1883–1966, "Armored Train in Action," 1915

125 words

When I was editor of TOQ Online, Michael Bell was one of my prize “discoveries.” He was the author of some of our most widely-read articles. Nobody has better bridged the gap the between Radical Traditionalism, which harks back to the most ancient wisdom, and modern popular culture. Who else has ventured a Radical Traditionalist take on mixed martial arts, the “game” of picking up girls, or video games? He has also written on multiculturalism, education, zombie movies, race, and the origins of mankind according to Radical Traditionalism. Click here for a list of his works. I have reopened comments on all of them. Mike has been taking a break for a whole year now. Let us know if you want him back.


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  1. FWM
    Posted April 10, 2011 at 6:06 am | Permalink

    “Mike has been taking a break for a whole year now. Let us know if you want him back.”

    He must be pessimistic, selfish, or “uninitiated,” to take a whole year off. Our race might have only single digits left to decisively head into action. To have one of our best authors take a sabbatical is unacceptable.

    Mike, if you read this, we are at war and your people are dying. How can you ignore our cries?

    There, that is my attempt at Sunday morning Christian shaming. But really, we need every resource we have, and he is one of our best. I hope he shortens his break.


  2. Fourmyle of Ceres
    Posted April 10, 2011 at 2:20 pm | Permalink

    We are drawing fire – focused, planned, purposeful fire – because, for the first time, we are going for what works for US, and away from the learned attitude of professional helplessness of the professional victim – “Calling Charlie Brown! Your Blue Cross is cancelled from falling flat on your back one time too many!”

    We are drawing fire because, for the first time, we are looking at the Causes, and what we can DO about it.

    And we are Doing Something about it, for a very welcome change.

    We are looking at the fundamental forces that create and sustain Civilization, and realize it is more important to deal with those, on OUR Terms, than to blame people who rejoice at the genocide of White Children.

    That is the foundation of effectiveness, and that’s why Michael Bell is so important.

    His piece on “Game,” which I will address directly, shows the amazing power that accrues to us when we shift from playing THEIR Game, by THEIR Rules, to OUR Game, by OUR Rules. It demonstrates the remarkable power of shifting your thoughts, from helplessness to effective empowerment, on YOUR Terms.

    Best of all, The Adversary always had our predecessors punching at Shadows, never directly identifying the Hidden Hand, much less the common theme behind all of the Hidden Hand’s projects.

    Their “common theme” is, simply stated, THEIR metapolitical project.

    Thanks to the clear thinking of counter-currents, we have ours, and we even have a temporal bridge to it, the Northwest Republic.

    All we have to do is work consistently, quietly, purposefully and VERY effectively in the fulfillment of a transcendent Duty, to a transcendent Purpose.

  3. Michael Bell
    Posted April 12, 2011 at 2:34 pm | Permalink

    Firstly, let me say that I have not been “taking time off.” I still read this site rather regularly, and I comment when I feel that I have something legitimately important to say. The same goes for writing essays and articles. For a while there, I had quite a scribal fire burning inside me. I was inspired because it was something new that I was doing, and I was really into cultivating this talent that I never got a chance to do seriously before. However, the fire burned out as I ran out of things to write about passionately.
    I said a lot about Julius Evola that was worth telling, I think. Michael O’Meara has also written some great pieces on elements of his ideology, i.e. his anti-Semitism (Greg, perhaps you can link this?), and as of late, Amanda Bradley has done an amazing job with her pieces on women and the film “Avatar.” (links, please.) If there are any others I forgot, forgive me. While one could write endlessly about Evola, I have written about the things I feel capable of explaining comprehensibly, and have little else to say at this time. Go out and read his works for yourselves! There, that’s the last thing I’ll say, for now.
    My other pieces were of value to some people, as I understand. My thanks to all who had positive comments and constructive criticism! I don’t really feel like writing another video game article or a rant about education, for the time being. Of course, this November we will see the release of The Elder Scrolls V, which might very well prompt another video game piece.
    The point is that I write when I have something to say. For whatever reason, I do not at this time. It’s not because I’m depressed, or because I’ve renounced the Cause, or any other silly reason that I’m sure some have come up with. I will always be one of “us,” even if I’m not an active writer at a particular time, so fear not!
    Writing just for the sake of writing, or worse, forcing out a piece of writing, can never have decent results. Too many people do this just because they like to run their mouths, and it’s annoying. I don’t want to annoy. Also, if I don’t write when I’m inspired, how can I possibly inspire anyone?
    I’m sorry to those who truly enjoy my stuff and who are eager for more. Unfortunately, you will be waiting longer. I’m just not in a writing kick right now! Those who are, however, should use that kick to the fullest potential. I wish them and others the best of luck.

    P.S. No, I haven’t found any fossils. All the evidence we have regarding our most distant forebears are the written accounts of their existence by our more recent forebears, which count for something.

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