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This Sunday’s Featured Author 
Michael Bell


Gino Severini, 1883–1966, "Armored Train in Action," 1915

125 words

When I was editor of TOQ Online, Michael Bell was one of my prize “discoveries.” He was the author of some of our most widely-read articles. Nobody has better bridged the gap the between Radical Traditionalism, which harks back to the most ancient wisdom, and modern popular culture. Who else has ventured a Radical Traditionalist take on mixed martial arts, the “game” of picking up girls, or video games? He has also written on multiculturalism, education, zombie movies, race, and the origins of mankind according to Radical Traditionalism. Click here [2] for a list of his works. I have reopened comments on all of them. Mike has been taking a break for a whole year now. Let us know if you want him back.