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reprints on Euro-Synergies

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Robert Steuckers’ Euro-Synergies is Europe’s leading New Right blog. Thus we are particularly honored that Counter-Currents articles are now being routinely reprinted there (491 times and counting, i.e., around 2% of our articles). Many of these reprints are of original articles and translations. Others are of reprints, but Euro-Synergies saw them here first. Euro-Synergies has also been the source of many of the articles I have translated and images I have used. Thank you, Robert Steuckers.


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  1. Andrew Hamilton
    Posted October 28, 2010 at 7:57 pm | Permalink

    This is good news, Greg. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    Counter-Currents is fortunate in having several writers capable of reading and translating French, including yourself. Other Continental languages still present a barrier: German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, the various Scandinavian tongues, etc.

    This is an observation, not a criticism. It also applies to all White websites everywhere. More cross-cultural communication is badly needed.

    At the very least, English speakers worldwide could reprint more of each others’ work in their various countries–the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, and the various south African enclaves–South Africa, former Rhodesia, and South West Africa.

    I join you in applauding Robert Steuckers, and thank you for your own good work as well.

    • Greg Johnson
      Posted October 28, 2010 at 8:14 pm | Permalink


      We need contributing editors/translators who specialize in:
      (1) German
      (2) Italian
      (3) Spanish and Portuguese
      (4) Russian and other Slavic languages
      (5) the Scandinavian languages

      I would be very happy to publish translations of important texts from all the European languages. Bear in mind, also, that many of our translations into English are then translated into other European languages. See the translations page I did:

      I would also like to find contributing editors/writers specializing in the following:

      (1) Classical music
      (2) Neofolk music
      (3) Black Metal music
      (4) European films
      (5) YouTube videos (a treasure trove of educational videos are out there, but I do not have time to find them)
      (6) Contemporary literature
      (7) Poetry

      Please contact me if you can help in any of these areas.

      • White Republican
        Posted October 29, 2010 at 8:10 am | Permalink

        The reference to the Polish language and to literature in the above comments suggests to me that someone should write a review of Zygmunt Krasinski’s The Undivine Comedy (1834) for Counter-Currents. Revilo P. Oliver’s described this work as “one of the great monuments of European literature” (Liberty Bell, January 1983), and provided a fascinating summary of it in “The Making of Presidents” (Liberty Bell, September 1991):

        “Since we have been speaking of Poland, let us not forget Poland’s greatest poet, Count Zygmunt (= Sigismund) Krasinski (1812–1859), and his brilliant Undivine Comedy (Nieboska komedja) of which there is an English translation by Harrietta E. Kennedy and Zofia Uminska.

        “The principal theme of the dramatic poem is not political. Its tragedy is the tragedy of Nordic man, whose Faustian soul (to use the Spenglerian term) by its unique racial instinct seeks the infinite and the eternal, fatally combining its romantic aspirations, which can never be content with a world too petty and banal to contain his dreams, with a lucidity and implacably rational intellect that demands knowledge of reality at all costs, which has driven him to the bitter discovery that he is an insignificant animalcule perched on a particle of dust that revolves about a small and decaying star which is itself a mere particle in a universe too vast and too horrible for comprehension.

        “In the third part of the poem, however, the protagonist becomes Count Henry, who with his loyal retainers goes to the aid of the aristocrats, who are besieged in the fortress of the Holy Trinity by a huge mob of proletarians, incited, armed, and subsidized by the Jews, who have long plotted to destroy Christianity and the Aryan civilization that it represented. Under the command of Count Henry, the symbolically named castle is valiantly defended and several attacks are repulsed, but Count Henry has also to master the weaklings among the aristocrats, who foolishly imagine they can negotiate with the horde that the Jews have made ferocious and bloodthirsty. Supplies of food and armaments are eventually exhausted, and the Bloody Horde prevails. The castle is taken; Count Henry leaps to his death from the battlements; and the surviving members of the aristocracy are butchered by the exulting rabble. And the terminal scene of the tragedy ends when the leader of the revolution echoes the dying words of the Emperor Julian: Galilaee, vicisti.”

        In a footnote, Oliver remarked: “Krasinski’s perspicacity is shown by his protagonist’s perception that the real danger came from ‘baptized Jews,’ i.e., Marranos, who feign conversion to the civilization of the people on whom they prey and whom they hate with an insatiable malevolence.”

        It certainly sounds like a work worth reviewing.

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