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Jim Cobb’s Prepper’s Financial Guide

3,300 words

Jim Cobb
Prepper’s Financial Guide
Berkeley: Ulysses Press, 2015

Disaster preparation is a difficult topic. There are some entry-level items, such as what outdoor survival supplies should go into a “bug-out bag” which might be needed in short notice for a long hike in very uncertain conditions. However, beyond the “101” level stuff, things get complicated pretty quickly. Read more …

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I Am Not Going To Roar

Vincent Van Gough, Peasant Woman Binding Sheaves after Millet, 1889

Vincent Van Gough, Peasant Woman Binding Sheaves, after Millet, 1889

3,557 words

Women today are defined though the agencies of one non-desirable camp or the other. Frankly, the liberal and the oppressed camps are equally repellent. Either women “are” hairy-armpit-proud man-hating leftist-agenda queers who welcome diversity, godless paganism (if you’ve ever been to a goddess circle you understand what I mean by godless) espousing only womyn-power focused gender politics — OR women “are” soft-headed Republican sweet cheeks who get their nails done, support our troops, knit hats for premature babies, eat too much chocolate once a month, and have no brains for real politics, Read more …

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Dispatch Two
How We Got Here & How You Can Too

2,065 words

NWLandscapeThe world won’t change for us; we have to force that change upon it. Changing the world isn’t for the weak of spirit—there is no time left for people who want to think about what needs to be done; there is no time left to sympathize and pat the hands of people who say “I’d love to, but . . .”;  Read more …

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Dispatch One: Germination

1,395 words

ForesthikeThis is the first of a series of “dispatches from the front,” written to inspire and enlighten our folk about the reality of creating a white homeland in the Pacific Northwest right now. We don’t need to wait for revolution, uprising, or upheaval—we can do this now, peacefully, calmly, preparedly. I don’t claim to have all the answers. I am a stranger here myself. But I will share the process and point out what I can to those who are looking for the start of the path that will surely lead to a place of better advantage than those we leave behind.  Read more …

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