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Dimitris Michalopoulos

Dimitris Michalopoulos holds a doctorate in History from the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris. He has been a lecturer and assistant professor at the University of Salonica, professor at the Naval War College of Greece, and director of the Museum of the City of Athens. His biography on Eleutherios Veniselos has recently been published in Greece.
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The Truth about Israeli Expansionism

Ernest Renan

879 words

Do you remember that John F. Kennedy was among those who questioned the legal validity of the Nuremberg trials?[1] Do you remember, further, that, unlike the British political leadership, he opposed the Indian invasion which led to the end of Portuguese sovereignty over Goa?[2] It is also useful to recall that immediately after he was assassinated, “a climate of euphoria” prevailed in the stock markets and among the “great capitalists” as well,[3] and that he wanted to apply a “fairer tax system.”[4] Read more …

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The “New State” in Portugal, Spain, & Greece:
Fascist in Style, but Not in Reality

Antonio De Oliveira Salazar of Portugal (left) and Francisco Franco of Spain (right).

5,449 words

Dimitris Michalopoulos is a Greek historian. The present paper observes the rules of the US Library of Congress for the transliteration of Greek names.

The case of Stefan Zweig is a well-known one. He was born in Vienna, the capital of the Habsburg Empire, in 1881. Being of Jewish stock, and thanks to his talent as well as the patronage of Theodor Herzl,[1] he succeeded during the 1920s and ‘30s in becoming one of the most renowned authors throughout the world. Read more …

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The Far Right in the Balkans:
Roots & Perspectives


Ioannis Metaxas, 1871–1941

4,825 words


“Rest assured . . . that after . . . years of suffering we have sufficient moral strength left to find an honourable exit from life.”[1]

It is in these very words that the soul of Corneliu Codreanu and his followers was expressed. Needless to say that Capitanul has been the noblest figure among the Far Right leaders in Europe during the interwar period. Read more …

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Crusade Without the Cross:
The Paradox of the Greek Left

porphyry5,455 words

To Francis Parker Yockey
In memoriam

Following the end of the Greek Civil War in 1949, many of the defeated Communists fled to countries behind the Iron Curtain. Read more …

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