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Skin in the Game:
On the Doxxing of Pamela Geller

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On February 28, 2018, Taylor Lorenz of The Daily Beast revealed the identity of Pamela Geller’s children. And this is troubling for all of us. It certainly was troubling for Milo Yiannopoulos, who speaks about it quite forcefully here.

As many of us know, Pamela Geller is the anti-jihad activist who recently wrote a book entitled Fatwa: Hunted in America and who famously organized the “Draw Muhammad” contest in Garland, Texas back in 2015. Geller, along with Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch and Milo (who published Fatwa), may have tenuous ties to the Right per se, but are often lumped in with the Right due to their opposition to the Islamification of the West and the shroud of political correctness under which it seeks cover. Without an Islamic jihad to oppose, I really wonder how far to the Right these three would be willing to go. I imagine not terribly far.

This might be a reason why some of us who are undeniably on the Right – especially the White Nationalist and identitarian Right – are less than interested in the doxxing of Geller’s family. She’s not one of us. She’s Jewish, she’s an outspoken Israeli patriot, and she once called for Israel to retaliate against a theoretical Iranian nuclear attack by nuking Tehran, Mecca, Medina, and then Europe! This would be revenge for the Holocaust, of course.

This generates more than just a smidgeon of issues for the Dissident Right. On the one hand, she fights tooth and manicured nail against some of the white race’s most committed and loathsome enemies, especially as they invade Europe. Like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Geert Wilders, she has put herself in harm’s way, offending people who really know how to kill and have done so before. Many on the Right (myself included) admire this and appreciate her tireless efforts. Further, she has a bit more in common with the Right than merely opposing Islam. For example, she did support Donald Trump after he defeated Ted Cruz in the 2016 primary, and does harbor an appreciation for Ayn Rand that I am sure many on the Right would at least somewhat appreciate.

On the other hand, by taking such an Israel-first perspective she has been accused of rattling Muslims only for the sake of her ancestral homeland, thereby causing trouble where there needn’t be any. Both Matt Parrott and Kerry Bolton, writing for Counter-Currents in 2012, took this view. She also has been known to close ranks with her co-religionists whenever some enterprising goy tries to bring up the obvious Jewish culpability for mass immigration into the West. But all this pales in comparison to her willingness to destroy Europe in one fell swoop over things that happened in the first half of the twentieth century. Her perspective not only insults the memory of the millions of white Europeans who suffered and died at the hands of Jews during the same period, but also ignores how Europeans today are so wracked with guilt over the Holocaust that in some places they make denying the Holocaust a criminal offense. Would that the Jews might show the same amount of remorse over their roles in the October Revolution, the Holodomor, and the Gulag Archipelago!

So I hope one can understand the ambivalence that many racially-aware whites have towards Pamela Geller and the doxxing of her children. Perhaps her comment, which was published in 2010, was made in anger. Perhaps she regrets it now. Then again, perhaps not.

Regardless, this affair goes far beyond Pamela Geller herself.

For one, it reveals a weak spot amongst our enemies. Milo calls Islam the “third rail of social justice politics,” and he’s right. Where the Left these days consists of a coalition of cucks, weirdoes, LDJs, and commies, Islam consists of the same people of which it has always consisted: millions who take the Qur’an literally and get excited about its more militaristic and barbarous passages. In order for the Left to beat the Right, they must include Muslims in their coalition, but that would entail turning a blind eye to their egregious sins and the fact that Muslims in general stand for what the Left supposedly stands against.

This unholy alliance demonstrates how truly despicable the Left is. If you irritate Lefties enough, they just might sic their “peaceful” Islamic bulldog on you, which is essentially what Taylor Lorenz did to Pamela Geller. Milo called the doxxing “unutterably disgusting,” and again, he’s right. If, God forbid, Islamic terrorists ever act on this knowledge and do irreparable harm, I would call for Taylor Lorenz and her editors to be hanged alongside the terrorists. Even if that doesn’t happen, perhaps knowingly outing innocent people and exposing them to the tender mercies of the historic enemy of the West should be a crime punishable by jail time. If it isn’t, it should be. It doesn’t matter who the victims are.

The Left consists mostly of educated individuals who purport to be liberal but ally themselves with illiberal barbarians in order to go after whitey, as if we’re the bad guys. This makes them the enemy of civilization as much as the barbarians are. Any discussion of the Geller doxxing with people not on the Right should come equipped with this logic. To go inescapably from someone being a Leftist to that same someone being a scoundrel shouldn’t require more than a syllogism or two.

Second, this affair should cause us to reflect on our relationships with allies of color. In light of her past statements, I find it perfectly reasonable for white identitarians and nationalists to view Pamela Geller with somewhat jaundiced eyes. It seems she opposes jihad more for its threat to Jews (especially the female ones) than for its threat to white civilization. White racial interests are of less importance for her, if they have any importance at all. Therefore I cannot argue when people say that, despite her good work, she should not be trusted.

Then again, since when do we have to completely trust our allies? I think we can trust her enough to believe that her anti-jihad stance is genuine. What more do we need? For the time being, at least, her main goal (as well as Milo’s and Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s) is in line with at least one of ours, and she hasn’t spent a whole lot of time trashing our other goals. I see this as a net win for the Dissident Right. We don’t have to like or trust such allies of color. But I think it would behoove us to at least leave them alone, or deal with them fairly when necessary.

Lastly, the Geller doxxing should remind us all of the stakes in this game we’re playing. Of course, they’re high, but they begin to skyrocket once you have children, especially small ones. What could happen to Pamela Geller and her children could easily happen to us and ours.

This is called skin in the game. Having skin in the game, I imagine, will dissuade most white race-realists from actually engaging in pro-white activism. It’s easier to keep quiet and slip some cash to American Renaissance every once in a while than to put your name and face out there so that the Jews in the SPLC and the ADL can destroy your career, and so jihadists could potentially kill you. This is a great way to protect your children who in many cases will have a hard enough time growing up under normal circumstances.

Then again, isn’t having skin in the game also a reason to engage in pro-white activism? Greg Johnson has made this point before, and I agree. Do we really want our sons and daughters living as despised minorities in their own homelands? We see the brutal way in which non-whites – blacks, Hispanics, and North African and Middle Eastern Muslims, mostly – behave. We see the wreckage of the countries they leave behind. We see the unscrupulous way in which they take advantage of our generosity and kindness for their own gain. We see how they don’t hesitate to ethnically cleanse us from our once-great cities and run us out of certain industries through nepotism and corruption. As long as these people continue to immigrate into Western nations, these problems will only worsen. White babies born in 2018 will have a good shot at seeing the twenty-second century. What kind of world will they inherit? Will it be one that is orderly, productive, safe, and strong, like pre-1965 America? Or will it more closely resemble Mexico, South Africa, or Pakistan?

I don’t know if having skin in the game is Pamela Geller’s main reason for doing what she does. I know it is for me.

Spencer J. Quinn is a frequent contributor to Counter-Currents and the author of the novel White Like You.


  1. Franklin Ryckaert
    Posted March 13, 2018 at 12:35 pm | Permalink

    “…She’s Jewish, she’s an outspoken Israeli patriot, and she once called for Israel to retaliate against a theoretical Iranian nuclear attack by nuking Tehran, Mecca, Medina, and then Europe! This would be revenge for the Holocaust, of course…”

    And we should really care if such a person is doxxed ? The enemy of our enemy is not necessarily our friend. Historically, the Jews have harmed us much more than the Muslims, and at present it is the Jews who are behind mass non-white immigration into all white countries, and that includes mass immigration of Muslims. If Ms. Geller wants to do good work, she should oppose the policies of her co-tribals in the first place and not the Muslims themselves, who are after all only the instrument of Jewish subversion. Ms. Geller should “doxx” her fellow-Jews.

    • Rob Bottom
      Posted March 13, 2018 at 8:54 pm | Permalink

      Ha! I wouldn’t hold my breath. But even if she is Jewish and at best only a peripheral ally, doxxing her kids is beyond the pale. I don’t think Quinn is saying you should feel outraged on her behalf, but out of principle.

      Part of me wants to say the antidote to this problem is to return the favor. If Taylor Lorenz’s family receives even a smidgen of the hate Geller routinely attracts, she and her like-minded gang might think twice before doing something like this again. The problem is this creates a cycle where it becomes more and more normal to doxx people.

      Another part of me thinks we shouldn’t stoop to their level. I think the majority of people on the left and right see doxxing for what it is. Although we don’t necessarily care as much when it happens to the opposition, we can all recognize what an underhanded strategy it is. Engaging in it won’t do our side any favors. Look at what’s happening to Anglin after the incident with Spencer’s mother.

      For the same reason our guys might try to avoid physically fighting their guys in the streets. Let them act the thuggish, armed hooligans while we play pacifist. The courts aren’t going to play as nicely with us as they do leftists. I’m not suggesting you volunteer to have your head bashed in, but there’s a reason Gandhi became such a respected and powerful figure for his cause.

  2. Vagrant Rightist
    Posted March 13, 2018 at 4:54 pm | Permalink

    I only skimmed over the offending article by Lorenz, but in these situations I always think it’s useful to consider generally how the left perceives this.

    They typically don’t really make any distinctions between someone like Geller, Counter-Currents, William Pierce, Trump, the NRA, Lauren Southern, Milo, Stefan Molyneux, Jordan Peterson, Mike Cernovich, Christians, whites, rural America, Christmas.

    To the left they are all part of the same oppressive, bigoted, tyrannical privileged force about to introduce National Socialism if they could. That’s their perception. And it’s even in that article. Lorenz describes Geller as an ‘alt-right troll’. Maybe she’s just trying to tar her with stigmas and justify her cowardly attack, but I doubt it’s that far from the truth either.

    And as far as we are concerned, we don’t need to be on the same page with others, or to like them for them to play a role in a narrative that suits our interests.

    I don’t need to trust or like any of these anti-Jihad Jews and I don’t feel a need to gloat either. Exposing the identities of someone’s family is a very serious issue. It could easily have been our children and not hers. It’s done to create fear and to make examples, to put people off going public with this stuff, and who knows, perhaps in this case to punish a Jew who’s stepped out of line on this question.

    I suppose one could say it’s interesting that Geller’s nutty militant Zionism didn’t save her from this sort of thing, but this story reminds us that flooding the West with Third World savages outweighs nutty militant support for Israel.

  3. Frank
    Posted March 13, 2018 at 8:24 pm | Permalink

    It’s not that I don’t feel pity for Geller’s children, outed before the world by vile, screeching leftist scum, who always accuse others of that which they themselves do far more egregiously. But honestly, I’m afraid I have lost all ability or willingness to trust Jews, for any reason. Every day, I see one or more new stories featuring one or more Jews openly, brazenly and arrogantly working to collapse Western Civilization. For this reason, I simply cannot champion them. Had I lived a century earlier, my odds of being murdered by Jew Communists, even living in America, would be much higher than my current odds of dying at the hands of Islamic barbarians,who should be expelled from all Western nations, BTW. Islam is a government, first and foremost. It deserves no religious protection, any more than does Marxism.

    It’s not that I think every person born of Jewish lineage is bad. Objectively, I know this cannot be so; there are no such absolutes in the world. But historical facts, when considered as a whole, allow for no other conclusion than that which says the Jews, as a whole, sincerely believe all their self-Chosenite, “G-d gave us the world to do with as we please, because we’re the only true humans on Earth” nonsense. For thousands of years, their psychopathic belief system has told them that they’re uniquely destined to inherit the Earth and—by G-d—they mean to COLLECT.

    It matters not, whether this or that individual Jew actively believes in these things. 99% of Jews believe in sticking together, above all else, and thus are readily foot soldiers, no matter how personally unwilling, for the Marxist NWO which the Rothschilds and their fellow parasitic psychopaths have been engineering for centuries.

    Psychopathy is a HELL of a drug.

  4. Matt Grey
    Posted March 13, 2018 at 9:01 pm | Permalink

    Doxxing is always despicable and cowardly and must be condemned, regardless to whom it is done, including Ashkenazim. Whether any of them can be considered our allies is dubious at best. Short of publicly and vehemently renouncing, repudiating and abjuring their ancestry, their religion and their ideology, as a tiny, tiny handful have done over the years, they simply can’t be considered allies and even under the above mentioned circumstances must be viewed with suspicion and constant vigilance.

  5. Martin
    Posted March 13, 2018 at 9:56 pm | Permalink

    Good article. And bringing attention to this henious doxing has value all onto itself.

    Just one point about Geller. If anything, Gellers outspoken and open motivation of protecting her tribe makes her more trustworthy and more honorable. As an identitarian I would not have been able to trust her if she feigned concern for whitey.

  6. ster plaz
    Posted March 15, 2018 at 9:58 pm | Permalink

    Oh, jew, thy name is irony! For one of the Tribe, who have concocted and spearheaded the drive to flood/corrupt western (i.e. White) nations with any/every third world darky in order to destroy them, to complain of the threat to jewdom by moslems, is flabbergasting until one remembers (yet again) who we Whites are dealing with.

    Who cares if some jew is uncomfortable with the growing moslem menace that the jews created? She is getting some of what she and her ilk deserve.

  7. Aarne Bittner
    Posted March 16, 2018 at 2:33 am | Permalink

    In case of the question, if to “allei with colour”, I would definiteley say No! Sometimes I use the arguments, or share an article of the jewish community, but only simply because no one here in Germany is allowed to say anything against them, so they are free to speak out harshly against our gouverment in case of Massimigration, and they even get away with criticising the Imigrants themself. No one else is allowed to do so, because the Imigrants are the most precious and beloved people of Merkel and the Left-Media. We have quite a few people from the turkisch community who speak out against there own people, some of them have become very popular, but there too I would say No! Sure, they take a risk in speaking out, but I allways have the impression that there is a businessplan, since they make money with it by selling books etc. In all, I would say, these people allways follow there own agenda and can not be trusted.

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