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Privacy or Convenience: Pick One


CCTV by Charles Krafft

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Now that the God-Emperor is organizing his cabinet, let us give thanks to Kek and review some of the challenges facing us.

By challenges I don’t mean, for example, Trump’s recent disavowal of the AltRight which while a tactical inconvenience is also an opportunity for more exposure than Hillary’s ground-zero denunciation of us.

Rather, I want to focus on truly critical and existential challenges — challenges that if not addressed could cripple our movement or sink it altogether. 

Let’s start with email, shall we?

And no, I’m not even remotely kidding.

Could Donald Trump have been elected without WikiLeaks having published the emails from Hillary’s hacked email server?


How about the second trove of emails the NYPD found on Anthony Wiener’s laptop that forced the FBI to reopen the investigation before the election?

Those emails and the damning revelations of corruption, degeneracy, and lying that flowed from them put Hillary’s campaign on its heels in a downward and defensive spiral from which it never recovered.

How could Hillary and her team have treated their communications security so stupidly and cavalierly?

I don’t frankly know or care. Hillary, Podesta, and (((Weiner))) all violated the Iron Law of Information Security: Privacy or Convenience . . . Pick One.

The hubris of Hillary and her team led them to choose convenience. Had they simply bothered to learn and use readily available encryption tools, none of their hacked emails would have been readable or useful to any of their enemies, e.g., WikiLeaks and us.

Pause and ponder that for a minute. If just a handful of people had simply bothered to secure their emails, Hillary and Co. would now be selecting their cabinet and claiming a mandate to proceed with our extinction.

Our enemies won’t make the same mistake again. That was a one-time gift from Kek.

Our nascent movement can ill afford even a single such blunder.

It’s absolutely critical our movement’s activists, leaders, and fellow travelers understand the following uncomfortable but irrefutable black-pill truth:

1984germanWe all live in a real-time surveillance state the likes of which has never existed before. A surveillance state whose breadth and scope would have made Hoover’s FBI, East Gemany’s Stasi, and Stalin’s KGB positively green with envy.

If you’ve not gotten the memo from the revelations from Snowden, WikiLeaks, Manning, and many others, let’s recap so everyone understands how 21st century surveillance works in the current year.

Ready? Here goes:

Every email
Every phone call
Every fax
Every bank wire
Every PayPal use
Every text
Every tweet
Every Facebook post
Every Amazon purchase
Every Google search
Every Use of your Credit/Debit Card
Every “Your favorite electronically-mediated transaction here”

that you and I make is now captured and stored indefinitely in massive databases that can be searched, collated, and analyzed in real-time by the NSA, its foreign partners, and corporate proxies.

Over half of all Americans have already had their facial photo profiles added to these databases without their knowledge or consent. Once in the photo databases, your photo alone can be used to learn everything about you.

1984pulpDo not doubt this. Early in my career I attended a classified demonstration of facial recognition software. A Polaroid group photo of all attendees was taken and scanned into the software. The photos from attendee security badges were then scanned in turn. The software quickly and impressively located each attendee in the group photo from their badge photo. That was 1987 on a PC with a million times less computing power than my smartphone. Today’s facial recognition software can find you in a busy airport, a crowded street, a large sports stadium, or a huge political rally in seconds – along with countless others.

Where’s Waldo? is not a game the modern surveillance state loses very often these days.

And it would be beyond foolish to think Trump’s election will mean the surveillance state apparatus will necessarily be in friendlier hands for the next 4-8 years and not used against us. If WikiLeaks has demonstrated anything it’s the certainty that “deep state” partisans, SJWs, or reactionaries can and will use the government apparatus to embarrass, thwart, or destroy us.

Therefore, until such time as we come to power and control the surveillance apparatus, we must treat the surveillance state as the hostile enemy it is.

We must begin immediately to take responsibility for securing our own communications and data from the prying eyes of all our real and potential enemies.

We must treat the security of our information as critical and essential to our future victory — because it is.

If we don’t, failure won’t be just an option — it will be a certainty.



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  1. Peter
    Posted December 4, 2016 at 4:54 pm | Permalink

    I much appreciate and advocate this call for awareness of surveillance. However, I´ve got to say: when I tried to acquaint myself with email encryption PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), I soon dropped the effort – and I´m not a computer illiterate. It´s not comfortable. They´re aware of it and try to improve it but so far nothing. And very rarely do I see it mentioned at all, so my question would be: who actually uses it!?
    Then, I dabbled with file encryption with TrueCrypt and then that software was terminated or so. It´s also not very comfortable, along with all the usual computer problems, to encrypt your harddisk etc..
    Then there´s TOR, and VPN, and some say sure that´s right what the secret services would set up to bait right those people that they chase after in the first place.
    Etc. etc. So it would probably help if this subject was brought up often in the WN movement in order to encourage people to really start using it.

    • L. Cypher
      Posted December 7, 2016 at 8:32 pm | Permalink

      Peter, while I entirely sympathize that encryption tools have been difficult to learn and inconvenient to use in the past, they are far easier to learn and use now.

      But that’s not really the point.

      If our movement is to win the present cultural war, a future civil war, or both; there are fixed overhead costs to the business of war that must be paid, whatever the difficulty or inconvenience might be. Information security is one of them.

      Just as basic training can turn 98% of young males into soldiers in roughly 2-3 months, almost anyone who is comfortable with computers and email can be taught how to effectively secure their email and their data in 1-2 days.

      If we can’t be bothered to learn and apply the discipline of protecting our communications and data, we will be indulging in futile larping rather than becoming an effective vanguard capable of preserving our people.

      Perhaps a better title for my article would have been survival or convenience.

      • Peter
        Posted December 7, 2016 at 10:28 pm | Permalink

        L. Cypher, I fully agree… and with a bit delay realized that your headline expessed right that: you already emphasized that it´s not very comfortable (ATM), yet very important. My additional point was that despite the high importance, I see it little applicated in my social circle. Nobody I know uses email encryption or talks about that subject. And therefore, it would be good to have clear steps at hand as of how to actually make people use it. My idea was to just start mentioning it more often, to ask each other about the use, progress in implementation etc., and I´m curious to hear of ideas of how to actually increase usage (and not only the intention, the vague idea of it 😉 ).

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