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Now Available!
Graduate School with Heidegger

Greg Johnson
Graduate School with Heidegger
San Francisco: Counter-Currents Publishing, 2020
220 pages

There are three formats for Graduate School with Heidegger

  1. Hardcover: $40 (including postage; add $5 for postage to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, & the Far East)
  2. Paperback: $25 (including postage; add $5 for postage to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, & the Far East).
  3. E-book: $5. 

How to Order:

There are three ways you can send payment:

  1. By credit card or bank transfer
  2. By mail
  3. By crypto-currency transfer

To use a credit card or bank transfer, email [email protected].

Steps for mailing in your payment:

  1. Download and print our order form (PDFWord)
  2. If you wish to order multiple books, please email a list of the titles you wish to order and your mailing address to [email protected], and we will give you an exact quote on postage anywhere in the world.
  3. Send payment to the address on the order form.
  4. Please allow up to four weeks for delivery.

Steps for paying with crypto-currencies:

  1. Determine which books you wish to order, and how many.
  2. If you wish to order multiple books, please email a list of the titles you wish to order and your mailing address to [email protected], and we will give you an exact quote on postage anywhere in the world.
  3. Choose a crypto-currency option and send payment to one of our addresses here.
  4. Email the order and the crypto payment receipt (so we know what transfer is yours) to [email protected]

About Graduate School with Heidegger

Greg Johnson’s Graduate School with Heidegger is unique in the vast literature on Heidegger. Written by a self-proclaimed “failed academic” for intelligent laymen, these essays and lectures serve as a non-systematic, non-technical introduction to the twentieth century’s most influential and difficult philosopher.

Johnson explains essential concepts like phenomenology, metaphysics, and nihilism. He defines technical terms like Being, the clearing, and the event. He discusses Heidegger’s relationships to Nietzsche, Husserl, and Evola. He explores the roots of Heidegger’s nationalist and ecological politics. He responds to the Heidegger interpretations of Thomas Sheehan, Richard Polt, Ronald Beiner, Alexander Dugin, John Caputo, and Richard Rorty. Finally, he recommends Heidegger’s many lecture courses as a graduate-level education in philosophy, free of the staggering cost and stifling conformity of contemporary academia.

“All sorts of readers will appreciate Greg Johnson’s lively, unpretentious, and accessible presentations of Heidegger’s thought. Johnson gives due credit to the best academic commentators on Heidegger. But there is one decisive respect in which Johnson departs from mainstream scholars and proves to be a far superior guide to Heidegger’s thought: his bold, open-minded, and honest treatment of all matters related to Heidegger’s politics.”—Anonymous Heidegger Scholar, from the Foreword

“A dangerous mind”—Ronald Beiner, author of Dangerous Minds: Nietzsche, Heidegger, & the Return of the Far Right


Foreword by an Anonymous Heidegger Scholar – iii

Preface – v

Being & Beyond

1. Heidegger Without Being – 1

2. What Is Phenomenology? – 7

3. What Is Metaphysics? – 17

4. Heidegger’s Question Beyond Being – 29

5. Making Sense of Heidegger – 49

6. The Gods of the Forest – 81

7. Nietzsche, Metaphysics, & Nihilism – 95

8. Letting Heidegger Be Heidegger – 106

Heidegger & Politics

10. Heidegger & Ethnic Nationalism – 115

11. Richard Polt’s Time & Trauma – 128

12. Ronald Beiner’s Dangerous Minds – 145

13. Dugin on Heidegger – 160

14. Notes on Heidegger & Evola – 170

Heidegger & Higher Education

15. Graduate School with Heidegger – 176

Recommended Reading – 189

Index – 201

About the Author – 210

About the Author

Greg Johnson, Ph.D., is the author of thirteen books, including Confessions of a Reluctant Hater; New Right vs. Old Right; Truth, Justice, & a Nice White Country; In Defense of Prejudice; The White Nationalist Manifesto; Toward a New Nationalism; From Plato to Postmodernism; and It’s Okay to Be White.



  1. argApirate
    Posted August 15, 2020 at 3:15 pm | Permalink

    Grrrr I’ve just orderd this month: The white nationalist manifesto, From Plato to Post Modernism, What is a Rune and other essays, summoning the Gods + die Untergang des Abendlandes and the translations of the poetic Edda. And now you are telling me that I need to order yet another book. What are you doing to me Greg! 😉

  2. Achilles Wannabe
    Posted August 16, 2020 at 10:54 pm | Permalink

    Great idea. I am ordering. I am philosophically minded and interested in Heidegger. but I tried reading Being and quickly got lost in all the terminology. I will let Greg spoon feed me.

  3. LineInTheSand
    Posted August 19, 2020 at 1:57 pm | Permalink

    Can’t wait!

    Greg is almost unique among philosophers in his ability to explain his subject plainly. The only others I can think of are Hume, Descartes, and Russell. With others, like Kant and Hegel, whatever greatness they may have, the reader gets the feeling of willful obfuscation on the part of the author.

  4. Dr ExCathedra
    Posted August 24, 2020 at 9:25 am | Permalink

    Back in the ancient mists of the 1980’s I did my doctoral dissertation on how Heidegger’s thinking about language and being was utilized by the Anglican systematic theologian John Macquarrie, who did the first translation of Sein und Zeit into English.

    I recall the headaches.

    As another “failed academic”, I look forward to Dr Johnson’s work. Following on his fascinating lecture on the Black Books, his project of rescuing Herr H from Liberal Captivity (which was then the overwhelming lens, for me included) has made the old man interesting to me once again.

    • Lord Shang
      Posted September 12, 2020 at 1:23 am | Permalink

      Was your doctorate in philosophy or theology?

  5. dalai_lama_trapeze
    Posted September 15, 2020 at 8:40 am | Permalink

    The cover art’s rather off-putting. Looks like a man of a different race trying to fathom the riddle of the Sphinx. Are we supposed to be in the same relationship to Heidegger? If so, this seems contrary to the essence of his thought. Why not a clearing in the Black Forest? Or a bridge over the Rhine?

    • Rafael
      Posted September 15, 2020 at 1:48 pm | Permalink

      I like it. It follows the cover art from Greg’s last book.

    • E. E.
      Posted September 17, 2020 at 12:41 pm | Permalink

      A most excellent cover ever. –A squalid ignorant negro is foolishly listening to the stone mouth of an old statue with a broken off high nose from an extinct Egyptian high civilization.

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