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Remembering Jonathan Bowden
(April 12, 1962–March 29, 2012)

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Jonathan David Anthony Bowden was born on April 12, 1962. He died on March 29, 2012, just short of his 50th birthday. Jonathan was a painter, novelist, essayist, playwright, actor, and orator. He was also a friend. His ideas and personality have had a real and permanent impact on my approach to New Right metapolitics. He will be missed, but he will also be remembered and honored.

Jonathan wrote 35 original articles and reviews for Counter-Currents, both under his own name and under the pen name of John Michael McCloughlin. Since his death, we have also published a number of his lectures, lecture transcripts, interviews, and book excerpts. But the best place to begin reading Jonathan is his lecture “Credo: A Nietzschean Testament [2].”


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