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To My Readers, Upon Having Unexpected Surgery


N. C. Wyeth, Nightfall, 1945.

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Recently I had surgery. It went well, nothing serious. However, it was unexpected. I had to ask myself — what if it was serious? What if my body was riddled with stage 4 cancer and I’d better say my prayers, update my will, and buy a grave? Since I have a small, but high IQ set of readers that make an impact wherever they go, I thought I might pass on some of the things that I’ve learned so far in this journey. Apologies if I might be stating the obvious, but I hope that I might convey some wisdom. These are musings from an older guy to the younger fellows; keep reading if you want — or not.


First, I can’t complain about how my career has gone. While my military service was not extraordinary, I’m proud enough of what I did. I find my day job rewarding. I especially am grateful that I’ve been able to be published in Counter-Currents. It is nice to be associated in even the humble way that I am with this outfit. People will read the works of Greg Johnson long after we are gone. One needs to spend one’s time on a worthwhile vocation. If you don’t feel like you are doing anything worthwhile, make a change.

Likewise, I can’t complain about whom I married. One spends a lot of time with the wife, so it can get boring. Looking back, my only regret is we didn’t have more children, but those we’ve had make us proud. If married, don’t bother waiting to have children, just start doing it. One figures it out as you go along. It is said that young families with parents in their thirties have the biggest cash crunch, but again, you muddle through.

I do believe, however, that I could have made it work with three other women, and I met those ladies in high school. I am suspicious of the “too young to marry” mantra. The people I know that got married straight out of high school are still married and doing well, and it’s been more than two decades for them. There probably isn’t “the one and only.” There are likely several potential spouses for an ordinary fellow. I’d encourage one to discuss basic career goals with the potential spouse and then determine a place to live close enough to family so that aunts and grandmothers can help. 

In other words, you need to take the time to pick a spouse. Find someone that is tolerable, mostly like you in tastes, interests, and background, and go for it. Nobody will be perfect.


I encourage all to align their vocation with making as much money as possible. Time is money, too. One’s stash of money is a measure of what one chooses to do with time. I lucked out in that I was able to start working for pay as a young teenager and I was able to establish a base of savings then. Once I had those savings, I put the money in an interest-bearing account. That’s the key thing. One needs to invest the money so that with every second that ticks by, your investment grows.

Nonetheless, I suffered terribly from the 2008 financial crisis. Looking back, the crisis started to affect me as early as 2005. It probably took me until 2017 to start to recover from that disaster — I’d invested my overseas pay in real estate.

Real estate is normally a good investment, but you need to make sure rent meets mortgage and repair expenses. You also need to keep up on the critical maintenance that mortgage companies look for when it is time to sell. Peeling paint on the windowsills is a no-no.

I’ve also discovered that cash flow is always a factor. I personally find it a blow when I withdraw anything from my mutual fund or cell phone investment application. Likewise, I know that I have a spike in expenses from January 1 until the end of April — the homeowner’s association fees, property taxes, etc. come due then. So I got a good handle on the actual cost and invest that amount in Certificates of Deposit over the year that become mature when the extra expenses arrive. I don’t make CDs my main investment, I only use them for cash flow purposes.

There are plenty of people that’ll give good financial advice, and it’s always a good idea to read up on that. Some of the advice is contradictory though. I’ve met people who believe in investing in stocks and paying the minimum on ordinary expenses since stocks grow quicker than some debt. There are others who believe you shouldn’t buy a house and should invest in other things. Research on your own and make a choice. For sure credit card debts are a monster. Keep those balances as low as possible. Whatever your income level, you want wealth in various forms pooling somewhere and growing.


You can buy Greg Johnson’s White Identity Politics here. [3]

Breathe (In the Air). . . or Day to Day Getting By

It says in the Bible that “a soft answer turneth away wrath,” as well as to “turn the other cheek.” Yes, I know, Christian “slave morality” and all that. However, I’ve come to believe that running the charm in situations where there are misunderstandings and angry words is usually a good policy. I’ve found that pushing other men’s buttons will get you alone in a dustup while your “friends” sneak off. If you can figure out how to push someone’s buttons to get an angry response, why not push someone’s buttons to get them to help you out? It’s harder to figure out how to do that, of course, but more rewarding.

In other words, size people up before you seriously deal with them. Are they high-testosterone, thin-skinned, and proud to be from an old Kentucky family good at dueling? That fellow needs to be dealt with differently from the quiet guy out of Cape Cod. I continuously read books about getting along with people [4]leadership [5]and [6] business [7] processes [8]. You can’t study that sort of thing enough. One thing, women that have a Bible on their desk at work or a picture with them holding a Bible on their social media page never respond well to jokes, even clean ones. Read the room.

Of course, some people will never help you and are just toxic. Keep away from them and protect yourself however you can. Likewise, you need to take care of yourself — keep the weight down. Sugar [9] is the main problem. Exercise regularly. Many of those that I know used tobacco in any form, including dip and chew, are dead. Died young, in fact.

Dress well [10]. Get a nice hat, coat, and tie, and wear them at the appropriate places. I even wear such when flying. People treat you better. I discovered this by accident when I was scheduled to give a briefing shortly after getting off the plane. I once even avoided a problem with a hothead I bumped into on a crowded flight by accident. He gave me a hard look for a second, saw the coat, tie, and trilby [11], and found his seat. Had I wore a camouflaged shirt that said “Duck Hunter,” or “Red Neck,” I’d be in a fight video on the internet.

Likewise, keep your clothes clean. That’s the real origin of body odor. I know this from a combat deployment where there was no reasonable possibility to do laundry for many, many weeks.

For those young people that think they know it all, I wish to warn you that life really isn’t fair and there are dangerous things out there that are lying in wait to kill you. The threat expands exponentially on the day you get your learner’s permit. Take a look at the news stories of young men who fatally plunge through a window while goofing off in the dorms or choke on their own vomit after a drinking binge in their first month at college. Sometimes there aren’t second chances.

Discerning that which is trivial from that which is critical is also important. I had a friend in high school who thought he was a great driver. He knew the rules of the road, never stalled with the stick shift, and took great pains to keep his car clean and working. However, he was unable to process the fact that part of the deal is to avoid bad drivers. He was baffled by several near misses caused by reckless drivers although the danger was clear to his passengers. One day a reckless driver killed him. Likewise, an army colleague of mine chose to be condescending to me about a trivial matter when I was trying to arrange an exercise between the infantry and field artillery. I look back on it now and suspect he felt his status threatened if the event was successful. Later, he was killed in an avoidable mishap. I’ve come to conclude that both men’s tragic deaths were related to the fact that they couldn’t discern between that which is critical and that which is trivial.

Benjamin Franklin said, “Critics are our friends, they show us our faults.” This is really true. The advice that I continue to follow — the best advice — comes from people that were not likable in many ways. I take criticism seriously and adjust. Criticism is gold.

Us and Them

Then of course there is the ongoing RaHoWa [12], a conflict in which we appear to be on the defensive. Nonetheless, I believe that white advocates are making enormous strides despite the noise. Trumpism survives. The America First agenda isn’t dead, it’s only started to make strides. Reach out to fellow Trumpists and figure out what to do next.

I do remain frustrated by how the Deep State treated Trump (and America). How are mid-grade bureaucrats able to cause so much trouble? I suppose they connected with the media and Democratic Party and that is how they punched above their weight. Regardless, this issue needs to be fully understood by America First patriots.

Black Lives Matter terrorism appears to be a trend that will go on and on, but this isn’t the first “civil rights [13]” rodeo. This is how it will likely play out:

The police will back down. Black-on-black violence will become a major feature of life. Crime will skyrocket, and whites will carefully insulate themselves from sub-Saharans. White liberals will quietly stop supporting BLM terrorism and become tough on crime. White liberals might already be leaving the BLM plantation right now. The recent Ohio “Knife Shanaynay [14]” incident probably made 100,000 white liberals into race realists. The problem is not “police violence.” [15]

All African cultural endeavor ends up being a minstrel show [16]. Don’t believe me? Go watch some videos of Cab Calloway [17]. They’re painfully awkward to see now, but in 1964, he was the epitome of “black empowerment.” Gangsta rap, Hamilton [18], Tik-Tok videos of African girls slain by the police. . . it’s all the same. Likewise, all sub-Saharan political endeavors become something like Zimbabwe or the Black Panthers; a ruin of mismanagement.

The trick is to make better progress this time than white advocates did at the end of earlier “civil rights” rodeos. After the Reconstruction rodeo, we had segregation. After the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. rodeo, we responded with mass incarceration [19]. After this one, we need to have African re-colonization [20] — we should try for a permanent victory.

To use yet another Biblical reference, we should not get wrapped up in the defense of graven images. That is to say, statues of Ol’ Marse Robert [21] or other notables aren’t as important as genuine accomplishments like expedited deportations, immigration restrictions, and the shedding of useless alliances like those with Israel, Ukraine, or South Korea. They are less important than having our people as federal judges and elected representatives.

Great Gig in the Sky

I always feel awkward when someone says “thank you for your service.” Apparently, I can’t hide the fact that I’m a veteran. (Someone actually did that at the surgery clinic.) While I’m proud of my service, I can’t help but reflect upon the fact that the true fight is a spiritual one. It’s not the schemes of the neoconservatives [22] in 2002. I doubt the oldest and most genuine conscious objectors of the “Chicago 7,” David Dellinger [23], ever held his manhood cheap around any veteran. He was right, too — the Polish-German Border Dispute of 1939 [24] didn’t justify a world war, and the Vietnam Conflict was a waste.

I’ve come to conclude that the great spiritual fight comprises three parts. One must take care of one’s individual affairs and family in a responsible way, one must fight for his people, and one must find Objective Truth, as hard as Truth is to fully grasp.

I’m still here. My unexpected surgery a simple in-and-out job, with glue replacing stitches. So, I continue on, getting up every day, keeping things on track at work and home, fighting for my tribe, the Pennsylvanian ethnic group [25] from the center-west of the Rust Belt, [26] the wider white American people, and our kin in Europe and abroad. I continue ascending the path that leads to the Great Truth.

Thanks for reading.

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