The Worst Week Yet:
August 14-20, 2022


Joanna Bourke, a writer who defends bestiality, whose photo perhaps explains how she became interested in the subject.

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Black Wendy’s Employee Kills Elderly White Man with One Punch

We should all pity poor Antoine Kendrick [2] of Prescott Valley, Arizona. For starters, he was born black, and no amount of bleaching and scrubbing can change that. Because of the institutionally racist school-to-fast-food-to-prison pipeline, Po’ Antoine was also trapped in a dead-end job as a Wendy’s cashier at the age of 35. And now, because white men can’t stand to see a brother making his way up the corporate ladder, there’s no way he will ever ascend to assume the lofty perch of Wendy’s night manager because he’s being charged with second-degree murder.

On July 26, in an altercation that was captured on a surveillance camera [3], Kendrick walked out from behind the counter, sneaked up behind a 67-year-old unnamed white man who was languidly slurping on his Frosty milkshake, and sucker-punched him from behind. The white man fell to the floor, where he cracked his head open and was knocked unconscious. He was airlifted to a local hospital, but died [4] ten days later from his injuries.

According to police, the incident was provoked after the elderly white man complained about his order. In the modern legal climate, only one question remains: Did the man refer to Mr. Kendrick as a “nigger” while complaining about his food? Actually, that’s not really the question. The question is: Will Mr. Kendrick say that the old white man referred to him as a “nigger”?

Earlier this year, the black manager of a Dunkin’ Donuts shop in Tampa, Florida received a draconian sentence of two years of house arrest [5] after fatally punching a white man whom he claims twice called him a “nigger” after complaining about his order.

According to a police report regarding that incident, Vonelle Cook — who was, despite his first name, the white man in the equation — did not touch or threaten the black manager, Corey Pujols, in that incident. But according to the state’s attorney in the case, the two years of house arrest — followed by three years of probation, 200 hours of community service, and, worst of all, anger-management classes — “holds the defendant accountable while considering the totality of the circumstances — the aggressive approach and despicable racial slur used by the victim, along with the defendant’s age, lack of criminal record, and lack of intent to cause the victim’s death.”

To my knowledge, there is no audio proof of Vonelle Cook calling Corey Pujols a “nigger.” I could be wrong, but it seems to be nothing more than hearsay. But the mere suggestion that the word may have been uttered has become a get-out-of-Death-Row-for-free card for black defendants.

I’ve noticed a pattern: When white fast-food customers complain about their food, they often get killed. When black fast-food customers complain about their food, they either kill someone or have already killed someone . . . which brings us to our next story.

Don’t Give the Black Kids Cold French Fries

Two weeks ago [6] I wrote about the young black buck in Brooklyn who defended his mama’s honor by shooting a McDonald’s worker in the neck and rendering him brain-dead after a dispute regarding allegedly cold French fries. This was after I wrote in early July about the three Ladies of Vibrancy who trashed a Manhattan diner after the owners charged them for extra French fry sauce [7].

[Jerry Seinfeld voice]: What’s the deal with black people and French fries? Black people aren’t even French, so whyyyy are they getting so upset?

Now comes a story about a hotheaded black man and cold French fries that exemplifies such un-distilled grain-alcohol levels of stupidity, it could only come from down South.

At a McDonald’s in Kennesaw, Georgia, a certain Antoine Sims — what’s the deal with accused black murderers named Antoine and French fries? — called 911 after the store manager refused to whip him up a batch of hot French fries after Antoine and his girlfriend complained about their cold French fries. Mind you, the French fries only became cold after Antoine and his girlfriend neglected to hold onto their receipt and therefore did not respond when their number was called. According to the store manager, he offered Mr. Sims a refund, but Sims demurred, complaining that it would take several days for the $2 or so to show up again in his bank account. The manager also said that Sims shoved his food back at him and threw a drink in his face. He also told him to leave his store and never come back again. Oh — he also told the police that Sims was wearing an ankle bracelet and therefore must be some kind of criminal.


You can buy Jim Goad’s Whiteness: The Original Sin here [9].

And that’s where it gets interesting. Police bodycam footage [10] shows Sims getting nervous when the cops ask him to sign a piece of paper acknowledging that he’d be charged with criminal trespassing if he were ever to enter the McDonald’s again. Sims fled on foot and was apprehended in a nearby parking lot after being zapped with a Taser.

Sims, you see, was out on bond after being charged with MURDER [11] regarding a 2019 incident where he allegedly shot a woman dead and then set the car containing her corpse ablaze. Police also said they found a felonious amount of marijuana in the car of Sims’s girlfriend that sat outside the McDonald’s where they complained about cold French fries.

Ponder, if you’re able, exactly how stupid you’d have to be to call the police about a French-fry incident when you’re driving around with over an ounce of weed and you’re out on bail for allegedly murdering a woman and setting her car on fire.

There is clearly only one option left for young Antoine Sims: Say that the McDonald’s manager, as well as the woman you’re accused of shooting, both called you a nigger.

Portland Homeless Camp Starts Charging Rent

I had the misfortune of living in Los Angeles — Hollywood, to be specific, a half-block off Hollywood Boulevard right near Frederick’s — from 1987 to 1994. The city’s warm weather attracted bums from all over the country, and one couldn’t sneeze without spraying aerosol droplets on a homeless person.

When I moved to Portland in late 1994, it was refreshing to be able to walk more than a block without some crackhead attempting to bum pocket change from me.

These days — in a process that was enabled by a general cultural ethos declaring that property ownership is the root of all evil and that was accelerated in February 2021 after the State of Oregon decriminalized [12] the possession of small amounts of all illicit drugs — the city of Portland currently hosts a staggering 776 “high-risk campsites [13].”

One of them, located “down a dirt path, surrounded by gates and overgrown bushes” far on the city’s industrial north side, has started to charge its inhabitants $200 a month for the privilege of squatting there instead of at one of the city’s 775 other high-risk campsites.

Informally known as “Grace’s Oasis,” the camp’s self-declared landlady is one Angel Grace Brown [14], who looks as if she’s been eating meth cookies every day for breakfast the past 20 years. Despite the fact that her mangy little camp, which has existed for about three years now, exists only because she’s been criminally trespassing, she recently put up NO TRESPASSING signs on the site and began extorting the other tenants to the tune of $200 each.

Brown denies stories from local business owners alleging that members of her camp have been stealing things. She also says that no one at her camp is doing anything illegal, despite the fact that the camp’s very existence is a crime.

Portland was less than kind to me during the 11 years I lived there. Every time I hear of how the city has sunk a little lower, my heart sings a happy song.

How to Satisfy a Lesbian’s Penis

Hey, you bigot — that’s right, I’m talking to you — mired as you are in your antiquated and patriarchal mindset that dictates, à la Hitler and all the other dictators, that there are only two sexes and that they are defined by ownership of either a penis or vagina — I’ll bet it never occurred to your sick little mind that lesbians can have penises, did it?

Healthline is, like, one of those totally legit medical websites whose articles are actually “medically reviewed” by real doctors before publication. A recent article called “How Do Lesbians Have Sex? 28 Things to Know Before Your First Time [15]” was penned by a pan-faced woman named Sian Ferguson [16] and medically approved by Janet Brito [17], a self-described “nationally certified Latinx sex therapist, supervisor, speaker, trainer, and author.”

Supervisor? What does she supervise — lesbians having sex? Does anyone know how much that pays and where one might find a job application?

Jim Goad [18]

For no other apparent reason than to muddle any chance at clarity by projecting a hologram of thick, tangled pubic hair in front of female genitalia, the article makes clear right up front that one needn’t have a vagina to engage in lesbian sex:

Usually, people use the term “lesbian sex” to mean sex between two women. If that’s the case, remember that those women might not identify as lesbian. . . . For example, they could identify as bisexual [19], pansexual, queer, or even heterosexual. Sex between women isn’t limited to lesbians. . . . It also includes other people who have vaginas, people with penises, and people with intersex genitalia. . . . For the purposes of this article, lesbian sex is defined as sexual activity between individuals who self-identify as women, whether cis or trans, exclusively homosexual or not.

It also includes instructions on what to do “If your partner has a penis”:

“There are many ways to manually stimulate someone who has a penis. Some ideas include:

There are also instructions about how to perform penis-in-vagina lesbian sex and how to avoid getting impregnated as a result of, erm, penis-in-vagina lesbian sex.

Perhaps — and I’m being highly idealistic here — this is merely a cynical, age-old ruse to encourage lesbians to have sex with a real dick rather than a strap-on, and once any woman feels the pulsating pleasures of being pronged by a real man, she’ll abandon the Sapphic lifestyle, hunker down with a real man, and start squirting out babies. If so, I find it tremendously funny and inspirational.

Normalizing Bestiality Down Under

The Holy Bible makes it very clear in Exodus 22:19 [21] that “Anyone who lies with an animal must be put to death.”

Mind you, I haven’t checked the original Hebrew manuscripts to determine whether “lies with” means “has sex with” or “tells a fib to,” and if it’s the latter, I don’t know why they didn’t translate it to “lies to” rather than “lies with,” but since I don’t read or speak Hebrew, I am surely not one to judge.

However, based on her picture alone [22], I feel fit to judge that Joanna Bourke, author of Loving Animals: On Bestiality, Zoophilia and Post-Human Love [23], is a mentally ill and sexually maladjusted woman whose visage, body, personality, and possibly even personal stench are enough to put off any adult from consenting to have sex with her, which may have driven her into the amorous clutches of the beasts of the field.

According to a blurb for her book:

Sex with animals is one of the last taboos but, for a practice that is generally regarded as abhorrent, it is remarkable how many books, films, plays, paintings and photographs depict the subject. So what does loving animals mean? In this book the renowned historian Joanna Bourke explores the modern history of sex between humans and animals. . . . Bourke looks at the changing meanings of ‘bestiality’ and ‘zoophilia’, assesses the psychiatric and sexual aspects, and concludes by delineating an ethics of animal loving.

Okay, I’ve seen paintings — many of them actual cave paintings — that depict bestiality, but what books, films, plays, and photographs does this woman have access to? There are actual theatrical plays that depict bestiality? Where? How much do the tickets cost?

Australia’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas [24] — which, as far as I know, has never hosted a speaker to talk about racial differences in IQ or holocaust revisionism — plans to host Bourke next month to decry society’s “absolute prohibition on zoosexuality.”

At least one Aussie lassie, Emma Hurst of the Animal Justice Party and a Member of the New South Wales Parliament, is aghast at Bourke and the idea that someone his hosting her defense of animal-diddling:

Bestiality is the sexual abuse of animals. While I haven’t seen the full talk being proposed for the FODI [Festival of Dangerous Ideas], it is highly concerning that the blurb mentions the “love” of animals. Animal abuse is not love. . . . Many animals suffer trauma and some die from acts of bestiality — this is a grotesque form of animal abuse. We must recognize that people who harm animals are a risk to the broader community.

It only takes one look at Ms. Hurst in a bikini [25] to realize why she has never been driven by necessity into an animal’s loving paws.

William, the Prince of Pegging?

Rolling Stone — which used to host some decent writers about 50 years ago — recently published an article titled “A Royal Rumor Might Be Inspiring Straight Men to Get Pegged, and That’s Beautiful [26].” The article was written by a woman named EJ Dickson, and I can confirm that she is not beautiful [27]. It also cites a “sex and intimacy coach” named Ashley Manta [28] who will always be far fatter than she is comely. According to Manta:

More heterosexual men are unlearning their shame-based biases around receptive anal, and more heterosexual women are becoming empowered by the depictions of pegging they’re witnessing in popular media. . . .

In case you were blissfully unaware, “pegging” is the act of a man who allows himself to be anally penetrated by a woman wearing a strap-on dildo. And rather than being demoralizing and humiliating and representing a total surrender of his manhood, men are supposed to be “empowered” by this. According to Dickson — I mean, she had to have “dick” in her name, didn’t she?:

The act has historically been stigmatized, but has increasingly gained acceptance within the cis-hetero community, thanks to rising cultural visibility via shows like Broad City and movies like Deadpool.

The article cites an unverified rumor that England’s Prince William enjoys being pegged and that his wife Kate Middleton, who is too “old-fashioned” to assume the role of pegger, allows her hubby to be anally penetrated elsewhere as long as he doesn’t develop a romantic attachment to the woman who’s plowing his poop chute. It also attempts to portray all this as a positive development both for England and for global human sexuality.

I think that’s quite enough for this week. You will now kindly stop the world and let me off [29].

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