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Truth for Waukesha

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Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence. — John Adams

In a previous article [2], I explained game theory and how it applies to race relations in America, and promised to explore how game theory also applies to the border conflict between Belarus and Poland. The Waukesha massacre, however, illustrates that the importance of information asymmetry in racial game theory merits further discussion before moving on to foreign affairs. This is especially true because the fallout from the Waukesha massacre could be a turning point in how racial game theory operates in America.

The anti-white terror attack in Waukesha and its ensuing cover-up by the mainstream media demonstrates the extent to which the assorted racial enemies of whites — Jews, blacks, Shabbos goy race traitors — are willing to go to conceal the harsh reality of racial competition in America and across the broader West. This racial competition has long since passed into outright race war, and is now so extreme that it is too big to hide. But the establishment has backed itself into an untenable position where they must either cede narrative control about racial reality, or lie and further discredit themselves. There is no winning for them.

We’ve all seen the chilling video footage. We’ve all heard the joyous laughter turn to screams. And within hours, we all knew who the terrorist was: Darrell E. Brooks, a black man with an extensive history of criminality and anti-white hatred.

The lying press knew that Waukesha was too big to sweep under the rug. As their fellow Bolshevik, Stalin, remarked on the Holodomor: “If only one man dies of hunger, that is a tragedy. If millions die, that’s only statistics.”

Each year, blacks commit various violent crimes at a staggeringly disproportionate rate. The lying press has been able to at least somewhat conceal African bloodlust through the Jewish art of lying by omission. When the subject of African savagery was impossible to avoid, it was explained away with the flimsy excuses of “systemic racism” and “lack of access,” and other such buzzwords invented by Jewish academia. Even worse, their victims were melded together from individual humans with lives and souls into a grey statistic.

But at Waukesha, six white people died, and 60 more were injured. They didn’t die in a secluded alley or in a late-night home invasion, with a police line from which a talking head could discreetly pass over the racial identities of the victims and killer if they are inconvenient. They were maliciously mowed down by a Negro wielding an SUV as an instrument of mass murder in the midst of doing wholesome white things at a Christmas parade in broad daylight, as captured on a cell phone. Waukesha could not be dismissed as just another statistic or passed over as a supposedly isolated tragedy with a raceless perpetrator and equally raceless victim. The lying press began to drone their lies even as the ambulance sirens were still screeching and the families wailing.

One of the clumsiest liars was the Washington Post. On November 25, they tweeted that the Waukesha tragedy was “caused by an SUV,” as if this had been a case of sudden unintended acceleration by a Toyota from 2009. They deleted this tweet after learning from a backlash that it was too brazen.

After it became apparent that blame could not be shifted onto an SUV, slightly more sophisticated lies followed revolving around Brooks’ motives. The main lie — that there was no discernable motive — fell flat on all but the most brainwashed of NPCs. The undeniable facts of there being a black perpetrator, multiple white victims, it occurring within three days of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, and the use of a large vehicle travelling fast in a zigzag motion, when taken as a whole, naturally suggest an intent to kill large numbers of white people because they are white. While it is nearly impossible to actually get into someone’s head to objectively confirm intent, ordinary people and courts routinely infer subjective intent from objective facts. There is no arcane method of divination needed to do so, nor do we need to have recourse to the Talmudic reasoning used by our racial enemies to fabricate intent to commit violence from the Charlottesville case.

These established, indisputable facts naturally create a rebuttable presumption of an anti-white terrorist attack. At this point, the burden of proof shifted to those who claim that the facts were all merely coincidental to prove otherwise. Waukesha’s Police Chief, Daniel Thompson (who is black), maintained that there was no discernable motive. The only evidence that Thompson offered for his ludicrous, bad faith assertion was his positional authority, and the alibi that Brooks had been fleeing from a domestic dispute that involved a knife.

Within hours of the massacre, anonymous 4chan sleuths had already identified the terrorist Brooks as the “aspiring rapper” MathBoi Fly. Like most rappers, aspiring or otherwise, Brooks’ social media was dripping with anti-white hatred, as outlined here [3] by the National Justice Party. The animosity that many blacks have against whites was confirmed many times over as residing within Brooks’ depraved heart. To avoid or deny the natural implications of Brooks’ social media is to lie, and to lie poorly at that.

The greatest indictment against the establishment, however, was that Brooks’ alibi — namely, that he was fleeing from an altercation involving a knife — was revealed, in Brooks’ own words, to be completely false. Media2Rise [4] knew that the truth about Waukesha was being covered up and, not content to merely comment from the sidelines, hit the pavement to investigate firsthand in the pursuit of justice.


You can buy Greg Johnson’s The Year America Died here. [6]

Eight days after the attack, Lucca Corgiat and Graham Whitson of Media2Rise were able to interview Brooks in jail. During that interview, they asked Brooks, “So, you weren’t fleeing, you know, you weren’t involved with a knife incident that morning, or something?” Brooks’ clear reply: “Absolutely not.” Under the rules of evidence, Brooks’ reply would be fully admissible in a court of law as a statement against interest. This exchange is available in Media2Rise’s trailer [7] for their upcoming documentary on Waukesha.

This means that Daniel Thompson either lied intentionally – or at best, recklessly — on behalf of his black comrade, and has not corrected his previous falsehood since then. Thompson’s convenient lie was quickly spread by the lying press. They have not relented since then, even though more and more people are learning the truth.

In a recent article [8] by Dana Kennedy, the New York Post conceded that Brooks had driven through the crowd in a zigzag motion as if to cause as much harm as possible, similar to another anti-white terrorist attack that took place in Nice, France. However, as of the time of the writing, the Post article still asserts that Brooks had been fleeing from a domestic violence incident. This is despite the fact that Media2Rise, alongside numerous other activists, conducted a robust campaign of tweets and e-mails linking the interview with Brooks in which he flatly debunked the lie that he was fleeing a previous incident. Thus, the Post does not have ignorance, or even recklessness, as an excuse to hide behind.

As narrative control was crumbling, the ADL interjected with a pathetic attempt to deflect from Brooks’ hatred of whites. On December 2, the ADL tweeted that in 2015 Brooks had shared anti-Semitic content, but “does not appear to actively subscribe to an extremist ideology.” This was another lie by omission as it focused entirely upon a single incident of Brooks expressing dislike for Jews in 2015, while willfully ignoring large swathes of anti-white hatred he had publicly expressed since then.


Furthermore, the ADL’s attempt to paint Brooks as anti-Semitic instead of anti-white is even more insulting when one considers the fact that it was an activist Jewish judge, David Feiss [10], who set Brooks’ bail at a frivolous $1,000 bail for his previous arrest, when he had fired at a relative’s car, only days before the Waukesha massacre.

Not content with merely spreading lies, the lying press also tried to silence those speaking the truth. Within days of the Waukesha massacre, the commissars of Apple and Google censored several Telegram channels that were providing alternative coverage of the event. This was ineffective, as these are fairly easy to get around; if anything, it may have backfired and increased interest in what these channels were presenting.

What we can infer from the mainstream media’s coverage of the Waukesha massacre is that not only are they woefully incompetent, but more importantly, they are extremely desperate. They know that they cannot lose narrative control. Otherwise, whites would understand that everyone else is playing a game against them, and that this game is not sportsmanlike, but vicious. Understanding that we are being attacked on the basis of race is the critical first step in defending ourselves on the basis of race and thus avoiding the trap of falling into proxy battles focused on religion, party, class, and so on.


As the regime’s numerous lies become more readily apparent, what options do they even have? They can’t remain silent on these matters lest the people gravitate to those who don’t. Their previous use of controlled opposition and talking heads is becoming less effective with the proliferation of the internet and smartphone cameras, and the good, the bad, and the tragic of history is now instantaneously available for all to see. If they double down, they will only discredit themselves further, driving more citizens to alternate media sources.

The citizens of Waukesha will not forget who told their story. They all know what happened to their beautiful, white community which had all the warmth and joy of a Normal Rockwell painting. They know why it happened, too: anti-white hatred. Nobody in the mainstream was willing to speak the truth about what had happened to them, even though everyone suspected what that truth was. Even Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is usually fairly good for a normie politician, said on Telegram [12] that the media was ignoring Waukesha because it undermined their gun control agenda. Tucker Carlson was more candid [13] about Brooks’ anti-white hatred, but even his tone was cautious. Ron DeSantis addressed [14] the media’s failed attempt to maintain narrative control, but only after the Dissident Right had ensured that it couldn’t be swept away by the news cycle, and even then only from the perspective of law enforcement instead of race. Oddly, it was the notorious grifter, Charlie Kirk, who was the most strident [15] about the racial aspect:

An 8-year-old white child is now dead thanks to the craven actions of a Black Supremacist BLM extremist and the media doesn’t want to talk about any of it. Don’t let them get away with memory holing the obvious terror attack in Waukesha.

Perhaps Charlie Kirk snapped and had a sincere change of heart, or perhaps he thought that someone had to act as a safety valve. Regardless, if he of all mainstream figures can bluntly address the Waukesha massacre’s racial aspect, nobody else has an excuse not to.

Who was willing to speak the truth about Waukesha? With few exceptions, only dissidents — only those who are routinely smeared by the lying press for speaking truth to power: Media2Rise, which sent journalists to discover the truth instead of conceal it; and the National Justice Party, which protested outside the county courthouse. There were other dissidents who helped speak the truth about Waukesha, but we are few in number, and those willing to act in real life are even fewer.


What does this mean? That we have nearly a total monopoly on truth at a time when truth has become a precious commodity under a regime of lies. Soon, we may be the only ones left with any legitimacy, and power does not last long without legitimacy. Combined with other affairs, such as the disintegration of the Covid and January 6 narratives, Media2Rise’s upcoming documentary on Waukesha could very well become part of a broader avalanche of discrediting the media.

We cannot give the victims’ families their loved ones back, but we can give them justice by telling their story. We can do our best to prevent further anti-white terror attacks by speaking out about what happened to them. The mainstream in both parties has abandoned Waukesha to the cold. It is up to us to lend them what warmth we can this Christmas. It is the least that we can do.

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