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New Normal 2.0


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“Ain’t no time to wonder why, whoopee we’re all gonna die.”
— Country Joe McDonald, “I Feel-Like I’m Fixin’-To-Die Rag”

Back in February 2020, my article “Back to Normal? I Told You So [2]” appeared at Counter-Currents. Near the end of it, I wrote: “The ‘new normal’ will be a relaxing and contracting of ‘the grip,’ a rolling wave of the bosses doing things they ‘could not do before’ — lockdowns, restrictions, collusive profiteering and economic redistribution that favors their friends and punishes their enemies.”

Now, just in time for the flu season: Delta-variant COVID. Welcome to the New Normal 2.0.

“Delta variant is highly contagious,” according to University of California, Davis Health [3]. Coming soon: a resumption of lockdowns and the “we’re all gonna die” scenario. “Delta variant could be catastrophic in some communities.” Guess which “some” of those communities. “Could be”? And how much will “racism” be the cause?

“Some experts are recommending to wear masks, even if you’re fully vaccinated” — except if you’re a guest on a private jet coming to Obama’s birthday party [4]. There’s of course always “some expert” with a permanent job and a substantial paycheck focused on your good behavior for your well-being — who doesn’t need to follow her own recommendations.

But, best of all: “More COVID-19 variants are likely to come.” This is just to tweak my friends and acquaintances who scoffed at me early in 2020, when I predicted that COVID was here to stay.

We are now nearing the end of the first “relaxing” period. The mandatory masking and lockdown restrictions were suspended with the approaching summer — the natives were getting restless, and the vaccine was rolling out with great fanfare. Panem et circenses. The bakery for the bread was the government printing press — free money for the little people, and lots of it. Well, just enough to discourage working folks from working — those, that is, who still had jobs.


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Being forced onto the government dole can be fun, but only if “fun” is permitted. It was time to lift the lid – temporarily — to allow the circuses to be held before the fall, when the next, even more deadly strain of the virus would make its appearance. Then, back to the future, masking up, social distancing, and Jeff Bezos’ vans cruising through your neighborhood and making your isolation more manageable — and him, some say, the richest man on the planet [7]. Mr. “Vaccinate the World” Bill Gates is number four on the list.

You’ll recall that earlier on, the vaccine was said to promise the restoration of normal. Well, the pre-COVID era was “normal,” at least in the faint semblance of a legal-social order that offered its citizens some protection against government overreach and arbitrary, selective law enforcement. Adios to that, amigos.

Compared to this “new normal” that unfolds with the daily lies, mainstream media (MSM) propaganda, and government usurpations and criminality, the “old normal,” flawed and flaccid as it was, can only be longed for. With the elevation of a Neanderthal thug to sainthood, giving carte blanche to black rampaging and criminality and a government-endorsed campaign for the abolition of white people, one can confidently affirm that the velvet glove of the softer, equality-for-all dictatorship we were living under has been torn off. The mailed fist of “equity” — the expropriation and dispossession of the designated “white supremacists” — has come down hard, and dispels any illusions that a venal and corrupt oligarchy that prattles on about “our democracy” is not calling the shots.

Arbitrary enforcement of the law has left targeted, demonized populations defenseless against the fury of mobs of government-approved victims. The Department of Homeland Security [8] (DHS) has labeled those who dispute the 2020 election outcome as well as vaccination skeptics as “domestic terrorists”: twenty-first century kulaks. “Law enforcement have expressed concerns that the broader sharing of false narratives and conspiracy theories will gain traction in mainstream environments, resulting in individuals or small groups embracing violent tactics to achieve their desired objectives,” according to the DHS (my italics). At some point before the Biden junta gives way, expect the Department of Homeland Security to be renamed the Ministry of Truth. Attorney General Merrick Garland, residing in the alternative universe of the DC Beltway, told Congress last May that white supremacists pose “the most dangerous threat to our democracy [9].”

With the approach of Labor Day and the onset of the second contraction, it should be obvious now how “public health” is going to work over the long haul as the cover story for the incremental stripping away of legal safeguards, due process, and the constitutional rights of freedom of association, speech, and religion. The Delta variant ensures that the collusion between Big Pharma, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the political bosses will continue to flourish and expand.

Again, from UC Davis, Health: “Many unvaccinated patients with COVID-19 wish they had gotten the vaccine.” Pause for a moment and ask yourself if that conclusion doesn’t sound like it came directly from some talking, bimbo airhead in front of a CNN camera. Big Pharma has ascended to the heights of Big Brother, its exalted status advanced and reinforced by the apparatchiks (e. g. Fauci) in high perches of corrupt organizations like the CDC and World Health Organization and hyped by the MSM using their version of Newspeak. Each contraction-relaxation cycle will promise a vaccine solution to bring us back to normal, its failure assured by those recalcitrant white supremacists who adhere to “conspiracy theories.” The mailed fist will tighten more with each cycle.

There is, however, an unexpected development that may portend the eventual demise of our despotic — and now apparently sclerotic — regime. The overnight collapse of American-occupied Afghanistan has exposed the corruption and incompetence of the ruling class in a way that could not be more dramatic and overwhelming. Nicholas R. Jeelvy [10] captured the schadenfreude that we experienced at watching this unprecedented debacle: “The world watches with a mixture of amusement and elation as the world’s biggest, strongest, and gayest empire suffers an embarrassing defeat at the hands of a small group of toothless peasants armed only with AK-47s and unwavering religious conviction.” Here is our “emperor has no clothes” moment and cause, not only for “amusement and elation,” but for hope.

Despotisms thrive on manufactured wars and perpetual “enemies of the people.” With this spectacular collapse of the American Empire in South-Central Asia, its sense of invulnerability has been badly ruptured and its support by those it has consistently betrayed is lost. When the generals fail so abjectly and publically the despots they serve, their power comes up for grabs.

Jeelvy adds:

Having alienated its soldier caste through its domestic program of anti-white hate, the American Empire is now living on borrowed time as the best and brightest white young men increasingly refuse to serve in its armies and staff its institutions. Does this mean that we will win? No, we are but one faction vying for power in the wake of this declining empire. But it means that we’re closer to the end than we were last Friday. And for that, we should thank the brave mujahideen of Afghanistan.

In my earlier years, I could never have imagined giving such a kind of “thanks.” I do now. The “brave mujahideen” may have brought us closer to New Normal 3.0.

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