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Counter-Currents Bites Back Against Censorship

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The Amazon purge of the Dissident Right continues. We need to assemble resources for fighting back. Thus I am asking readers to share the following pieces of information. Please post them in the comments below, and I will paste them in the body of this document. I will not, of course, reveal your identity in any way.

1. Titles Banned: Author, Title, and Formats (HC, PB, eBook, audiobook) 

2. Contact Emails and Phone Numbers to Complain to Amazon (Boycotting won’t help if they don’t know why you are doing it.)

3. Experiences with Kindles (Have Kindles of banned books been removed from your devices?)

4. Experiences of Amazon Marketplace Sellers (Have you been harassed in any way by Amazon for stocking the titles they are now banning?)

5. Memes & Templates to Share

Titles Banned (54 and Counting)

Counter-Currents Publishing titles:

  1. Greg Johnson, The White Nationalist Manifesto [2] (Kindle, HC, and PB)
  2. Greg Johnson, New Right vs. Old Right [3] (Kindle, HC, and PB)
  3. Greg Johnson, Truth, Justice, and a Nice White Country [4] (Kindle, HC, and PB)
  4. Greg Johnson, In Defence of Prejudice [5] (Kindle, HC, and PB)
  5. Greg Johnson, ed., North American New Right [6], vol. 1 (Kindle, HC, and PB)
  6. Greg Johnson, ed., North American New Right [7], vol. 2 (Kindle, HC, and PB)
  7. Trevor Lynch’s White Nationalist Guide to the Movies [8] (Kindle, HC, and PB)
  8. Son of Trevor Lynch’s White Nationalist Guide to the Movies [9] (Kindle)
  9. Roger Devlin, Sexual Utopia in Power [10] (Kindle, HC, and PB)
  10. Jonathan Bowden, Western Civilization Bites Back [11] (Kindle, HC, and PB)
  11. Jonathan Bowden, Extremists: Studies in Metapolitics [12] (Kindle, HC, and PB)
  12. Michael Polignano, Taking Our Own Side [13] (Kindle, HC, and PB)
  13. James J. O’Meara, The Homo and the Negro: Masculinist Meditations on Politics and Popular Culture [14] (Kindle, HC, and PB)
  14. Spencer Quinn, White Like You [15] (Kindle, HC, and PB)
  15. Savitri Devi, And Time Rolls On [16] (Kindle, HC, and PB)
  16. Savitri Devi, Defiance: The Prison Memoirs of Savitri Devi [17] (Kindle)
  17. Irmin Vinson, Some Thoughts on Hitler & Other Essays [18] (Kindle, HC, and PB)

New Century Foundation:

  1. Jared Taylor, White Identity (all formats)
  2. Jared Taylor, If We Do Nothing (all formats)
  3. Jared Taylor, ed., Face to Face with Race (all formats)
  4. Jared Taylor and George McDaniel, eds., A Race Against Time (all formats)

Kevin MacDonald titles:

  1. The Culture of Critique (all formats)
  2. Separation and Its Discontents (all formats)

Black House Publishing:

  1. K. R. Bolton, Zionism, Islam and the West (all formats)
  2. Stephen Mitford Goodson, A History of Central Banking & the Enslavement of Mankind (all formats)
  3. Stephen Mitford Goodson, Inside the South African Reserve Bank: Its Origins and Secrets Exposed (all formats)

George Lincoln Rockwell:

  1. This Time the World (all formats)
  2. White Power (all formats)
  3. Collected Works (all formats)
  4. A National Socialist Life (all formats)

William Pierce:

  1. The Turner Diaries (all formats)
  2. Hunter (all formats)
  3. Who We Are (all formats)
  4. Cosmotheism (all formats)

Harold Covington:

  1. The Brigade (all formats)
  2. Freedom’s Sons (all formats)
  3. A Mighty Fortress (all formats)
  4. Hill of the Ravens (all formats)
  5. A Distant Thunder (all formats)
  6. Dreaming the Iron Dream (all formats)
  7. The March Up Country (all formats)
  8. The White Book (all formats)

Ben Klassen:

  1. Nature’s Eternal Religion (all formats)
  2. The White Man’s Bible (all formats)
  3. Little White Book (all formats)

Miscellaneous Titles:

  1. Tommy Robinson, Mohammed’s Koran (all formats)
  2. Julian Langness, Identity Rising (all formats)
  3. David Duke, My Awakening (Kindle)
  4. Christopher Jon Bjerknes, E = Mc2 and the Jewish Agenda (all formats)
  5. E. Michael Jones, Jewish Nazis (all formats)
  6. The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, vol. 1
  7. The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, vol. 2
  8. The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, vol. 3
  9. Colin Flaherty, Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry

Here [19] is a list of Holocaust revisionist books banned by Amazon in a previous purge. 

2. Contacting Amazon

Please keep your complaints brief, polite, and factually accurate. Anything less does not help the cause.

  1. [email protected] [20]
  2. [email protected] [21]

3. Kindle Experiences

One reader in the US reports that the Kindle of David Duke’s My Awakening has been removed from his device. A second reader reports the deletion of unspecified titles by Harold Covington. Two other readers report no loss of CC titles.

4. Amazon Marketplace Experiences

One Amazon Marketplace seller reports being contacted to inform him that one Counter-Currents title and one Jared Taylor title that he had listed but sold had been removed from sale. He was informed that he had to close or delete his listings of these titles under threat of having his seller privileges revoked. Amazon’s communication was badly worded and ambiguous — ironic that semi-literate people work for the world’s biggest bookseller book banner — but it illustrates the crack brained totalitarian hysteria of this purge. Why do Amazon Marketplace sellers have to delete records of books? Can’t Amazon.com do that? And why would it even be necessary, given that the pages for these titles have been completely removed in the first place?

5. Memes & Templates to Share